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While I might be done with writing long stories for now, I will have some one-shots and short stories coming soon for other fandoms. Hamilton, Yuri on Ice, and Fullmetal Alchemist are the few that come to mind that I have a few things written for, but not yet edited. Blood Doesn't Make Family has drained my joy of writing for the last few years, and I have been trying to find that enjoyment again by writing small things for some other fandoms. Plus, looking back on a lot of what I had for Blood Doesn't Make Family, I was young when I wrote some of it, and I really don't like a few of the things I did. But, it did teach me a lot.

I skipped writing a few things that would have gone into a chapter right before this since if I was going to write it, it would take a long time for an update. And I want to be done with this story. But the main plot points missing from being written out are: Harry's time being interrogated by Dumbledore in the infirmary after the troll attack (Dumbledore learns nothing), Harry talking with Hermione a bit more about who he is, the Christmas holidays, and Snape going to America to learn more about different creatures. Any other plot points that I missed, I apologize for. But, I haven't had the time to go back and reread what has been written for this story.

With all of that in mind, enjoy the final chapter of Blood Doesn't Make Family. Though I am pretty sure some people will hate me with how it ends (I know it is a lazy end and I hate it myself, but that isn't enough to change my mind).


The students filed into the Defense Against the Dark Arts classroom and were surprised to see Professor Snape standing by the front desk. On top of the desk were various weapons, bottles, and containers filled with various materials. Harry walked in and sat in one of the back seats just as one of the brave female students in the class dared to venture the question that they all were wondering.

"Sir, what happened to Professor Quirrell?"

"Professor Quirrell is out sick right now, so I will be taking over some of his classes while he is incapable of teaching. It's not like you learn anything from him anyways, so I will be giving a lesson on some common creatures found in the United States." He let everyone settle into their desks and pull out some parchment and quills before he continued.

"Though there are many types of monsters over there, but we will focus only on one of them today. Before I tell you what we will be covering, can anyone tell me what some of the monsters are and if there's any difference to the ones we have over here?" Snape drawled out as he looked out over the class of Slytherins and Gryffindors. No one except for Hermione raised their hand, but even then, she seemed almost hesitant when doing so. Snape sighed as he reluctantly called on Hermione.

"Yes, Granger, what do you know to share with the class?"

"Not much, but I do know that the vampires, ghosts, and werewolves are different in North America. I read that it has something to do with having natural magic or not." Professor Snape unenthusiastically applauded the girl's correct answer as he looked out at the rest of the class.

"Anyone else besides Granger know of the supernatural in America? McLeod, maybe you have any input to add?" Harry looked up from the paper he was doodling on with a blank look on his face. He did his best to hide any of the knowledge he had since he was one of the creatures they would be studying in class apparently.

"No, sir. I'm afraid that I don't have anything to add to what Hermione said." The professor gave him a calculating look before continuing on with his lesson.

"The first creature that we will be studying in class is one of the more common ones. Does anyone have any information they would like to share on demons?" No one raised their hand, not even Hermione. Snape's disappointed gaze swept over the class.

"Very well then. To start out, demons have to possess a body if they want to walk on Earth. There are several ways to protect yourself against this, but we will get into that later. Once they have possessed a body demons can then use their powers. They have several powers depending on how strong they are, with some more powerful than others. Most all demons have the power of telekinesis. Can anyone tell me what that is?" A Slytherin boy and Hermione both raised their hands, but Snape called on the boy.

"Telekinesis is when someone can move something with their mind."

"Correct. Five points to Slytherin. Now can anyone tell me what Telepathy is?" Once again Hermione raised her hand, but she was ignored in favor of the professor calling on another Slytherin.

"It's where you can read another person's mind."

"Correct. Five points to Slytherin. Not only do demons have the power of telepathy and telekinesis, but they also have superhuman strength and enhanced endurance. Because they possess a human body, any injury that is sustained doesn't quite harm the demon, but once they leave their vessel, the host body dies the majority of the time because a human body cannot handle what it went through. Some other powers that the stronger demons have are of mind control, being able to make fire, and even able to destroy objects with a thought. Now there are other powers that demons are rumored to have, but I have not been able to find too much more on what they can or cannot do. Nevertheless, even the strongest demons have some sort of weakness." He turned to grab a few of the containers off the desk behind him and began to pass them out. Slowly, the multiple containers were dispersed amongst the students, and they were able to get a look at what they were.

