With all the lights off in my apartment, I unlocked my door and slowly pushed it open hoping it wouldn't make a sound this time. Last time I attempted to venture out, the door squeaked causing a few infected who happened to be wandering the halls to notice me resulting in me shutting the door, locking it and listening to their groans as they stood on the other side of the door. That little incident was two nights ago, when I was already in need of some supplies. It had been a while since I last heard a noise coming from the hallway. I knew now was my chance. With my dark grey hoodie on and my backpack secured around my shoulders, I stepped outside into the hall. I closed and locked my door before heading down the hallway.

Soon I reached the stairs where there was one infected facing the wall. Slowly and carefully, I hoisted myself up, over and onto the other side of the railing. As I moved I kept my eyes on the wall-zombie only occasionally looking away to check my footing as I climbed down to the second story stairs. Once there was a little less than two feet between myself and the floor I let go of the railing, dropping right before the steps leading down to the first floor. Thankfully the stairwell was clear.

I walked over to the glassless doors and looked around, careful not to step on any pieces of broken glass. The street was depressingly full of the common groaning undead. Typically there'll be a dozen wandering around... my eyes caught a splatter on one of the windows across the street. Now it makes sense... they came because of the smell from one of those fat waddling infected.

I pulled my hood up over my head before I stepped out onto the sidewalk and began to make my way towards the convenience and drug store. To keep out of side I kept close to the buildings and hide in the shadows cast by the moon; my only light source. I was just passing the alleyway (what I consider to be my halfway-point) when I coughed. At first I thought it was just the one, but it was as if my lungs were shrinking and I couldn't stop. I ducked behind a car and covered my mouth hoping to at least muffle the noise. I closed my eyes hoping if this was to be the end, that it would come quickly.

It seemed like forever until my coughing fit was dull enough to move my hands away. Opening my eyes, I took off my backpack and hastily unzipped one of the side pockets. I pulled out my water bottle and took a big swig. The coughing stopped... for me at least. There was someone else, who was clearly making no effort to lower their noise. I crawled over to the side of the car closest to the alley and looked around. Surprisingly, all the commons acted like there had never been a sound, not from me or whoever else was out there. They were acting like usual by barfing on each other and groaning. What is that?In the far back of the alley on the other side of the street I could see a stream of a glowing lime green color as well as a bizarre cloud emitting from what had to be the back of a car. Ignoring it, I slung my backpack back on and bolted from my hiding spot and down the street before anything spotted me.

"Hey. Andrea." The Spitter attempted to slurp up the acid that was dripping uncontrollably out of her mouth. She was leaning up against the wall by her shoulder, staring out into the street.

"Yes. I saw him too." Her eyes moved towards the owner of the voice who sat on top of the car to her left. "Do you think he knows-"

He jumped off the car landing a couple feet in front of the Spitter and coughed a few times. "I don't think he does." He leaned his back against the wall and crossed his arms.

"Whether he knows or not..." A bunch of acid flooded out of Andrea's mouth as she smiled and made a low squealing noise. "He's pretty cute. Even from what I could see from here." She put a hand on her hip and batted her eyes. "Get me suma'that. Mm!"

A huge grin spread across his face. "Yeah..."

She became nervous, unsure what he was referring to. "Oh no. You've got that look." Andrea crossed her arms in disgust. "What ever you're up to... don't. Especially if you're going to kill him. He's mine." The only response she got was a laugh. He pushed off the wall and walked toward the street. "Hey! Come back here!"

"Nothing you can do will stop me. Go back to the others, tell them if you wish." The figure turned back towards the Spitter. "I'm the only one that's closest to seeming human... maybe apart from Amber. But I'm sure you'd rather he never met her, huh?" He smirked as Andrea's smile quickly turn sour. "See you in a few days."

Finally the convenience store was in my sights. I went to the side of the building and climbed on top of the dumpster. Ever since I started raiding this store I've had to use the side window because all of the other windows and doors from what I could see were already boarded up. Even then I knew undoing any of that would have created too much noise. I grabbed the window frame and hoisted myself up. I took hold of the upper frame and swung through the window, thankfully landing on my feet. I stood up and brushed some dust off my clothes.

