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Last time on Devil Dragon Storm Emperor…

"I say that went well." Naruto said cheerfully, making the girls sweatdrop as he turned to an approaching Rias, "Did I keep you waiting, Rias-chan?"

"For too long, baka!" Rias cried, leaping forward and hugged him, "I'm never letting you go again!"

"Same here…" Naruto agreed, returning the hug, "And I have them to thank."

He gestured towards Abigail, Gina, and the hooded girl, the former two grinning.

"Actually, you should be thanking the little one here." Abigail admitted, "It was all her plan to help you reunite with Rias here."

"We both just happened to stumble across her little mission…" Gina also admitted, "Kind of…"

"I see. Is that so? Well then," Naruto bent down to the hooded girl's level, "Thanks little one. I don't know what you gain from this, but you have my gratitude."

"Mine as well. Thank you." Rias added, smiling.

"Hai, onii-chan, onee-chan!"

Before Naruto, Naruko, Narumi, Naruhi, and Naruna could register their shock over recognizing the voice of the little hooded girl, the hooded girl herself leapt at Naruto, losing her hood and revealing an eight-year-old girl who's 4'5" tall with long red hair like Narumi, sparkling blue eyes similar to Naruto and Naruko, whisker-marks on her cheeks like her older brother and sisters, and wearing a black blouse, a black skirt that reach to her knees, black shinobi sandals, and a happy smile on her face.


Chapter 11: Picking Up Where They Left Off

(Uzu Island, two/three weeks earlier)

"Yosh, Tsubaki-chan! Training's over for today, so rest up!"

"Hai, Mito-baachan!"

When Mito left, the young redheaded, blue-eyed Tsubaki collapsed backfirst on the grass, completely worn out, as her Shadow Clones disappeared one by one, allowing her to absorb the training and knowledge she acquired from today's training.

She was a bright and cheerful young girl, thanks to her older siblings' influence, who didn't want her to be anti-social like Naruhi, Naruto, and Naruko were when they were kids. No, they wanted her to be open and happy. However, she developed a sibling complex, mostly towards her brother Naruto. At this rate, she'll be just like her other sisters who're all part of Naruto's harem, or a big glowing family as he rather puts it.

Even though she hasn't seen them for a while, Tsubaki has heard whispers in the wind about Naruto's weird behavior ever since his celestial ascension, and it worried her greatly. She really wants to help him, and return him to the beloved big brother she known since her birth.

"But how? What can I do?" she whined, rolling around in the grass, "I don't even know what's going on!"

"I do."


Tsubaki nearly jumped out of her skin and looked up to find the Goddess of Chaos and Discord, Yami, looking down at her with an amused smile.

"Eep! Yami-sama!" Tsubaki squeaked, about to sit up, but Yami gently kept her down.

"Easy there, little one. And please called me Yami, or Yami-chan like your older siblings." Yami chided, with Tsubaki nodding.

"Ah! Okay, Yami-chan!" she agreed in such cute way that made Yami squealed in delight, picked Tsubaki up and spinning her around while hugging her.


"Yami-chan, please stop!" Tsubaki wailed, her arms flailing while her face pressed against Yami's ample bosom.

After a while, Yami sat Tsubaki down and bent down to her level.

"Sorry about that, I couldn't resist. Anyway, I know what's going on with your brother, and it's not good. At the same time, his old friend who's attracted to him is in a bind herself. Both are meant to be together just like the others, and I'm looking for someone who can bring them back together. Know of a few candidates, Tsubaki-chan?" Yami asked in a teasing manner.

"Me me me me me!" Tsubaki cheered, jumping up and down, "I wanna help onii-chan and onee-chan be together!"

"You huh? If you do, you'll need some help." Yami pointed out.

"It's okay! Abby-chan and Gina-chan said that if I ever need any help, I can go to them." Tsubaki assured her.

"Abigail Sparda and Taisho Gina eh? With them at your side, you won't fail. All right then, go for it. Best place to start is your brother's school, Kuoh Academy." Yami instructed, with Tsubaki nodded, "A little technology from here doesn't hurt as well."

"Hai! I won't fail, because it my brother and his new girlfriend's that's in trouble! They'll be together when I'm done!" Tsubaki cheered excitedly, making Yami sigh in amusement.

"I look forward to it, my future Avatar…" she whispered as she disappeared via portal, with Tsubaki running off to find Gina and Abigail.

(Opening Theme: Trip -innocent of D- by Larval Planning Stage)

(Event Hall, present time)

Naruto and his sisters with a grinning Tsubaki in the formers arm and his other arm draped over his new girlfriend Rias; faced Sirzechs Lucifer, Grayfia Lucifuge, Lord Gremory, Venelana Gremory, Lord Phenex, and Lady Phenex.

"Well, that completes the festivities. Sirzechs Lucifer, and the heads of the Houses of Gremory and Phenex, I'm taking Rias Gremory back with me to the Human World. There won't be a problem, will there?" Naruto asked, flashing his Rinnegan at them.

Said Devils did not answer immediately, but observed the Uzumaki-Namikaze siblings, who were flanked by not only their Fallen Angel servants, but Rias and her peerage too, as well as the daughter of Sparda and the daughter of Inu no Taisho, Abigail and Gina, for a moment.

Even if they wanted to stop them, it would only be a waste of time. The siblings came not only to crash the wedding, but also to send a message, a message that was made loud and clear to the important Devil households living in the Underworld. The Descendants-, no, the Twilight Celestials are the children of the powerful Uzumaki clan in the Human World, and they, along with their loved ones, were not to be trifled with. Like Naruto said, he could've ended the fight at any time, but instead opted to toy around with the power Raiser Phenex. Despite Raiser getting in a few hits when everything he's got, Naruto shrugged them off like they were nothing and hit Raiser harder. If Naruto, and to an extension his sisters, could do that and many other things, Lord knows what'll happen if they hit adulthood.

