1 year later Claire's P.O.V:

Life has been great in the 1 year me and Shane are still together and we are happy as could be. Eve is getting married to Micheal. They are getting married next month so as you can imagine Eve and me have been running around frantic making sure we have the bridesmaids sorted, the wedding reception,the church,the cake and the food and drink, the party invitations and most importantly Eve's wedding dress it's in blood red as expected just cause it's a wedding dosen't mean Eve won't be a goth for a day...(here's a link to Eve's wedding dress

files/2011/09/37/3/1887/18878922/7ded66af5bf822ed_red_wedding_ )

"Claire! come one I need to go pick up the wedding cake" Eve yelled to me from the hallway dragging me out of a cosy cuddle with Shane. I sighed heavely, Shane grinned and kissed my forehead.

"Don't worry the sooner you go with hormonal gothica wedding cake pick up the sooner we can be back in this moment" I smiled and nodded giving him a quick kiss on the lips just as Eve walked into the living room and hauling me off Shane with an annoyed look on her face.

"If you two are finshed with your make out session...can we leave now?..." Eve asked I nodded and grabbed my jacket. Me and Eve reached the doorframe of the door leading into the hallway when Eve turned around to face Shane.

"Oh and Shane before I forget i'm not hormonal gothica on wedding cake pick up...i'm a frantic stressed out fiance trying to make her wedding run smoothly and making sure that the vamps don't intefere in mine or Micheal's life." Eve said giving Shane a deadly glare...but she's right the vamps have been really harssing Eve and Micheal about this whole vampire marrying a human thing it was bad enough that they were dating. But I won't let no vampire or human to ruin my best friends lives no fucking way...and I know damn certain that Shane won't either far as I was concerend it was no ones fucking buisness apart from Micheal and Eve's. Shane flipped her off and Eve did the same and grabbed my hand and pulled me towards the front door and into the passenger seat of her car.

An hour later Shane P.O.V:

The front door banged open then slammed shut as I heard Eve's foot steps storm towards the kitchen a few seconds later the front door opens and shuts again and I hear Claire's voice calling to Eve.

"Eve...I'm sure it was a mistake...we can fix it"

"A mistake?!" Eve pratcicully bellowed in Claire's face...infact Eve's voice was so loud it made Claire flinch and step back a little. Eve had come into the hallway to answer Claire.

"Claire...that fucking son of a bitch wedding cake organiser fucking ruined my fucking wedding cake..."

"We can still fix it" Claire answered timidly

"NO! we can't it's ruined...the whole damn wedding's ruined...there is no wedding anymore not with it all being a fucking mess" Just as Eve finshed Micheal rushed down stairs he must of heard Eve having a drama moment and came to see if she was ok.

"Eve...why are you saying the wedding off?" Micheal asked

Eve looked at him tears in her eyes and running down her cheek along with her goth make up she looked something out of a horror movie. Eve pushed passed him and ran up the stairs. Micheal took off after her. Leaving just Claire alone in the hallway...she walked into the living room. I stood up and walked over to her.

"Hey...what the hell happened to make queen drama goth have a full out tanturm?" I asked

Claire sighed and said "When me arrived at the bakery the women that was making Eve's and Micheal's cake came out well...why don't you come see for yourself." I followed Claire into the kitchen and on the kitchen table was a red and purple...well it looked more like a 5 year olds gone and got all the liquidly substances they could find and mix it all up together. But I knew it was ment to be Eve's and Micheal's wedding cake.

"She handed us this and charged a $100 for it...Eve was about to through the cake right at the woman but to stop Eve getting aressted I de-caked her and payed fot the cake...and pulled Eve out...Eve was shouting at me for paying that bitch and not putting up a fight..but I said it was either we retaleate and get aressted or walk away unharmed. She shut up after that and the moment we pulled up outside the house Eve grabs the cake and storms inn...and well you know the rest...but that woman did that diliberatly to hurt Eve."

Claire said while looking at the...pile of mess on the table.

"I really need to go to the founder about this...it's getting out of hand now...and I mean really out of hand...I don't think things could get any worse to be honest with you...but first I need to go the store and get more stuff to redo Eve's and Micheal wedding cake...coming? Claire asked while heading towards the front door...I followed her quickly as I don't want another drama moment with gothica.

When we came back I went to play games on the xbox while Claire was redoing Eve's and Micheal's wedding cake...an hour or so later Claire calls me to take a look at her atempt of re-making Eve's and Micheal's wedding cake...and I swear my mouth dropped open because the cake was...unbelieveable...it was amazing it was white,red and black...it was a 3 layer cake (Eve's and Micheal's wedding cake link

. )

"Is it ok?" Claire asks unsurely

"The hell it is...where the hell did you get the skills from?"

"My mother and grandmother taught me"

I nodded and then went to the bottom of the stairs and yelled

"Eve...Micheal put your clothes on and get you asses in the kitchen right now!"

"Screw you Collins!" Eve yelled back but soon came down with Micheal

"What?" Eve said in a sharp tone

"Follow me it's about you wedding cake" I said and walked towards the kitcheb door

"Collins this is not funny...there's no wedding cake...my one's ruined and the weddings off and...-" Just as Eve was about to continue with her drama rant she was in the kitchen staring at her wedding cake that Claire had done perfectly

"Oh my god" Eve said her hands coverring her mouth she is staring at the cake...and tears forming in her eyes...I even notice Micheal staring in shock at the cake.

"Do you like it?...I went to the store to get more ingrediants and redo your's and Mike's wedding cake...so you don't have to cancel it" Claire said quieltly

Eve then runs towrads Claire and hugs her very hard.

"Thankyou...oh thankyou Claire this means so much and the cake is absolutley stunning thankyou" Eve then realsed Claire.

"No problem Eve."

Micheal then hugs Claire aswell and thanked her.

Later that night in Shane's and Claire's room Claire P.O.V:

Me and Shane were just about to get ready for bed when Shane said he wanted to ask me somethings...he then got down on one knee and I knew...just knew what he was going to ask

"Claire Danvers...I have loved ever since you were 15 and I never stopped loving you...when you left I felt a part of me was gone and it hurt so badly...i'm so sorry for hurting you 5 years ago but please you will make the happest guy on earth if you will marry me?" I was crying by the end...i kneeled down infront of Shane and put my hands on either side of his face and said

"Yes of cause I will marry you Shane" We then kisses and then...(you guys should know...what happens next) I fell asleep that night in Shane's arms happy and content.

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