Many thanks for all of the reviews, follows and favorites. When I started this fanfic three months ago, it was just an idea that I wanted to put in writing and explore. I never imagined getting this amount of support and feedback. It's been great and it's encouraged and inspired me to write more. I had a lot of fun writing this since I really enjoyed E.L. James' trilogy. I wanted to explore how Christian would handle himself as a parent since the trilogy only touched on a short period of time when Teddy was a toddler.

I know that some readers are not thrilled with reading stories that involve physically punishing a child. I honestly don't like that either. I don't have children, so of course I would say I wouldn't physically punish any child I would have. Christian Grey on the other hand is programed to believe that embarrassment and physical pain is the most effective way to punish. I've also never been in a BDSM relationship, so I can only draw that from things that I've read.

Christian Grey is a complex man. He is fifty shades and I don't imagine that changing too much in the nineteen years he's spent with Ana. I consider him a character that will continue to learn things about the world and himself, and I wanted to portray him as learning things from his kids and struggling with his role as a parent. My focus in the last chapter was for him to learn from Phoebe that his overprotectiveness was not going to help her learn to grow, and for Phoebe to learn just what her father has worked so hard to protect her from. I also thought it was important for him to stay with her this time and talk to her, rather than leave her alone after punishing her. That made all the difference in the way that Phoebe reacted.

One of the reviews pointed out that Ana's company is Grey Publishing. Thank you, I have forgotten that Christian changed the name of the company.

Some of the readers were disappointed that Caleb turned out to be bad. He wasn't bad, but he lied to Phoebe. It was a pretty big lie that she cannot get past right now.

I didn't touch on Rebecca's mother too much at the end. I didn't want to take the focus away from the Greys, so I only threw hints in there that she just wasn't mother or wife of the year.

I've decided to end this with Chapter 41, but I have already started a sequel since I have some more ideas for the Greys. It will pick up exactly two years after this story ended. If you've enjoyed my story I hope you check out my sequel, "Fifty Shades of Parenting More"

Thank you again and Happy Reading!