Chapter 11 "Tha Final felina Showdown"

or showdone like dowe - n like dome

baddadup baddadup...baddaDUMMM...

donnng...ding... bingbabingbong DINGbabingbong...DINGGADINGONG kwooshkwooshkwoosh DINGDADINGGON


Dooodadhing donggg



dinggadingdong DINGADINGDONG

bingabing BONG

baddduhhhh BINGGG bingbabingBONG duhhdahhuddhhhhhhh


breaking bad

vince gulligan (I dont know who the fuck that is)

oh shit walt and jesse were in trubble. in fact they wuz in BIIIG du du. jesse had his ding a ling (I mean his dick) tyed to dea special aea pea (the poop division) agnend hank schrader who was walts brother in law and married to mary. lol

"WALTER YOU ARE NOT MY BROTHER IN LAW ANYMORE YOU BROKE THE FUCKING LAWW" Hank screamped from how red his face was at the top of the mech made of tuco, gus, mike, box cutters, the cousins, and that old ding dude with the bell. he was the ass.

"fuck you haahhnk". walt said. "oh no" walt said when he saw the gasgoleen tank which reminded him that his former brother in law now his brother out law hank because the words rymed a lot. the gas was empty. gone.

"oh no" he said again as he landed safely. walts a good pilot ok? like if you were there youd be like shiiiiii bruh dass one good pilot hez a mad helicoptin shit a/n I'm pitchering you black like my bud tahrel

he learned pilot good because he went to college when he was in skool he learned how to fucking pilot a heli good.

but the gasoline leaked a bit and landed on a fly which landed on walts close. it was hot so lots of flys started banging each other on walt and then the frickshen lit them on fire (more like fuckshun lol) and then walt took his close off and he was in his undies. some bees came to help him and he gave them honey because he was carrying a jar of honey between his butt cheeks.

"now it is less sticky down in my butt." walt said as he was a little hapyer.

"no" hank said. he fired a rocket made of box cutters which missed walt completely and killed everyu single bee forever.

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MY FRANDZ HAHHHNK HAAAAAAHNK. HUUUUUUUUUAUAHAHHHHNK" a/n this chapter is better than the stupid felina episode and in fact the entire finale seasan I dont wanna see walt wearing a stupid dark green shirt okay I mean where was tuco even like lol thats all I gotta nahmean? breaking bad is a cool show and i love it but it sucks because tuco gone and no undies. I mean in that one snow episode he was in long underwear but that's not good enough. he probably pooped himself lol. who writes this shoe doesnt give no damn about the fans.

meanwhile jesse had a planny to get his peeny unstuck. he was jacking off to make his dick hard so he could untie it.

"jessy pinkman more like punkman what are you doing? I know Im sexy and I know it (dungudngnandnag) but you cant jak it in this mech its against the law"

"well pot is good and thats against the rules so maybe the rules arent all that fucking good BITCH" jesse said.

"now jesse" hank said steering the mech with the cousinz arms. 'just because we want to partakey in a litlle smokey smokey dosent mean we bad. you just broke bad dealin with this wlat dude. hit me up on 420 and well blaze homie"

jesse was really happy. "r-r-really?"

"no. what are you a dumass retart like walts' son walt junya? oh hell no walty is pretty durn dumbo himslev."

jesse slipped his dick out! he fell down the mech and broke it by shoving his dick in a gear. hid dik was ok doe

hank crashed and landed on his head spinning and throwing up. a'n jus like the first chappter go back and readdit ok? dats calld 4shaddon

walt rode a bicycle Over to Jess-E and helped him up.

"we did it jess. We killed the mech. Hank is knucked out so we can xcape. I will removey the word document from his brains ok?"

"mr white so he'll forget everything mr white?" jessey said showing his pearly whites.

"Don't poop yourself jesse. we still have work to do. I think we need to start selling meth to aliens. the earth is just too dangerous now."


walt took jessey home then went to his homely home house.

"SKYLER" Walt yelled as he went inside. "where are the disney tapes, Walt wants to watch walt disney! FUCK" GEDDIT

only walt jr was home eating breakfast at night because he retard. He had a shirt on that said to me every time is breakfast. with a picture of a bacon clock and a rooster and uncle hank.

"Wow son. that shiirt is more retarded than even you." Walt said. He was kidding doe. He playfully punched his son in the dick. He didnt feel it tho.

"D-D-D" walt junrer said.

"tttoday junior" Walt said like adame sandlor in the movie. they both laughed cuz sandler funny as hell dude.