"Why are you giving us water and salt to look at?" One of the Gryffindors questioned.

"It is not simply water, you moron, it's holy water. Demons are dark creatures so holy water will burn them enough to cause harm. The same goes for salt. If you are ever in need of protection against a demon, a line of salt will keep it away from you since they cannot cross over the salt. Iron is also another material that harms demons…" Professor Snape continued talking about how the different materials were harmful to demons while also keeping an eye on Harry to see what types of reactions were coming from him.

Just as one of the students was passing a bottle of holy water to Harry, it was accidently knocked over on his desk. The student who knocked it over did not pay attention to Harry's reaction to it, but Snape sure did. With what he saw, confirmed the suspicions that the potions master had.

Harry was doing his best to hide the pain from where the holy water had splashed against his skin all the while trying to not bring attention to himself. While he did a good job at not getting any of the students to wonder what was happening with him, Severus Snape was looking for any sort of response Harry had to what transpired. Instead of calling out the boy in the middle of class, Snape chose to take a sneakier approach to it.

The class continued with no other altercations, and Harry had secretly wrapped the small burns that were almost healed. It was towards the end of the Defense Against the Dark Arts class when Professor Snape announced that he wanted to see Harry in his office later that night. Of course Harry couldn't say no or argue, so all he did was say "yes, sir."

It was after Harry finished eating dinner when he made his way to Professor Snape's office. He had a small inkling in the back of his mind that nothing good could come out of it, but Snape was his head of house, so why would he be afraid to meet with him? There was no reason for him to be hesitant about knocking on the door when he came face to face with it, so he continued on like any other student would. He knocked on the wooden door and slowly opened it at the muffled call of the professor.

"Come in." So Harry did just that and walked into the room. He let the door close behind him before he started to walk closer to where Professor Snape was sitting at his desk. After a few steps, Harry hit an invisible barrier, and his eyes grew wide as he quickly looked down, and then up. A feeling of dread swept over him as he spotted the devil's trap drawn on the ceiling. His hand went to wrap around the charm around his neck that Gabriel gave him before coming to Hogwarts, and he prayed that the angel would hear him as he silently called for help.

"Why would a demon possess a young boy from Slytherin?" Snape's silky voice filled the silence in the room as the sound of a chair backing out from the desk was heard. Harry turned to look at his professor with a calm look on his face, but on the inside he was freaking out. He tried to mask the fear that suddenly consumed him, but he was not able to hide it all from the man before him.

"I am not possessed!" Harry tried to tell his professor, but Snape was hearing none of that. Severus grabbed several of the larger containers from his Defense Against the Dark Arts lesson earlier in the day and threw some of the holy water onto the boy. Harry cried out in pain, and a smirk came across Snape's face.

"Try to tell that to the devil's trap that you're caught in and the holy water that just caused you pain. Now, I am going to go get the Headmaster, and when we get back, we're going to have a nice little chat with you." Severus Snape quickly left the room to go find and bring Dumbledore to the room, and Harry sunk to the ground with his hand still wrapped around the charm. Holy water dripped from his hair and clothes, and he could only close his eyes to try and block out the pain. While small amounts of the holy water were not as painful, having the full body completely soaked with the stuff made up for it.

After what felt like only a couple of seconds, the door was thrown open to reveal Professor Dumbledore followed by Professor Snape. Dumbledore stopped at the sight before his eyes. His usually twinkling eyes were replaced with stony eyes that caused Harry to flinch.

"Who are you and what are you doing with this poor boy?" Dumbledore's voice matched the hardness in his eyes. Harry stifled a small moan of pain as he stood up and faced his headmaster.

"My name is Harry McLeod, and I'm not possessed! Please, just let me explain!" Another goblet of holy water was thrown on him. Harry clenched his eyes shut as he tried to block out the agony.

"If we can't get him to talk, did you find the exorcism, Severus?"

"Yes, Headmaster. But I would rather get the demon to talk than exorcise it and get no information out of it."

"Severus, keep in mind that there still is a child in that body, so we can't go and harm him too much."

"Don't worry, I'll heal McLeod after we get the information we need and we get the demon out of him. He still is one of my students after all." Harry heard what was being said, and instantly his pleas for them to listen to him increased, but were ignored. More holy water was thrown on him with the addition of salt directly afterwards.

After what seemed like hours of being subjugated to salt and holy water, Dumbledore and Snape were still getting the same answers as before. Severus took the elder man aside to talk.

