Okay, we're back, this is pretty much the last one for the first film. There will be a gap between this and the start of the second, where I'll fill in with some shenanigans and drama, as I imagine you all expect by now. Thank you everyone who has been reading up until now, I hope you're still enjoying it, and I will see you at the end - J

Chapter 9: Until Dawn

It wasn't long after Soph and Annabelle returned to the dorms that everyone started waking up.

There was a lot to do before tonight; they were planning an 'all out' St. Trinian's party that would last until the late hours of the morning. Soph felt herself actually looking forward to it after the drama that had taken place earlier. Mostly though, she was looking forward to seeing Kelly again. Her shower had cleared her head, but settling into the idea of staying was a struggle, now was a good time for Jones to be around to distract her.

She gave a small sigh as she dropped down in her usual seat across from Polly in the dining hall. Everyone was buzzing with excitement as Camilla announced that she'd paid the debt and now they were no longer in any financial trouble. Honestly, Soph couldn't help but feel a little proud of everyone; they'd all pulled together in the end.

Polly's expression turned to sheer amusement and Soph frowned in confusion as she followed the geek's gaze. Taylor and Andrea were sheepishly making their way over. Soph chuckled as they asked if the deal was still on for them fighting now the heist was done with and for a moment she debated saying yes. However, she felt like they'd earned the right to let off a little steam.
"No, feel free, but if it gets out of hand we will still have to step in." She held up a cautionary finger as the pair exchanged gleeful looks. With one last nod to her, Andrea promptly whacked Taylor around the back of the head, causing a large fight to break out between the two of them that Soph was in too good of a mood to break up... until Taylor was almost breaking Andrea's arm.

She spent most of the morning instructing the first years on decorations for the main hall and making sure the make-shift stage was set up right. The Banned turned out to be quite fun to talk to, she was surprised she hadn't spent more time with them but apparently they didn't go to lessons much. The guitarist in particular was pretty cool, when she was a kid, her mum had all but forced her into guitar lessons, Soph had pretty much ignored every word the teacher had said out of spite, but fifteen minutes with that lot and she was apparently picking up the basics double speed. They let her know she was welcome to swing by the practice room any time if she felt like picking it up and she agreed she'd think about it. However, it was at that point she was called away to check the drinking arrangements for the night; with Jones away she was pretty much the temporary head girl. Emphasis on temporary.

Soph gave a loud yawn as she lounged in an empty recreation room; the sofas around this school were pretty damn comfortable. She'd thrown a bribe Polly's way so the camera in this room was running on a loop; no-one could see she was in here, and she'd locked the door so she could have a nap undisturbed.

The lack of sleep from last night had finally caught up to her and pretty much doing Kelly's job all morning had been so much effort it was unbelievable. She finally understood why the woman had been so tired, doing that day-in, day-out. Regrettably, she'd been in here for a good few hours now, and there was no such thing as rest for the wicked. With a sigh, she sat up and stretched, the nap had done wonders and she still had half an hour to fix any major disasters that occurred in her absence before Jones got back and the party started.

As it turned out, nothing had gone too badly wrong. The hall was still set up for one hell of a party and the alcohol stores were untouched.

If only it could be like this every time.

As if summoned by some silent cue, everyone gathered in the hall and The Banned began to play. Soph lingered at the bar, a complimentary bottle of bourbon in hand and smiling to herself as she watched everyone have fun. Chelsea and Annabelle were dancing nearby and Camilla and Matron were propping up the bar for now. She knew sooner or later the women would join the amassed crowds, but alcohol came first. She shared a nod with her aunt and grinned before taking another long drink from her bottle.

It was bizarre how easily the idea of staying was settling with her. She was still on edge, the alarm bells in her head going off like Notre Dame, but she could push it aside a little… And that was something.

As she lowered the bottle, a hand reached out and curled over hers, pulling it around and tilting it to take a drink, Soph felt an odd twinge in her gut but rolled her eyes toward the thief, unable to prevent the slight smirk that pulled one corner of her lips.
"Everything go okay?" She arched a brow and Jones nodded with a sly smile, finally letting go of her bottle.
"He fell for it; I've already dropped the money off in the safe." Soph's smirk grew into a grin at the thought of that stuck-up asshole finding out his 'priceless' artwork was actually a copy by his sister. Her thoughts didn't stray for long, she took another drink before taking a deep breath.
"Jones…" She began slowly and Kelly arched a brow, slight concern appearing in her eyes. Soph swallowed hard.
"D'you er… Want to dance?" She cleared her throat and looked away as Jones' mouth fell open. There was silence between them for a long moment before Kelly took the bottle from her and took a very long drink.
"Do you know what you're asking?" She spoke in hushed tones now, Soph felt a muscle jump in her jaw.