The Dark Knight Sparda. The Half-Angel Eva. The Dragon God Hayabusa. The Demon King Raizen. The Hero King Algol. The Konqueror Shao Khan. The Onimusha Samanouke. The Rikudou Sennin. The Last Avatar. The King of Gods Zeus. The Lightsaber Wielder Revan. The Assassin Desmond Miles. The Umbra Witch Bayonetta. The First Immortal Alexander Convinus. The Dhampir Draculina BloodRayne.

Who would want to screw with a family with that kind of pedigree? Only those who wants their death warrants signed that is.

Both heads of the Houses looked at their wives, with Lady Gremory smiling and nodding at her husband while Lady Gremory put her hands on her own husband's shoulder to keep him from doing anything unnecessary. After a moment, both Lord Gremory and Lord Phenex sighed in resignation and nodded towards Naruto, who smirked.

"Well then," Naruhi said as Naruto set Tsubaki down while she went though a few handseals, "Kuchiyose (Summoning)!"

A sealing array appeared in front of Naruhi, and the fox vixen Kiyomi appeared in a puff of smoke in her redheaded human form still wearing the Kuoh Academy female school uniform with her nine tails poking out and waving about. Next to her is a Yin chakra of herself with same color hair and eyes, albeit a darker version with a slender, hourglass figure and the same E-cup size bust. Her name is Kurami.

"They're both Kyuubi that came from the Juubi. He's a Jinchuuriki as well." Sirzechs thought as some of the guests fainted from the sight of Kiyomi in her Kyuubi form, "Of course, it's said that the Uzumaki clan have the Bijuu under their care. Even with my Power of Destruction, I doubt I'll be a match for his or his sisters if they get serious, let alone fight together."

"We'll hang back for a while." Naruhi volunteered, while the others looked at her in confusion.

"Why?" Naruto questioned.

"Got a little business to take care of." Naruhi clarified, "I'll brief you on it tomorrow."

"I can take you back." Gina said, stepping up.

At Naruto's nod, Gina covered herself in youki before she grew into her large form, and let out a loud roar that nearly destroyed the event hall.

"All aboard for the Uzumaki Mansion Express!" Gina declared, couching down so that Naruto and Rias would jump onto her back.

"Saa hime-chan, you chariot awaits."

Picking up Rias, drawing an "Eep!" from her, Naruto jumped onto Gina's furry back.

"All right then. We'll see you back in the Human World!" Naruto called out to his sisters and friends as Gina flew high into the skies of the Underworld with her passengers.

"Who taught Gina-chan how to fly?" Naruna wondered as they watch her brother, Rias, and Kiyomi disappear into the sky.

"She always knew how to fly." Naruko replied, scratching her head, "But no matter. Case closed."

"And a new one opens." Naruhi added as she took out a little device from her pocket dimension.

"What do you mean, Naruhi-sama?" Raynare asked in confusion.

"You'll see…" Naruhi said as she walked over to Sirzechs, who was having a conversation with Grayfia.

"I suppose we are your transport back?" Kurami asked, looking bored.

"I'm sure it's anything to get your lazy ass active." Kiyomi scolded her, hitting her twin on the back of her head.

Meanwhile, Lords Gremory and Phenex were having a discussion of their own.

"It would seem that marriage contract has been forcefully nullified by the most unexpected of sources, Lord Gremory."

"Indeed. Heh, we are lucky to even survive it, Lord Phenex."

"Even so, it was a good marriage proposal between our two pure-blood Houses, but it would appear both of us had too much greed. Both of our Houses already have pureblooded grandchildren. Even then, what we desire was the greed of Devils, all because of the hell we saw in the war years ago…"

"I would appear so, and my daughter suffered because of it. But she was saved by a guardian angel, who I recalled was the one Rias always talked about from her old school. How she had feelings for him that fully blossomed into love when she got older. I told her that she couldn't be with him because I assumed that he was just a human, but I was wrong all these years. I just never would've imagined that the one who captured her heart was the Descendant-, no the Twilight Celestial who carries the blood of Sparda, the only Omega-class Devil that exceeds the Ultimate-class that we know today."

"The Twilight Celestial, Uzumaki-Namikaze Naruto Sparda. I want to thank him for giving my son Raiser his legitimate first taste of defeat that eluded him all his life. He trusted in our House's abilities too much. This defeat will probably be a good lesson not only to my children, but to the whole of my House as well. Even immortal, the power of the almighty Phoenix is not absolute. If my son learned this, then it's more than enough, Lord Gremory."

"Lord Phenex…"

"Your daughter possesses good servants, and with the emergence of Uzumaki-Namikaze Naruto Sparda and his sisters, the Underworld won't be bored from now on."

"True, but who would've thought that Naruto-san would have that in his arsenal as well. He really is full of surprises, just like his clan."


"The Gauntlet of the Red Dragon Emperor, the Boosted Gear. No one would've guessed it would find its way into the soul of the only male Twilight Celestial. Now that the wielder is known, its only a matter of time."

"So, the next time will definitely be…"

"Yes. It is inevitable. The Red Dragon Emperor with the blood of Sparda versus the powerful White Dragon Emperor in the last cycle of the epic rivalry between the Two Heavenly Dragons."

"Truly a fight for the ages that will be sung in centuries to come…"

(Skies of the Underworld)

"What a beautiful moon tonight, even in the Underworld~" Gina said in a sing-song voice as she soared above the clouds and under the night sky of the Underworld; her passengers comfortable with Rias sitting on Naruto's lap.

