Hi, to those of you who've never read this story before, welcome, and to those few who have, welcome back. This was the very first story I wrote, so it has a special place in my heart, but honestly, it hurts me to read back the old version. So I'm here now to update it and fix some of the... worse areas from the original. I don't like posting individual trigger warnings much because it spoils the plot a little, instead I will warn you now that it is incredibly dark in places, if anything, more-so than the original. I didn't want to take the dark parts out, because, though my OC and I are very different people, like most, I write from my own experiences, and those areas are as important to me as this story is. Now, with that out of the way, I'll let you get on with the introduction. I will be posting once a week, strictly, and have already re-written half of it, so I have confidence I'll be able to keep up with myself. I hope you enjoy, and I guess I'll see you in the author's notes. - J

Introduction: Moving Schools

Footsteps echoed down the cavernous halls as a single student strode aimlessly through the school.

She wasn't particularly interesting, standing at average height and of slim build; she was practically normal. Her hair was cropped short and allowed to fall onto her forehead, dyed a deep red that didn't contrast aggressively with her, somewhat tanned, skin. Her face was a good combination of a strong jawline and sharp cheekbones, pushing her somewhere along the androgynous line, but she managed to pull it off with just the lightest addition of eyeliner around very dark eyes. They weren't brown, as many might assume, but a very dark grey, giving her gaze a sharp edge that, combined with the none-too subtle arrogance and quite obvious boredom that radiated from her, made her somewhat unsettling. Apparently.

The silence of the halls was broken by a peal of laughter and a slight smirk formed on her face.

Something interesting in the dorms?

She reached the room in question and listened to the loud laughter inside. It was a little strange for this school; usually all that could be heard was the tears of the bullied and the shouting that came with whatever hazing ritual they were making up that day.

Curious, she strode in, sweeping her gaze over the scene before her and quickly summarising the reason for the disturbance. They were all gathered around a laptop, watching some video on YouTube. Well, that was boring. Curiosity still picked at her though, so she moved further into the room.
"Something funny, girls?" She smiled cheerily as several of them turned and immediately froze. It was a little overdramatic; she'd done far worse than the mediocre pranks she'd played around with in this place. Then again, reputation did a lot for opinions.

She almost rolled her eyes as they stared at her, but she was used to their caution, so she arched a questioning brow, waiting.
"It's just a video... Some girls played a trick on their new student..." The one who answered was one she knew… Nicole, if she was right. The temporary Head Girl while the actual one was… Unable to continue her duties. That may or may not have been her fault, they never proved anything.
"Oh?" She walked over to the laptop, the other girls parting to let her through as though touching her would evoke some plague upon them. Once close enough, she hit replay and watched, a small chuckle bubbling from her lips as she watched the victim of the prank run about the halls without her clothing. However, her smirk dropped as something nagged at her. Something about the girl on the screen seemed familiar, very familiar. She paused the video as the girl's face turned toward the camera.

"Annabelle…" She muttered under her breath and huffed out a sigh, straightening up. Well fuck, what mess had her dear cousin gotten herself into now?
"What school is this?" She turned her head toward the group, her eyes falling on a shelf of hair products to her left as a plan formed in her mind.
"St. Trinians." Someone helpfully supplied and she almost grinned. Aunt Fritton would be pleased.

Chuckling to herself, she began to root through her pockets.
"Okiedokie girls, I've got to get out of here. Grab your things for me? Anything you don't want to lose. Though if you have anything you wouldn't mind being replaced by the school's insurance, feel free to leave it around. I'll give you twenty minutes, so spread the word a bit, make sure everyone knows, barring the teachers, of course." She dropped down to sit on a chair not far across the room and watched as the girls hurried around, taking her at her word and quickly packing away keepsakes and such like. Having already found her matches in her pockets, she tapped them on the edge of a desk, waiting patiently for everyone to clear out before standing up and stretching.

She took a few moments to arrange cans of hairspray and deodorant into a careful little cluster wrapped in sheets and packed with paper and homework. It would make a good pop, to be sure. Coating the outside with some miscellaneous aerosol, she struck a match.
"Look out St. Trinians…" She dropped it onto the ball and watched as it caught, turning on her heel and striding for the door, which she shut behind her just in time for the bang as the cans went up, spreading the fire across the room.
"Here I come." She strode down a corridor, punching a fire alarm as she passed it.

She paused briefly to grab a few things from her own room before carrying on, the already emptied dorms leaving the corridor clear for her to take a leisurely stroll down through the building to get out.

Sometime later, she was sat on a wall, watching the fire department put out the fire that had burned out about half of the dorm rooms. Everyone had 'suspiciously' made it out safely before the blaze even started and insurance would cover the rebuild, so all in all she did them a favour; that wing was practically coming down anyway.

She pulled a cheerful smile onto her face as the headmistress caught sight of her and stormed over.
"Sophie Daniels! You are expelled! We have had some terrible students in this school, delinquents, petty criminals! But you are, by far, the absolute, complete-"
"Worst? Quite probably. But I'll settle for the expulsion, thank you, miss." She cut her off and the woman stared at her, outraged.
"How dare you!? We could have you arrested for this, young lady!" She threw her hands onto her hips and Sophie arched a brow.
"Will you, though? You run a detention centre for juvenile delinquents, do you really want to broadcast to the world that you're so bad at your job, that a student with a well-known history in arson managed to get hold of matches, and burn down half a wing? Endangering the lives of all your students?" She took the matches from her pocket and gave them a shake, watching the horrified look on the woman's face as she likely realised they were the exact brand she used to light her cigarettes; clearly taken from her office.
"Like I said, I'll settle for the expulsion, thanks, miss. Neither of us will tell anyone how this happened, and you'll never have to see me again, deal?" She smiled cheerily and the woman opened and closed her mouth a few times, looking like a very old and decrepit fish.
"Very well." She straightened to her full height and gave a firm nod, which Sophie answered with a grin.
"Lovely. Right, well my taxi's here, so I'll get out of your hair. Send the paperwork to my mum, and have a good term, Miss Hartshorne." She hopped off the wall and strode over to the main gate, where her taxi was indeed waiting.

Her mum likely wouldn't be happy, but she never was.

Short introduction into the twisted mind of Sophie Daniels. Don't worry, St. Trinian's will straighten her out. Hope to see you in the next chapter - J