A blindingly white light shone down on Feliciano's exhausted face. He squeezed his eyes shut even more than he already had, hoping the light of the morning sun would fade away into the moon again. His eyes slowly opened. Thinking of the moon brought memories of last night into the Italian's mind. He smiled with a blush. He had finally gotten Ludwig to sleep with him. He also remembered the promise his lover made for today. He was joking about that…right?

He propped himself up on his elbows, looking around the room. Ludwig wasn't anywhere to be seen. He sniffed the air. Eggs and bacon were the first things he smelled. He rolled out of bed, grabbing Ludwig's discarded green jacket from the previous night. He smiled at how large it was on him. He did about half of the buttons from the bottom up before skipping downstairs.

He peeked around the corner, spying his blonde lover at the stove. He wore a simple pair of pajama pants and nothing more. Italy smiled to himself, walking toward the counter. Germany glanced down at the glowing man beside him. He smiled himself.

"Guten Morgen."

"Buongiorno." He replied, using his own native language to say 'good morning'.

"Sleep well?" He smirked, knowing the answer.

"Ve~ Better than ever! What about you?" He snaked his arms around his German's thick torso.


"What's for breakfast?" He held Germany a little tighter. "I hope its wurst."

"That's for after breakfast. So eat up." Ludwig spun around, sliding some scrambled eggs onto a plate. Feliciano snatched up the plates, setting them down on the dining table. He fell into his seat, eating quickly. Ludwig set down two glasses of orange juice while watching the little Italian scarf down his food. He placed his hand on Feliciano's, ceasing his almost animalistic eating.

"Slow down, Feli. You'll make yourself sick."

"…Yes, Ludwig. Sorry." He ducked his head, eating slower. Ludwig smiled, beginning to eat his own food. They ate in silence, sharing longing gazes all the while. Once they had both finished, Feliciano grabbed their plates, rushing to the sink. Ludwig turned in his chair, watching his lover. He noticed for the first time what Feliciano was wearing.

"You look very good in my jacket."

"Oh, you think so?" He turned around, a certain gleam in his eyes. Ludwig nodded, gaining the same gleam. As Feliciano made his way over to him, he stood up. He started toward Feliciano, only to fall back into the table. Feliciano pushed him backward, forcing their lips together. Ludwig didn't deny the roughness or the tongue that forced its way into his mouth. He groaned, holding the smaller boy close. Feliciano's hands buried themselves in Ludwig's unkempt, still just-fucked looking hair. He already felt his German lover's excitement pressing against him. He broke the kiss, a string of saliva connecting them together.

"Is it time for Germany's wurst?" Feliciano panted. He dropped to his knees without waiting for a response. In one swift movement, Ludwig's pants were around his ankles. He took in a deep breath the moment the cold air hit his arousal. He gazed down, smirking as Feliciano stared at him.

"Something wrong, Feli?"

"…It looks so big. That was inside me last night?"

"If you don't do something soon, it'll be inside you again in the next ten seconds."

Feliciano gasped, quickly reaching out to grab it. His thin fingers wrapped around the base. He looked up at Ludwig through his lashes as he licked his lips before encasing the head with his warm lips. Ludwig's eyes fluttered closed. Feliciano went to work at slowly rubbing the shaft with both hands as he sucked on the large head. He thought back to last night when Ludwig sucked him. Remembering a sensation that almost drove him over the edge, he copied it. He slid his tongue over the tip, dipping it into the slit.

"Oh, Gott…" Ludwig groaned. He gripped the edge of the table.

Feliciano closed his own eyes, focusing on what he was doing. He removed his lips from the head, moving to lick the underside of the huge organ. At the same time he moved to fondle Ludwig's balls. The groans Ludwig allowed to fill the room gave Feliciano encouragement. With his other hand, he reached around to grope and knead Ludwig's firm ass. While he fondled and groped, he placed kisses on the penis in front of him. He reached under the jacket he was wearing, rubbing his own hardened dick.

"Feli…" Ludwig moaned. He reached down to tangle his fingers in the almond brown locks. He led Feliciano's mouth back over it, pushing on his head lightly. Taking the not-so-subtle hint, Feliciano took Ludwig back in his mouth, both hands moving to his ass. He pushed himself forward to deep throat his lover. Ludwig gasped at the feeling, his hands tightening their hold. He held Feliciano in place as began thrusting into the hotness of the mouth around him.

