She could feel him pooling in the small of her back, undoing a knot she didn't even know she had. He was cool and tingling, while also being warm and comforting. She moaned as he wrapped himself around her, slowly forming into his humanoid form.

"Good morning, Nerys," he said, his voice gruff and kind.

"Ah, a very good morning, too." Kira replied, sighing. She rolled over and the loving face of her lover, Odo. She leaned in and passionately kissed him, enjoying his smooth, firm, perfect lips pressed against hers. She was lost in the bliss of having him so close, so near to her. This was what she had been missing all of her life. Odo.

A loud klaxon blared and Colonel Kira Nerys awoke with a start. She commanded the computer to stop, and rolled over, half expecting him to be there, a small pool of golden. But alas, he wasn't and he never was. She knew in her heart that he was gone and wasn't coming back. Ever