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Why didn't this make sense? He knew it should, but it didn't. He would feel bad for Fai, he should want to help him find Kurogane, but he didn't, he just kept thinking how lame Fai was being and how if he was ever gonna get beloved Kuro-sama back he'd have to do something, and it scared him. Was he really some heartless bastard who didn't care for anyone but himself? No, he was just realistic, they weren't getting anywhere watching Fai cry like a baby, when he was like at least a hundred years old.

Kyle was momentarily struck with how weird it is that Fai is really that old, he acted like he was five.

He watched the scene in front of him with detachment. His anger slowly rising at both Fai, and himself. Why was this man so self-destructive and pathetic. And had he always thought his way? Had he been normal until the travelers came and told him he was destined to be evil.

Fai was in bad shape. Aria knew this, and she knew Syaoran realized it too, and she also believed that, in his own way, Kyle did too. She knew he could do something about this. He could probably use some sort of magic to find Kurogane, or at least he could probably trace his aura or something like that.

"Hey...Fai-san, it'll be okay, I'm sure we can find Kurogane. We aren't helpless, and neither is Kurogane. You realize we could have never seen this coming?" she sat down in front of Fai. Syaoran was already at his side watching over the magician worriedly.

Fai sat on the ground, his legs bent beneath him in that awkwardly turned in 'W' thing that Aria's ballet training forbade her to do. His head was hanging s his chin rested on his chest and his hand were quietly resting in his lap. He could have looked tired, even peaceful, if it weren't for the violent sobs that kept shaking his lithe frame.

The blonde slowly raised his head. And in the usually cheerful face, Aria and Syaoran saw the pain and sadness of someone far older than Fai appeared. All the cheer had flown from his face, and the light in his eyes was out, even his hair seemed to be less shiny.

The blonde looked at Aria, he opened his mouth as if to speak several times, but each time he closed it again, unable to think of anything to say to the wide-eyed teen.

"Fai, do you think you can get up, maybe help us find Kurogane? I'm sure you've got some magic that could help us." Aria pleaded.

The light slowly returned to Fai's eyes, but aria soon realized it was the wrong type of light. Aria backed away as Fai's eyes began to burn with malice.

"Why would you want me to use magic again, Aria-chan? Do you want to be swallowed up by the ground too? Or do you have some plan, plotting against me so that soon I'll be all alone and you will all be having fun without me?" The magician's voice dove dangerously low, he spoke slowly and with unbearable anger. Why was Fai so scary when he was angry? He must have learned from Ashura.

"Hey Fai, don't get mad Aria, she just wants to help you find Kurogane." Syaoran spoke up. "It's not your fault." he added quietly.

"It's not my fault?" Fai said in that same horrible voice. "Then whose fault is it?" he looked up at the sky, his head moving in an odd jerky way. "It's probably better, he's probably happier without me, all of you probably would be. Maybe I should just disappear."

"No Fai-san, you can't!" Aria yelled "Fai we dot want you to leave, we need you to help us find Kurogane!"

"He probably doesn't want to be found." the mage spoke this last line as if it were the most normal thing in the world, just a normal suggestion that might be made by anyone

"Not to mention, if I do anything else I'll probably just hurt the-"

The mage was cut off with a resounding slap. He looked up and saw Kyle, his face red with anger.

"That hurt." Fai said bringing his hand to gingerly touch the side of his face that had been slapped.

"That is one big ass tree" Kurogane looked up at the tree in front of him. It was freakishly huge, even bigger than Tomoyo-hime's Sakura tree. It was so wide that it would take at least three Kurogane's to encircle the trunk. It has to be at least a hundred meters tall, but then, Kurogane had always been bad at measuring distances when they didn't directly pertain to his job or safety.

"What the hell!?" Kurogane yelled as the backpack on his back started to wriggle around on his back. As a small high pitched voice filtered through the backpack, Kurogane groaned as he remembered that he has Mokona with him.