I went straight for the pharmaceutical section of the store. My eyes wandered over all of the labels, stopping only when ibuprofen or cough syrup appeared. I opened up a bottle of cough syrup, poured out the right dose into the cap and gulped it down. Clearing my throat, I continued my search grabbing tissues, hand warmers, batteries, toilet paper and anything else that could be remotely helpful. Had I known the apocalypse was on it's way I would have hoarded toilet paper to the point of a stockpile.

After stuffing what I could find into the backpack, I returned to the window. I tossed the pack up and out the window. Just as I was about to climb out I felt my legs wobble. "Not now..." I backed up against the wall and slumped to the floor, holding my head in my hands. I could feel my forehead burning through the bandages on my hands. I tried lifting my head, but it only brought on another dizziness spell.

As far as I know, this infection started three weeks ago. A day or two after I came down with the Flu. Due to that, everyone I knew abandoned me with the excuse 'I'm sorry, but you're already sick. You'll just slow down the group...' or what they didn't say 'Might as well conserve ammo with one less person to protect, especially since he has no future starting out sick.' About a week ago I heard hundreds of gunshots and saw the first helicopter in days. Every time I heard a shot, I packed a few essentials, prepared to go looking for the source... only to unpack a few minutes later knowing full well I wouldn't be able make it in my condition. Then after a day or two, everything was silent again.

I sat there underneath the window until the pounding in my head ceased. I pulled the chain I had around my neck out from under my shirt and hoodie. I looked at the watch I had looped through one of the links, "Crap... it's nearly dawn." I tucked my necklace-watch back under my clothes before I stood back up. I quickly exited through the window, grabbed my backpack and took off at a run through the back alleys towards my apartment building.

I've never went back the same way I came when I go out. I always leave from the front and return at the back where the fire escape is located. That way I can skip the first level. That fire escape was soon within my sights and without slowing down I jumped for it. My body slammed against the ladder, the rusting metal cutting into my hands like every other time. I wrapped my arms around one of the platforms, clinging to it for a moment and catching my breath. Right before I was about to climb up, I heard what I thought was a cough coming from behind me. I whipped my head around and scanned the area, but I saw nothing not even a common. Ignoring it I pulled myself up and climbed the fire escape up to the third floor where I opened the window and climbed in.

Once I was inside, I shut the window and walked down the hall.

I unlocked the door and stepped inside my apartment. I flipped the light switch on, lighting up the space. To the right when you first walk in is a kitchen, straight ahead is the living space with two small couches, two chairs and a great big window. Passed both of these areas on the farther right side of the apartment is the bedroom and bathroom. Sadly because of the huge window in the living room, no other room has a window.

I swung my pack onto the coffee table in the middle of my couch and lounge chairs. Unzipping each pocket and holding it upside-down I let all the contents I had collected fall out. Setting the pack on the floor I began sorting my items into categories: misc., health, food, daily living, etc. I was halfway through this process when I realized there was a breeze coming from the window. "I didn't leave that open..." I got up, looked out the window for anything strange then shut and locked it. "Strange." I turned around and there was a man in a what looked like a moldy green trench coat standing on the other side of the room.

"What's strange is that you leave the lights on all night, every night." The man turned his back to me and I instinctively went for the bat I kept under the coffee table. He flipped the switch off at the same time I held the bat in my hands. "Relax. Hey, where do you keep your candles?" He asked, entering the kitchen.

"Um... cabinet on the upper far left...?" I could barely make out his silhouette go straight to the cabinet. He took out two candles, lit one and placed it on the counter. He took a few steps towards me and I raised the bat. "Stay there! Who are you?"

"It's rude to demand someone else's name before introducing yourself." He lit the other candle in his hand.

"It's even worse to enter someone else's home without permission." All he did was smile. It made me shudder. The minimal light in the room made him look devilish. For moment we just stood there, neither budging. I sighed, giving up. "Kyle."

He smirked. He placed the second candle on the coffee table and plopped down in the center of my couch. "Name's Jason."