So, as a few of you may already be aware, fanfiction recently deleted one of my stories. It was a little NorFin oneshot called "Something to Lock Away and Never Talk About." So if you got a notification in your inbox but couldn't access it, it's because it was deleted. Only a couple of people got to read it before it was taken down, which is a bit sad for me.
Anyway, I'm not angry; I was technically in violation of the rules of the site, so they had a right to remove it. And don't worry, I'm not leaving fanfiction, despite the sometimes ridiculous rules. However, I'm now on the radar, and I'm sure it's just a matter of time till they start noticing my other stories. Therefore, I'm going to back up all of my stories on other sites. And hei, it's another way to get more readers!
I'll be uploading my stories on Deviantart and Archive of Our Own. I'm not even going to mess with links here. I've learned my lesson. The links to all of my accounts are in my profile, so please check there and maybe follow me on one of the other sites, just in case they ever delete my account here. I'll still upload here, but I'll also be doing it elsewhere. And, though I'll do multichapter stories here, if a oneshot is full of explicit content, I'll just upload it to Devi and AOx3. So if you want in on all of the hardcore stuff, you'll have to follow me on one of those!
Currently, Devi has both NSTAC and Fourteen Days, as well as all of my Hetalia stories. Sorry to say, but anything older than NSTAC won't be transferred over. Suffice to say, it isn't up to par with my current writing ability, so there is no reason to transfer it.

Give me a few days to get AOx3 set up. I'll have all of my stories there as well. If you have an account there, feel free to follow me. If you don't have an account, you can bookmark the page and check back periodically for new stories. If you'd like to be a member of the site... Well, I'll warn you, you need an invitation. But don't fret! They're super easy to get! You can request one on the home page (The one that comes up automatically when you enter the site. It'll put you on a waiting list, (Don't freak out, you'll probably be #813 or something. I was...) and give you an estimated arrival time of your invite. Mine came the next day, as promised.
Alternatively, I can apparently give out a few invites, but I'll have to request for them, so let me know if you'd like me to get one for you, and I'll see what I can do!
If you'd like to read the NorFin, it's currently up on Devi. If you've never used devi, it might take a second to navigate, but it's in my gallery, in a side folder called "fanfiction oneshots." Like I said, it's called "Something to Lock Away." If you have any trouble finding it, please feel free to PM me, and I'll help you out! Happy reading! It'll be up on AOx3 as well, but it might take a while.

And, remember, all links can be found in my profile!
Thanks for your attention and understanding!