"What you did against Raiser, I don't know whether to be amazed or frightened, Naruto-kun." Rias said, with Naruto shrugging with indifference.

"He had the misfortune to remind me of an asshole I know from our dear old school." Naruto responded with distaste.

"Konoha Academia… You mean Uchiha Sasuke. I can tell by the way you describe him that he's still in immature child who thinks he's better than anyone else, similar to Raiser."

"…Spill. Why did your family take you out of Konoha Academia?"

"Well, I'm sure by now that you know about Konoha Academia's Superhuman Program, right?"

Naruto nodded, "Yeah. Me and my sisters did a mock investigation around Konoha Academia for their "Seven Wonders", and stumbled onto some information about it, among other things. Unlocking their chakra artificially instead of doing it naturally. So pathetic for not working hard to do it like we do at Uzu Island."

"Tou-san and onii-sama told me when I graduated from junior high. They found out about it when the Uchiha clan attempted to push a marriage contract for me to be one of Uchiha Sasuke's wives to bear powerful children when the school's administration discovered that I was a Devil." Rias explained, "They refused, so they had their Uchiha clan members try to use their Kekkei Genkai on them."

"Since you managed to leave, I can assume that the attempt to control your family failed." Naruto commented as Rias smirked, "How many did they vaporize?"

"By their count, ten Uchiha clan members and a couple of staff members for insulting them."

"Heh, I don't blame your old man and bro. Those fools always had a talent for putting their foot in their mouths. By the time my sisters and I left, we reduced the Uchiha clan to a handful in self-defense when they tried to subjugate us, along with maiming Konoha Academia's Administration, leaving no trace. Then they tried to get us back using the law, but the hidden cameras around the school bit them in the ass, along with Mito-baachan releasing evidence of Konoha Academia's dirty dealings, therefore ruining them for life." Naruto stated with a bloodthirsty grin.

Rias gulped and shivered at Naruto's smile, "…Remind my tou-san and onii-sama to never to piss your clan off."

"Duly noted, my crimson-haired hime-chan, which brings me to you. Why keep me in the dark about that…engagement? I sound like a broken record here, but I could've help you, despite that curse on me."

"I know, but after what happened in your room, I didn't want that curse to cause you and your sisters anymore pain when we were near each other, and decided to handle the situation under my own power."

"Yeah, that worked out pretty well didn't it." Gina deadpanned, "Then again, it's a blessing in disguise, since you're both together again."

"True, but don't do that again, otherwise I'll show you exactly why I'm a "Devil Hunter", like Dante, Vergil, and Abby-chan." Naruto teased lightly, patting her on her head.

Devil Hunters are mercenaries and bounty hunters who specialize in hunting hostile demons and Stray Devils. The title can be misleading to most Devils, which is why Rias flinched before Naruto wrapped his arm around her and bought her in for a hug.

"He he, got ya!" Naruto laughed as Rias blushed at falling her Naruto's ruse.

"Mou Naruto-kun, don't scare me like that." Rias whispered, her face inches from Naruto's own.

"Then don't keep me out of the loop again, Rias-chan, or I will come and save you again, whether you like it or not." Naruto whispered back as he closed the distance.

They kissed under the moonlight as a magic circle with the Sparda clan symbol appeared under Gina, who squealed about the power of love, and teleported them out of the Underworld.

(Event Hall)

"You seem awfully happy, Rias-chan's onii-san, Sirzechs." Naruko noted as she, Naruhi, Narumi, Naruna, Tsubaki, Abigail, Gina, Raynare, Kalawarner, and Mittelt came over to him and Grayfia.

"My father and Lord Phenex seems regretful. Unfortunately, the engagement's is as good as broken." Sirzechs replied with a smile.

"Is it really unfortunate? Your facial expression tells me otherwise." Grayfia countered, but was also smiling at the outcome.

"I did not imagine the Welsh Dragon would be inside a Twilight Celestial like Naruto-san and come over to this world." Sirzechs admitted, "Do you all know what that means?"

"Enlighten us, O Maou-sama," Abigail said sarcastically.

"An encounter with the white Vanishing Dragon is not too far into the future." Grayfia said, raising alarms into the female Twilight Celestials and their companions.

"What's a Vanishing Dragon?" Tsubaki asked, raising her hand while on Raynare's back.

"The rival to the Welsh Dragon within your brother." Grayfia revealed, "Whether it's fate or not, they will clash in battle."

"The wheel of fate is always turning, so it'll be interesting to see it happen." Kurami said, with Naruko scoffing.

"Well, whoever's holding the Vanishing Dragon's better bring everything he or she got to the table. My brother loves to fight, especially against strong opponents, as do we."

"I have no doubt." Grayfia agreed, secretly thinking about challenging some of the Uzumaki-Namikaze sisters to a match in the future.

"Something tells me you want to speak to us for a different reason other than talking about the Two Heavenly Dragons." Sirzechs interjected, making Naruhi nod and step up to him.

"You are correct. I need the guest lists for the wedding and engagement party you had…" the oldest Uzumaki-Namikaze sister requested, showing the device she has in her hand.

"May I inquire why? And what is that?"

"I built this device to find a certain someone. It's keyed to that person's energy signature they left on my brother and recently found at the church in the area of our school during our battle with the Fallen Angel Reynella."

"You mean that device can track who cursed onii-chan?" Naruna asked excitedly.

"Yep, and it reacted when we arrived, but the longer we stay, the weaker the reaction got. In a nutshell, the closer we are to the source of that Devil, the higher the reaction will be on his here device."

"So, you mean that…" Narumi demanded, shocked.

"Yes. The one who cursed our beloved brother was here." Naruhi revealed, surprising everyone around her as her eyes turned red with slits, "And when we find him…we are going to END him!"