She did know.

She knew exactly what she'd just asked.

She'd been thinking about it before her nap, and pretty much constantly since then. Before, she'd been used to being secretive, hiding everything and keeping herself to herself. Now, what was the point? She didn't have to worry about pissing the wrong people off or keeping the right people on her side. She didn't have an agenda anymore, nothing to work toward, so why not work on making her life better? Why not try for being happy? She had enough secrets.

As far as she could tell, the person around her who contributed most to her happiness was Jones… So why not ask her out properly? Why not let people know they were… something.

Slowly, she nodded once, wary of the coming response. She had, of course, considered the possibility that Jones was going to tell her to fuck off. Maybe she just wanted something casual, and hell, that was fine… But Soph had to admit… She wasn't sure she could just leave it at that anymore.

"Alright." It was sudden and moderately terrifying, but Jones passed the bottle back with a smirk.
"If you're ready for the lion's den." She tipped her head and Soph couldn't help the unreasonable grin that spread across her face.
"If you are."

Kelly smirked and took her hand, squeezing it gently as she took a step closer, leaning down to her ear.
"You asked for it." She stepped back again and began to tug her gently toward the dancing crowd. Soph chuckled and deposited her bottle on the bar as she moved away, sharing a nod with Anoushka and knowing the woman would keep it safe until her return.

As they reached an empty space Soph used her grip on Kelly's hand to spin her around; pulling her closer. Jones arched a brow and raised her chin, making Soph ever more aware of their height difference.
"You can dance. Right?" She smirked down at her and Soph allowed a wolfish grin, letting go of her hand to move her own to the woman's waist.
"Judge for yourself." She winked and Jones laughed, settling into the rhythm and resting her forearms on Soph's shoulders.

It was fucking fantastic, having the woman so close and not even giving a fuck that it was public. Sneaking around was fun and everything, but this was new… She was loving it.

The bitter ache in her stomach was swept away by the bizarre happiness and smug pride as she danced with Kelly Jones.

It didn't take long for the people around them to notice what was happening; she felt eyes on them, and she knew Jones would have noticed too, but the fact that neither of them stepped away sent something unusual and entirely pleasant coursing through Soph's stomach.

The interest rippled outwards, a few pushing to get a look, but ultimately, everyone was having too good a time to care. They moved on, returning to their own lives, and as they did Soph pulled Jones closer, leaning up to her ear.
"That went better than expected." She heard the slight relief in her voice, she'd been ready for a lot worse than a bit of muttering, she heard Kelly's quiet laugh.
"They're just too busy to come up with jokes now, after everyone's done with their hangovers it'll be worse." She huffed and Soph let her forehead rest on the woman's shoulder. She should have expected that. Still, Jones' lips pressed to the side of her head and she couldn't help the smile that stole her face.

They'd manage this shit.

Now the party was in full swing, it was time for the anthem, to really kick it into full St. Trinian's style.

Jones didn't need a stage, she stood tall amidst the crowd as the chorus came around and she led the room in the chant. Soph stood back and watched, a grin nearly splitting her face in two as she watched the Head Girl in her element. She remembered the first time she'd seen her do it; a bottle of beer held high in the air. She'd been fucking magnificent… Sophie never stood a chance.

She even found herself singing along under her breath, an action Jones did not fail to notice and proceeded to puff up with pride. The woman took her hand, an action that made Soph more embarrassed than it should have done, but she couldn't help herself, she smiled none the less.

As the night went on, Soph and Kelly finished a bottle between them and their dancing got steadily less and less about dancing and more about who could make the other snap first. After spending their first night apart since this whole thing began; Soph's tolerance was already pretty low. She could feel the heat in her own skin as Jones pressed against her, a slightly smug smile on her lips.
"Enjoying the party, Daniels?" Kelly's breath was hot on her ear and Soph felt a shudder run through her. She leaned in to brush her lips along a sharp jaw line, keeping her voice low,
"You're playing a dangerous game, Jones." She chuckled darkly and brushed her lips over the older woman's neck, grinning to herself as hands tightened their grip a little on her waist. Encouraged, she grazed her teeth over heated skin, pulling away in time to see Kelly bite her lip, white teeth against blood red lipstick.