"Sir, I don't think that this demon will be talking anytime soon with only holy water and salt. Clearly other means are out of the question to get the demon to talk, so I say that we go ahead and exorcise it so we can help McLeod." Dumbledore hesitantly agreed with his staff member, and gave him the go ahead to start the exorcism. At this point, Harry had been tied onto a chair and now lacked the effort to keep his head up.

Severus walked over to his desk, pulled out a book, and opened it to a page he had bookmarked. He began reciting the exorcism, and Harry began to scream in pain. Dumbledore looked on at his student with a sorrowful look, but he knew that it was for the better. Tears ran down Harry's face as Snape continued to read from the book when suddenly it was thrown from his hands, and a furious voice was heard.

"Just what the hell do you think you're doing to my son?!" Dumbledore and Snape turned to look towards the area where the enraged voice came from and were shocked to see a dark haired man they had never seen before. Both had similar thoughts race through their mind at this newcomer. Who is he? How did he get here? Did he say son? How did he know to come here? Those and many other questions that fell along the same lines as they held their wands up to point at this unfamiliar man. But with a wave of his hand, the wands were ripped from their owner's hands and hit the fall before harmlessly dropping to the ground. Keeping a firm and steady voice, Dumbledore questioned the unfamiliar man who was now standing beside the devil's trap where Harry was now barely conscious. He was still awake, yet not coherent enough to realize what was going on around him.

"Who are you?" was what the headmaster first asked.

"My name is Crowley, and that is my son who you just doused in holy water and salt for who knows how long. You better be thankful that you did not finish that exorcism, or you would be dead by now. Now release him from the devil's trap." Crowley switched his murderous gaze back and forth from resting on Snape to looking at Dumbledore.

"Now why would we do a foolish thing like that? He's possessed by a de…" Snape's counter reply and grab for some salt was cut off as he was thrown against the stone wall with a hand to his throat. Dumbledore tried to intervene, but he found himself tossed to the other side of the room where he was forgotten momentarily as Crowley had his attention focused on the pale man held in his grip.

"The only reason that I am not ripping you limb from limb is the fact that you are one of Harry's professors. Though I may reconsider letting him come back to Hogwarts and instead have him go to a different school." While watching the two, Dumbledore was able to easily recover and grab a small bottle of holy water from the ground. Currently without the use of his wand, the old man did all he could to throw the contents of the bottle towards Crowley. The holy water hit his back and he released Severus. Crowley hissed at the sudden pain and turned around to glare at the offending man.

"Really? You really seriously think that a small trickle of holy water will be able to stop the King of the Crossroads? You two are the ones who were stupid enough to harm my son and then think you could get away with it. Did you even let Harry explain anything to you? If you had, I sincerely doubt that we would be having this conversation right now." Snape's eyes widened at the knowledge that this was the King of the Crossroads since he had learned a bit while looking up information on demons, and Dumbledore had dropped his eyes since he knew that he should have given the child to explain.

"Crowley was it?" The demon in question nodded at Dumbledore with the deadly look still in his eyes. "I apologize that we did not let Harry explain, but why should we believe what you or he says? After all, you both are clearly demons, dark creatures that are not to be trusted." Crowley growled at what was being said and yelled back.

"DID YOU NOT HEAR WHAT I JUST SAID?" He took a calming breath before continuing, "If you had let him explain, you would have found out that he is only half demon – he is not possessed. The demon part of him is just as apart of him as his natural magic core is. If you had completed that exorcism, YOU WOULD HAVE KILLED HIM!" Dumbledore grew confused as did Professor Snape.

"But in my research, there have never been any mention of half demons like him…" Snape was once again cut off by Crowley.

"That is probably because the information that you may have come across about it is not just for general knowledge. It was only by chance that I knew of the ritual needed to make him my son, and in doing so, half demon. Not many demons know of it."

"You're telling me that this kid was fully human before you created him into a monster?!" Severus raised his voice in outrage.

"The humans he was with before were the monsters, not me. And if you ask me, they still didn't get all that they deserve." Crowley countered. Dumbledore's interest peaked at the chance of finding out about the young McLeod's past.

"Who was he with before and what happened to him?" the headmaster hopefully asked. The King of the Crossroads locked his eyes onto Dumbledore's with a distant look to them – almost as if he was remembering all that he had seen before with the child.