"d-dad. look at this show I like." It was like cartoon ponies.

"Ohhh." Walt said in his dad voice. "What kind of show is this?'

"It's called my little pony my little pony, my little pony, my little pony, FIM" walt jr sang. "Which one's your favorite?"

"Hmm, well." walt said smackin his lips and showing his lower teeth in his dad voice. "Which one's the best one."

"D-Dad I think youd like rainbow dash." a/n my cousin who is asain likes this shit not me okay

"Ohhh. is rainbow dash a good one?"

"she likes breakfast and look at this picture." walt jr showed him MLP porn. rainbow dash was getting it on with wlat jr. "uncle hank and ant mary made it for me."

"Hmm." walt said. skyler got home then. she was in her stripper bikini. her booblies werent even like fore real they was at her bebly button. she had cigareete butts in her butt. she dint even fuckin shave. walt got red and angry when he saw her

"skyler can we talk for a minute in the back not like anal like I usually do." walt said in his dad voice.

"sure walt forshure." skyler said and put the singles she got from work on the table. they were covered in orange slujge.

"walt" skyler said. "what is so gosh darn important that you need to take me away forom MY SON" skyler bitched.

"OUr son...sklyer...he's jacking it to cartoon ponies for girls. explain to me why i'm the bad guy when you let this happen to MY SON. You're letting this family down! the only worse thing you could do is cheat on me!"

"wlat therez something I have to tell you." sklar said.

"what what" walt hissed like a snake and quakked liek a fucky duck.


"what the hell hoop does that even mean sklyer. our son is jakcing off to PONIES." walt said.

"I had sexual intercorse with jesse pinkman."

"ohhh that jesse." walt said. he really wasnt listening he just wanted to stop his son from waxing his shaft to ponygons. huh?

"in my ass walt. and in his ass walt." sk-guyler said.

it hit walt like a hurricane. like a wrecking fucking ball. walt put his clothes on, like gustafo frimp, then took his clothes off so he was was in his underwear. he had skid marks.

"SKYLER. HOW DARE YOUR." walt screamed at the top of his longs. walt junrur

"hey y-you guys stop I'm trying to j-jack off and eat breakfast at the same time." he was using bacon grease to lube himself up. walt went in and smashed junirs computer with his own ass. then he shit inside of the monitor.

he spanked walt junior and threw him in his room.

"skyler explain to me. why did you. fuck. JESSE."

"waaaaaaallllt" skyler cried showing walt her boobz because she thought that would work. it didn't.

walt grabbed her by her hair and flung her at the ceilling, she made a dent and fell down and cried. she was paralyzed. walt gave her a bell.

"one ding means yes. two dings means no." walt said. "are you ready to die for this"

"skyler dinged once"

"okay." walt said, putting his dad voice on as he snapped her spine back in so she wasn't paralyzed anymore. he had sex with her one last time, screaming JESSE JESSE JSESSE he wasnt arounsed but he was ready to kill jesse. he dranged skyler over to the craw space, where he kept his secret poops, and put skyler in there.

"skyler are you sorry. Ill forgive you if your sorry. please skyler please please please"

"wlat i'm not sorry you dumb bitch. you suck and and your a wrnikly old fuck and every night I wish I was banging ted jason or jesse because they all have bigger dicks than you. i don't think of hank because hes fat and gros and I hat him ane he's always getting fucking handys from mary who sucks too."

"well." walt said in his dad voice. "i guess that'll do it" he got his concrete mixer and smashed it into the house and poured the entire crawl space up and skyler diedler.

"d-dad the internet isnt working" wlat jr said. watl couldnt hear him and backed up the cement truck over him and he exploded. his breakfast was made of TNT. dynomite tnt. acdc suck tho

"oho ohno walt junrior is dead. good thing I put holly in space to protect her. or was it the crawl space? hahaha oh well"

then mary shoed up with a big painting of walt junir banbging a pony. like realistic this time like it was a picture. then walt saw it was a picture.

"HE'S JUST A BOY." walt screams with his arms to the clouds and throws shurikens at mary and cut her hands and her blood was purple. she cant give hank handjobs or take boy pictures of walt junior!

mary died from thinking about not being able to sexually jack off hank schrader the deeea the dick angent man place forever. walt cut her in half with a battle axe just to make sure she was dead.

"heh" walt said. but then walt jr woke up under the cement truck.

"a-ant mary. s-skyler? d-dad?" he said.

"oh." walt said with sadnes. mucho sadness. "oh walt jr."

