Before the War Ch. 2 "Learning"

"Riolu…you are two months old now. You must at least try to hunt." Riolu looked up to his father and protested, "But Rawlgon…I…I don't like the way you hunt…it looks like it hurts the animal." Ralgon looked down at Riolu. "You must also learn to be fierce. You will never survive on your own." Riolu and Ralgon had been traveling for almost three months now. Their journey seemed to have no end. In the short while Ralgon had been with the little Riolu, his tiny adopted son had learned to speak very well and slightly toddle along beside Ralgon when needed. The Riolu was also very timid. He did not like to see anything in distress. In the age these Pokemon lived in, that was a fatal trait. "Rawlgon, where are we going?" Riolu had grown accoustomed to traveling. It seemed normal to never stay in one place for more than a day. "We are going to the mountains. There, we will be safe." They remained quiet until nightfall.

Ralgon called Riolu from a small grove of trees. "Come here boy. I want to show you something." Riolu wobbled over to Ralgon. There in the trees was a shiny metal piece with sharp spikes on the surface. "This is a hunter trap. If you see one of these," Ralgon took a branch from nearby and tapped the circular disc in the middle of the trap. Immediately, the trap crushed the branch and sent shards of wood flying. "Set it off. If you do this you may save lives from the hunters' cruel sport." Riolu was in awe at this powerful mechanism. "I understand Rawlgon…"