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There's something beautiful about the phrase 'Imperfect Perfection.' Maybe it's the way that it sounds, maybe it's the fact that it's an oxymoron, or maybe it's because it reminds you that you can find perfection in the seemingly imperfect things in life. At least, that's how I look at it.

Billy's P.O.V.

"Billy! Please just listen to us—" Everyone is making so much noise, why is everyone so noisy?

His red-rimmed eyes glistened with more unshed tears as he spoke, "you don't even hear us, it's like you're drowning Billy!" He cringes at his use of words. "I mean, it's like you're not here." Inside, I laugh. No, you were right the first time…I am drowning. Just like her. Everything is murky, unclear, I can see the surface but I can't reach it. You were right. I'm drowning.

"At least think of Day…please, I don't want to have to interfere." At this I snap myself out of my daze, looking up at the man with obvious fear in my eyes. He notices. "Look Billy, I don't want to take away the only thing you have left," he presses something into my hands, "Now take this and get the hell out of here…France holds too many memories for you." He gives me a sympathetic nod and let's himself out, leaving me to stare down at the two tickets in my hand.


"Billy, Billy, Billy!" Waking up to the sound of persistence…she's so much like her.

"What?" I groggily answer. Her button nose crinkles and I can tell she's about to give me a lecture. This requires coffee. I stumble past her and make my way into the kitchen, her little feet making pattering sounds behind me. I pour myself a cup and lean back against the counter, raking a hand through my blond hair and taking a long sip.

"Billy," she puts her hands on her hips, "You told me you were going to register me at Lycée Francais two days ago," she holds up two fingers and frowns, shaking her curly locks in frustration. I grin and scoop her up into my arms, "Daddy!" she squeals happily, forgetting to call me by my name.

"Now you look here little miss," I say, "We are getting you enrolled in that school! But Daddy needs a job first, which I promise I will find by the end of the week." Her face crumples. In effort to avoid the waterworks, I make a deal. "Wanna go get a gelato as compensation?" Her blue-green eyes retain their sparkle, that's one thing she got from me, and nods enthusiastically. I swing her onto my shoulders, "Let's go Day."