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When he fell into the sea, he panicked. More than anyone would normally panic. But it was expected since he didn't know how to swim, which made it worse.

He quickly spent most, if not all, his air screaming out for help, while slapping at the water with his palms and flailing his arms, not knowing what to do, how to stay alive. Nothing he tried worked, and the fear in his heart intensified, and he sank in the water like an anchor.

What little air he had left was wasted as he exhaled it all, feeling himself hyperventilating. He was going to die...wasn't he?

Not soon after that thought, he felt arms encircle his torso. And only by instinct, he started squirming, trying to shake off their grasp. Then after multiple attempts which lasted seconds, because his strength and oxygen were fading, he looked down and saw Richea, staring up at him. Her eyes were full of seriousness, but he couldn't help but tell how ethereal and angelic she looked, even though he was about to drown. He stared at her weakly, already closing his eyes. He was losing oxygen, and ultimately his strength. But he never saw the flash of concern pass over her face as she shook him awake.

Silently, Richea drew closer to Hisui, covering her mouth over his and pushing air into his mouth. He took in the oxygen with an inhale, comforted that at least he would be able to breathe for a few more seconds. She tugged at his waist, and with a surprising lack of difficulty, carried him up to the surface. Then Hisui remembered that pools screwed up everything you learned about science in school.

As they drew up to the surface, Hisui took a good look at her...here was this confident, determined woman that impulsively risked her life (maybe not, she knew how to swim) to save him. It amazed him how different she seemed only a day ago, and now she was the epitome of a leader. A beautiful leader. Hisui quickly shook that last thought out of his head.

They both took huge breaths of air as they emerged. They both didn't hear the applausal and cries of relief next to them, as they were too concerned with the fact that they were alive and well. Hisui clung to Richea as if she were a teddy bear to a child, and she almost giggled at the thought. She patted his back and smiled at him. Hisui looked at her gratefully, now that they were alone and he knew she wouldn't spread around the fact that he wasn't a big softie at all to everyone, he showed her his more vulnerable and sensitive side.

"Hey, uh...thanks a lot."Hisui said gently, smiling at her. "I don't know how to swim...I would have drowned."

Being so close, as Hisui's chin rested on her shoulder, Richea leaned down to whisper into his ear, "You were so far down...to be honest, I was scared at first." She said slowly, drawing out her emotions on each word, showing him how much she cared. Then she added, "You should learn how to swim."

Hisui nodded. "I should." It was really his promise that he wouldn't, he was already so far without knowing it, he might as well grow old without knowing it.

But that wasn't good enough. Richea stared at him seriously, "You are going to learn how to swim. I don't want any death scares from you."

"Fine, mom." Hisui said and rolled his eyes. Her mouth dropped as she stared at him incredulously.

"I can drop you right now, Hisui." Richea threatened, glaring at him.

He tightened his arms around her and shut his mouth.