I've become a fan of this trilogy. I would love for EL James to write more, and still hold out hope that we'll see a book four. Until then, nothing wrong with letting our imaginations run wild and pen our own ideas for the future happenings for Christian and Anastasia.

Disclaimer: I do not own Fifty Shades of Grey or any of the characters in this story.

Christian and Anastasia Grey have everything they could possibly want. Love, marriage, children, health, wealth and a beautiful home complete with a highly qualified security team. Their children, Theodore and Phoebe, are seventeen and fifteen respectively. They both attend a highly expensive high school and take piano and self-defense lessons. Christian and Ana also have an infant daughter. They've named her Natalie Grey.

Their two eldest children are well behaved and well mannered, but then again, they are teenagers, and they are not perfect. They are at the age where they are discovering that they have minds of their own.

Christian greets his daughter with a smile late in the afternoon. She is in the kitchen having a snack. She has just returned from school, driven home by Sawyer. She returns the smile, but inside she is a ball of butterflies. It is Friday, and she has plans, big plans, but she is keeping that from her father. She does her best to hide that in her smile

"Hey Peanut" Christian says, using a nickname that he's used since the day they found out Ana was pregnant with her. "How was your day?"

"Fine" she answers him. "I got an A on my English exam"

"That's my girl!" He says proudly. He opens the refrigerator and pulls out a bottled water for himself. Then he walks over to the bar to be close to his daugther. "Your mother told me you are going out tonight"

Phoebe temporarily freezes, but keeps the smile on her face, doing her best to hide the fact that she has plans that he does not know about. "Uh huh, I'm meeting some friends for pizza"

"That's nice Dear. Take Sawyer with you"

"But Dad….."

"No butts, and don't whine. Otherwise you can stay in tonight with your boring parents"

"I never said you were boring" she says, trying to deflect the subject away from her whining.

"Really? So would you say that your parents are the coolest most funnest people to be around?" he asks, his playful side taking charge.

"I wouldn't go that far"

Christian cups her chin and gives her a quick kiss. "Curfew at nine." He walks away and Phoebe rolls her eyes. "I saw that"

How does he do that? she wonders.


Later that evening, Christian and Ana have some quiet time while Natalie is asleep and the kids are out with their friends. They have just finished eating dinner that Gail Taylor had prepared for them. Yes, Gail and Jason have married and are both happily still employed by the Greys.

"What would you like to do now Mr Grey?" Ana asks her husband playfully as she wipes her mouth with her napkin.

"Do you even have to ask" he answers her. He shifts on his barstool to face her and kisses her. He puts his hands on her face and head to hold her and deepen his kiss. When they part, they look at each other lovingly.

"Race you" Ana says after a few seconds of their stare fest. They both start to run toward the stairs in the foyer and are stopped in their tracks by Taylor. He approaches them with a serious expression.


"What is it Taylor" Christian answers him softly, trying his best to hide his annoyance. Ana is standing behind him holding his hand.

"Sir, that was Sawyer on the phone. It seems your daughter has given him the slip"

Christian's eyes blaze in furry. "What!" He yells. He pauses and runs his hand through his hair. "Well find her, did he track her phone?"

"Yes sir, he found it in the ladies room at the pizza restaurant."

Christian grows even more exasperated. He runs his hand through his hair again. "She did this on purpose"

"Christian, we don't know that" Ana tries to help.

"Well, the alternative isn't any better, Ana. If she didn't ditch Sawyer on purpose that means she's been kidnapped." He walks away and runs both hands through his hair. He is angry, and terrified that something could be happening to his daughter. "We have to find her" he says when he turns around and faces them again.

"We're on it Sir. Sawyer's got agents searching the perimeter and questioning her friends." Taylor says. He tries to hide his fear and anger in order to avoid making things worse for the Greys. He's watched this kid grow up, so he is definitely worried about the wellbeing of his boss' daughter.