Christian and Ana are back at their table with Kate, Elliot, Mia and Ethan. Christian has his arm around his wife and is as close as he possibly could be to her without her sitting in his lap. Both are still sated from their recent activities in his old bedroom, and that is not lost on Kate. She has caught on to the fact that they sneak away every year to have sex. She only has to look at them to know that they've been up to no good. She smiles a knowing smile at Ana, and Ana gives her a quizzical look.

"What?" Ana asks when she can no longer take the looks from her best friend.

"Oh come on" Kate waves a hand at her. "You two are so obvious."

Christian's grip on his wife becomes even tighter. "I have no idea what you're talking about" he says, and then plants a sweet kiss on Ana's cheek.

"Geez get a room" Mia snarks, and Christian only smirks at her. Already did, but wouldn't mind doing it again.

"That was some bid there Ana. One hundred thousand dollars? You must really want to go to Aspen." Elliot's comment is suggestive, and that is not lost on Ana. She blushes as the rest of the occupants at the Grey table laugh.

"It was for a very good cause" Christian chimes in. When Ana looks over at him he nuzzles his nose with hers.

Grace approaches their table in a near panic, which causes Christian to release his tight grip on his wife. He turns around and looks up at her, and the rest of the table follows suit.

"Mom, what is it?" Elliot asks her.

Grace sighs harshly before she responds. She looks down at her hands that are pressed on the table and supporting her weight. "Somebody laced the punch in the teen tent with GHB."

"What?" Christian shouts as he quickly jumps to his feet, knocking his chair over. Ana also stands but in a manner more graceful than her husband. "Phoebe was drinking the punch" he says, and his anger quickly changes to concern for his daughter. He turns and looks in the general direction of where the teen tent is.

"You better go get her" Grace says, and he takes off before she can finish her sentence.

"I'd better go get Ava" Elliot says as he gives his wife a quick kiss on the lips. He takes off and follows his brother.


Christian approaches the teen tent with Elliot right behind him. The only lights provided are from a bright blinking spot light on the stage and a disco ball wired and hanging from the ceiling of the tent. The music is very loud and the teens are dancing and singing. Christian pushes his way through the crowd and finds his daughter and his niece. They are both dancing and laughing, but he can tell that his daughter is different. He knows that she was drinking the punch. He takes her arm and leads her away from the crowd and closer to the tent's opening. Elliot takes Ava's hand and they follow.

"Are you alright?" Christian shouts to his daughter since the music is so loud.

"What?" she shouts back, since she can't really hear him. He leads her to the outside of the tent so that they are further away from the music. Elliot and Ava are also outside with them.

"Are you feeling okay?" Christian asks her again.

Phoebe laughs it off. "I'm fine, Dad. We're just dancing. Why'd you pull me outta there?"

Her words are slightly slurred and she cannot keep her balance. Christian holds onto her to stop her from falling over. "Peanut, have you had anything to eat or drink?"

Phoebe scoffs. "Come on Dad, we're at a party. Do we really need to discuss my eating habits now?"

"Yes, we do. Tell me everything you had to eat and drink while you were in the tent." Christian tries to keep his temper in check. This is not her fault, and he knows that, but he needs answers from her and he needs them now.

"I had some fruit and some punch, actually, I ate the fruit that was in the punch. You oughta try some Dad, it's really good." Phoebe laughs and smiles as she says this, so carefree and so innocent.

They listen as Carrick and Grace make an announcement in the tent for the teenagers to find a seat while they contact their parents to come and get them. The responsibility of telling the patrons about the GHB weighs heavily on them. They are concerned for the kids and they are aware that they could be sued for allowing this to happen on their property.

Christian sighs and pulls Phoebe close to him. "Come on, we should get ready to leave."

Phoebe protests and becomes whiny. She tries to pull away from him, but Christian doesn't let her. "No, Dad, you said we can see the fireworks."

Christian stops and looks down at her, and then he looks back at his brother and niece. Elliot shrugs his shoulders at him. While Christian was talking to Phoebe, Ava was telling her father that she didn't drink any punch. Since she and Phoebe were dancing to loud music and blinking lights, she didn't notice anything off with her cousin. She starts to feel guilty for being so oblivious. "Dad, what's wrong with Phoebe? Why is Uncle Christian so freaked out?"

Elliot sighs and watches his brother escort his niece back to their table. "Pumpkin, somebody drugged the punch, and Phoebe drank some of it."

"What?" She is shocked. "Do they know who?"

"No" Elliot puts his arm around his daughter and kisses the top of her head. "Lets go, your Mom is waiting for us back at the table.