"You've got to be kidding be." he said as he pulled of the pack and extracted the small, furry animal out of the pack.

"Where is Mokona?! Why isn't anyone else here?! Where is Faiiii?! That's a biiiiiig tree!" the small animal forgot all her worries and instantly begged to climb the tree.

"No you have to stay here. And what about all that other stuff you were worried about? That doesn't matter anymore?" Kurogane looked down at the now exited pork bun in his arms suddenly went back to being a scared and worried pork bun.

"Yaa...that's important too." she sulked.

"Well, to fill you in, Fai was doing magic and all of a sudden I got sucked into the ground, and then I walked through an absurdly dark tunnel and ended up here." the ninja looked around observing his surroundings. "But god know where here is." he muttered.

They were in a small valley dominated by the giant tree. The golden grass stretched unbroken for as far as he could see, which want really all that far, given his vantage point at the bottom of a valley. The one other noticeable feature of the little valley was the giant gash in the ground right next to the tree. It was almost as if the ground had been torn apart by some giant's hands. Or maybe that's what happens durning an earthquake...

Kurogane quickly rushed over to the gorge, realizing tat it was most likely a big clue in where to find the feather.


"It's Kurogane!"

"hehe sorry, it's just, I feel the feather now, and it feels much much closer." Mokona said nervously.

"What?!" Kurogane exploded. He was very uncomfortable having to deal with magic without Fai around. He didn't get it(unless it was a sword incantation, then it was easy) and nine times out of ten he was gonna mess it up, and Kurogane had a feeling that he was going to have to deal with this himself.

Well he had to, and Kurogane wasn't going to chicken out of any fight, even a magic one.

"Do you know where the feather actually is?" he asked.

"Well I have a guess, and it makes a lot of sense. I am pretty sure that the feather is in the tree. It would explain all the protectiveness that we've been feeling, I bet the tree is mad at all the pollution and stuff that people have been doing and is tying to fix it with the feather's power."

"But trees can't think, or get mad for that matter." Kurogane pointed out, he would have thought that was obvious, but apparently the pork bun thought that featherscould give trees conscience by the way she was explaining things.

"Well whatever, right now let's work on getting in back." He moved towards the tree and the gorge-thing once more. Making his way quickly through the knee high grass.

He thought that it could be that hard to get the feather from the tree. I mean it's a non-sentient life form, how much of a great could it pose? Kurogane was mod worried about finding his way back to the others. He had no clue where he was, and the tunnel that had brought him here had closed up right after he had gotten out of it. And he needed to get back to Fai. He was worried what the magician was gonna do.

"Okay, this tree is freaking huge." Kurogane was standing right in front of the trunk and looking up the gnarled growth and into the think canopy of leaves.

"Kurogane... I think the tree is moving." Mokona whimpered.

"What? Trees don't move." Kurogane said still looking straight up. This tree was giant and to be honest it confused the ninja.

"I think this one does." she added. Kurogane heard a sudden rustle and quickly lunged to the side before a branch hit him square in the back.

"What the fuck?!" the raven drew his sword, grateful that he had it now. "Why. Do. I. Have. To. Do. Stupid things like fighting trees?!" Kurogane yelled in between slices at the tree branches which snaked around like snakes in the air, cleverly jabbing and swatting at Kurogane. But not freaking tree was going to get the better of this man, not Nihon's greatest warrior. He sat old light on the balls of his feet, waiting for the next round of attacks.

"The hell was that for?" he mumbled to himself. Then he heard the yelping.

He looked up and saw Mokona wrapped up in the branches hanging several feet above his head. He cursed himself silently for letting the pork bun be stolen away from him. Who knew that trees could be so mean? He bent his legs in preparation to jump up to Mokona when suddenly the ground beneath his right foot gave away.

"Not again!" Kurogane yelled and quickly pulled his foot out of the hole, he would not fall for this twice. However this was not the same trick.

