A/N: I'm at it again, writing for Faith. This is a snap-shot fic, in direct continuity with the Season 8 issues No Future For You. You don't need to have read the comics to read this fic but it might help with the setting a little.

Disclaimer: It is Joss Whedon's world. I play in it. Made for fun, not profit.

Also, most of the italics and dialogue are direct quotes from the comic. These words belong to Brian K. Vaughan.


It's always about her.

The water gushes around you and you hear her feeble splashing. You can see the terror in her eyes and it makes you hate her. Your fingers feel powerful around her throat.

Whenever she's around, you're the villain.

You push her further into the water and a stream of bubbles comes out of her mouth, rise to the surface. They explode around you. You can almost feel her breath in them.

She hit you first, remember. This isn't wrong. You're giving back what she gave you. If only you had that knife...

Beneath the surface Buffy is drowning. You don't care. She believed you a villain, a murderer. You were, you are. So don't prove her wrong. Be what she wants you to be.

Never forget how deep she cut you.

Buffy always drowns, but she comes back to life. You drown, and everything stays the same. Nothing ever changes. You can change it now. You can kill her and be done with it. You can become the Queen of the Slayers if only you can hold on...

Do it.

Your fingers tighten around her flesh and you feel like Poseidon, raining your terror down on the sea's victims. She doesn't fight back now, she's slipping away. This is it.

Never forget how deep.

"Shut up!"

You pull her out and your hands lock around her shoulders. You shout at her but you're not speaking to her. You're speaking to you.

"Please shut up."

You turn away from her because she looks at you with those eyes, the ones that ask the questions. Those eyes that want to know.

"Who—who are you talking to?"

The water runs off your face and you know it does the same for her. You still can't look at her, because then you'd see everything, and you don't want to see everything. The truth is there and it hurts deeper than any knife wound.

"I wish you'd just go away."

You say this to yourself but also to her. Buffy makes you feel like the villain, but she doesn't do it because she wants to. She makes you feel like the villain because you feel like the villain, and you've done so much to her. She only gave you back what you deserved.

"What do you-?"

The beginnings of a question and then she's gone. A flash of light like an explosion and Buffy disappears. Back to where she came from you guess.


You stand alone in the pool to drown in your own thoughts. You could have killed Buffy, become a legend. But again she bested you. Or was it your soul that made you stop?

What soul?

Angel saved it, but what good is it? What has it given you? Nothing but pain. Hate. You hate yourself and you play it like you hate Buffy.

You wade through the water, heavy as it clings to your clothes, and you reach land. You can't drown now, right?

-end scene.