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Note: Correction. It'll start with a Strong/Powerful but downgraded Naruto until Chapter 8.

Pairings: Naruto/Rias/Akeno/Uzumaki-Girls/Harem

Harem:Rias Gremory, Akeno Himejima, Asia Argento, Koneko Toujou,Raynare (Servant), Kalawarner (Servant), Ravel Phenex, Xenovia, Rossweisse,Ophis, Irina Shido, Kuroka (Servant(?)) (As always, there will be females from the Naruto series that'll have a minor role and will be in the harem. See Naru EX Unleashed series section in the profile for more info)

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Series: Naru EX Unleashed (see profile for info)

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Now Presenting: Devil Dragon Storm Emperor

Chapter 01: Death of Naruto

(Opening Theme: Trip -Innocent of D- by Larval Stage Planning)

(Kuoh Academy, Special Investigation Disciplinary Committee Office)

Friday. Just another day at Kuoh Academy, a former all-girls school turned co-ed; and for our one reddish-blonde haired hero of this story, it's just another at the office.

His name is Uzumaki Naruto, aka Uzumaki-Namikaze Naruto Sparda. He's one of the most brightest and intelligent students in all of Japan due to his high IQ. Because of that, he, along with a select group of students from different school, are recognized as "special students" by Japan's Ministry of Education. Not only that, he is the current leader- no, Boss of Kuoh Academy's Special Investigation and Disciplinary Committee (SIDC for short), and the so-called enemy of all boys due to his good nature and charm capturing most of the girls' attention in school.

Naruto is a 17-year-old, third-year student with medium-short, spiky blond hair with red tips, icy, electric ocean blue eyes, five foot eleven feet tall, an impressive muscular, yet semi-slender body build, and whisker-markings on his cheeks. His current outfit is the Kuoh Academy male uniform which consists of a black blazer over an open white, long sleeved dress shirt with black highlights and a black t-shirt beneath it, a black headband with dark flame designs, matching black pants, and stylish red and black sneakers.

Right now he is catching a few Zs in the SIDC room, which he considers his safe haven from the constantly attacking fangirls that reminds him of the fangirls chasing after a certain duck-butt at his former school, Konoha Academia.

Konoha Academia. Despite it being a "prestigious" school, it's totally corrupt to the core. It's controlled by the Uchiha family; while being funded by various families who send their children there.

But who cares about those jabronis? The education's better here, not to mention the girls, and the uniforms. While Naruto may be a pervert, at least he's not a major one like his godfather and a certain trio at Kuoh Academy.

His Zs were soon interrupted by a knock on the door.

"Gaa, damn." he muttered, straightening himself out on his desk, "If it's a beautiful lady, come in!"

The door opened and in came two beautiful young twin girls. While one had a cute, innocent look, the other had a haughty and annoyed look; both are five foot two inches tall, have indigo blue princess hair, pupil-less white eyes with a lavender tint, DD-cup breasts, and wearing the Kuoh Academy girls' school uniform, which consists of a white long sleeved, button down shirt with a black ribbon on her shirt collar worn under a black shoulder cape and matching button-down corset, a black skirt, and black dress shoes over white crew-length socks.

"Hinata-chan. Hibana-chan, What's up?" Naruto asked his two of many girlfriends and maids of the Uzumaki clan back home.

"Ino and Nia has spotted the Perverted Trio at it again." Hisana said in an annoyed tone.

"As always. You girls should be fine dealing with them, and I've had enough in dealing on them, so why report to me?"

"The girl's they're spying on are the members of our own Disciplinary Squad, and the Two Great Ladies, Rias-san and Akeno-san." Hinata said without stuttering, something Naruto and Hisana managed to whack her out of, literally and figuratively.

Naruto slammed his head on his desk, making a few cracks in it, before getting up from it.

"Huh, I see why you called me now. Come on then…"

He walked pass the twins and smacked them on their rears.

"Eep!" Hinata squeaked, blushing furiously.

"Hey, Naruto-kun!" Hisana snapped as she started to chase Naruto.

"Race ya!" he shouted back as the three ran down the hallways.

(Outside the Girl's Locker Room)

"Up here!"

