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Harry was surprised one day to receive a letter from two of the most unlikely people. It was during the owl post delivery on a weekend when the owl that Gabriel and his father usually use landed in front of him, but the envelope was not made of the same material as the usual letters were made of. It was too normal looking – it was just a plain old white envelope sealed shut with Harry's address scrawled on the front with a black ball point pen.

He cautiously slid it open and glanced down to see the names at the end to see who it was from. To say he was shocked would be an understatement. So it looked like Tweedledee and Tweedledum were interested in forming some sort of understanding.


I know that we got off on the wrong foot, and both Dean and I want to apologize for what we have done to you and said about you in the past. We know that some of our actions were probably uncalled for, but you have to know and understand that Dean and I grew up in this life and have some basic natural reactions to different supernatural related topics. Our reactions related to your kind are usually more negative, and we have had some relations gone sour with demons before. But we do remember what we learned about you and all that you've said before, and we are now more curious than anything to learn about you.

So please consider this letter an apology and an olive branch from both of us to you. We understand if you decide against replying to us, but we do hope that you will consider it. If you ever want to talk, I put one of my cell phone numbers at the bottom of this page, as did Dean. Though it may be the wrong thing to say, but, we both are really curious about you and would love to get the chance to sit down and ask you a few things.

We gave this letter to Castiel who in turn gave it to Gabriel to send to you. So if you do wish to send any sort of reply, it may be better and faster to send it to Gabriel who can then give it to Castiel to then give to us. Or Gabriel can get it to us directly, whatever works best.

All the best,

Sam and Dean

To say that Harry was surprised would be an understatement. Well, he thought that they may have tried to contact him in some way, but not in any sort of peaceful way. He decided to slip the letter into his bag to be reread later that night, and dug into his small meal of bacon and eggs before going to a common area to study for an exam later that week.

Throughout his time at Hogwarts, Harry had begun to venture outside in the hours that he was awake and his fellow classmates were asleep. He had always previously stuck to the grounds where students were allowed to go to become more familiar with them first. Now though, a few months into the first term, he decided to finally venture into the Forbidden Forest with a heavy curiosity on his mind and his faithful Hell hound by his side trotting alongside, tongue lolling out of her mouth.

It was during one of these night time ventures that the two of them made a rather unusual discovery. They were walking through a small clearing when Cara bounded off, leaving Harry to chase after her. A few minutes later, the half demon child came across his Hell hound scratching at a patch of moss that was growing innocently to the side of a tree.

"Cara? What do you smell?" There was a heavy tone of questioning clear in his voice as he approached his companion. He knelt down on the ground, brushing his school robe out of the way of his knees hitting the ground. Paws continued to dig and scratch at the moss covered ground slowly revealing the soft and damp dirt underneath.

She continued to paw at the ground furiously until Harry started to see a glimmer of what she may have been digging for. A grime covered silver band was uncovered, and Harry reached a hand to pick it up. Cara made a sound of whining as he picked it up, and it felt faintly warm in the palm of his hand. But the warmth faded and left as he rubbed the dirt sticking to it away. By doing so, his actions revealed strange engraved lines and circles that were intertwined together with dots periodically making an appearance both in and out of the circles.

Harry looked at it weirdly as he rubbed more of the dirt away from it and shined it a bit against the pants that he was wearing. Without thinking, he was about to put it on his left hand index finger when he noticed more details that he missed on the other side that were covered by chunks of dirt that were brushed away. He inspected it closer and saw that there were two hands clasping each other, and that it was not one solid band, but two that had a small hinge that would allow the two hands to unclasp and rotate.

At least that is what Harry figured that it would do if he could get it to open. Not wanting to risk breaking it, and giving it one last brush with his fingers, he slid the ring onto a finger that it looked like it would fit on. Harry stood up and brushed the dirt and leaves that had stuck to his knees off, and after he did so, a warm, wet lick happened on the hand that was wearing the mysterious silver looking ring. He smiled down at Cara and gave her a soft rub on her head.

"How did you know this ring was here? Obviously there is something special about it, otherwise I doubt that you could have noticed a regular ring buried under several layers of dirt and thought to dig it up." A furry head butted against his leg forcefully, and Harry laughed.

"I'm kidding, I'm kidding. You are the best Hell hound ever and are extremely special." Harry rubbed her head before taking off in the direction of the castle. The detour with the ring proved to have taken much longer than Harry initially thought it did, and had to rush back to clean off and jump back into bed before anyone noticed that he was gone. Thoughts that raced through his head consisted of the ring and the mystery that surrounded it. It could not just be by chance that Cara found it for him.

Harry was wandering the halls one night as silent and sneakily as he could, a pastime that he grew to greatly enjoy. All throughout the year he had yet to be caught once, and he'll be damned if he gets caught tonight; or any night for that matter. He finally decided to take the plunge and see what he could do about getting into the Restricted Section in the library. He could practically feel the darkness and life radiating off of a few of the books the last time he was close to the section, and he was determined to get a closer look at them.

He crept silently along into the library, and easily made his way through the dark to the part he had in mind. Harry placed a hand against the metal grate that was used as a barrier and slid his hand along until his fingers came to a rest on the lock. Pinpricks of magic seemed to move on the underside of his hand, and Harry grinned at the life he could feel coming from the inside.

Concentrating on what was before him, Harry willed the lock to open with his magic. After a few moments, the satisfying click of the metal opening was heard, and the half demon was able to make his way inside the new room. Harry looked around at all the old books lining the walls, and he could feel some of them calling out to him – almost as if there was enough magic infused within them to make them seem alive.

There is the saying that books can make you feel alive, and that was certainly the case with Harry in this room – though maybe not in the normal sense of the saying. To Harry it almost felt like the dark magic was swirling around him, calling him to come forth and be welcomed into what these books had to offer. It was a brilliant feeling, and Harry gave off a smile as he closed his eyes and let the magic embrace him. Embrace him instead of turning him away like many other students who dared try and enter into the Restricted Section. While the books would not cooperate with any of the other students, they would most absolutely welcome the half demon to read their pages – if he could survive and get past the dangers that tested those who dared open them.

Harry sat down on the small bench in the center of the small room and grabbed one of the nearest books on the shelf in front of him; skimming the cover it looked like it was about some ancient war. Beginning with that book began the night that would then find the young child coming down in the dark whenever he could to get lost in the pages that called out to him and made him feel at home. It did not matter that there were books that were impossible for even him to open – what mattered was that the few that would let him in safely were a wealth of information that Harry loved learning about.