(Uzumaki Mansion)

"Home sweet home."

Gina flew out of the portal and into the Human World right above the grounds of the Uzumaki Mansion.

"I never seen your home from the sky. It's beautiful from here." Rias said, admiring the light from the mansion on the ground.

"The mansion and the grounds are actually movable thanks to my clan's fuinjutsu. It's was built at Uzu Island and its appearance is based off of the Hatfield House in England and the Croft Manor owned by Lara Croft, who's a part-time agent at Uzu Island. She really good at treasure hunting, and even taught my sisters and I tricks of her trade by bringing us along for her adventures. We usually set it in an isolated area outside of a city or town that's surrounded by lots of trees." Naruto explained as Gina descended.

"And when you enrolled into Kuoh Academy, you moved your home here." Rias commented, "And when you're done there, you move it back to Uzu Island?"

"Yep. The Uzumaki Mansion merely gives my sisters and I a place to crash after school. There's more functions, but I'll explain when I give you the complete tour."

"I look forward to it." Rias said as Gina touched down on the roof, where there's a garden, a greenhouse, and a large outdoor pool.

Naruto then frowned when he didn't since the usual energy signatures of his extended family that were living with him in the mansion.

"Where are the others?" he wondered as he called up a holo-screen to check the statuses of his girls, when he saw a message in his inbox from his grandmother Mito.

'Your girlfriends are currently dealing with an assignment in Tokyo involving demons in which they accepted. Don't worry about them…they'll be fine. Especially with Kushina-chan leading the mission.'

"I'll go help them out." Gina offered after reading the message over Naruto's shoulder, giving him and Rias a salute and flew off into the direction of Tokyo, leaving the two lovebirds alone.

Before Rias could say any thing, Naruto grabbed Rias by her waist and Hiraishined into the mansion, both of them reappearing in the empty living room.

It was then that Yoko, the Juubi inside Naruto stuck, discreetly increasing her container's pheromones output that concentrated on Rias. Yoko would've done it earlier, but it would've affected Gina, due to her Inu heritage. In her mind, Naruto and Rias deserved this night alone.

Rias managed to recover from moving in time-space so unexpectedly, and was about to ask if that was the same technique he used during his fight with Raiser when she felt something in the air aimed at her. Not malicious intent, but…

"Make yourself at home. I'll be right back with some fresh clothes." Naruto said as he took off his red trenchcoat and toss it on the coat rack on the nearby wall.

"Eh? I can stay here?" Rias asked, who was starting to feel really warm.

"Of course. Why else would I've bought you here? Mi casa es tu casa (My home is your home). That and I don't know where you live." Naruto admitted, sweatdropping, "Uh, was it in the Underworld?"

Rias nodded as she began to rub her legs, "Hai, but I mostly lived in the old school building when I formed the Occult Research Club. But I don't mind…staying…here…"

Naruto noticed that Rias' face was burning up, she was breathing heavier, and slowly adopted a look of lust on her face as she locked her beautiful blue-green eyes with Naruto's electric ocean blue ones.

"Oi, are you okay?" Naruto asked as he went over to Rias and caught her as she staggered, "What the? Did I do something- Yoko-chan…" he thought, realizing that his pheromones are being released and finding her to be the culprit of Rias' current condition. Before he could do anything else, Rias grabbed a hold on him and pressed her chest onto Naruto's own.

"Help me! I don't know what's happening! My body's getting hot and it keeps getting hotter!" Rias cried, pushing him into a sofa before he could respond.

"Rias-chan I-hhmmp!" Naruto started, but was interrupted when Rias kissed him right on the lips, her passion and lust for him having reached the point where rational thought flew straight out the window.

"Enjoy, Naruto-kun. Her loins were already frothing when she witnessed your power against Raiser. I just happened to amplify those feelings. Give into your desires, so that no one, not even the Biblical God, can take you away from each other." Yoko giggled as she watched the two make out.

As they kissed, Naruto knew something like this would happen, but not this soon. Maybe when they lied down to go to sleep and Rias would sneak into his room in the middle of the night…

Oh well, better now than later.

That and his demonic side was enjoying Rias' aggressiveness, if wrapping his arm around her and grabbing her rear end isn't any indication. When they parted, Rias gasped for air.

"Naruto-kun…your lips…your hands…feel so good… Please, take me now!"

"Are you sure, Rias-chan? There's no going back after this…" Naruto whispered in her ear and it a lick, making her shiver.

"Yes, Naruto-kun. Despite what you did, there might be more talks for another engagement from other daring ones in the future. I want them to know that I am yours forever…I belong to you, Naruto-kun…"

They shared another kiss, this time more fierce and passionate, with their tongues dancing around each other's until they broken apart again due to a lack of air.

"Then let's pick up where we left off, Rias-hime…"

With that, Naruto used Hiraishin to take himself and his new lover to his room.

(LEMON: Naruto x Rias, don't want to read, scroll down to the next bold line)

Rias fell back first onto the middle of Naruto's huge bed, with the owner on top of her, kissing and caressing her body that was still wrapped in the red wedding dress. While she looked damn sexy in it, the phoenix motif killed the appreciation for it. Before he could do anything about it, Rias slipped her hand down to his couch as he groped her breasts.

"My, my! Moving a bit fast are we, Rias-hime?"

"I don't hear you complaining, Naruto-koi…Fantasies pale in comparison to this moment!"

"Won't be that easy love."

Naruto slipped away from the kiss and started to plant kisses on Rias' neck as he rubbed her breasts. Rias squirmed under his touch as her own hands began massaging his shoulders and back through his clothes. She whimpered when Naruto slipped through her grasp as he traveled downwards to the area of her sacred garden.