Naruto, Hinata, and Hisana headed up to the tree branch to two fellow blondes (in Naruto's case), Yamanaka Ino and Yamanaka Nia, who's also twins, that are five foot three inches tall, have long, platinum blond hair, green-blue eyes, fair skin, and C to D-cup breasts, and wearing the Kuoh Academy girls' school uniform, and is also part of Naruto's harem.

"There they are." said Nia, pointing to the small windows where the Perverted Trio are.

"How should you do it, Naruto-kun?" Ino said, smirking and putting a hand on her hips, "I mean, they're spying on your girlfriends, and your sister. Naughty naughty, they get caughty."

"Good point." Naruto grumbled, rubbing the back of his head and developing several tickmarks, "You girls stay here. I'll be right back."

"Don't beat them up too bad." Nia whispered in her boyfriend, making him smirk.

"Hey, it's me." he said with a grin before he jumped off the tree and snuck over to where the perverts are, who were currently praising God for such a beautiful sight.

Hyoudou Issei, Matsuda, and Motohama; three second-year students who make up the "Hentai Sannin-gumi", aka the Perverted Trio, and the most pathetic pieces of craps ever to grace the school

Issei, despite having some good points like being surprisingly hard working, he's a 24/7 hot-blooded pervert who has a known for his total obsession with the female body, most particularly their breasts. He has an average body build, spiky short brown hair, light brown eyes, and wearing the Kuoh Academy boy's school uniform, similar to Naruto's.

Matsuda, a perverted self-proclaimed lolicon, and is a former jock and school sports star. His earned nicknames include "Perverted Baldy" and the "Sexual Harassment Papparazzi".

Motohama, another perverted who claims to have the ability to calculate a female's body measurements just by looking. His own nicknames include "Perverted Glasses" and the "Three Sizes Scouter".

Anyway, these three morons are so focused on the sight of the girl's changing that they don't hear Naruto stomping loudly towards them, cracking his knuckles.

Noticing that the windows were open for air and shows a clear sight of the perverts for the other girls, Naruto took a loud, deep breath and bellowed in a modified voice, "HOLY SHIT, THOSE TITS ARE GINORMOUS!"

The shout knocked the perverts out of their happy place and looked around wildly, while Naruto used Hiraishin to rush his rear back to the tree in record time as the wall cracked and broke down, knocking the perverts off the ladder they were standing on. When they looked up, they saw several girls wrapped in towels and staring down on the trio with evil and unforgiving glares.

"That wasn't us!" they protested, but the girls were having none of their bullshit as they started to clobber the Perverted Trio, their screams of pain echoing throughout the school as they were assaulted with fists, kendo sticks, pans, the kitchen sink, etc.

"Would you lovely girls like to join in with your fellow ladies?" Naruto asked the two sets of twins, who all nodded eagerly and jumped down from the tree to join in on the beatdown, making Naruto chuckle.

Just another day at Kuoh Academy.

After the beatdown, the boys, in their chibi forms, were a bloody mess, and bruised from head to toe. The girls were satisfied, as they looked up to see Naruto giving them two thumbs up. One for the beatdown, and one for their beautiful towel-wrapped figures. The girls/maids in his harem winked at him and strutted back to the locker room swaying their hips at him. The Two Great Ladies on the other hand, the black haired one waved at Naruto while the redhead looked at him with a small smile before returning to the dressing room with her friend.

"Uh, ano… You're Uzumaki Naruto-kun, aren't you?"

Naruto looked down towards the source of the cute-sounding voice to see an attractive young girl who's five foot three inches tall, with long black hair that falls to her hips, violet eyes, and C-cup breasts. She wore a uniform from a different school, which consists of a dark red jacket with the letter "P" embroidered in gold, a white undershirt, a red bow, and a green skirt with a thin white strip around the lower end of it.

"Indeed I am. Hmm, you're not from this school, judging from your uniform." Naruto noted, jumping down to the ground and smiling at her, but inwardly frowning because her aura was a bit off to him, "I actually never seen that uniform before. What are you doing here? Do you need help with something?"

"Um, my school let out early, and well… Uzumaki-kun, are you seeing anyone at the moment?" the girl asked, rubbing her feet together.

Naruto shrugged, "Depends, considering how many girls are chasing me around, but I'm not dating anyone right now. Why?"

"I'm glad to hear that!"


"U-Um, My name is Amano Yuuma. Would you mind going out with me?" she asked shyly, her arms around her back holding her school bag and her heel digging into the ground.