The patrons are gathered together to wrap up the evening with a beautiful fireworks display. Christian has his arm around his wife and his daughter and niece are seated on a blanket in front of them. He has agreed to stay for the fireworks as long as Phoebe stays by his side the entire time. He does not want her out of his sight while she has GHB in her system. He wanted nothing more than to call it an evening and take her home, but Ana was able to talk him out of it. Ana looks around for Teddy. "Have you seen Teddy?"

Christian has his eyes on the fireworks. "He's with his girlfriend. Don't worry, Sawyer's keeping an eye on him. I told him to meet us at the car when the fireworks are done."

Ana is surprised with how cool her husband has become since finding their son having sex and then finding out that their daughter has GHB in her system. This is not your typical Grey fundraiser, but drama always has its way of finding their family. She looks up at her husband's profile and studies it. He keeps his eyes on the sky but can feel her eyes on him. His smile grows larger. "Enjoying the view Mrs Grey?"

"Very much so" she answers coyly.

Christian looks down at his wife with the smile still spread on his face. "Are you smirking at me?"

Ana puts her face closer to his and laughs. He kisses her lips tenderly. When the fireworks display is complete the crowd applauds and whistles. Christian reaches down and helps his daughter to her feet. He pulls her to him so that he can help her walk to the car. He reaches his other hand out for his wife, and she takes it.


Once they are in the car they remove their masks, and Christian and Teddy remove their jackets and ties. Ana snuggles beside Christian and rests her head on his shoulder. He puts his arm around her and kisses her forehead. Taylor and Gail are once again up in the front of the limousine, so it is just the four of them in the back. Phoebe quickly dozes off while Teddy is busy texting on his iPhone. Christian sighs and takes in the events of the past couple of hours. He walked in on his son in an intimate bondage situation with his secret girlfriend. His daughter had an unfortunate run in with Braxton's son, while he confronted his ex-submissive and Ana confronted Braxton. His daughter consumed a beverage laced with GHB. His wife bid one hundred thousand dollars on his property in Aspen, and what a time they had in his old bedroom. That was definitely the highlight of his evening. Now things are calm and quiet with his family as they ride home together in their rented limousine. He looks over at Phoebe and a warm smile grows on his face.

"She looks like an angel." Ana says softly.

"A very buzzed angel." Christian adds.

"What?" Teddy looks up and back and forth between his parents.

"Teddy, it's late" Christian admonishes. "Time to put the phone away."

Teddy snaps his iPhone cover over his phone and puts it away.

"That's better. Now, drape your jacket over your sister so she doesn't get cold."

Teddy does as he's told and covers his sister. "What did you mean by buzzed. Was Phoebe drinking?"

"No" Christian says. "Somebody put GHB in the punch, and not only did Phoebe drink the punch but she also ate the fruit that was soaking in it."

"You must have been freaking out, Dad" Teddy points out.

Christian shrugs his shoulders. "I'm not thrilled that my daughter has an illegal substance in her body, but I'm relieved that we got to her in time." Teddy gives his father a worried look. "She'll be fine, she just needs to sleep it off" he says softly, trying to assure his son. "But don't think just because we need to take care of Phoebe, we are forgetting about what we walked in on tonight."

Teddy starts to sink in his seat, wishing he can disappear from this conversation. It was only a matter of time before his father brought this up.

"When did you meet this girl?" Christian asks. He keeps his voice soft since it is late and Phoebe is asleep.

"Last fall. I met her at school."

"When did you start having sex?" Christian pushes for more information, but he still keeps his voice soft. Ana just listens. She is too tired to have this conversation now, but she fights sleep so that she can listen.

"Only a few months ago. She broke up with her boyfriend, and then we got together. We got to know each other, and one thing led to another….. this is private, Dad. Why are you asking me?"

"Son, you kept your girlfriend a secret from us. Now, is it because you were ashamed of what you were doing, or because you were ashamed of us?" Christian's tone isn't as soft anymore. He struggles to keep his temper in check. He hates secrets, and lately it seems like he's learning more and more of his kids' secrets as the weeks go by.

"I'm not ashamed of you. "I love you guys. I just wanted to avoid the whole thing with the background check and Grey inquisition. I didn't want to subject her to all of that and our security."

Taylor pulls the limousine up the long drive way to their home. "This isn't over" Christian says when he realizes they are home. "You and I are going hiking tomorrow and we are going to discuss this further." Teddy nods, he knew as much. He knows his father will dig and press for information until he is satisfied that he knows everything.

When the car stops Teddy reaches over to shake Phoebe's shoulder, but Christian stops him. "No, it's okay, I'm going to carry her in."

Ana sits up and collects Christian's and Teddy's jackets. When they climb out of the car Christian cradles Phoebe in his arms and lifts her out. She doesn't wake up. They all sleepily walk into the house with Jason, Gail, Luke and Kevin behind them.


