Hello everyone.

So I am just updating about the story. I don't think I will be making a sequel, at least not anytime soon. I was actually thinking of waiting until after the actual Indigo Spell by Richelle Mead comes out. Then, I would make another story based off of that one, just to see what actually happens in the Indigo Spell. So hopefully that will be alright? But this probably won't happen until the end of April/beginning of May. This is because I start my practicum for teaching soon, and won't be done until then. This means I don't have a lot of time to write because of how busy I will be.

So look forward to something in April/May for sure!

I know a lot of you also want an epilogue or summary of some sort, to some up the story. So I'll let you know how I would extend it.

Sydney would continue to remain Strigoi in this new story, and you would get to understand her new feelings and the conflicting emotions that go along with being a Strigoi. The old Sydney would be gone, yet she would also be a constant thought in the new Sydney's mind. Whenever Sydney kills anyone, or hurts anyone, there will be some moral questioning going on in her mind. Though she wouldn't be able to fight it, since the Strigoi mindset would be too strong, she will constantly be in this frame of mind where she does what her instincts tell her, but her conscience is there to remind her that she is doing something wrong.

Adrian's point of view would be there as well as Sydney's, just like the final chapter. Looking inside his head will give insight to what he is thinking of. Also, spirit will come into play more with Adrian as he tries to get into Sydney's dreams some more, and as he tries to make more spirit stakes. He knows of the upcoming preparations from Cynthia and the Strigoi, as Marcus has hinted towards it. So preparing for the battle will be important. He will have to decide whether or not he can get to Sydney in time to save her, and whether he can actually stake her or not.

Between Sydney and Adrian, there will still be feelings of love, just a different kind of love and devotion. Sydney, of course, will be a completely different person. She will still have those feelings towards Adrian, though just as Dimitri was with Rose, this will be different. Adrian will be able to reach her dreams, but it will be more difficult, since Strigoi's actually can't dream. This dream will be more of an unconscious induced one. It's difficult to explain, but it would require more spirit using for Adrian since he would have to ensure that Sydney goes into this unconscious state of mind.

This entire spirit using will become a constant worry for Adrian and his friends. With him using so much spirit isn't good for him and the side effects will become extreme.

During the dreams, I had planned on multiple conversations between the two of them, and Sydney would still have feelings for Adrian, though there would be a part of her mind telling her not to get him involved. Adrian will see the new Sydney, and want to save her even more. He'd feel surprised, hurt, happy, and sad all at once when meeting with her.

Jill and Eddie would continue their relationship, and Lissa would become a greater part in Jill's life. As she is the Queen, knowing about the battle that the Strigoi are planning, she will have a lot of preparation and stress. The law of having a family member will just add onto the stress.

Marcus would be there as well, and his role would be that of finding and training witches to further their powers. He would work with Ms. Terwilliger in this as well.

I don't really want to mention the ending results, as you never know, I may still write this or something like it if the real Indigo Spell has similarities to my story.

Hope this is good enough though, if you do have questions or comments, feel free to review and ask. I'll get back to the questions as well as I can.

Well! Only like 5 days left till the release! I know I'm excited!