Title: Flight of the Slayer

Author: Constance Truggle

Fandom: Buffy/Superman (Justice League-ish?)

Rating: FR7

Pairing: None

Summary: Superman gives Buffy the ride of her life; and now she's trying to find out how to rack up those frequent flier miles.

Disclaimer: Many other folks own Buffy and DC stuff.

Word Count: 469

Author's Note: This is for hellbells, to whom I have recently become a very bad friend. Sorry, sweetling!

Buffy Summers had moved to Gotham to take care of their rather high vampire problem. It seemed that the crime syndicate killed enough innocents to cover the vampire attacks, so the vampires moved in and took advantage of that. But that particular day, Buffy had been called away by Willow to help head off a mini apocalypse. The middle of December or so often had those, so it wasn't anything out of the ordinary for her. Getting home, however, had been an issue. Willow had drained herself pretty badly during the fight and couldn't teleport Buffy home. Buffy, in a move that she knew was beyond petty, couldn't stomach staying at the Council house yet. Willow and she had made up, but the rest of the gang remained convinced that every wrong was either in Buffy's head or else something she was at fault for, and so refused to even sit down and discuss things in a rational manner with her. She was getting to be okay with that, if not a little sad, but it did hinder things when she was virtually stranded.

The Council had an uneasy alliance with the Justice League, but Buffy's relationship with Batman was slightly better; if only because he was wary of her when she moved into his city. The man was positively territorial! But after he'd seen the problem she was dealing with there, he felt it was in his – and Gotham's – best interests to leave her be. Gordon was informed of who she was, of course, and he was introduced to the nightlife scene so that she'd be free to do her duty. He had enough on his plate with the local human criminals, after all.

So Buffy used the email address that Batman had given her to let him know she was stuck in Tokyo currently and could he help get her home somehow? She had to laugh because Tokyo's apocalypse? Someone was trying to raise a Godzilla demon from the ocean. Morons. It would have been devastating if it were successful, of course, but still. How cliché can you get?

Batman had replied that he could do something, and the next thing she knew, she was flying off with Superman. It was a longer trip than normal for him, taking his time for her comfort and health, but she loved it. Flying without being strapped into a machine of some sort was amazing! She wondered how she could go about getting more flights from the Blue Boyscout, and determined to ask Batman for any ideas he had, provided she ran into him any time soon. Who knew? Maybe he'd have a way she could get that rush without needing to depend on anyone else. After all, he used that kind of thing all the time, right?