Feliciano relaxed his throat, letting Ludwig mouth fuck him. He squeezed the ass that was still in one of his hands as he hummed and enthusiastically jerked himself off, close to his own release. Ludwig grunted out a 'Mein Gott' as he picked up speed, his orgasm building up. Feliciano felt the swelling of the member in his mouth. He held tightly onto Ludwig in preparation for what was about to happen. Deciding to make it end, he hummed again while letting his teeth gently graze Ludwig as he pumped in and out. Feliciano came first, moaning around Ludwig's manhood.

"Gott, Feli!" Ludwig groaned out as he spilled his seed into Feliciano's mouth. He loosened his grip as the boy below him swallowed all that was given to him. Feliciano leaned back resting his weight with one hand. He wiped away the mix of saliva and cum running from the corner of his mouth. Ludwig tried to even out his ragged breathing, just as the other day. He sunk down to the floor, running his hand through his love's hair, pressing their foreheads together. A burning passion was still bright in his eyes as he stared into the glazed over amber orbs he adored.



"Can we go upstairs?"

A familiar smirk found its way onto Ludwig's face. He stood, picking up the smaller one of them, and rushing upstairs. He dropped Feli onto the bed, quickly climbing on top of him. He moved quickly. He removed his jacket from and kissed him, forcing his tongue into the mouth he has just fucked. He could taste himself on Feliciano's tongue; a salty sweet flavor.

Feliciano squirmed underneath him, pushing his pelvis up in anticipation. He cried out when he accidently rubbed their erections together. Ludwig quietly hissed at the action. Knowing he couldn't wait much longer, Ludwig pressed open mouth kisses down the tan neck, chest, and stomach. He lightly kissed every area around Feliciano's outstanding arousal, moving backward toward his ass. He pushed Feliciano's legs up and out of the way. He gripped his Italian's bare cheeks, pulling them apart to expose his asshole. He leaned forward, lightly licking it.

"Ludwig! No!" Feliciano gasped. Ludwig looked up, eyebrows raised in question.

"What's wrong, Engel?"

"T-that's dirty…you shouldn't do that…" He blushed at not only the nickname, but the fact Ludwig had licked him there. That was just too dirty!

"It'll be alright. Trust me?"

"…Si…I trust you."

Ludwig smiled fondly, continuing what he originally planned to do. He licked the area again with a little more pressure. Feliciano squirmed a little at the new feeling, but still let him continue. Ludwig swirled the tip of his tongue around the ring of muscles. He shivered in delight when Feliciano mewled in pleasure. He took hold of his hips before pushing his tongue into him.

"A-ah…Ludwig…" Feliciano panted. He pushed against the tongue entering him. He loved the feeling. He still thought it was dirty, but he liked it anyway. Ludwig pulled away, his hard-on already getting too hard to handle. He sucked on his fingers, moving down to quickly stretch out the luscious ass underneath him. He spent about two minutes preparing his love, basking in the sounds he was making.

"Germany…" Feliciano whined out, beyond ready for the real thing. Ludwig chuckled at the impatience his Feliciano showed. He ripped his fingers out, positioning himself at the tight entrance below him. He peppered kisses up and down Feliciano's neck. He just barely brushed across the entrance with the tip. He smirked at the quiet moan. He brushed against him again as bit and licked the area his lips still lingered at.

"Ludwig, please! B-bitte!"

Ludwig looked at his lover in surprise. "Did you just say 'please' in German?"

"Si…" He breathed. His eyes were half shut, glazed over in obvious lust. Ludwig stared down at him, smirk returning to his face.

"Say it again."

"Bitte, Ludwig! Take me…" He groaned out as he wrapped his legs around the blonde's waist. Hearing his Engel use a word in his native language turned Ludwig on even more if that was possible. He complied with the begging, finally sheathing himself in his lover. He rested his head against the small shoulder under him while he waited for Feliciano to adjust to the feeling. It wasn't too long before he felt the form beneath him pushing to get more of his length inside him.

