Zira hung over the cliff, the raging waters and logs below her.

A force of nature not even the strongest of lions could survive.

And yet even though this wicked lioness.

This monster of a mother

This former queen of the Pridelands under her beloved Scars rule.

Married to the one responsible for the death of his own older brother.

Even with so much evil surrounding her and her family, she tried helping her.

"Zira," Kiara cried reaching to her evil great aunt "Give me your paw,"

Yet Zira swated this jesture away. For her own hatered of Simba, the Pridelanders, and now even her own children had totally consumed her.

She lost her mind, and fell to her death. The thought of being reunited with her beloved putting a creepy smile on her face. A smile that would forever haunt Kiara, Kovu, and Vitani.

Yet, even in death, Ziras tourment may not have ended.

For then she'd know the truth.

She'd know her entire exsitence, her training of Kovu, her plans. Were all for not. For Simba was not the killer of Scar.

Shenzi, Banzai, and Ed were!

And yet...

What if it played out differently?

What if Zira took Kiaras paw?

Would she be welcomed into the Pridelands as well?

Would she return home and live out her life an old widow lioness?

And what if she ever came face to face with the hyena trio?

Let's find out shall we?

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