"d-ad help me I'm hungry i'm fucking hungry for breakfast." walt jr said.

walt walked over to him. the tnt was still in his breakfast. "I guess lousis a good friend after all huh son?" walt said. louis made walt jrs breakfast e'r day.

"d-dad loois is my frand. why is ant mary and skyler dead. whyer s the baby dad. THE BABY THAT IS MY FUCKING SISTER DAD, MR DAD I miss her dad"

"oh. walt jr. flin. I guess that's just how life is?" walt said and hit a button under the painting of the mullet dood in the back of the dude of the house. in the event that thigns went bad, walt had singled the cyborg zombie of jane's dad that walt fixed to cause two planes to collide over walt's house, so nothing would be left of hisenberg evidence. "have fun with your ponies"

a few minutes later the planes crashed and walt junior died. on the two planes bajer, skinny pete, zombo (zombie combo), the retirement home people, ted,, jason, that dude who looked like jack, the RV, the vampire, saul's bodyguards, brock, lideea, madrigal, magical, the other nazis, the eybrwow dude

walt got in the meth mobile and drove to louise's house. he gave him 100 bucks.

"good job." walt said and blew loois's brains out with a dick gun, a gun that he had attached to his penis. "I always to kill someone with that."

louis was dead.

next up. fucking up sall.

sall was in his orifice with a toothbrush.

"saul dont even think about brushing your teeth. they're yellow as fuck dude. remember to brush your teeth more motherfucker." walter said all cool.

"walt? waht are you doing here? oh my god your going to kill me aren't you?" saul said as he pooped and peed himself when he saw how pissed walter was.

"saul..."walter said. he grabbed sauls penis. like litening fast.

walt shoved flys down his dickhole with herpes and murdered him with a taser. "walty whyyyyyeee" sall lied he wasn't really dead. he was just pertending cuz thats what salt does he liez like fly. walt knew somethin was up in the air thouhg. he knew sault wasnt that fly.

"sauly are you dead? dead like a shed?" wlater siad in his dad voice.

"uh no SHIT!" slaul said. he just cave away from walt his disguisey disguise of being deady dead.

"saul saul saul saul sail. you shouldnt a dunn that hee hee hee." walt said. he took sauls tye and pulled it thru his ass.

"OOH!" saul said. it kinda felt good but he didn't want walt to show that.

walt pulled it thru his mouth and spun it around a lot of times. like i don't even know how many cuz wault did this to people befour. it was a trick he'd show people at partiez when he was with skyler because he didn't wanna be ariund her. that bitch. he then played under the see with his ribs like a zylofone. it was pretty cooll. like if you were there you'd be mad creeped out but kinda laughing cuz walt what was doing was funny but fucked up too.

"why you do dis walt WHY." saul said in a funny voice to try and mess with walt's head but walt wasn't bying that shit.

"because ABQ is gonna be DEA D." walt said as he banged sauls face with his fists and dick and slapped him too and then he was walking out like a badass and turned around and looked at sauld all bloody and shit.

"uh i thunk the joke would been funnier if you said it like hey the abqs cunna be bbq ya know like barbycude sauce." saul said laughing at his funny joke.

"you know i could really go for some bbq." walker white kinda said in his dad voice. but not really cuz waltyer was saying it more in his voice when he's interetsted with something like when he told his famuliy they were going to that kool hotel.

"yeah me too did u here about the new place that opened up down the street?" saul said as he coffed up blood.

"no when did that open?"

"just last week." saulst said.

"i thought that was a mick donald's." walt said.

"no your thinking of the one on fuck street, that one has been open for years." salt said.

"oh yeah i remember when they built that." walt said pointing his finder on his beard and rubbing the shit ut ofi t.

"yea you know i actually had a klient there who took a shit on rondald mcdnold?" sawl said.

"no foolin?" walt said as he grinned.

"yeah it was pretty funny it was this kid. kind of a retard lkke your son he just shit all over the floor and i had to go to court!" saul said.

"yeah that's pretty funny" walter said. he took his glasses off to laugh off.

"those were good times."

"yes ok ." walter saod

"you gotta go there man the hamburgers are there are the hamburgiest burger saul goodman ever seen." sault said.

"maybe i will this week. oh shit i gotta take the kids to school...oh wait i killed my family ppppahahahahaha!" walter said with his eye all swkinty.

"ah! ah! good one." saul said as he pointy pointed his bloody fingers at walt and walt pointed back.

"hahahahaha." walter laughed. then he took a baseball bat off of sall's wall.