"It's not my past to tell. Not even if you tried to make a deal for it. If you want to find out, you'll have to ask Harry yourself, that is, if he even wants to stay here after what you two idiots did. Now please, can you release him from the devil's trap?" Crowley asked through his teeth, and Dumbledore was able to see a hint of worry escape through the barriers the demon had put up. It was that small hint of concern that had him consider breaking the trap.

"Let us have our wands, and we agree to all go up to my office to talk without any violence, and I will let him out. Understand that we still have many questions for you, and I'm sure that you will be more cooperative if we let Harry out, won't you?" Dumbledore put a hand up to stop Snape from protesting his decision, and Crowley gave him a calculating look.

"You release Harry right now, and you two can have your wands back. No salt, holy water, iron, or traps as long as I am here, no more hurting my boy, and you've got yourself a deal." Dumbledore nodded, and Severus was quick to grab both his and the headmaster's wand from the floor before he returned it to its owner. For good measure, Dumbledore asked Snape to get Harry's wand out from the professor's desk. He then raised his wand to the ceiling where he then magically removed a small portion of the devil's trap. Crowley had followed the wand with his eyes, and once he saw the break in the trap, he rushed to Harry, and the ropes were destroyed with a flick of his hand.

"Harry, luv, are you still with us?" Crowley placed a hand on either side of his son's face as he ignored the slight stinging of the residue water and salt touching his skin. Harry's eyes were closed and his head rolled to the side, but Crowley could feel that he was just unconscious by now, so he carefully picked him up and walked towards to door where he paused.

"You just gonna stand there, or are you going to lead the way to your office?"

The small group consisting of Professor Snape and Crowley carrying Harry in his arms was led by Dumbledore up to his office. It was late at night, so there was no one in the hallways. The path was empty for them all as they silently but quietly walked from the dungeons to the upper levels of the castle.

Crowley was seething in anger at what had happened to his son. He had thought that maybe, just maybe he would actually be safe while in the school. He was glad that Harry had gone off to Hogwarts instead of sticking around the events that were going on in America. But it seemed that he was wrong to believe that danger would not find their small family.

Professor Snape had no idea what to think. In his studies of learning about demons, he thought that they should be killed on sight, but the man, no, demon that appeared in front of them was starting to prove him wrong. Here was the apparent father of Harry McLeod, and they actually were still alive. Though he was still unsure how the night would pan out with how much the demon seemed to care about his son – even if he was adopted. He could not wrap his mind around why some kid would agree to become half demon. Why would someone willingly become a monster?

The headmaster of Hogwarts was leading the way through the hallways, though his mind was elsewhere. He was lost in the thoughts in the recess of his mind. How could a child in his school be a monster and he did not even know? He knew everything that went on in this school, and something that evil within the confines of the castle was able to slip past. His mind tried to reason that the young McLeod was only half demon, but that did not do much to reassure himself that the other children were safe.

The other part in his mind was telling him that the half demon has been at the school for a few months already, and he had not gotten in any trouble, caused any trouble, or was any sort of danger to the other students.

They all continued to walk until they were faced with the statues that stood guard in front of the stairway leading to the office above. The cold, grey gargoyles jumped aside immediately as soon as Dumbledore graced them with his presence. The headmaster went up first, followed by Crowley and Harry, and was lastly followed by Severus. Once inside the office space, Crowley laid his son out on the couch that was against the wall.

Dumbledore motioned his hand towards the chair in front of his desk, but Crowley refused the offer.

"I'd rather stand, thanks."

"Tea or lemon drop?"

"What is this? You harm my son and you expect it all to be better with the offer of sweets and tea? What sort of human are you?" Crowley growled out as he stood in front of Harry almost protectively. Actually, there was no almost about it – he was clearly standing in front of his son in a defensive stance that hinted that he had no qualms about fighting if they were about to harm his son again. He was willing to have a peaceful conversation, but that was even a thin line when all he wanted to do was tear the two professors in front of him apart limb by limb.

Dumbledore took a breath and looked down with an unknown emotion spread across his face. It seemed that it could be remorse or weariness, or a combination of them. The old headmaster truly had no idea where to begin with the demon standing in front of him, but he was helped when Crowley interrupted the silence.

"Well, you wanted to talk, so talk! If not, then I'll be taking Harry here and going home where he will be in a safe environment."

"You will not talk to the headmaster in that tone of voice, this is still his school." Professor Snape mustered his response before Dumbledore was able to reply for his own self.

