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Warm sunrays shone into my face when I opened my eyes. I yawned, stretching my arms before I left my comfortably warm bed and made my way to the large window. Raindrops glistened on the flowers in the garden and on the grass; it must have rained last night. Fresh, chilly air filled my lungs as I opened the window, breathing in deeply.

I made my way to my bathroom where I washed my face and combed my blonde curls, then I went back into my room to open my suitcases and take out some clothes. I decided to dress a bright red sundress with white flowers. I put on no make-up; my mother had always told me not to hide my natural beauty behind that, besides that a proper girl wears seldom make-up.

Everything in the house was quiet when I went downstairs, looking around in search of Henrietta. I finally found her in the kitchen. "Good morning," I greeted her.

"Oh, guten Morgen, Heidi," ("Oh, good morning, Heidi,") she replied with a motherly smile. "Haben Sie gut geschlafen?" ("Did you sleep well?")

"Ja, nach zwei Nächten schläft auf den harten Sitzen in der Bahn, fühlte ich mich wie liegend in einem weichen, weißen Wolke." ("Yeah, after two nights sleeping on those hard seats in the train, I felt like lying in a soft white cloud.")

Henrietta laughed; I wondered why. "Ich denke so, sonst würden Sie nicht so einen langen Schlaf." („I guess so; otherwise you wouldn't have such a long sleep.")

I looked at her in confusion until my gaze hid the clock at the wall. It was nearly 11 am. "Oh mein Gott," („Oh my goodness,") I cried out. "Ich hatte keine Ahnung, die schon so spät ist." ("I had no idea that's already so late.")

"Das ist in Ordnung. Ach ja, und dein Vater sagte mir heute morgen wird er wieder um 03.00 Uhr auf etwas Wichtiges mit einem Kollegen diskutieren. Soll ich dir Frühstück?" ("That's fine. Oh, and your father told me this morning he will be back around 3 pm to discuss something of importance with a colleague. Shall I make you breakfast?")

"Ja, das wäre schöner." ("Yeah, that would be lovely.")

While Henrietta was preparing my breakfast, I had a short walk through the garden. The air smelled fresh because of the rain last night and everything was lush and rich. Countless flowers were there in various colours, making the garden looking like a little paradise midst in a world of war.

"Heidi, das Frühstück ist fertig," ("Heidi, breakfast is ready,") I heard Henrietta calling me and made my way into the house and dining room with the large table. A huge plate stood there, full of pancakes and on another plate were toasts with bacon and fried eggs. A mug of steaming tea stood next to them. "Sag mir einfach, wenn Sie möchten, dass mehr bekommen," ("Just tell me if you'd like to get more,") Henrietta said.

"Danke," ("Thanks,") I thanked her, taking a seat and enjoying the delicious meal. Henrietta disappeared to the kitchen, so I ate in complete silence.

After finishing, Henrietta came back to clean the table. "Oh, fast hätte ich vergessen, Ihnen zu sagen, dass Oberst Landa gesagt, dass Sie so etwas tragen nett und sie verbindenden nach." ("I almost forget to tell you that Colonel Landa said that you shall wearing something nice and joining them later.")

"Umm in Ordnung," ("Umm alright,") I mumbled. "Weißt du, wer der Gast ist?" ("Do you know who the guest is?")

"Es ist der Mann, den du gestern getroffen, Major Hellstrom." ("It's the man you met yesterday, Major Hellstrom.")

"Oh, okey," I nodded, before I went upstairs to my room, thinking about what I can get dressed in. I actually found myself well-dressed in the bright red sundress, so I just put my hair up.

There was little time left until 3 pm, so I took a book from my suitcase and started reading. Then all of a sudden I heard the door bell ringing. I laid the book aside, sneaking out of my room and looking down the hall. Although as Henrietta didn't appear, I went downstairs and opened the door. Like expected, it was the same man I met yesterday.

He looked me in surprise, just like he had actually expected to see Henrietta, but smiled at me then. He had dark hair and looked rather pale yet not unattractive. I felt my cheeks blushing and looked down. "Darf ich reinkommen?" ("May I come inside?") he asked then as I continued standing there.

"Umm Ja, natürlich," ("Umm yeah, of course,") I quickly replied, stepping aside to let him go inside.

"Danke, Miss," („Thank you, Miss,") he said. "Ich hatte keine Ahnung, dass Oberst Landa zwei Dienstmädchen hat," ("I had no idea that Colonel Landa has two maids,") he continued as taking off his coat and cap which I took from him.

"Oh, ich bin hier seit nur ein paar Tage Henrietta helfen und kennen zu lernen, wie man ein gutes Mädchen zu sein," ("Oh, I'm here since just a couple of day to help Henrietta and get to know how to be a good maid,") I answered and couldn't help but grinning.

"Ich bin sicher, du wirst einen tollen Job machen," ("I'm sure you'll do a great job,") the Major replied.

I grinned again. "Möchten Sie eine Tasse Tee haben?" ("Would you like to have a cup of tea?") I asked then.

"Das wäre toll, Miss," ("That would be great, Miss,") he said with a nod before making his way to the living room. That showed me that he was familiar with the house here and so I guessed that my father had invited him for already numerous times.

I ran up to the kitchen where I almost crashed in Henrietta who came running from the garden in the house. "Jesus," she cried out, pressing a hand against her chest. "Du gabst mir einen Start, ich sage dir, meine Liebe." („You gave me a start, I tell you, my dear.")