"FORD!" walter said as he hit saul's head but pretended he was playing golf! also walter was stikll made saul laugh but then his fucking head was knocked off! it went thru the window and crashed through 17 buildings and was flaming and shit becos walter was really good at golf but not as good as he was knoing about scienze and making meth and shit. sauls head did a loop and landed back in the place that waslter was whiuch was sauls officey.

"fucking got me walter." sauls head said.

"oh by the way saul don't eat too much spicy food it'dll give you gas." white walter said as he make a winkie face. he pressed a button and a bomb detonedated in saul's ass and brain that walty put there in case saul ever got oudda line.

"burn baby burn." walter said all cool as he walked away from the explosion like a badasss in a movie. also i don't know how the tye didn't dedonate the bomb. it was not enough ok? it like grazed his asshole not the bomb in his asshole.

walt took a grenade machete gun, and shotted up every building in town. he went to the hot principal chick and curb stomped her for turning him down.

walt was on the lone rode. he was all alone but then he sawe someone. it was...hank! hank was on the other side.

"you think Id realyl forget walt."

"not really. I killed mary."

"fucker. u really think so huh walty?"

"thank you." walt said. walt fell down from scared as ear wax poured out of his ear from how scared he was that hank had a new friend. cyber gomez

"looks like your time is up mishter white." go. mehsed.

"gomey! THINK ABOUT WHAT YOUR DOING HEAR. I CAN MAKE YOU BILLIIONS! BILLIONS!" walt said. he took out a fat wad o' cash to show T.O.D. how serious he is.

"fuck you walty you suck. you fucking suck! your evil rain is over. dubble fuck you walt." cyber gomney said as he flipped walt off.

"hahaha that's right walty fuck you. steev gomeyz is gonna fuck you" hank said.

"all you did was use me to kill people and shit so fuck that i'll just kill you too you old wrinkly shit." gomey said. he turned to hank.

"huh? hank said. gomey ran away crying.

"well what a little faggot." walter said. but gomey came back in a robot suit like a gundum kinda but not really it was like an x-o suit. it was legit. he tried to fight hank becayse he was sick of hank shits

"GOAMEZ!" WALTER SCREAMED AS HE RUN THRU THE DESTORYED PLACE THAT WAS ABQ. albukury was mad destroyed. even the cake arena. walter hid in an ally and put on clothes then ripped them off and grabbed a rocket launcher as he lauched ruckets at gomez and hank fighting.

"JESSEEEEEE! HELPEEEYYY MEEEEE!" walt said. he was really scared and squirting his undies with poop as he run away.

Jesse was with jane. jane was really hot. like if you were there youd be staring at that ass like daaaaam.

"like i dunno mr white is kinda turning into a fag ya know what i'm sayting bitch?" jesse said.

"i dunno. jesse. JESSE! lets get high and have fun." jain said with a big expression on her face.

"yo like good idea lets like have a sleepover and shit and play wth my toyz. i got a really sweet roboto toy yo." jesse said.

"OK!" jane yelled. they ran to jesse house oh yeah jesse still lives with his parents thats why he has so many awesome toys.

they went into jesse's room. they opened his toy chest and dumbed all his toyz on the floor and started playing with them. they played house too because they were gonna get married and shit it was hot. and it turned jesse on. jesse went downstairs to watch his favorite movie tarzan on vhs tapes.

"mom dad wheres the movie?! I WANNA WATCH DISNEY MOVIES BITCH!" jesse said.

"jesse what the fuck are you high?" hesses mom said. she got up and took all the vhs tapes and burned them.

"WHAT THE HELL BITCH." jessa said. he went up and punched his mom thrugh a door.

"JESSE WHAT THE FUCK?!" jesses dad said.


"we're kicking your ass out again you fucking faggot wigger." jesses dad said.

"AGAIN!" his mom said with a mean look on her old ass fucking face.

"u know what the fuck?! fuck you mom and fuck you dad i can play with toys as much as i want BITCH!" jesse said as he kicked his daddy in the shin and punched his mom in the face. he took out his gun and shot them both in the fucking head. jesse and jane put their bodies in jesse's pool a/n jesse has a fucking pool ok? watch the show you can see it a fuck lot. they came back and jesse's borhter was there! his brother that was a kid!

"yo what the fuck are you doing to my toys bitch." jesse said,

"playing toy sex with them." jesses brother said. he lit up a joint.