"I'll talk to him in whatever tone I want. This may be your school, but do you know who I am? I thought that I had made it clear before. As the King of the Crossroads, I have jurisdiction wherever I say I do. I do not care if you are the headmaster of this school or one of its professors. I could easily kill you with the snap of my fingers if I wish it, and you better be thankful that I haven't done so yet." Crowley told them in a deadly low voice.

The anger that Dumbledore saw in the demon's eyes made a shiver of fear crawl up his spine – something that is not easily done. Severus had a similar feeling, but after serving under the power of Voldemort he was not easily threatened.

The truth that came out next was shocking to both Dumbledore and Severus. The truth that they were given was not expected. Sure, they knew by this point that a demon had killed the Dursleys with the help of a hellhound, but they certainly did not expect the same demon to have taken in Harry Potter to raise him as his own son.

Both Dumbledore and Severus were lost for words as they connected the facts that they were just told. Here was a demon who just told them that he had murdered a family because of how they were abusing a child in the house. Crowley told them that one night he was walking through a street in England to hear the cries of a small child being beaten and broken. The demon told them how he returned every night in hopes of being able to finally rescue the child of whom he had not glimpsed except by seeing him through gaps in the blinds.

He told them about how he had taken the shattered body back with him to him home where he had a friend help him heal Harry. Of course he did not mention that the friend was an archangel by the name of Gabriel – he only left it that it was a friend who helped him.

Crowley went on to explain how he and his friend had talked with the child about the supernatural world, and then the demon went on to ask Harry if he would want to be adopted.

After all that the two Hogwarts professors had learned about Harry, they were not surprised that he had said yes to being adopted. Though they both were still distrustful of the demons, but the fact that the Harry McLeod before them was actually Harry Potter, it left them speechless.

"How is it that our tracking and location spells never found him or alerted us that he was here? We've tried it countless times, and a few of those times were during this school year in hopes that he was actually here…" Dumbledore trailed off as he glanced past the demon and over at the boy who appeared to be sleeping on the red couch in his office.

"You used some sort of dark magic to change him, didn't you?" Severus asked Crowley with a dark tone in his voice. Crowley only gave him a look along the lines of 'you have got to be kidding me. Are you seriously that stupid?'

"Of course it's not dark magic, at least not the type you are thinking of. It's demon magic – the magic here that you guys have is completely different than the magic that I have as a demon. Jeeze, it's almost as if I'm talking to a bunch of children." Crowley tried to explain the differences between the types of magic, but the older wizards were so set in their beliefs that they could not or chose not to accept that demon magic was just a different branch of magic and not dark magic.

"You are a dark creature that can use magic, so I would think that it would constitute as dark magic. Besides, if you can do magic, don't you need a wand? I highly doubt that you would be powerful enough to use wandless mag…" Professor Snape was cut off from speaking and thrown against the wall as Crowley raised his hand towards him. Just as quick as that happened, Dumbledore had his wand pointed at Crowley.

"That has crossed a line. You will not attack anyone here."

"What? I was just making a point. And you better move that stick somewhere else or I might just have to break a few bones." Crowley commented with a smile. The headmaster did not lower his wand, but he did start to mutter a curse towards the demon. At least he was about to before his wand was ripped out of his hand and flown to the other side of the room. A shocked look came across the old man's face as he stared at the location where his wand fell.

"But that's impossible! I made it so my wand would never be able to be taken from me without my consent. How did you do that?"

"Demon trumps wizard I suppose." And with that, Crowley let Severus fall to the ground with a thump.

"I don't know about you two, but I feel that if I stayed here any longer, I would kill something. So I am going to take my son with me back home, and I am sure that you'll hear from us soon so we can have an actual, civil talk." Crowley picked Harry up despite Dumbledore's pleas for them to stay, and they were gone from the room.

"They just vanished… That's impossible…" Dumbledore was again stunned into silence as he looked at the spot where Crowley was moments before.

"Demon trumps Hogwarts I guess." Severus added from where he was standing up from where he fell on the floor.

Crowley, with Harry held in his arms, appeared in a small house just outside the area of Hogsmead. He figured that with two of the staff members knowing about Harry – both the half demon and who he was before – that it would be better to stay closer for the time being. He really did not need to leave Hogwarts, but he did not trust the nurse, or whatever she was called, there, and he figured that it would be best to keep Gabriel out of the picture and staying under the radar of the wizards and witches.