"Huh? Go out with you?" Naruto repeated while raising an eyebrow, slightly noticing an unfriendly ulterior motive, "You fell for me and something?"

"H-hai!" Yuuma responded, "I've always seen you walking across the bridge, and you look so cool and…that's when I…I… I knew you were my…"


Unknown to her, Naruto was not buying it. Things like this happened at his old school, Konoha Academia. In all honesty, he, along with his siblings, were the true top students at the school, but the teachers and the administration didn't appreciate that fact that the kids were smarter than their prized student, Uchiha Sasuke, and that those kids were Uzumakis too, despite the fact that they're the children of their alumni member, Namikaze Minato. So they tampered with their grades, making Naruto, and his sisters, look bad.

Plus, the minor girls at Konoha did ask to go out with him all the time, only to stab him in the back many times to their own amusement. The movement was spearheaded by the most loyal of Sasuke's fangirls, Haruno Sakura, who had the ridiculous idea that Naruto was crushing on her, when he was actually crushing on her twin sister, Haruno Sakuya, who was nothing like her sister. It was because of Sakuya, his twin sister Naruko, and their sister Narumi, that Naruto has a harem, which consist of both girls, former stalker Hyuuga Hinata and her twin Hibana, former Uchiha fangirl Yamanaka Ino and her reserved twin sister Nia, weapons junkie Higarashi Tenten, dog-girl Inuzuka Akira, and surprisingly, Sasuke's twin sister, Uchiha Satsuki.

More on that story later, but right now, the girls now working with the Uzumaki family as maids of the Uzumaki Mansion, in order to be close to Naruto and prove to his family that they're not like the others from Konoha Academia.

"So, will you go out with me?" Yuuma asked with a blush on her face.

Shaking his head out of memory lane, Naruto shrugged again, noting that her blush was not genuine. Hinata's a master, and apparently has a spot in the Guinness World Records for "Most Deepest Blush Ever".

"Sure…" he smiled, "Who am I to deny a young woman's true feelings? Are you free Sunday?"

They exchanged their numbers and emails and walked away, with Naruto feeling Yuuma's none to discreet sneer at the back of his head as she looked back at him.

"Sunday, huh?" Naruto thought, looking at his watch while walking back to Hinata, Hibana, Ino, and Nia, "Better focus on today for now, since I have that chess match against Akeno-chan in an hour…"

(Park, Sunday evening)

"Well, Yuuma-chan. It certainly has been an enjoyable day."

"Yes it has. We had a lot of fun today! Arigato, Naruto-kun!"

Yes, it has been an enjoyable day. Both Naruto and Yuuma went to a coffee shop where couples frequent, the shopping mall, an amusement park, an arcade, a five-star restaurant, and finally, a romantic action movie.

"Well, time for me to go. My mom's gonna have my head if I'm out too late." Naruto said with a nervous laugh, "Do you want me to walk you back to your place?"

"Ok, start things first, Naruto-kun…"

"What's up, Yuuma-chan?"

She blushed a bit and asked timidly, "DIn honor of our first date, do you mind doing me a favor to commemorate this special moment?"

Naruto raised an eyebrow and shrugged, smiling, "What kind of favor are we talking about? I have a bad feeling about this…"

Yuuma walked up to Naruto, looked him in the eyes, and smiled.

"Would you mind dying for me right now?" she asked with a sudden, eerie smile.

Naruto's danger sense went off and he managed to jump out of the way just in time as a spear made of light materialized in the girl's hand; the point pointing where Naruto's heart was.

"Whoa, a spear of light? Since you tried to stab me, I'm gonna have to guess that you're a Fallen Angel." Naruto mused as he straightened up, "I thought all the Devils, Angels, and Fallen Angels have a strictly enforced order not to mess with me or my clan. May I ask why you're trying to kill me, Yuuma-chan?"

"Gomen, Naruto-kun," she said, smiling maliciously as her cute voice changed into a lower pitch yet seductive and haughty tone of voice, "But you'll never know."

She released her black wings from her back, shredded her clothing as she grew a bit taller (five foot five inches) and taking on a more slightly mature appearance, with her eyes taking on a darker, evil look. She now wears black, strap-like objects resembling leather around and under her now D-cup breasts, a thong-like piece held around her hips by three thin straps, gloves that run right up her arms with small lengths of chains hanging from them, shoulder guard-like objects on her shoulders with three large spikes sprouting from her right shoulder, and black boots.