"Eek!" Rias cried as Naruto tore the skirt part of her wedding dress down the middle, revealing her beautiful legs and white panties that was completely soaked with her juices.

"Mou! Not fair, Naruto-kun!" she whined as Naruto took off her panties, despite her cooperating by raising her legs to allow Naruto to do it, allowing his to see her wet, glistening, hairless womanhood.

Naruto gave a foxy grin that sent shivers down her spine, spread her legs, and began licking at her womanhood, making her moan as she began to fondle her own breasts.

"Oh my, Naruto-kun! That's-that's it, right there!" Rias cried, prompting Naruto to continue his assault.

This continued for the next five minutes, with Rias' moaning getting louder as Naruto inserted his tongue into her womanhood while she finally freed her breasts from the confines of the red wedding dress, allowing her to fondle her right breast directly while putting her hand in Naruto's hair and pushing down lightly.

As Rias' pussy tightened a bit around his tongue, Naruto channeled chakra through it, increasing the pleasure for Rias' tenfold that caused her to reach her limit.

"Naruto-kun! I'm about to cum!"

"Then cum, my beautiful Hakai no Hime (Princess of Destruction)."

"NARUTO-KUN!" Rias yelled as she released all over Naruto's face, her body spasming as Naruto licked every drop of her love juice from his face and her nether regions.

Naruto then moved up and kissed her, making Rias taste herself, causing her to blush as she helped Naruto undress.

"I hope you're not done yet, Rias-hime…" Naruto teased her, massaging her breasts and rubbing her nipples as she tossed his shirt and pants to the side,

"We only just begun…" Rias countered, reaching down Naruto's black boxers to grab his hard cock, "By the Underworld…!"

Her eyes widened as he felt his appendage with her hands, measuring it at 10 inches, "He's so big! No wonder he's able to keep the others happy! Akeno's going to have a field day when she gets with him!"

Wanting to see for herself, Rias pulled the boxers down and nearly got hit by Naruto hard-on as it now stood at full mast.

"Oh, there's no way that'll fit into me dry…"

"What's wrong, Rias-hime? You're not giving up on me are you?" Naruto taunted, stroking her beautiful hair.

Snapped out of her musings, she gave a playful glare and retaliated by gripping his shaft and took it into her mouth. Naruto groaned when Rias started bobbing her head up and down.

She is an amateur at this, completely inexperienced since it was her first time doing something like this, only seeing it one when she caught Akeno looking at a porno, but it didn't stop her from doing her best, with her slurping, sucking, and moaning echo through her lover's room, with said lover moaning himself at the feel of his manhood inside Rias' warm mouth.

"Does that feel good?" Rias asked, letting up for bit.

"Yeah." Naruto replied, nodding.

Rias smiled at that, happy that she was satisfying her partner, and decided to try something new by wedging his cock between her breasts and continued sucking on what she could fit it her mouth.

"Oh damn!"

The pleasurable sensation of her soft breasts was enough to get Naruto thrusting up into Rias' mouth while put his hand on her head, controlling her pace. Rias moaned as the tip of Naruto's cock hit the back of her throat, causing her to groan, but not far enough in to hit her gag reflex.

A few minutes passed, and Rias started moving in sync with him, sucking harder, making Naruto reach his peak.

"Ugh, here I come, Rias!" Naruto warned her, with her responding by bobbing her head faster until he finally released in her mouth, filling it until he moved back, taking his cock out of her shooting more cum on her face and breasts.

Naruto then blinked as he saw Rias swallow his essence to the best of her ability and opened her mouth with her tongue hanging out to show that her mouth was empty.

"Are you sure you never done this before?" Naruto asked skeptically while keeping his lustful demonic urges in check at seeing Rias' current appearance, "Because I was completely blown away by that bold performance."

"Well, I had plenty of practice with vanilla ice pops and read a lot of erotica." Rias replied in a sultry tone, looking at herself, "Mmm, I'm such a mess!"

"Which make you all the more beautiful." Naruto countered, stroking her hair.

"Mou, I bet you say that to all the girls." Rias groaned, wiping her face with the sleeve of the red wedding dress.

"Aren't you happy that you're one of them?" Naruto questioned.

Rias leaned forward and kissed Naruto full on the lips while gripping his cock and stroking it.

"Does that answer your question?" she asked lustfully, pulling back and groped her breast while continuing to stroke Naruto's hard-on, "Na-ru-to-koi?"

All of Naruto's self-control went out the window as his demonic instincts kicked in, pushing Rias onto the bed, spreading her legs and lining his cock up with her drooling pussy.

"Mine!" Naruto declared, in terms of Rias being his new mate, NOT as a trophy, as his eyes turned red with slits.

"Yours!" Rias cried out as he felt Naruto's cock poking at her entrance, with her eyes turning red as well.

With a quick, strong thrust, Naruto speared himself into Rias' pussy, breaking her hymen and taking her virginity in one move, filling her to the brim, making Rias' large breasts bounce as she arched her back and cry out in pain and pleasure.

"Ahhh~ This isn't a…dream. You're… inside of me. We finally…become one…" Rias cried, tears of happiness flowing down her cheeks.

"And not a moment sooner…" Naruto agreed as he began to thrust into the redhead, holding onto her legs and screwing her in the missionary position on his knees, "Ugh, you're so tight!"

Rias could stop crying out and moaning as Naruto dominated her. She could feel the power of his thrusts and his control over her, and boy did he enjoy it. A few moments later, she found herself being lifted up as Naruto laid on his back with her on top, putting her in the cowgirl position that made her lean on his chest.

