They just gazed at eachother both so full of shock and awe that the other was still alive

After a few moments Shenzi snapped out of it and said

"Ed, take Shenzana home,"

Ed did as he was told

Shenzana was confussed as to why her mother wanted her to go home

Yet Shenzi just said "Go, now!"

Ed grabbed the pup in his mouth and ran home

"Cute pup," Zira said

"What do you want?" Shenzi barked

"Whoa what's with the attitude?" Zira asked

"Attitude? Banzai said "Have you forgotten what you and your lion buddies did to us?"

Many years ago, when Zira was first banished, she saw it fit to boot the hyenas out of the Outlands, no way a wasteland like that could support two preditors. Of course Shenzi tried to reason with her once good friend. Yet all Zira now cared about was avanging Scar, and that Kovu become the true king. Plus she was upset that the hyenas didn't protect Scar good enough from Simbna.

"I'll admit I...overreacted then," Zira said

"We suffered out there!" Shenzi said "Most of my clan members your lions didn't kill ended up dying anyway. You know what beyond the Outlands? Dessert. Hot, unforgiving dessert! At least the few of us left found this oasis with a bunch of meerkats in it. And they didn't dig holes (poor Ma and Uncle Max). But of course that only lasted so long, then we had to eat bugs. What kind of preditor eats bugs?!"

"Look," Zira said "I didn't come here to gloat or anything, I didn't even know you came back,"

"We heard rumor you died," Banzai said

"We now see they were wrong," Shenzi said

Zira whiped away that remark. And continued to talk

"You mean to say you wish to stay here and not in the Pridelands? Rember how..?"

"Do you rember how your husband turned into something worse than our home?" Shenzi barked "Honesty how did you and him get it off in the first place,"

"He hated your own kids," Banzai added

"Silence!" Zira roared "I won't have you insult my husband, he was a great king! A marvel! A..."

"He killed his own brother," Shenzi said "Didn't you hear him when he admitted to killing Mufasa?"

Zira had taken they cubs to saftly when the fire first started on PrideRock back then

The lioness then remembered everything Simnba had told her. And of course the very ending to it

"I didn't kill Scar. The hyenas did,"

"No..." Zira said now truly seeing how much of life she wasted. How she now basically caused Nuka to die. All because of these hyenas.

"You!" Zira said pouncing right in front of them. "It was you that killed Scar! You're the reason I was banished! You're why Nuka died! You!"

Zira swung her paw at Shenzi and Banzai

Luckly they ducked

Just then the sound of many more hyenas was heard. Ed had gotten the rest of the clan to help out Shenzi and Banzai. Thinking a fight would erupt, and boy was he right.

"Give it up Zira," Shenzi said "You can't win,"

Yet Zira was so full of rage and anger that she didn't care anymore and still charged into battle against the overwelling odds.

In the end though, she ended up like her beloved, hyena chow.

No one in the Pridelands ever found out what happened to Zira. Not even Zazu.

Kovu became the new king, and Vitani found a mate. Also they visited with their former friends/babysitters the hyenas. Shenzi, Banzai, and Ed were their buddies when Scar ruled. Of course even they would never know that they killed both their parents.

And with all the evil finally gone in the lands, everyone lived happiy ever after

The end