"Ich bin so leid, aber ich brauche, um einen Tee zu machen," ("I'm so sorry, but I need to make some tea,") I replied, looking helplessly at her. Of course I wasn't so thumb not to know how to prepare some tea, but I had no idea where I could find some in the kitchen.

"Wesentliche Hellstrom angekommen ist, hat er nicht? Ich sah einen schwarzen Wagen kommen, den Weg so wie ich aufgelegt hatte, die Wäsche." („Major Hellstrom has arrived, hasn't he? I saw a black car coming up the way just as I hung up the washing.")

"Ja, ich öffnete die Tür und ließ ihn in." ("Yes, I opened the door and let him into.")

"Oh danke, Heidi," ("Oh thank you, Heidi,") she smiled motherly at me before starting to prepare the tea.

"Ich werde den Tee zu ihm zu bringen," ("I will bring the tea to him,") I said then after she finished.

"Sie haben wirklich nicht zu, und ich bin sicher, Oberst Landa wäre böse, wenn das Lernen, dass seine Tochter tut meine Pflichten," ("You really don't have to, and I'm sure Colonel Landa would be angry if learning that his daughter is doing my duties,") she replied hesitantly.

"Das ist in Ordnung, in der Tat war ich ein Scherz der Major mit ihm zu sagen Ich bin der neue Magd dort." ("That's fine; in fact I was kidding the Major with telling him I'm the new maid there.")

Henrietta looked at me with surprise for a moment before laughing. I joined her. "Nun, dann ein gutes Mädchen sein und bringe ihm den Tee," („Now, then be a good maid and bring him the tea,") she said still laughing.

I caught the tray and made my way back into the living room where the Major had made himself comfortable on the large couch. "Dort gehen wir," ("There we go,") I put on a smile like a good maid or waitress does while pouring him the tea.

"Danke, Miss," ("Thank you, Miss,") he returned, looking up from the newspaper he was reading.

While serving him, I could feel his gaze laying on me, but when I turned towards him, I quickly looked at the newspaper again, but couldn't hide an amused grin. I wondered why he was grinning.

"Was ist so lustig, Sir?" („What's so funny, sir?") I asked then curiously.

"Oh, ich habe nur gefragt, wo Sie möchten, nachdem er ein gutes Mädchen hier zu arbeiten. In der Tat, ich würde ein gutes Mädchen brauchen und die durch solche einer reizenden Dame serviert wird, ist ein Vergnügen," ("Oh, I just wondered where you would like to work after becoming a good maid here. In fact, I would need a good maid and being served by such a lovely lady is a pleasure,") he answered. His smile was almost boyish, although he must be in his late twenties.

"Hmm, ich vielleicht wird dieses Angebot prüfen," ("Hmm, I maybe will consider this offer,") I smiled back.

Then the doorbell rang again. This time Henrietta was at the door at first, opening it from my father. "Guten Nachmittag, Oberst," ("Good afternoon, Colonel,") she greeted politely yet obviously not comfortable. She only seemed to know my father as the cold and unapproachable man he often was.

"Guten Nachmittag," ("Good afternoon,") he replied. "Sehe ich größere Hellstrom ist schon angekommen?" („I see Major Hellstrom has already arrived?")

"Er hat," ("He has,") I answered, running up to him. I hesitated before giving him a tender hug. I looked highly surprised by my behaviour but returned the hug then. It was the first time since eight years that he took me into his arms again. I immediately felt like the little girl I had been long time ago when my parents were still married and living together in Vienna, when everything had been alright and the world peacefully.

I was astonished as he kissed me on both cheeks, smiling surprisingly warmly at me. "Meine liebe Heidi," ("My dear Heidi,") he mumbled, making my heart jumping with joy. "Nun komm, würde Ich mag Ihnen zum Major Hellstrom einzuführen." („Now come, I would like to introduce you to Major Hellstrom.")

He gently leaded me into the living room where the Major just took a slip of his tea, but jumping up as he saw my father approaching. They shook hands before my father laid his hands upon my shoulder, smiling proudly just like a father could smile. "Heidi, das ist Major Dieter Hellstrom, "("Heidi, this is Major Dieter Hellstrom,") he introduced me to him. "Dieter, das ist meine wunderschöne Tochter Heidi." ("Dieter, this is my beautiful daughter Heidi.")

Major Hellstrom laughed. "Wir haben bereits erfüllt, in der Tat wurde sie dienen mir," ("We already met; in fact she was serving me,") he answered before taking my hand into his and put a soft kiss upon my chuckles. "Es ist ein Vergnügen." ("It's a pleasure.")

I stared at him with big eyes and open mouth. "Y-Sie wusste, dass ich kein Mädchen bin?" ("Y-you knew that I'm no maid?") I stammered.

"Natürlich ich wusste," ("Of course I knew,") he answered, still smiling. I felt like an idiot, my cheeks got burning hot and bright red. "Es gibt keinen Grund sich zu schämen, ganz im Gegenteil, Sie sollten stolz darauf sein, schon so eine gute Hausfrau." ("There's no reason to be ashamed; quite the contrary, you should be proud of being already such a good housewife.")

I slightly frowned now. That fact that every German girl must turn into a perfect housewife annoyed me to no end, but what else should I expect from someone like him who was surely supporting everything what Hitler did. It reminded me painfully that my father did the very same and suddenly I felt uncomfortable in the presence of both men.

"Bitte, haben Sie einen Sitz," ("Please, have a seat,") my father told the Major. "Du auch," ("You too,") he added, pushing me gently towards the Major on the couch. I rather had preferred to sit next to my father because I felt the Major looking over me again, but sighed then, hardly interested in their conversation.