Rias just looked at her lover before flashing a beautiful smile and began to ride him. Naruto groaned as Rias bounced on his cock, her breasts bouncing about as well as her hair. This continued until Naruto grinned mischievously and thrust up, causing her to gasp as Naruto grabbed her hips and controlled her pace. Once again, a horny Rias found her pace being controlled as Naruto found her G-spot and thrust into it. Rias moaned louder at that move, with Naruto sitting up, grabbed her breasts, and suck on him through the nipples, his dancing tongue around them driving Rias crazy and close to insanity. What amazing is the fact that Naruto is continuing to pound into Rias while doing it.

Naruto then let up on his breast-sucking and thrusting, with Rias suddenly looking confused as Naruto turned her around while still being connected to her, her back now facing him. Naruto then continued his siege onto her body, thrusting into her while kissing her neckline and massaging her breasts. Rias could barely form words due to the insane amount of pleasure she was receiving.

After a few more minutes of this, Naruto pushed Rias back onto the bed, this time fucking her doggystyle. Then Naruto scowled, looking at the red phoenix wedding dress that bastard Raiser had her wear. It was an eyesore, which prompted Naruto to unleash a burst of wind chakra that turned the phoenix-motif wedding dress on Rias into ribbons, leaving Riaas completely naked as they both started to reach their peaks.

"Rias-hime, I'm going to cum soon!" Naruto warned her, but not letting up on his inhuman pace.

"Please cum inside me, Naruto-koi! I need it!" Rias wailed.

"Then Rias, are you truly ready to be one of my new mates?"

"Hai! You may be my future servant, but my body, heart, and soul belongs to you, Naruto-koi!"

Naruto brought Rias up to him and kissed her while thrusting rapidly into her body with Rias moaned into the kiss.

"I'm cumming! I'm cumming!" she cried as both their restraints snapped.

Naruto groaned, filling her with his huge load as Rias screamed in pleasure. As his semen flowed out of Rias despite still being connected, Naruto targeted the left side of Rias' neck and bit into it, channeling his power into her.

Rias gasped, shivering in pleasure that overrode her pain sensors as Naruto's power flowed into her from his fangs, her eyes turning completely black before the darkness in her eyes retreated into her pupil, returning them to their memorizing blue-green state. At the same time, a mark appeared on the back of her left collarbone: a fox-head with ten tails around it over a yin-yang background with a Juubi-Eye-like design.

It was a mate mark, signifying that in demonic terms, both Naruto and Rias were now married.

"That was amazing, Naruto-kun." Rias panted, "It's like you're a Sex Viking."

"Au contraire, my lovely Rias-hime. We're only just beginning." Naruto replied as he gripped her breasts.

"Eh? Naruto-kun?"

Rias was confused. Wasn't after the climax that sex would be over. At this point, Naruto's cock should've softened by now. But to her surprise, it was still hard, despite releasing so much of Naruto's semen into her.

"There's a reason why I have a harem. It's unfortunately because of my godlike stamina that I have a harem, thought I've made peace with the fact and welcomed it. That and I have quite the healthy sexual relationship with all my girls. And considering my pedigree…"

Rias' eyes widened in realization as Naruto laid her and himself them sideways on the bed, lifted one of Rias' legs up, and thrust into her, making her squeal.

"I'm going to be sore tomorrow…" Rias whined to herself with dread, but was excited about the incoming sex marathon all the same.

(LEMON OVER, you kiddies can come out now. It's safe!)

Outside the door to Naruto's room, unnoticed by Naruto and Rias, was Mito Uzumaki, who blushed as she heard the two lover's continued sexual intercourse. She arrived at the mansion to see if Naruto got back okay along with Rias, only to find that was the case, seeing her grandson plow into one of his new girls.

The exotic sounds of Naruto's grunting and Rias' moaning didn't help matters as Mito felt a familiar feeling bubbling up inside her; a feeling she hasn't felt since the death of her husband after Kyuubi's unwilling attack on Uzu Island on the night of Naruto and Naruko's birth, caused by Konoha Zaibatsu's elite mercenary group, the Akatsuki.

The feelings of arousal and excitement; but this time towards her own grandson. Incest isn't exactly frowned upon in the Uzumaki clan, but still…

Mito couldn't take it anymore as she quickly used a Uzu-Shunshin to leave the mansion and arrive in her own room of Uzu Island, intent on using a certain toy she possess in the drawer next to her bed.

It's going to be a long night for her.

(Uzumaki Mansion, the next day, afternoon)

Kushina was sitting on a couch across from her son, her eyebrow twitching as she watched her beloved son cuddling with the newest addition to her ever-growing family, Rias, who was purring loudly. But the reason why her eyebrow's twitching is that Yoko was sitting on the arm of the couch Naruto and Rias were on, wearing a smirk at Kushina's reaction.

"Is it just me, or from now on every time you get a girlfriend, they're going to move in with us, dattebane?" she asked as Naruto's sisters and other girlfriends in their maid outfits were sniggering.

"That would the former." Naruto confirmed, also smirking, "Like Asia-chan, Rias-chan will be living with us. Something about "deepening" the bonds with her new extended family."

"Got a problem with that, kaa-chan?" Naruko asked while Kushina sighed.

"No. I did expect something like this would happen, so the more the merrier!" Kushina admitted while flashing a smile at her fellow redhead, "Welcome to the family, Rias-chan."

"I'm in your care, okaa-sama!" Rias said brightly.

"Well, what to do? Asia-chan and Rias-chan… I have two more daughters now." Kushina mused.

"Well, I think you broke the Guinness World Record for having the most future daughter-in-laws." Naruhi whispered to herself, but Kushina heard her and threw a fireball at her, which her promptly ducked, "Not nice, kaa-chan."

All the girls laughed as Kushina leapt up and started to chase her beloved elder daughter around the mansion, as Naruto grinned and looked at his left arm.

