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Kagome was staring up into space. Looking out of the window; she didn't even realize her name was being called until her dear friend, Ryohei, poked her with a pencil.

"Kagome-chan," he whispered for only her to hear.

Kagome snapped out of her daze and looked around her only to find many pairs of eyes directed at her. "Um, sorry, what?"

Some girls snickered at her and Kagome threw a harsh glare at them to which they wilted. Kagome, satisfied with their reaction, turned back to her sensei.

"What was the question again, Yamada-sensei?" Kagome asked him whilst Ryohei shook his head at the quick change of moods. One second, she's like Medusa the next she's sweeter than chocolate covered fudge with icing and sweet cream on it.

Yamada-sensei sighed and replied, "I want you to solve this problem on the board. Can you come up and do it please?"

Kagome stared at the board and grimaced, but nodded. She tried to solve the keyword being tried.

People muffled their laughter and Kagome just sighed when she knew her answer was wrong since instead of being simplified, the problem became even more complicated.

"Good try, Higurashi," the teacher sighed before erasing Kagome's work and doing it correctly this time.

"Hai, hai." Kagome said as she slumped back in her seat.

The teacher was about to say more, but the bell rang signaling the end of their classes.

"Kagome-chan, can you stay for a minute?" Yamada-sensei asked.

Kagome sighed. She couldn't understand why the teachers needed to ask when the answer would always be yes from the students no matter how much the student wanted to say no. "Of course, sensei," she gave him a half-smile.

Ryohei saw Kagome's sluggish actions and poked her, "Do you want me to wait for you?"

Kagome was startled. She thought her friend already left, "W-What? No. No, you can go. I still have errands to do anyway."

"You sure?"

"Un. Go."

"Alright," Ryohei slung his bag over his shoulder and gave her a smile. "I'll tell Yamamoto."

"Arigato, Ryohei-kun."

With that, Ryohei left his friend. Kagome stared at the entry way for a moment before releasing a sigh and walking up to the teacher's table. "Is there anything you want, sensei?"

Yamada frowned in worry, "Are you okay, Kagome-chan?"

"Yeah. Just tired," Kagome let out a tired, lazy smile. "So do you want to talk about something 'cause I'm kinda in a hurry."

"Ah, yes," Yamada nodded. "Did you acquire a tutor like I told you?"


"Who is it?"

"Kyoya. Hibari Kyoya," Kagome didn't miss a beat in answering.

"Hmm," Yamada-sensei hummed, "He's a smart kid. Too bad, he's wasting his intelligence."

The girl frowned at the rather rude comment, but she's too tired to even defend her brother-figure, "Is there anything else you need?" She just wants to go home or just walk around. She doesn't even want to train today.

Yamada-sensei sensed he hit a nerve and apologized, "I'm sorry if that offended you, but I was just telling the truth. Kyoya-kun is a very intelligent boy, but he's wasting it by not attending his classes. Anyways, I was wondering if his tutoring with you is working because it seems like you…"

"Are falling back in the class?" Kagome finished his sentence. She then chuckled dryly, "I'm sorry sensei, but for the past few days I've been so preoccupied and my mind is not with me at the moment and I just…" she was unable to finish her sentence as she let out a ragged breath.


"Kyoya-nii and I haven't been seeing each other for a while," Kagome continued. "Well, actually only a few days."

"What do you mean?" the older man furrowed his brows together in confusion,

Kagome shrugged, "A family friend took him to a short vacation," it was obviously a lie, but he didn't need to know that. Besides, it's somewhat like it. Dino is a Family friend. A friend of the Vongola Famiglia so technically, it's not a lie.

"Really? Where?"

"I don't know. I didn't get the time to ask. But if I know Dino-san enough, I bet it's somewhere far away and expensive," she grinned. "I hope I get souvenirs when they get back."

Yamada-sensei laughed. It seems that a little bit of the normal Kagome is coming back, "Well, okay then. I just want to tell you, you've been doing great for a little while then it dropped, but now I know why. Your tutor's not around. Anyways, I'll be giving you a few workout pages," he gave her a stack of pages that was stapled together.

Kagome gained a deadpanned expression and held the pile of papers to her eye-level, "You know, I think our definition of 'few' is different because when people say 'few' it's usually around 3-5 pages not a freaking movie script or a freaking novel!"

The teacher laughed again.

Kagome just sighed and put it in her bag, "When is it due?" she asked instead.

"Well, since I'm kind enough and I do know you'll be having trouble with I'll be giving you until next week to pass the packet," Yamada-sensei smiled.

Kagome grinned, "Now, that's the proper name for this thing," she patted her homework in her bag. "So would that be all?"

"Yes, you may go," he dismissed her.

"Thank you. See you tomorrow," Kagome waved goodbye to her teacher before she exited the class room.


As Kagome was walking down the streets, she spotted a small café across the street. She grinned when she saw sweets displayed in their windows. The raven-haired girl entered the café and was delighted when her nose met the delicious aroma of varieties of pastries mixed with coffee.

The café was homey to look at and the vibe of the place greatly reminded her of home and of the Feudal Era.

Kagome practically skipped as she went in line and thanked her lucky stars when it was short. It seems like not many people have discovered this amazing shop. She mentally noted to herself to tell Kyoko and Haru maybe even the rest of the gang about this homey place.

When she was in the front, she gave the girl behind the counter a sweet smile. It seems like this place is giving her energy and putting her in a good mood, "Hi, I'd like to have the Oreo cheesecake and maybe I'll try out the hot chocolate with peppermint."

"Going for the holiday mood, eh?" the girl behind the counter said as she gave her own smile.

Kagome almost faltered at the sight of her smile. That brunette's smile reminds her of someone who she still holds close to her heart. She then shook her head internally, 'No, I can't think about them. I'm here to start over. The past is in the past and I have to move on.'

Nodding, Kagome answered with a smile, "I guess I'm just in the Christmas mood." She paid her food and drink.

"Alrighty then," the brunette laughed. "I'll take your order in your table," she handed Kagome her number and receipt. "Thank you for ordering."

"No problem," Kagome smiled at her again and turned around only to bump into someone and spilling their drink on some part of her shirt as well as theirs and both of their shoes too. "Oh God, I'm so sorry," she apologized immediately and took out her handkerchief and started dabbing at the guy (a guy because he was wearing guy clothes and the fact that he started cursing up a storm). "I'll get you another drink and—"

"No, it's fine," the unknown guy declined. "It was an accident. It wasn't your fault. It was mine. You didn't see me."

"No, it's oka—" Kagome looked up only to freeze when her blue eyes met with familiar blue eyes.

"YOU!" the two teens said loudly in unison.


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