Waking up was still difficult. Practicing magic with Ms. Terwilliger had its toll on my body lately. For weeks we had been going non-stop, while she constantly pushed me past my comfort zone and I constantly tried, and failed, to not use the magic that was in me.

The only reason that I think I continued to keep up with the magic was that there really was nothing else to do. Ever since the incident with Adrian, I couldn't hang out with him. I hadn't even seen him since then, and that was already a month ago. At first, he had tried to contact me. He called, texted, emailed, but I never answered. He also tried to get in my dreams one night after all those failed attempts at contacting me. That had really been horrible, being so close to magic. Not that I am one to talk lately, but Moroi magic and the human type that I was currently doing were different. At least, that's what I kept having to tell myself.

The dream that Adrian tried to come into was the last, however. I had forced myself to wake up from the dream, scared stiff of the magic. And Adrian.

I then met with Ms. Terwilliger the following morning, and discovered there was a protection spell that would stop unwanted visitors when you are asleep. Technically, that was what Adrian was, so once making that spell, I had no problems after that.

Of course, that required sleep.

As I said, Ms. Terwilliger was constantly there this past month, working with me so I could learn more, do more, and make more magic. At first, I struggled with it, but after a while you do get into the rhythm of working with magic. It's a little addicting, I hated to say.

If only the alchemists knew what I was up to. I'm sure this would land me with a ticket straight to the re-education centre. But what was one more secret, really?

I finally forced my body to get out of bed, being exhausted from the night before where I had to make a spell that could render someone unconscious. That had been the most difficult one yet, requiring me to concentrate for nearly seven hours, focusing my energy on the magic.

Ms. Terwilliger had been teaching me a lot of defence spells lately. "In case of an emergency, you never know Ms. Melbourne," she would say whenever I asked why I would ever need to have these spells.

I suppose if of Warriors of Light ever came back, these spells might help. Hopefully Trey, the ex-warrior, would let us know, but he had been pretty distant lately.

I made my way down to the cafeteria, already spotting my so called family. Eddie and Angeline were talking next to each other, not touching because of the whole family story, but they were a little closer than they probably should have been. Jill looked somewhat unsettled; probably because of her realization a while ago that she liked Eddie. I felt bad for her, Jill was kind and deserved to be happy, even if she was Moroi and he was Dhampir.

"Hey, Sydney." Jill chirped up.

I took a seat. "Morning."

Eddie and Angeline looked up, smiling at me. They then continued with their conversation. Something about the upcoming school trip to the corn maze for Halloween. The school did it every year, apparently the maze takes a couple of hours to complete.

"Sydney," Jill turned to me, ignoring the others. "Aren't you going to eat?"

I shook my head. "I really ate a lot last night."

This was true. Ms. Terwilliger and I had to have a lot of juice and some cookies to regain our energy from our spell that we had done. I ate way too much calories that I would be paying for it all day. I could afford to skip breakfast.

"That's not very healthy," Jill chastised me. "You really should eat something. An apple at least, Sydney."

This struck a nerve, reminding me of the conversation that I had with Adrian a month ago. Of course Jill had been a witness to that entire night, what with Adrian's emotions pulling her in. I still remember coming back to my room, only to find Jill sitting outside my door.

"Are you okay?" Jill asked, getting up from the floor.

I had cried almost the entire way back, and was sure she could tell. "I just want to be left alone."

"Talk to me Sydney. Please."

"There's nothing to say. Nothing."

I then went to open my door, sliding beside her to avoid her. I really didn't feel like speaking to anyone, especially about what just happened. I couldn't believe it hardly myself, and to have Jill witness that. Well that was just worse.

She followed me into my room. "Please, let me explain."

"You have nothing to explain, Jill. This is between me and Adrian," I told her. "And I, personally, am going to act like it never happened. So I want you to do the same."

"What?" She practically gasped. "I know you felt something. I was practically there, Sydney. And Adrian, he really does feel something for you, maybe even more than he realizes. And I think you feel something too."

I glared at her. "You have no idea how I feel. You may be able to get in his head, but not mine. I don't feel a thing."