"Ddraig went silent after the battle with Raiser. Arwen explained that after the time expired on the Balance Breaker, Draig managed to stay awake long enough to see Raiser surrender. Because of the immature awakening and modification of the Balance Breaker, it put a lot of strain on him that he failed to mention in favor of experiencing what I can change with the Balance Breaker. As for the side effect of his power leaking out of my arm, Akeno-chan found a method to suppress Ddraig's power in my arm my lessoning his magical power. It has to be done every few days, and only Rias-hime and Akeno-chan have the ability to do the endeavor. After what happened the past few days, Ddraig deserves a good rest. He'll need it when I grill with for more information about his fight with Ablion…"

Several pokes by Rias brought Naruto back to the real world.

"Naruto-kun, is your arm…?"

"No, it's fine. Just thinking." Naruto assured her as he got up, "Shall we take your things up to your room?"

"Hai, but I should warn you, I have a lot of stuff…" Rias said as a Gremory magic circle appeared, and boxes full of Rias' things materialized in the living room moments later.

"I guess this is a job for us." Satsuki said as she and the other maids proceeded to grab a box and take them to Rias' new room, "Let's get them out of the way before Kushina-sama and Naruhi comes crashing into them."

"I'll help too." Asia piped up as Naruto grabbed a box to take upstairs.

As they went upstairs to the second floor in where Rias' room is next to Naruto's room, Naruto heard Asia whispering to herself.

"Auuh… Because of Naruto-san's heritage, he's required to have multiple wives. But…but, it will be against the Lord's teachings… If it continues like this…"

"Then we'll have one big happy family." Naruto interjected after hearing what she said with his sensitive ears, making her cried out in surprise and throw the box up in the air in fright. Naruto caught it with ease, now carrying two boxes as they got to Rias' room.

"Naruto-san!" Asia squeaked as Naruto set the boxes in Rias' new room.

"No disrespect to you or your Biblical God, but I could care less for his teachings about how many wives one should have. I wouldn't be surprised that He had a hidden harem or something like that, like any other powerful being." Naruto guessed jokingly, causing Asia to sputter.

"Does that mean Sparda-jiji has lot of girls too?" Tsubaki asked as the others finished bringing in Rias' stuff.

"That would be his own peerage, with Eva-baasan being his Queen aka Alpha." Naruhi explained from the doorways as the other girls filed out, having already heard the story, "And while this isn't a known fact, Zeus-jiji has a harem too."

Asia was amazed, "Wow…"

"And here I am, carrying on the tradition, except I prefer my harem as a "big growing family"." Naruto chimed in.

Naruhi laughed, "You're so modest, otouto. Such a gentlemen."

"I have my moments."

After they were done putting Rias' things into her room, Rias planned on taking a bath, and offered to wash Naruto's back if he comes along. Natrually Naruto agreed, but Asia wanted to join in to, indirectly stating that she wants to be part of Naruto's harem. In the end, Kushina had everyone in the resident go into the huge bathhouse that doubles as a onsen below the mansion, where they took turns washing each other backs and getting into waterfights that escalated into a water jutsu war.

Yep, just another day at the Uzumaki Mansion, as Rias and Asia learned the hard way.

(Occult Research Club, a few days later)

"It's finally time." Rias said.

"Ara ara, it would seem that our family's about to get more liver, Buchou." Akeno noted in amusement.

Naruto, Naruko, Narumi, Naruhi, and Naruna were standing on magic glyphs with the House of Gremory's seal on them, preparing to be part of Rias' peerage. Rias' was originally confused as to why they want to be Pawns, until Naruto explained that while they could be considered Pawns, they can easily win their fights due to their opponents underestimating them. Naruko added in that it would make others think twice about challenging them, allowing them to move up the ranks faster. However, Naruhi pointed out they would not allow their fellow peerage members to lack off, and will assist in their training.

The appearance of the Twilight Celestials has no doubt stirred up a hornet's nest after all.

Around the siblings were Rias, Akeno, Koneko, Yumi, Asia, and Issei, the latter currently on the floor with multiple lumps on his head. The idiot had unfortunately voiced his thought since he was technically their senpai, he would get Naruto and his sisters to look the other way when he and his friends were peeping, along other things as he looked at the sisters with perverted eyes. The result was all five Twilight Celestials beating the living daylights out of the perverted Devil right then and there.

In addition to the Uzumaki clan "slaves" Raynare, Kakwarner, and Millelt, little Tsubaki was there too, wanting to see her brother and sisters' official induction in Rias' peerage, with the three Fallen Angels assigned to be her bodyguards until further notice. Finally, leaning against the wall was Abigail Sparda, with Gina Taisho in her Inu Form next to her.

"Okay girls. Last chance to back out." Naruto said as the magic circles started glowing.

"And let you have all the fun? Not on your life." Naruko countered.

"Can't blame her for saying that since the lesser demons from the Demon World's haven't been giving us much of a workout." Naruhi said as she twirled the Pawn piece in her hand.

"Mou, I can't wait anymore." Naruna whined as Narumi agreed.

"Then let us not waste anymore time." Rias declared "I command thee, Uzumaki-Namikaze Naruto Sparda, Uzumaki-Namikaze Naruko Sparda, Uzumaki-Namikaze Narumi Sparda, Uzumaki-Namikaze Naruhi Sparda, and Uzumaki-Namikaze Naruna Sparda, on my name Rias Gremory, become my servants and lead a new life as my Pawns!"

The magic circles beneath the Twilight Celestials glowed a blinding red as the Pawns pieces sunk into their bodies, making them glow red. Then there was a of sudden wave of chakra, youki, ki, reiryoku, and mana that saturated the room, covering Naruto, Naruko, Narumi, Naruhi, and Naruna and forcing everyone except Abigail, Gina, Tsubaki on all fours, doing all they can to keep breathing, since it feels like they're drowning in a maelstrom.

