The Judge and the Jury by Androidfish7

Blake, while running out the door, picked up his cell phone, and he dialed the number of a very special friend who could help them out. "Hello Blake! Good to hear from you again!" The friendly voice on the other end greeted him. "Yeah, long time no talk. Listen, can you meet me at the gate (gate to heaven) I have something very important for you to do!" Blake stated. "Sure, I'll be there in a few, see ya" the person on the other end sid, as they hung up.

"Hey William, it's go time" Steve shouted to his partner in crime, or at least the finding of it, William. "Sure thing, lemme pack us some heat though" William replied, as he packed himself a Sawn Off Shotgun and a Tommy Gun, basic, nothing too complicated, and Steve, his special Detective's Special, and a Glock 17, nothing too heavy or even anything that would hold them back. Steve and William took transportation, as they now lived in the Heavens, and they took their personal Fly Pod to the gate, and there, they met Blake. "Hello Blake, long time" Steve said, as they shook hands, and William shook with Blake. "Now, let's get down to business..." Blake said. "Let's hear it" Steve replied. "As you know, I went after the ringleader of the zombie apocaypse, along with my allies. Are you familiar with the Master Code? (Steve sahkes his head no) well, it states that we must keep our existence completely unknown to any living humans on Earth or any other planet. Marcie, Queen of Vampires and the Afterlife, has important documents containing information on our existence, which had been cleverly stored away for the last few billion years. We could not leave the documents in her desk while we went on our conquest, so we needed to leave them with some protection, so, we left them in the Thunderland Universe, to be guarded by Yellow's Hydras. We completed our conquest, and killed Shadowis, and returned to our Universes, and Yellow found the documents were gone. We have also heard Master Green's son, Michael, is missing as well. I need your help, not that you'll be flying by yourselves, but I need your help to solve this mystery, before it literally ends us all." Blake said. "Well, it seems to me like this Michael is linked to the theft of the documents. Could it have been a lurker in the waters? Is there anyone else living in the Iceland or Thunderland Regions besides Silver or Yellow?" Steve asked. "Silver has a small civilization, as did Green, but that's it, all Thunder has are his Hydras, which are his slaves and go by his every command" Blake replied. "Alright, and why was this Michael kid seperated from Green in the first place?" Steve asked. "Well, we had to search the Fireland Regions for Orange, and the conditions there were too hot, so we had to leave Michael at the Iceland Universe" Blake replied. "Alright, so I've already ruled a few suspects, so, may I see the scene of the crime?" Steve asked. "Certainly" Replied Blake, as he grabbed a replenished bottle of Black Magic Powder, sprinkled it on his sword, and cut open a portal to go to the Thunderland Region.