June 18th

I looked around the open land nervously. My Dad had been pressuring me to get into the family business. So here I was, Camp Rock, for aspiring musicians, dancers, and producers. Dad was a singer, he had his first hit the year I was born. My older brother was lead guitarist in a world famous band. Uncle Earl was guitar in Dad's band. Aunt Dolly was, well... Dolly Parton. Dad thought it a crime against nature for me not to be in the music industry too.

"Check out all this tail." I heard a boy say, walking past me to get off the bus. All the other kids were scrambling to get off. I didn't want to be here, so I was happy on the bus.

"That's not a nice thing to say." Another boy spoke softly.

"Shut up, Douche." The first boy scoffed and I looked up to see a boy with curly black hair push another boy out of the way.

"Hey-" The second boy, tanned, dark hair falling in his eyes, a blush on his cheeks. The first boy just rolled his eyes and walked away, leaving the second one to pick up his guitar and the loose pages that had fallen from a book.

"Here." I got up and helped him pick up his pages.

"Thanks." The boy whispered, looking down and blushing even more. "Wow." The boy finally looked up at me, his brown eyes going wide.

"You should get going." I muttered, trying to hide my own blush with my hair. "Wouldn't want to miss orrientation."

"Right." The boy nodded, scrambling to get up, taking his pages and his book and his guitar, awkwardly shuffling off the bus.

"Come on, Sweetheart, time to get off." The bus driver prompted impatiently. I sighed and grabbed my backpack, reluctantly stepping off the bus.

"So, is this your first year?" The boy I helped before asked when I stepped off, he looked nervous, shy. "At-at Camp Rock?"

"Yeah." I sighed, the first of many if I didn't find some musical talent. "You?"

"Yeah. I just love music." The boy smiled shyly before his face lit up and he scurried forward to pick up a bag that had just been unloaded. "I-I'll see you?"

"Sure." I agreed half heartedly, spotting my bag amongst all the others. Of course, this was a freaking music camp, of course the boy would love music. I had to be the only one here against my will.

Right when I'd finished unpacking all my stuff in the so-far otherwise empty cabin an announcement came over the speakers saying it was time for orrientation. Great. I sighed and walked as slowly as possible to the stage set up near the lake. Most of the kids were already there, most of them were older too. 13 was the youngest you could enroll for Camp Rock and the day of my 13th birthday last year Dad had me signed up. I think there was only a handfull of kids my age here.

"W-what if I'm not good, U-Uncle Brown?" An increasingly familiar voice spoke, sounding scared and hesitant. I stopped next to the open window it came from. I knew it was wrong to snoop, but the boy... I was drawn to him for some reason. "What if-if I st-stutter too much?" That was definately the boy from the bus.

"You don't stutter when you sing, Kid." An English accented male voice spoke reassuringly. "All you gotta do is learn a little confidence and you'll be fine."

"B-but-" The boy started nervously.

"Trust me, Shane, you're gonna make a ton of friends, and the only time you'll think of stutters is when you're stuttering the chords in a beat." The man said and the boy sighed as I heard footsteps get further away.

"My name is J-J-Joseph." The muttered lowly before walking away too. I stopped at the dge of the crowd of older kids that I'd seen before and waited to get this summer over with. "H-hi." A voice came up next to me and I looked at the boy, he was looking down and scuffing his sneakers on the dirt ground as he blushed.

"Hi." I returned, sitting on the ground and leaning back against a tree. "I'm Miley." I introduced, holding my hand out to him when he sat next to me. He blushed as he took it.

"J-Joseph Shane G-Gray." He introduced himself and I raised an eyebrow. "Ev-everyone calls me S-Shane."

"I like Joseph." I decided as we shook hands. He smiled shyly and looked away, quickly releasing my hand. Joseph pushed his glasses up his nose and turned his attention to where orrientation had already begun.


June 19th

I sat down at an empty table for breakfast with a plate full of eggs and bacon as I watched all the other campers filter in. I guess I was still on New York time to have been up so early; I'd been born and raised in Tennessee, but three years ago Dad moved us to New York for the better music scene, which is where I'd been until yesterday. I saw Joseph come into the dining hall and look at the food, making a face before grabbing an apple and walking back out. I frown and pushed my plate away, getting up to follow after him.

"Don't like the food?" I asked, finding the cute boy sitting out on the dock at the lake. He looked up in surprise like a deer in the headlights. "It may not look like much, but it doesn't taste bad."