Very suddenly, she was being dragged out of the hall by the front of her shirt, she stumbled and staggered but kept her feet as she went all too willingly, but clearly not fast enough for Jones.

They made it as far as the entrance before she was swung around and into a pillar. Her shoulders hit the wood with a hard thud and she gasped at the shock of it, only to have her breath stolen from her as lips crashed against hers. She pressed back instantly, almost in reflex, but her hands flew forward, taking hold of Jones' hips to pull her closer. Kelly's hand remained in a fist, pulling hard on Soph's shirt while the other hooked around the back of her neck. Quickly losing all semblance of reason, Soph flipped them over; the older woman allowing it without complaint, something that never failed send a wave of warmth through her chest. Jones was still so careful about pressing her further than she could go… even at a time like this. That thought alone made her slow down, relaxing her grip on the other woman and softening the kiss to a less bruising intensity. She raised a hand to the woman's cheek and pulled back slowly, tipping her head as they met each other's gaze.

"Hey." She smiled up at her and Jones smirked back, letting go of her shirt to push her hand through Soph's hair.
"Hi." They stared at each other for a long moment and honestly, for once, Soph wasn't thinking of a single thing. It was peaceful, she smiled gently.

"What're you looking at?" Jones arched a brow but the good humour behind it only made Soph chuckle, sliding her hand around to wind into Jones' hair.
"Something beautiful." Whiskey and leftover emotion from that morning welled up and produced words even she wasn't expecting. Jones stared back at her with an odd sort of smile that Soph had never seen, nor could she even try to decipher it.
"Going soft on me?" She smirked playfully and Soph scowled back.
"Never." She growled and Jones laughed, pulling her back into a kiss. The intensity hadn't faded, if anything it only grew. When they finally broke apart for air, Soph wasted no time ducking to the other woman's neck, giving no quarter.
"Christ, Soph, we have-" Kelly's delightfully breathless sentence was cut off as Soph returned to kiss her again, ignoring what she was saying completely. Jones didn't protest, not for another few minutes at least. This time she pushed at Soph's shoulder, nudging her back, where they both panted for air.
"We have to go somewhere else." It was a hushed whisper and Soph grinned at the strained control in her voice. While she had a good point, Soph had trouble persuading herself to let Kelly move away from the wall. Reluctantly, she managed to convince herself that if they stayed here they would be interrupted and that would be more annoying than the time it would take them to get to Kelly's room.

Jones chuckled at the petulant look on Soph's face as they walked, hand in hand, up the stairs.
"Quit sulking, when we get there we have all night." Kelly winked and flashed a seductive smile that severely strained Soph's barely surviving control.
"You'd better lock the door." There was no hint of a joke in Soph's voice; anyone interrupting them tonight was going to be leaving the building through a window, head first. Kelly laughed.
"Don't worry, there's a strong bolt and the room's soundproof. No-one will even know we're in there." It was Soph's turn to laugh.
"Remind me to send a letter of thanks to the old head girls for thinking ahead." Kelly grinned as they reached the stairs that lead up to the dorms.
"I was the one who put the bolt on the door." Her voice was a little smug. Soph wrapped an arm around her waist and pressed her lips gently to the side of her neck, a small smirk at the corners of her mouth.
"I get to thank you in person then." She felt Kelly's shiver and their pace quickened slightly, both girls eager to get to the top of the stairs.

They didn't quite make it, as they reached the landing Jones made a comment about how she still owed Soph for saving her during the heist and Soph was nearly bowled over by a wave of guilt. In response she pushed the girl against her bedroom door, parting Kelly's lips with her own. Of course, never one to be bested, Jones returned with equal force. She vaguely registered the sound of a door opening and the next thing she knew she was being pulled into the room by her tie. She kicked the door shut behind her but as soon as it slammed she was shoved against it, she heard a lock slide into place and smirked against Kelly's lips, no-one else would even exist to them until morning.