Speaking of the archangel, Gabriel chose that moment to appear before Crowley and Harry to help in any way that he could. He had a huge grin on his face that instantly vanished when he saw the state that the boy was in. Gabriel dashed forward to the spot that Crowley had laid him out on the couch and placed a hand on his forehead.

"What happened to him?" All Gabriel knew was that Harry had sent out a distress call earlier through the pendant that he was given, along with the location of where he was. Gabriel had instantly found Crowley and informed him of the silent message that he was given. They both agreed that it would be best that Crowley was the only one who would go, and that they would meet up later.

"They found out." Was all that Crowley offered as a reply as he moved Harry's head momentarily so he could sit down on the couch. He laid the small head back down onto his leg and ran a hand through the hair, ignoring the slight stinging of residual salt and the dampness of holy water. Gabriel promptly snapped his fingers, and Harry was clean from all salt and holy water that may have still clung to his form.

"Is that all that they did to him?" Gabriel asked in a low voice that was filled with concern that matched the worry in his eyes. All Crowley could do was shake his head as he clamped his eyes shut in anger. He took a deep breath and told his friend what happened.

"They tried to exorcise him. They almost killed him…"he trailed off as the seriousness of what he stopped came slamming into him at full force. "They almost killed him, and they couldn't care less if he died." The demon's body was still as he tried to calm himself from the emotions he was having.

"Crowley? Are you okay?" Gabriel hesitantly asked from the side of the room when he saw how his friend was reacting to retelling the events.

"No, Gabriel, I am not okay. I want to kill them. I want to slowly carve the flesh off their bones. I want to make them come close to death before making them whole again and start all over with the knife. I want to hear them scream and cry out for help that will never come. I want every last one of them to know the pain I am feeling right now. I want to drain the blood from their bodies and see the light of their eyes go out. And I still do, oh trust me do I ever still do." Gabriel had seemed to back away a few steps from the demon, and he seemed truly scared of Crowley at that moment, but was partially relieved when he continued with his line of thinking.

"But I won't. Maybe one day I will get the chance, but they are still Harry's professors, and he needs them to learn. So maybe after Harry graduates or something, and I can get him to help me kill them for the pain they caused him. That is, if Harry still wants to attend the school. You never know, he may want to go back and kill them when he wakes up." Crowley seemed to slowly come back to his old usual self that Gabriel is used to as he ranted on and stroked Harry's hair to seem to reassure himself that he was still there and alive.

"Though I can't promise anything the next time I see them – which will probably be in the next day or so. It all depends on what Harry thinks."

"Want me to come with you two when you do go back? You know, to act as a sort of referee or something between you and them?" Gabriel asked. The demon only gave him a weird look.

"How can you be so calm with what they did to him? Don't you want to hurt them for what they did?"

"Of course I care about Harry, and of course I want to hurt them. It's just that he's fine now, they probably did not mean to harm him – after all, they did think he was possessed and they did not know that he is a half demon and that an exorcism would kill him."

"Your angel side is showing again – making excuses for their actions." Crowley shook his head. "I suppose that I couldn't hurt if you joined us later when we do go and talk. You coming as just a friend, or will you let them know who you really are?"

"I think that I'll go as just a friend, human as can be, or maybe as the Trickster. I don't really know. I think that it would be fun to see their faces when they found out that not only is Harry living with a demon, but with an angel as well." Crowley had to laugh a little at that, and agreed once more to letting the angel tag along.

Dumbledore had called for all of the staff members to join him in one of the larger meeting rooms. When the last of the professors joined him in the room, he called the meeting to order. He had no idea how to begin to tell them all about what he and Severus had learned just hours ago.

"Albus, what is this about? We all have classes early in the morning and we need our sleep." One of the more strict professors asked what was on everyone's mind.

"I honestly don't know what to tell you or how to even start."

"Then let me tell them." Severus cut in and bluntly said as he pushed himself away from the wall he was leaning up against. The headmaster seemed to think about it for a moment before telling the professor that he did not need to do so – that he was more than capable of telling them all himself. After all, he is the headmaster of Hogwarts and should be able to tell his staff anything of importance that they would need to know. Deciding not to stall anymore, Dumbledore went with the bit of news that they all would be thrilled to hear first.