"Su-Sugoi…" Asia thought in horrid fasciation.

"What power!" Yumi and Koneko thought as well.

"This power. I'm getting wet from just being bathed in it." Akeno thought, discreetly touching herself.

However, Rias was slightly unaffected by it due to the mark given to her by Naruto during their first night together, and was in a similar position like Akeno.

Unluckily for Issei, he passed out from the raw power flooding the room.

"Keh, and they're still young. Imagine their power levels when they're full grown adults." Abigail said as she shivered in pleasure at being bathed in the power.

"No one in the world will match them." Gina stated, while trying to keep her feral urges down.

Just as others were about to fall unconscious and join him, the energy dissipated, showing Naruto, Naruko, Narumi, Naruhi, and Naruna in their combat forms and Yoko Devil Trigger Level 1 active, as evidenced by the fox ears and fox tails on their beings; along with the Boosted Gears on her left arms, and the Devil Bringers on their right arms.

"Under the maelstrom of our contract, all threats to our master Rias Gremory, will be purged!" the five Uzumaki-Namikaze siblings said as one as their eyes opened, revealing their Juubigan (Ten-Tailed Eyes).

"Yay!" Tsubaki cheered while bouncing around the room.

"Oh, what have I unleashed…" Rias thought as she touched her mate mark, looking forward to the future.

(Ending Theme: STUDYxSTUDY by StylipS)

A few hours later…

"So basically, we go around, passing out flyers with magic circles that are keyed to our magical signatures, and when a client summons us, we go to assist them in their requests." Naruto summarized after Rias gave him and his sisters a rundown of their duties.

"That right. As you know, this club is our cover. In case of emergencies, this club can be used to get out of school activities for an important mission that can't be ignored." Rias said as Naruto nodded, "Anymore questions?"

"Just one. Is there any truth to this club's name, or did you name it to make it sound cool?" Naruhi asked in a deadpan manner, making Naruto and their sisters' snigger.

"Actually, there is," Rias confirmed, though clearly irked with a tickmark showing on her head, "Despite me going to a human school, I still have to fulfill my Devil school requirements, which includes the study and research of Youkai and other creatures, mostly in this area…"

"What kind of stuff do Devil schools teach?" Naruna wondered outloud as there was a knock on the clubroom door.

"Come in!" Akeno called out as the other's attention turned to the door.

The door opened and eight students walked in, with the SIDC and the Occult Research Club recognizing them as Kuoh Academy's Student Council.

"Please excuse us…"

The first student is a young woman around the same age as Rias with black hair styled in a short bob cut and violet eyes. She wears a pair of red glasses and the Kuoh Academy girls' school uniform. She is the President of the Student Council, Shitori Souna, a third-year and the third most popular girl in the academy, behind Rias and Akeno.

The second student is a young woman with knee-length black hair with split bangs and heterochromic eyes. In addition to wearing the Kuoh Academy girls' school uniform, she also wears blue, semi-rimmed glasses with square lenses. She is the Vice-President, Shinra Tsubaki, a third-year and fourth most popular girl in the academy.

The third student is a girl with white hair with black fringes, blue-green eyes, and wearing the Kuoh Academy's girls' school uniform. She is second-year Hanakai Momo.

The fourth student is a slim girl with long brown hair that ends in two short braids and matching eyes, and wears a blue headband and the Kuoh's Academy girls' school uniform. She is second-year Kusaka Reya.

The fifth student is a girl with shoulder-length, reddish-brown hair with swept bangs and an antenna sticking out from the top and brown eyes, and wears the Kuoh Academy girls' school uniform. She is second-year Meguri Tomoe.

The sixth student is a tall girl with blue, shoulder-length hair and matching eyes with the appearance of a tomboy and a bishounen face, and wearing the Kuoh Academy girls' school uniform. She is second-year Yura Tsubasa.

The seventh student is a short, petite girl with brown hair in twin ponytails with a pair of green clips and green eyes, and wearing the Kuoh Academy girls' school uniform. She is first-year Nimura Ruruko.

And the last student is a young man with short blonde hair and grey eyes. He wears the Kuoh Academy boys' school uniform, albeit without the blazer and his sleeves are rolled up. He is second-year Saji Genshirou, student who just joined the Student Council as the Secretary.

"Sh-She is…" Issei said as Raynare, Kalawarner, and Mittelt stiffened, recognizing their energy signatures and Abigail raised an eyebrow.

"Um, who is she?" Asia asked, having not seen them before.

"She's the Student Council President, Shitori Souna. Next to her is the Vice-President, Shinra Tsubaki." Naruto answered as his nose twitched.

"Actually, these are all Student Council Members!" Issei added.

"No kidding if both the Prez and Vice-Prez are here with them." Narumi grumbled while facepalming.

"What brings all of you here?" Rias asked as she came up from her desk.

"Just a greeting, since both of us have new servants." Souna replied, surprising Asia and Issei, but slightly surprising Naruto and his sisters.

"Servants? Don't tell me…" Issei started.

"So my eyes weren't deceiving me when I saw you at the "wedding" a few days ago. You and the rest of the Student Council are Devils." Naruto summarized.

"Her real name is Sona Sitri. She's the heir-apparent of the upper-class House of Sitri." Akeno informed the new servants of her King's peerage.

"Th-there are other Devils in this school?!" Issei exclaimed in shock.

"Small world." Abigail stated as Naruto, Naruko, Narumi, Naruhi, and Naruna sighed.

The world just keeps getting smaller with each interesting revelation.



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