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Billy's P.O.V

The water is calm, beautiful. The scene; picturesque. I take her hand softly in mine, bringing it up to my lips for a kiss. A smile plays upon her lips as she laughs. Oh that laugh. The sun shines warmly above our heads. I stare into her soft, brown eyes, and as I'm about to whisper the words to change our life forever, the scene changes drastically. Clouds swirl in; the water grows dark, dangerous. The winds pick up, she laughs harder. I try to pull her close to me, but she pushes away…as if mesmerized by the situation. I call out to her, try to hold her back, but she is gone as soon as the wave hits the boat. I dive in, searching and searching. I will find her, I will find-

"JANEY!" I scream as I awaken from my dead sleep. Sweat glistens on my forehead and in my feverous state I swear she is next to me, begging me. "find me Billy, find me." Her siren voice whispers repeatedly. "STOP!" I cry, throwing my pillow through her wavering mirage. "You're dead goddammit, you're dead…"