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Shane's P.O.V.:

3 months later and Claire is starting to show her baby bump and as all women do when their pregnant Claire is starting to fuss about her weight. I keep telling her that she's not fat and that she has nothing to worry about but as usaul she dosent listen.

I'm done staris watching TV when claire comes downstairs and sits next to me.

"Right...I've just organzied with Eve when to have the baby shower" Claire said

"Oh when are you having it?"

"Tomorrow at 10am and probley finshing at about 4pm and Micheal has arranged something for him and you to do while the baby shower is taking place"

"What has he got planned?"

"Dunno he said you had to wait and see" and with that she left to go make dinner.

9:57am Claires P.O.V.:

The baby shower is taking place in a few mintutes Eve is already here helping me set everything up ready for the baby shower and Micheal has taken Shane out till 4pm.

"Right I think that's everything set up" I said to Eve

"Yep sure is" Eve replied

The the doorbell went and all the guests were standing outside there was:


My mum

Amelie- the founder of Morganville and also a vampire...she is kinda my boss because when she heard about my pregancy and my clever brain she told me to work for this "friend" of hers whos name is Myrnin but he strikes me as a werido but funny at times and that if I don't she would kill my child...she only wants me to do it because of my smart brain.

Gramma Day-Hannahs grandmother and a very nice old lady.

and my 2 cosins- Becky and Harvey both girls.

I hugged each if them and invited them inside, I got real nice gifts of them I got:

A black pram off Hannah

Baby Blankets of my mum which she had knitted

A delicate bracelet off Amelie and the size of the bracelet was to fit a baby

Some baby bath stuff off Grama Day

Stuffed toys off Becky

a baby bouncer off Harvey

and off Eve a skull necklace (typical)

"Thankyou these are all lovely gifts I love all of them" I said

I was answered with thankyou's and then dinner was ready, then after that we started talking about everything and anything until 4pm came and I said goodybye to eveyone after everyone pitched in to help clean up.

Just after everyone left there was a knock on the door and there stood Kim.

"W..What are you doing here?" I asked in shock

"Coming back to get whats mine" She answered grimly and then she lashed out and put something on my mouth, I struggled like hell to get loose but failed as I soon felt sleepy and then everything went black.

Shanes P.O.V.:

I was late coming home as Me and Mike were chilling at his and Eves house. We talked about praticualy everything till Eve came home and said that the baby shower was over. So I said bye to Micheal and left for home. I cheacked my watch and saw it was 5pm so I jogged the rest of the way and when I reached home I opened the door.

"Claire...Claire babe I'm home...sorry I'm late me and Mike were having a deep conversation and..." I stopped as I notice that Claire was nowhere. I cheacked all upstairs nothing...I tried the Kitchen no one, the basement no one...Panic started to consume me and grabbed my cell and phoned the Glass house...Mike picked up on the 3rd ring

"Glass house Micheal speaking"

"Mike Claire's gone and I don't know where" I shouted franticly


"Claire...she's missing I can't find her anywhere and there's no note or anything"

"Right...try her cell and if she does'nt answer phone Hannah and me and Eve will be right over" and with that he ended the call...I tryed contacting Claire's cell only to find it on the coffe table...I phoned Hannah and she said she will send out a search party immdentely...Eve and Micheal arrievd not long after...and I told them what I've done so far and after I told them we all left to join the search to find Claire.

Claires P.O.V.:

When I woke up...I was in a dark room with no light's or windows...My first thought was "ow my head hurts real bad" My secound thought was the baby...I started panicking that something had happend to it. The a door opened and a candel light was lighted and in the dim light was none other than Kim herself

"Feeling better Clairey?" Kim asked with a tone of sarcasem.

"What do you want with me?, and I swear to god if you've hurt my baby I will kill you persernally"

"Hahaha, nice bark puppy but you don't frighten me and to answer your question...I want Shane back and...your baby"

"What!? will never get Shane and you cerntainly are not getting my baby!" I screamed at her I tried to move but foung that I was tied to a wodden chair.

"Oh,really..well I will get Shane by comforting him when he can't find you and I will most deffintely get your baby even if I cut it out of you"

"Why?...why are you doing this?"

"Because I made a mistake by cheating on Shane and once we are together again and married we will have yours and his baby and it will call me mum" Kim was staring ti sound crazy. Kim has Claire imprisioned and wants Shane and the Baby what will happen oh and I have changed the name of the title slightly as you my have seen I changed it from Best friends brother to BFB,BFB my best friends brother my best friends brother, wait what?