"yo bitch don't play with ny fucking toys and smoked my fucking weed? FUCK YOU KID!" jesse said. he started to stump the shit out of his brother,

"OWWWWIEEE JESSE STOPPY!" jake pingkman said. that was his name. jesse picked him up and slamed his head into the wall. he picked hin up and did it again . AND AGAIND and again and a fucking gain. his brother jakes head was smashed open and their was blood everywhere. then jesse heard xplosion! he went outside. he saw walter running away from hank who had killed gomey i mean cyber gomey by stabbing him with a rocket knife. hank was chasing walter but walter was too fast after he took his clothes off.

"JESSE YOU MUST HELP ME!" walter said. nto "yo mr white what the diffy?" jesse said.

"wait what are you doing with this hot bitch?" walt said trying to be all sexy then he realized jhane was a also bitch,

"jesse this bitch is a bitch come on you don'd need her help me fight hank! he gonna kill me." walter said he was crying.

"no mr white im tried of taking your ourders!" jesse said. he pushed walter.

"really? u wanna fucking go there jesse you fucking junkie fuck. wait a minute i forgot i hbate you motherfucker. YOU FUCKED SKYLER! YOU FUNKED THE MUTHER OF MY CHILDREND!" walter screamed. his face was really red and he was scary mad.

"yo mr white im sorry i was drunk and i fucked a bitch and jayne didn't even give a damn." jesse said.

"you little shit! FUCK YOU! YOU FUCKED HER IN THE ASS! THAT IS MY TERRITORY! STAY OUT OF MY TERRITORY" walt said. he threw a ninja star at jesse but it missed and hit jane in the head. blood came out. she was dead in the head and dead in that ground!

"mr white...why..." jesse said.

"it was a accident! i wanted to fuck her to get back at you after you were dead. ITS YOURS FAULT SHES DEAD JESSE NOT MINE SHE WAS HOT SO I DID'T KILL HER! YOU DID!" walter said madly at jesse.

"NO...NOOOOOO!" jesse said, he ripped his shirt off and lighting struck him. his hair tunred golden. he had big muscles like the hull. he was really stroung. he was now a breaking badass!

"no so you did it jesse." walt said. he was really scared and s

"did what bitch? jesse said. he punched walt and he flew threw the sky and landed and made a dent in the road. he fell down and got up[?

"you full filled the profecy. JESSE! you think i picked you for a reason? I KNEW SOMEDAY YOU WOULD BECOME A BREAKING BADASS AND SELL LOTS OF METH BUT YOU FUCKED THAT UP! YOU CUNT! YOU FUCKED UP THE ANCHENT METH PROPHESSY JESSY! NOW I WILL FUCK YOU HUP! HUAAAHHH!"Walter said. his beard turned into goald like solid goald and he puncehd jesse. walt and jesse were both now breaking badasses!

"now jessy lets really brake bad to the extreme!" walt said as he charged his attax up. he had big mussles too.

"bring it on bitch." jesse said. he started to fight walter. then they realized they forgot about hank. hank was gone! then he came back.

"hey breaking dum asses. hahahaha you big dummys. you both fucked and clucked up." hank said.

"why is that HAAAAAYNK?" walter said he was angry.

"because i just called my friend barack obama and he just declared war on you walter white for selling meth. you 2 punkman. say goodnight because the fucking army is coming four you fuckers." hank said.

"no." jesse said he went back to his normal fourm.

"u can't watch me fucking die like this HANK!" walt said.

"oh no i won't walty? u know why? because im gonna kill you myself and take kredit fo killing you and obama will love me and give me a million dollars." hank said.

"and how the fuck are you gonna do that BITCH?" jesse said.

"i got a special super scerete sunprises for you fucknuggets." hank said. marie showed up. she was in half because walt cut her in half with a battle axe remember?

"marie no." walter said.

"she's good for giving handys and saving my ass walty. better than your wife her sister. sky lloyd or whatever the fuck her name is. and now walty your gonna diey" hank said.

"J.C. Mree, get on with it." hank said, doing the sign of the lord on his chest because he dont want to fend nobody.

mary got a crystal out of her cleavag and shot a lazer at hank. suddenly things got fucked up and Hank grew thirty five fucking sizes time biglier and was now made of minerals! he looked like a graey version of the thing from comix and he had crystals on his shoulders that shot lite into the sky. he sorta looked like that guy from the fansstastic four the think.


"that's my guy! my rock man!" mary said. hank/mineralis's eyes turned blood red and he screamed.

"Jesus christ mary it's fucking MINERALS BITCH" hank used his big rock fist and smushed mary and she died.