She ran her hands down Kelly's sides to her waist as the older girls hands worked quickly at the buttons of her shirt, fumbling slightly until she gave up and pulled it open, sending buttons flying everywhere. Soph couldn't help but laugh until nails dragged along her ribs, turning it to a hiss. Deciding turnabout was fair, Soph gave the head girl's shirt a sharp pull, yanking it open and off in one smooth movement. Jones pulled her closer and skin pressed to skin. They broke the kiss and they both gasped for much needed oxygen, but a split second later hot breath ghosted across her neck, her tie pulled free and vanishing off into the room. Teeth grazed over the skin of her neck, and she shivered, pushing away from the door and spinning them around to pull the head girl to her own bed.

Kelly's hands found her belt and paused in leading her across the room, reaching down to undo the laces of her boots so she could kick them off. As they landed with two dull thuds she felt Kelly drop in height slightly, it took a second for her to realise she'd removed her heels. They continued to move until Soph felt the bed hit the back of her knees. Jones didn't stop, giving her a hard push and sending her sprawling. She propped herself up onto her elbows as Jones stood above her, unable to keep her eyes from wandering as Kelly reached back to undo the zip of her skirt, sliding it down slowly and taking her tights with it, leaving her in naught but black shorts and bra. Soph's mouth was suddenly very dry, and she swallowed hard as the woman climbed up onto the bed, straddling her lap with a smug smirk.

Hands ran over bare skin as Soph pulled Kelly down to kiss her again. She was goddamn doomed.

Hours later she was sat on the windowsill, one leg hanging out into the cool night air and the other pulled up to her chest. Her shirt sat about her shoulders but she couldn't even try to do it up, since the buttons were scattered somewhere around the floor, but she didn't mind much. It was a nice night.

"Want me to play some sad music?" Jones' voice came from the bed and she turned to look over her shoulder in confusion.
"If you're going to sit there all dramatic." She smirked and rolled onto her front, the sheets settled low on her waist. Soph huffed out a laugh. Her lips curled into a genuine smile as she took in the sight before her; anyone who ever thought this woman was beautiful didn't know the half of it. Jones laughed.
"Don't look at me like that." Her tone wasn't serious, Soph grinned, swinging her legs back into the room.
"Why not?" She arched a brow and Jones smirked back.
"Who knew you were such a soft git? Get in here." She shifted back to make space and Soph hopped down, shutting the window and avoiding the bed for now as she made her way around the room. Jones seemed confused for a moment until Soph started chucking pillows her way.

She found the last one by the door and didn't bother wondering how the hell it got there. As she turned to throw it back to Jones she paused. She didn't want to sleep in her torn shirt and her bra… And maybe… maybe she could…

"You er... got a shirt I could borrow?" She tipped her head and Jones seemed surprised but nodded.
"Second drawer, grab what you want." She smiled and Soph offered a somewhat sheepish one back. She found a black tank in the drawer and paused over it for a moment, thinking. Swallowing hard, she picked it up and shut the draw, making a point of not looking at Jones as she shrugged out of her shirt, worried she'd lose her nerve. She didn't turn her back to her completely, too chicken for that, but as she changed out of her clothes into the top, she knew what Jones would have seen. She took her time, dropping her clothes on the floor in a neat heap before turning slowly back to the bed.

Jones' face gave nothing away, if Soph hadn't gotten used to reading the woman she wouldn't have noticed the dark look in her eyes. She hesitated, her heart jumping into her throat. She knew the other woman wouldn't tell a soul, but if it was a step too far… Panic rose slowly but before it could boil over Jones pulled back the duvet, opening it as if to allow her entry.
"You coming or what?" She arched a brow, the dark look in her eyes replaced with something softer. Soph swallowed hard and nodded, climbing in.

Jones gave her no choice on how to lie, immediately wrapping around her from behind and pulling her close.
"I got you." It was a whisper in her ear, so light she barely heard it, but it was enough to crush the worry in her stomach.

She couldn't tell her, not yet, it would be way too fast for that… But maybe. Maybe some day, she could explain to this woman, have her know, let her be the only person to know… Why her back was a myriad of scars.

Maybe she could understand.

"Night, Kel'" She placed a hand over the one wrapped around her waist and felt lips press to her shoulder.
"Night, Soph." Kelly whispered back and reached across her to turn off the lamp next to the bed, sending them into darkness.

It was warm, it was comfortable… It was safe.

It was home.

Aren't they cute? Guilt lingering in the background, secrets yet to be revealed... Oh you bet we're far from finished. Hope you all enjoyed reading thus far, and I hope to see you next week. - J