"Shit." Hisui cursed, realizing the situation he was in now. But who knew it would be the exact opposite of what usually happens?

"Richea!" Hisui called into the water, empty on the surface except for him. He was holding onto a rock nearby a cavern they took up their swimming lessons in.

And though they've been taking it for three weeks, he still had no confidence in the treacherous waters. Besides, they were usually distracted during their swimming lessons, so they never got much of an everyday practice drill. More like every few days. You know, with all the distractions.

As she got into the water, she forgot to take off the bracelet from her sister, which caused her to impulsively dive after it, leaving him with the impression that it was the most important thing to her. And she hadn't surfaced yet.

But every second that passed alarmed him, and he knew he had no choice. He had to go down and swim to her. She would have done the same, and if he spent any longer, she might sink so deep he wouldn't be able to get her.

Hisui donned his signature green goggles and took a huge breath before diving. Frantically looking around for her.

He swam deeper, pulling angrily at the water to bring him further down, to find Richea. How could this happen? What if she was hurt? Where was she? Questions he didn't know the answer to whirled around his mind as he looked around-

Then he spotted her, his heart sank, as she kept sinking. He flailed angrily through the water, desperate to reach her. But all his attempts seemed slower than her sinking.

Though he reached her and wrapped his arms around her limp body in seconds, it felt like an hour before he reached her. Swimming up towards the surface made it seem like time was speeding up. But it in no way lessened the suspenseful fear that made him hold his breath. Whether Richea would be okay or not.

Hisui emerged from the surface and carried Richea as fast as he could to the cavern. Reaching the mouth of it, he lifted himself out of the water first, before completely taking Richea out of the water and setting her gently on the ground. He pressed his ear over her heart, just barely making out a faint pulse.

Okay, at least she was alive...but not for long if he didn't do anything! He thought it was really ironic, in hindsight, that he was a healer and he was freaking out about healing someone for once. But it made sense because there was no healing arte for CPR. Everything he studied in healing was basically magic and gummis. He clumsily took his position over her and executed the CPR technique more or less like an amateur.

After a few minutes though, and many desperate chest pumps and deep exhales into her mouth, Richea sat up and started hacking, coughing out water in a cruel cacapohony. Hisui, out of joy that she was alive and alright, he gave her a tight hug.

"Richea, you're alright." He exhale in one breath relieved. She gave a low gargle that was meant to be a giggle.

"Thanks Hisui, but you're hugging me too tight." She said, patting his back. He loosened his grip, but didn't release her. "Hisui, I can't believe you saved me...from drowning out of all things!" She exclaimed happily, as if her near-death experience didn't happen three minutes ago. Hisui frowned.

"Yeah yeah, but it was your life at stake, it's not some stupid swimming exercise to celebrate about." He said and scowled.

"Well, I'm just lucky I'm teaching such a wonderful student." She said and smiled wryly. They both fell into a comfortable silence for a few seconds, before Richea broke it, "No...but I'm serious, thank you, Hisui. You've saved my life so many times."

"No, Richea, you saved my life in ways you'll never understand." He meant it. She made his life a lot more happy, fun, worthy in the first place. She helped him over his somewhat anger problems, and made him look like an angel, rather than his former anti-social jerk front. They somehow fit together like pieces of a puzzle, fixing and taking care of one another.

"Okay, now it's getting really cheesy." She said and stuck her tongue out. He chuckled and nodded. "But I love it." She said and tightened her arms around Hisui's waist. "I was really scared actually. That I wouldn't see you again. Like at the end of our journey."

"But we'll always have each others' backs." He said reassuringly and kissed the top of her head.