"You're lying."

"Just get out of my room."

"No. Not until you tell me why. And don't just say it is some alchemist crap. That's not going to cut it."

She stood there with her arms crossed. In all honesty, I think I would have told her that it wasn't just the alchemists that were holding me back. That it might be something else, something that I, Sydney Sage, was scared to admit. I would have told her, if it weren't for my phone ringing and bringing me to my senses.

I looked down at the caller ID. It was Adrian.

"He's calling to let you know that your necklace is with him still. And he thinks you two should talk." Jill tells me.

I don't answer the phone. "Next time you talk to him, tell him to give the necklace to you so you can give it to me. And there is nothing to talk about. Now, for the last time, I have really had enough for one night. I've been broken up with, I lost my necklace, and I have also seemed to have lost a friendship. So, just leave Jill. And do not tell anyone about what happened, if you are a true friend, you won't. You also won't mention it to me again. Please."

I think she was slowly processing what I was saying. It took her a few seconds to finally nod her head in agreement. "Fine, Sydney. But I don't think Adrian will give up. I know this is between you and him, but I can't help also being a part of it all. I promise to not mention it to anyone else, and try not to mention it to you again. You are my friend, we are practically like sisters." She sighed and continued. "I mean, if I weren't Moroi."

With that, she left my room, leaving me feeling completely, and utterly, alone.

I took a deep breath trying to calm down from Jill's comment about my eating habits. "Fine, I'll be right back."

I got up from my seat, and hurried away from the eyes of Jill. She knew just how to unnerve me. She never did tell anyone else about Adrian and me, keeping to the promise she made. Although, she did have a way of leaving these subtle suggestive hints towards that night, making me have to recall the information.

Getting in line, I noticed Trey walking out of the cafeteria doors. He never seemed to be around anymore, and whenever I did see him, he was leaving. I quickly decided to go against Jill's advice on eating and go after Trey instead. He was up to something, he had to be. I didn't know if Jill or the rest of the family saw me leave, but hopefully they wouldn't think anything of it.

Outside, I saw Trey walking towards the parking area, where a 2012 Infiniti QX56 SUV was parked, in the loading zone.

"Trey," I yelled as I jogged towards him.

He turned around, seeing me headed for him. He then turned to the SUV, and put up his index finger, signaling them to wait a moment.

"Hey, Melrose," He said while giving me a quick smile. "What do you want?"

I caught my breath, I was still drained from last night, so jogging wasn't really helping. "Hey yourself, Trey. I never see you around anymore, just wondering what you're up to."

"More like prying to see what I am up to." Trey smirked back.

I smiled. "Well, we are supposed to be friends, and friends tell each other stuff. And they are supposed to hang out."

"You want to hang out with me?"

"Well, maybe. Depends on what you're doing."

"Right now, I am skipping school to go to a party. My ride is probably getting a bit impatient."

My eyebrows shot up. "You. You are skipping school?"

He laughed. "Don't be so surprised. It's not like I have much to live up to anymore. Plus I hear some important people are going to be at this party." In a lower voice he added, "People like a few certain warriors that we know. Some that may allow me and my dad to reapply."

"You still want to do that?" I asked. "And are they really back?"

"It's my legacy, like that alchemist thing is yours. We have to do it, it's not like we have a choice." He took a deep breath. "If you really want to know if they are back, come see for yourself."

"I cannot skip school." I tell him, in a stern voice.

"Well then good luck finding out." With that, he turned around, walking towards the SUV.

I had a choice to make. One, I could stay at school and wonder if our lives were once again in danger. Trey, being the annoying person that he was right now, probably wouldn't tell me otherwise. Or two, I could go. I could go and skip school for the first time in my entire life. What had Brayden told me? Something about me being too irresponsible?

"Trey!" I yelled, running towards him and the SUV.

He turned around, smiling at me. "Yes?"

I took a deep breath, and hoped I wouldn't regret the next words coming out of my mouth, and the hell of a day that was sure to follow. "I call shot gun."