Just as Kurogane pulled his foot out, think vines shot up from the ground wrapping themselves around his leg. Kurogane swig at them with his sword, but he couldn't do much without hitting his leg. Before he knew it, the vines had moved from his leg and were now incasing his midsection and both of his arms, so that is sword was dangling uselessly at his side.

The very angry ninja heard the sounds of Mokona laughing at him from above. How could the fur ball be laughing when she was in the same situation?

Kurogane could not believe that a tree had beaten him, a freaking tree!

"GODDAMNIT!" Kurogane yelled to no one in particular. "HOW THE FUCK DID A FUCKING TREE MANAGE TO TIE ME UP?! THAT BASTARD!" Kurogane continued to yell, his screams laced with every profanity in both English and his native Japanese. When he finally stopped cursing the world he noticed that he was actually buried knee deep in the ground.

"Ahh just go to hell" the ninja muttered as the ground sudd suddenly gave away completely. The raven fell through the ground once more, and as he fell he was vaguely reminded of a fairy tale he had heard in some world. It was something about a girl falling into this weird world of make believe with talking plants and a red queen.

Well he was certainly falling for a long time, he should have fit the ground already, but instead of hitting the ground, something fell on his head. Kurogane looked up and saw that Mokona was falling with him and had bumped into his head. The manjuu was screaming with all her might and was now latched onto Kurogane's collar, so that her screams were projected directly into his ear.

He was about to comment on the annoyance when he was suddenly jerked to a stop by the vines that were apparently still holding him. He let out a loud groan as the air was nicked out of him. When he finally got his bearings he heard voices softly talking a little while away. He couldn't quite make out what they were saying, but he felt sure they must be a threat.

"Who's there?!" He yelled into the darkness. He was momentarily blinded by the beam of a flashlight. As his eyes adjusted to the light, he saw to teenagers standing in front of him. One was tall with dark hair and fan skin, the other was shorter and fairer and oddly resembled a cat.

"Well, it seams we've got company." the taller one mused as the blonde was jumping at the sight of another person.

Kyle's eyes were glowing with aged towards the magician.

"Of course it hurt, you bastard!" he yelled. "Why are you just sitting around here wallowing in self pity? It's sickening to watch! If you want something to happen, get off your ass and do it! If you wanna find him, do something!" he took a breath, "I don't know if he's just your friend, or if he's your damn lover, but Kurogane's pretty important to you Fai, and absolutely nothing is gonna happen if you just wait her think that this whole thing is your fault, none of us have the capability to find him so do something!"

Kyle stopped yelling, his face was flushed and he was breathing heavily. Aria took this chance to say something, "Fai, I'm pretty sure that Kurogane wants to be found, I mean he can't just go traveling the dimensions by himself, what about Syaoran? And you? He can't just leave you two."

The three teens looked at Fai, the blonde was still staring at Kyle, his eyes wide in shock and his mouth open in a small O. Fai dropped his head once more, and his shoulders began to shake once more. It seemed that he was crying, until he threw back his head and they could see he was laughing. The mage was laughing heartily, each laugh racking his body. The teens stood there very confused, had Fai finally just lost it? The laughs gradually died down into small chuckles and then stopped all together as Fai stood up, a maniac grin on his face.

"I think he's gone crazy." Kyle whispered as Fai hagan to speak.

"You really don't get it." he said to them, his voice oddly tinted with madness. "All I ever do is hurt people. My family, my country, and then my King. Syaoran, you should understand, you saw what happened to me in Celes, you know my true self. I'm done with pretending to be a good person! I've don't to much harm to the world, i killed the one pure person I've ever met, I KILLED HIM!" he started walking away,

"But you didn't kill Fai! He chose to save you, Yuui!" Aria shouted to him as he walked away. He instantly stopped, frozen by Aria's words. The girl capped her hands over her mouth as she realized what she'd done. The magician slowly walked back, his eyes now filled with curiosity.

"What was that?"

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