"Although short-lived, playing lovey-dovey with you was fun. I'll take good care of this gift from you." she said, stroking the silver necklace he gave her, "So…"

"Damn, there's no way my luck is that bad. Why did she have to turn from a cute to a hot chick?" Naruto grumbled before sighing loudly, "Looks like I'll have to apologize in advance for consuming you, Fallen Angel."

"Consuming?" Yuuma repeated as she materialized red energy to create a spear, "Are you a cannibal or something, Naruto-kun?"

Naruto smirked, "Nope. It's just an expression for kicking your ass. In this world, the law of the jungle applies on the battlefield. The strong may feed on the weak, but I feed on the strong, and Fallen Angels like you, are on the menu."

Raynare sneered at that and threw the light spear at Naruto, who ducked, took off the guitar case that he had on his back, and kicked it opened, taking out a massive broadsword with a heavy double-edge blade, notched on both sides near the tip, and the pommel resembles a single spike. The grip is plain, but the guard is skeletal, with a skull-face on each side leading to the rib cage from which the blade emerges, and the crosstree folded against the ribs.

"Meet Rebellion, one of my clan's heirlooms." he said, pointing the blade at her, "I have to warn you; if you strike me down, I'll become more powerful than you could ever imagine, but you'll have to work for your kill, Yuuma."

"Oh I will." she sneered, materializing several more light spears, "And the name's not Yuuma." she added as she fired off her light spears at Naruto, who was digging into his guitar case, pulling out a white and silver belt buckle-like object and a unique 6-cylinder double-barrel magnum revolver named Blue Rose.

"It's Fallen Angel, Raynare!"

Naruto rolled out of the way of the light spears and fired a few charged at another wave of light spears, causing them to explode as he retreated to the top of the tree, pointing Blue Rose at her as he equipped the buckle on his waist. The buckle then flashed and attached itself to Naruto by wrapping a belt around his waist with a book-like object hanging from the belt's left side.

"Keh, I stand corrected then, Raynare-san…" he said as he pulled on the buckle, opened up the book-like object, and pulled out a card with a revving sound. Dodging and rolling away from another light spear that was thrown at him, Naruto raised the card, showing a picture of an armored being, flipped it around, and inserted it into the belt, with it announcing, "KAMEN RIDE"

Dodging another light spear, Naruto spun around and lashed out with a spin kick to keep Raynare back, and yelled, "HENSHIN!"

Closing the belt, it announced, "DECADE", with multiple holograms appearing around him, and then converging into one and donning him in a black, white, and magneta armored trenchcoat as ten cards appeared in the air and insert themselves into his shoulder, giving them a barcode-like motif as green futuristic sunglasses, completing his transformation into the expy of Kamen Rider Decade.

Cracking his neck, Naruto opened up his DecaDriver and RideBooker and took out a card with another Kamen Rider on it, also inserting the card to the DecaDriver and closing it.


The belt turned into another belt with various gadgets as a cellphone appeared in Naruto hands. Opening it and punching in "5-5-5", it announced "STANDING BY".


Inserting the cellphone into the new belt, it emitted Photon Blood that shaped around Naruto's body via Proton Streams, forming the Sol Foam, the Sol Metal, the Fullmetal Lung, the Power Anklet, the Energy Holster, the Global Feeler, and the Ultimate Finder armor pieces on his trenchcoat before a flash of red light consumed him.

When the light died down, Naruto's trenchcoat turned black with red lines, and had silver armor on his chest and shoulders, with a bracer on his wrist, the Faiz Driver on his waist, and yellow sunglasses, turning Naruto into a cooler version of Kamen Rider Faiz.

"Saa," Naruto said as he cracked his neck and flicked his wrist, "It's time to feast. It's showtime, Fallen Angel!"

Wielding his sword Rebellion in the Yagyu Shinkage-ryu stance, Naruto charged at Raynare, who retaliated using her light spears. Naruto weaved through the deadly spears, and swung at Raynare, who parried using a light spear and retreated to the air. Naruto 'tched' and high jumped to her to using an aerial combo followed by an Aerial Rave attack, but she kept dodging and flew higher.