Ludwig began a slow, steady rhythm. He carefully thrust in, then out, then back, and so forth. He closed his eyes, focusing on the sweet sounds coming from his Feliciano. Every quiet 'ooh' made him shiver. Every subtle 'ah' made his heart race. If it wasn't already obvious, he loved his little Italian. He loved Feliciano Vargas, the personification of Veneziano, North Italy, with all his heart.

"L-Ludwig…" the breathy voice pulled him from his thoughts, "go harder…faster…"

An idea struck. He pulled completely out of Feliciano, earning a whimper of dismay, and laid on his back. Feliciano looked at him with the most confused face he'd ever seen.

"Get on top, Feli. Ride me."

Feliciano blushed at the bold words. He swallowed, slowly moving so he straddled the German. Just as Ludwig decided to be unpredictable, he decided the same. Instead of getting straight back to their love-making, he leaned down to kiss Ludwig's chest. He subtly made a trail to one of Ludwig's nipples. He swiftly took in his mouth. He heard a gasp from above him as teased one with his mouth and the other with his index and thumb. He gently sucked the pink nub in his mouth, every now and again teasing it with his tongue and pulling at it with his teeth. He felt the larger man squirm underneath him. He switched sides, doing the same thing to the other one. After pulling a little rougher with his teeth than he meant, Ludwig moaned rather loudly.

"Gott, Feli…"

Feliciano smirked to himself. He sat up again, biting his lip lightly. He placed himself over Ludwig's painfully throbbing erection. Large hands were placed on his hips to help steady his balance as he lowered himself. Both men closed their eyes at the feeling. Once Feliciano had gone all the way down, he allowed a low moan to escape. Ludwig released his hips to grip the sheets. He leaned forward and placed dainty hands just under Ludwig's belly button for balance. He lifted up, falling back down quickly. Ludwig groaned at the quickness. Feliciano screamed at his prostate being hit head on. He moved at the same rushed, rough pace, screaming out every time the certain bundle of nerves was delightfully abused.

"M-mein Gott, Feli!" Ludwig cried out, bucking his hips up frantically, his animalistic side coming out.

"Oh, Dio mio, Ludwig!" The Italian threw his sweating head back, reaching to pump his own neglected weeping cock. He felt the warmth pooling deep in his belly, just like last night. He knew he was close. He vaguely registered the swelling dick inside of him. He squeezed his eyes shut.

"Let go, Feli. Come for me." Ludwig's sexy voice panted.

The words and tone he used were Feliciano's undoing. His eyes snapped open. He screamed out 'Ludwig' while white lights danced in his vision as he violently came, his juices spraying out across Ludwig's torso as well as his own.

Ludwig groaned once more as Feliciano clenched around him, sending him over the edge. He kept thrusting upward as he rode out his orgasm, Feliciano's name on his lips. Feliciano used the last bit of his strength to pull Ludwig out of him, some of his cum following, before falling forward. Ignoring their sweatiness and stickiness, Ludwig pulled Feliciano to him, resting his head on top of his. He kissed the top of his head as they tried to slow their breathing.

"Ti amo, Ludwig." Feliciano muttered sleepily.

"Ich liebe dich, Feli. Ich liebe dich."

"What time is it?"

He glanced at the clock. "After one."

"Can I take my siesta now?"

"Ja. We both deserve a siesta for now." His German accent thickened as sleep began to take over. Feliciano gently pulled a blanket over them.

"Maybe we can try some of your kinky stuff when we wake up?" He asked, knowing what Ludwig would say in his tired state.

"Ja, Feli. Was auch immer Sie wollen." He yawned, falling asleep right after. Feliciano smiled to himself, snuggling closer and falling asleep himself.

.::Author's Note::.

That's it for this little story thing. I might end up writing more smut in the future…not sure yet.

Anyone have any requests? I'll write pretty much any couple except FrUk. Or anything with Romania, since I have no clue who he actually is. ._." Anywho, I'll do fluff or smut or whatever. Just throw a couple at me with a rating and I'll see what I can do. If a rating is not given with the request, I will choose the rating for you. :D


Mein Gott = My God (German)

Bitte = Please (German)

Dio mio = my God (Italian)

Ti amo, Ludwig = I love you, Ludwig (Italian)

Ich liebe dich, Feli. Ich liebe dich. = I love you, Feli. I love you. (German)

Siesta = nap (Italian)

Was auch immer Sie wollen. = Whatever you want. (German)