"What I am about to tell you needs to stay within the confines of the school, and before I tell you all, I wish that you will allow me to place a secrecy spell upon all of you. You all will know why as soon as I tell you, but I will not tell you what it is until you agree to be put under the secrecy spell" At the nods from the staff members, the headmaster quickly performed the secrecy spell, and then continued on with a very straightforward answer to their questions.

"We found Harry Potter." Instantly the whole room, save for Severus and Albus, was put in a frenzy. Questions of 'where is he' and 'is he okay' filled the room and came from all over. Having enough of the commotion, Dumbledore called for silence. After a few seconds, the meeting room was quiet once again.

"As I was saying, we have found Harry Potter, but it is not what we have hoped." He brought a hand up to silence any questions that were bound to be asked. "It would do you all better if I were to begin with where it all started. Earlier in the year, Severus came to me with concerns regarding one of the students in his house, and I am sure you all know him. His name is Harry McLeod. As I was saying, Severus came to me and told me that he was not sure if Harry was even human." Dumbledore ignored the gasps that resounded around the room.

"He was already doing some research for me on several dark creatures, and he saw some warning signs that were similar to those in some of the creatures he was learning about. So, in his first year potion classes, Severus had the students use an iron stirring rod. When Mr. McLeod picked one of the iron rods up, Severus tells me that the boy seemed to be in pain. After Harry got back to his desk, he wrapped the end of the iron rod with a cloth he had. This would keep the iron from touching his skin. To keep a long story short, the iron definitely had a negative effect on the boy.

"During the Christmas holidays you all know that Severus took a trip to America. While he was there, he was able to do a lot more in depth research on several of the dark creatures that he was able to narrow it down to. From there, he formed several plans that we could use, and we both agreed upon one of them to do next.

"You all are also aware of the few Defense classes that Severus filled in for, and what he saw during those solidified what he had found out while in America. He began teaching the students about some of the creatures found mostly only in America, and one of the first ones he taught them about was demons.

"Severus tells me that he had passed around several containers of salt and holy water, and one of the flasks of holy water accidently spilled on Harry. Now, that was not on purpose, but it worked in our favor. No one around the boy noticed, but Severus was able to see that he was in pain from where the holy water soaked down through his clothes and where it touched his skin. Severus did not bring it to attention during class, but he did ask Mr. McLeod to come back to his room later that night.

"I was immediately notified of this by Severus, and I allowed him to continue forth with the plan. In the classroom he placed a devil's trap on the ceiling. A devil's trap is something that acts as a sort of cage for demons – they can go in them, but they can't get out unless the symbols are broken.

"So, later that night the boy shows up at the door of the classroom and enters. He walks forward until he passes under the devil's trap, and he is forced to come to a halt. This was the final clue that solidified what he is. At first Severus and I only think that Harry was possessed by a demon, but we were sadly proven wrong." Dumbledore took a moment to take a drink from his goblet before he continued.

"So, after Severus had come and gotten me from my office, we try to get his to tell us why he was possessing the boy. After a while, we agree that we were getting nowhere, and that the best course of action would be to exorcise him. Severus begins the exorcism, but was interrupted by a man who appeared behind us and forced the book away from Severus with magic.

"The man tells us to step away from his son, and we learn after talking for a good while that the man is not really a man, but a demon. He tells us that his name is Crowley. So the demon explains to us that Harry McLeod is not a demon, but a half demon. He was, and is not possessed." The headmaster allowed the people in the room to think about all that he has said so far before carrying on with his explanation.

"We learned that Harry McLeod is half demon, and the demon part of him is just as a part of him as his magic is right now, and that if Severus had continued with the exorcism, that the boy would have died." It was then when Professor Sprout cut in with her own question despite the headmaster's want for silence while he talked.

"But how is he half demon?"

"Apparently, he underwent a ritual of some sort that bonded him and the demon Crowley together – I am told that it made Harry Crowley's son, and that they are technically family now. That is why we were not able to find Harry Potter. It is because we were looking under the wrong name. The ritual changed Harry and allowed him to change his name.

"I am saddened to say that the life Harry had while under the care of the Dursleys was not a good one, as I believe most of you know by now. It was Crowley who heard his cries for help and rescued him. It was the demon who killed the family and gave Harry a new one with him." Dumbledore was quiet as talk began amongst the staff members as some of them were outraged that it was a demon that saved Harry, and others were talking about what had to be done now that they knew who and what he was.

It was several hours later when Harry's condition took a turn for the worst and he took his last breath.