"see walty it's not that hard." mineralis said. "time for you to pay for making meth."

" white..." jesse said.

"jesse im really sorry about jane"

"fuck you but okay she kinda sucked anyways"

"same with skylar lol" walt said. "wut about that mexican chick?"

"nah fuck her. shes probably dead too lull." Jesse pinkmen said.

walt and jesse laughed and laffed and hugged it out. now they were reddy to fucking fuck hank's mineralis shit up. they screamed and powered up to BREAKING BADASSES.

"wait the fuck" hank said. mineralis was not ready for their punches

walt had secret trick that he beamed over to jesse brain with fucking energy

"mr white that's a good plan!" jesse said. they started flying aroudn hank. they went so fucking fast.

they each started slicin hank up, and soon enough they fucking turned hank scrader INTO meth! wow!

"I think this is our best batch yet huh jess?" walt said chuckling as his power returned to nor-mahl.

"I guess this is it huh" jesse said. he looked at the wreckage of ABQ and shit it was all dead. everything was burning and it looked like a meateeoryght hit the citty patted him on the sohulder not his ass

"no its the beginning" walt said as a single blue tear came out of his eye. "we fuckin goin to space nigga"

jessey smiled big "YEAH BITCH"

"the earth is too dangerous anyway. lets get the fuck out of here." walter said as he put sunglasses on and they both got into the meth mobile. they went to watlers house.

"i never told anyone this but under my house i have a super special secret suprise." walter said with a big ass grin on his face.

"whats that mr white." jesse said.

walter pushned a butt-on on his watch with his ass because it was ass activated or asstivated and a rockert shit came out of his house! it attached to the meth mobile which was now a spaceship.

"WOW MR WHITE COOL! NEATO BITCH!" jesse said. they both put on space soots and got in. jesses was badass armer like something from a star wars. walters was a glass thing like a gold fisch bowl on his head and he was in his underwear. remember he only needed to breath to be in space. they got in and rocketed off as the army and obama got there and yelled because they just missed walter heisnberb white and his budddy jesse.

"DARN YOU WALTER WHIT!" obama said.

"AH HA!" walter said in a high pitched voce as he rocketed and jesse took his pants off and mooned obama. obama could see his ass and he was pissed now!

"you went too far with that one punkman." obama sad. he pushed a button and a bunch of jets and robot jets chased the rocket meth mobile.

"NO MR WHITE THEIR GONNA GET US." jese said he was really scared.

"no jessey were gonna get them. remember who i am?" walter said smiling big at jesse.

"who are you mr white."

"i am the meth man. i am the methamateer. i am the one who knocks. i am the one who tells knock knock jokes and you helped me jesse. you helped me break bad. you breaked bad better than i could and i liked breaking bad. i liked it. i was good at it. fucking good at it. it made me very much happy." walter said.

"wow mr white." jesse said. he hugged walter white but on in a gay way. he was so happy his best friend was walter white. walt then pushed a button and launched missiles at the jets and robot jets and one big long one shaped like a dick for obama.

"NO! NOO" obama said as he ran away but he was not fast enough as the dick missile went in obama's ass and he exploded. whalter and jesse killed obama!

"we did it haha!" walter said.

"WOOOOO!" walter and jesse said as they got into space.

"so mr white where are the aliens were gonna sell meth to?" jesse said as he was smoking a space bong.

"their past the nubonian fuckstellation star Aplha Shit X minis. JESSE. the aliens have more money than humans. we are going to take over the galaxzy jesse!" walt said. he was thinking about how he was gonna build a space castle with his money and be the king.

"shit yes mr...white bitch!" jesse said. he smoked a lot of weed then some meth. then got out of the space ship and threw some meth at the sun.

"JESSE NO!" walter said but he was too late. the meth was going to the sun.


"oh no oh my god bitch." jesse said .he started to cry and pooped himself.

"no... MY MONEY!" walter said. he was crying to. he punched jesse then hugged him because fuck he had no one else.

"mr white..."jesse handed walter the last of his martian weed.

"jesse." walter sia.d

"say you want this." jesse said.

"i fucking want this. i guess this is the finally of felina for us huh?" walter said. he took out a space bong and got high as fuck right as the sun turned blue and explodded. it destroyed the earth and walter and jesse and spread across the universe and destroyed it and killed everyone even tuco who was floating around the space because hank tried to turn him into pizza. but tuco was dead and so were walter and jesse and you reading this.

walter and jesse's adventure was over.