Christian carries Phoebe into her bedroom and lays her down on her bed. She starts to wake up as he removes her shoes. He can tell that her head hurts. She moans and immediately grabs her head and covers her eyes to hide them from the dim light in her room.

After her shoes are off Christian stands and retrieves a night gown for Phoebe from her closet. He sits on the bed behind her after she sits up on her own. "What happened? I fell asleep?" she asks sleepily as she holds her head.

He keeps his spot on the bed behind her and helps her change into her nightgown since she is in no shape to do it herself. "You were out the minute Taylor pulled out of your grandparents' driveway"

"Oh, sorry"

"It's okay." He tosses the dress onto her chair and starts to take the pins and clips out of her hair. "When you were little, you used to pretend to be asleep in the car so I would have to carry you in."

"If you knew I was pretending, why did you play along?" Phoebe does her best to hide the fact that her pride is hurt. Of course he knew she was pretending.

"Phoebe, I enjoy taking care of my family. I've enjoyed the overnight feedings and changings when you were babies, the baths and bedtime stories when you were little. Helping with homework, tucking you in at night, drying your tears and making you laugh. I'll never grow tired of it. As far as you pretending, I didn't mind it as much because it meant that I got to hold you in my arms."

Christian continues to remove the pins from her hair, careful not to pull at her hair. "Dad, why did you cry?" she asks in a sleepy tone. Christian is frozen in his spot as he contemplates his answer. He starts to remove some more pins but he doesn't answer. "The other night in my room" she continues.

"Well, same reasons you cry. I was upset about what happened to you. And it hurt to see you in pain. A man can only take so much, Baby." After he removes the last pin her hair falls in hairspray laced curls. "Come into the bathroom and I'll help you wash your face." Just like that, the conversation is over.

After Christian helps her remove her make-up, he leads her to her bed and tucks her in. "Sleep well Peanut" he says to her softly, but she is out the minute her head hits the pillow. He plants a kiss on her forehead and sits in the chair. He feels the need to watch her and make sure she is really alright. He is worried about the GHB in her system, but his mother had told him that all he can do is keep an eye on her and let her sleep it off.

After putting Natalie down, Ana slips into Phoebe's room and puts her hand on Christian's shoulder. "She'll be okay. Come to bed"

Christian is reluctant to leave. When he doesn't make a move to stand Ana leans down, wraps her arms around him from behind and puts her face next to his head. "I need some help out of this dress, Mr Grey" she whispers. Christian cannot help but feel tickled by the sound of her sultry voice. "Our daughter is sleeping peacefully. She'll be fine." She leans up but keeps her hands on his shoulders. She gently starts to massage them, waiting for him to respond to her touch. After a few moments he reaches up for one of her hands, brings it to his lips and kisses each knuckle.

"I'm worried about her Ana. We have no idea how much of that crap is in her system. What if her body has a bad reaction to it?"

"Your mother said she needs to sleep it off." Ana tries to assure him. "And now she's doing that. You can check on her a few times if you'd like but you need to sleep too. Come on."

Christian lets out a sigh and keeps his spot on the chair for a little longer. After watching Phoebe's chest rise and fall with her breathing ten more times he slowly stands and walks out of the room with his wife.


Ana leads Christian into their bedroom by the hand. There is soft music playing and the lights are dim. Christian takes Ana into his arms and they dance slowly, face to face. "Round two, Mrs Grey?"

"I can go another round"

Christian takes her hand, raises it above her head and spins her around, but stops her when her back is to him. He wraps one arm around her waist and uses the other hand to unzip her dress. While he is doing this he is kissing her hair. Once her zipper is down he slowly peels the dress off, starting at her shoulder, and trails kisses down her shoulder and down her back. He pulls the dress down to the floor and raises his hand up for her to take it. She supports her weight and steps out of the dress. Christian stands and turns her around to take in the sight of his wife in her bra and panties.

"I think you are overdressed, Mr Grey" she says. She starts to slowly undress her husband as they kiss. Once she has his shirt, shoes and pants off he scoops her up in his arms and plops her down on the bed, causing her to laugh. He removes her bra and panties and presses her into the mattress, kissing her hard. As he deepens the kiss she runs her hands down his back and starts to pull at his boxers. He helps her by removing them and throwing them onto the floor. He takes his time and trails kisses down her body. Along the way he also licks and sucks. When she can't take it anymore she abruptly sits up and grabs her husband's face with both hands. She is breathless. "Christian…. now….. please!"

Christian smiles his billion dollar smile at her. "Happy to oblige, Mrs Grey." He lays her back down and makes love to her. No implements, no bondage, just Christian and Ana and their love. When they are both spent they lie spooning together. He kisses her hair a few times as they gain control of their breathing. "Vanilla has always been one of my favorite flavors" he whispers.