"So, her weakness is close-range combat." Naruto noted, looking bored as he landed on the ground, "She must be scared to fight an opponent face to face, such is the way of a coward. All right then…"

Naruto spun around and executed Round Trip, throwing Rebellion at Raynare. Raynare ducked and sped towards Naruto, ramming him into a tree. She threw a light spear at his head, but he managed to duck in time, kicking her in the stomach as she got close, making her skid back.

Naruto then rushed forward, unleashing a streaming barrage of sword slashes at Raynare, who managed to jump back to avoid the deadly blows, but Naruto saw that coming and quickly set the Faiz Mission Memory on Rebellion, opened the cell phone on his belt, and pressed ENTER before closing it, with the belt announcing, "EXCEED CHARGE"

The energy flowed from the Gear along the Photon Stream before coating Rebellion's blade with red energy. Naruto then fired off three Drive attacks, hitting Raynare and blasting her back.

"Time to end this…" Naruto said, shooting forward with his sword at the ready.

Raynare then gave off an evil smile, "Your right. It is time to end this…"

She suddenly blurred forward, dodging his sword strike and kicking it out of his hand. She then grabbed the Faiz Gear, and ripped it off of him while passing him, de-henshining him back to Naruto, who grunted in pain from the forced de-transformation as the Faiz Gear turned back into the DecaDriver.

"Crap!" he growled, as Raynare appeared in front of him and grabbed him by the throat, materializing light spears all around Naruto.

"Looks like the one who'll be eaten here is you. Now…please die." she said sweetly, and with a snap of her fingers, he got impaled in his vital areas with blood spurting everywhere.

"…Ow." he said as he threw up blood and collapsed on the ground, feeling himself fading.

"Naruto-kun!/Naruto!" cried several voices from inside his mindscape.

"And for the final touch."

Raynare grabbed Naruto up the cuff of his shirt, and threw him up in the air. She then grabbed Rebellion, and impaled him in the heart, just as he came down, the last of the light disappearing from his eyes.

"I don't know why the higher-ups want us Fallen Angels to leave you be. Maybe you posed a future threat, or you were possibly the key to the war, I don't know. No matter though, since I took the initiative and moved in for the kill, and you've just been eaten by a Fallen Angel." she said, sticking Rebellion with Naruto's corpse to a thick tree, "You should just blame God for whatever made you special. Thanks for the wonderful memories."

Satisfied with her work, she laughed as she walked away, humming a tune to herself as her cellphone went off.

"Moshi moshi?" she asked cheerfully.

"Raynare-san, what's going on? I've been unable to get a hold of your sister."

"Oh Leader-sama! I don't know where she is right now, but I just took care of a future problem."

"Huh? A future problem? Pray tell."

"I killed Uzumaki Naruto. He was formable, but-"

"I'm sorry, but can you repeat that?!"

"Uzumaki Naruto."


"Leader-sama? What's wrong?"

"There's a reason why we have strict orders not to bother that boy or his family! I only wanted you and your sister's group to only run surveillance on him and that other kid! But because of you, you've now unleashed a power greater than the Three Factions COMBINED!"

Raynare frowned at that, "No, he can't be. There's no way possible way he's the one with their bloodlines. I mean…I killed him easily-"

Just then, an explosion of power flooded the park, crushing Raynare as she fell to her

knees from the sheer weight of it. Now horrified, she turned to find a sight that will forever be imbedded in her mind forever.

The conflict between the Three Factions, is about to receive a new challenger.





"Saa, it's time…for round two…Fallen Angel."


(Ending Theme: trip -Innocent of D- by Larvel Stage Planning)

Next time – Chapter 02: Ascension Rebirth

-Naruto goes through a Rebirth and shows Raynare her place.


Hinata's twin, Hibana (formerly Hisana), is like the alternate Hinata from Road to Ninja in terms of appearance and personality.

Ino's twin, Nia (formerly Kyoko), is like the alternate Ino from Road to Ninja in terms of appearance and personality.

Rebellion and Blue Rose are weapons from the Devil May Cry series.

In the original version, Naruto had the complete Decade and Faiz armor on. Now he had clothing that mimic the style of their armors.

Aerial Rave and Round Trip are attacks from the Devil May Cry series.

The way Raynare 'finished' Naruto is similar to Feral Chaos' ultimate attack from Dissidia Final Fantasy.

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