"A-allergies." Joseph shook his head, looking down embarressedly. This boy seriously got the short end of the stick; stutters, glasses, allergies... And he's kinda scrawny. Cute, but scrawny. "My-my Mom was-was supposed to send my-my allergy list."

"So, what classes are you taking?" I changed the subjest, I couldn't explain why I liked talking to this cute, scrawny boy.

"Lyrics." Joseph shrugged, taking a bite of his apple. "A-and guitar."

"My Dad's making me take all the classes." I shuddered.

"Y-you don't l-like music?" Joseph cocked his head in confussion.

"Music camp isn't the ideal place for then, huh?" I snorted, tossing a pebble into the lake. "My Dad made me come, he says I need to 'realise my musical potential'." I rolled my eyes.

"W-why would your D-Dad make you?" He looked so cute when he was confused, I wanted to kiss him. That thought made me do a double take, I wanted to kiss Joseph?

"He's a singer, and my brother is a guitarist, and my Godmother's a singer. He thinks it's a crime for me not to be good at music." I sighed resentfully.

"Y-you're p-pretty." Joseph stuttered out, blushing. I blushed too and looked away shyly. A short musical tune sounded through the speakers followed by an announcement for the first classes of the day.

"I have to go." I whispered, getting up and boldy pressing my lips against Joseph's cheek before I ran off, blushing bright red.


I was on my way back to my cabin after showering in the comunal showers when I saw dark figures in the shadow. I frowned when they went under a light and I saw Joseph, and a group of other boys led by the boy who knocked him over on the bus.

"Come on, Stutter Boy, I just wanna see it." The head boy demanded loudly. Seriously, he shouldn't be talking so loud if he's trying to bully someone.

"B-but-but my Uncle g-gave it to me." Joseph stumbled back as they kept moving forward. Joseph was holding his guitar case tightly. I started to walk over, I couldn't actually fight them off, but hopefully they wouldn't like the idea of a witness.

"I don't know why he'd give such a cool guitar to a stuttering four-eyed loser like you." The snorted, reaching for the case again. Joseph moved back again and tripped over a rock, falling in the mud with an audible splat.

"Hey." I called out when I was close enough. "Leave him alone." The group of boys quickly scattered, not wanting to get caught bullying or breaking the rules; bullying or rule-breaking means instant disqualification from Final Jam. "Are you okay?" I hurried over to Joseph who was getting to his feet and squinting through the darkness.

"Th-they broke my g-glasses." Joseph explained in a soft voice. "T-thanks for s-s-saving me."

"They're jerks." I shrugged, shyly reaching up and wiping some mud off his face, feeling his skin heat under my touch. "Do you have spare glasses?"

"In-in my cabin." Joseph nodded, scuffing his shoes in the mud.

"I'll come." I mumbled, reaching for his hand and holding it shyly as we started walking towards the boys' cabins. "You should tell Brown, bullies shouldn't get away with it."

"I-I don't want t-to look l-like a b-b-baby." Joseph muttered, looking down. "Th-thanks." He blushed as we stopped outside a cabin. "C-can you help-help me find m-my glasses? I-I can't s-see to find them."

"Sure." I agreed, following him in, the cabin was clean - unlike mine after the other three campers moved in - and there was only one bed. Lucky Joseph got a cabin to himself. "You should change." I blurted out when we were in the artificial light of the cabin. "I-I mean, you're all muddy and wet, you don't want to get sick." I blushed, looking away and starting to look around for his glasses.

"Right." Joseph nodded, heading to the dresser. I smiled at a picture of Joseph with a woman who I presumed to be his mother. He was smiling brightly, his brown eyes lit up behind his glasses. When I turned around I gasped in surprise. Joseph was standing in front of me, struggling to pull his muddy shirt over his head. His chest was tanned and hairless and I could see a six-pack forming. He had muscles! I didn't know boys could get muscles at our age. "M-Miley?" Joseph sounded shy and embarassed through his shirt. "I-I'm stuck." I stared at him for a minute, trying to figure out what the warm fuzzy feeling inside of me meant. I hurried over when I snapped out of it and helped Joseph tug the shirt off, leaving his face covered in mus again, and all through his hair making it messy and cute. Then I started staring at him again. "Th-thanks." Joseph flushed, reaching for the clean shirt he'd chosen from the dresser.

"Glasses!" I spotted them when I saw a glasses case when I embarassedly looked away, my cheeks burning red. I opened the case and found a pair of silver metal framed glasses. Joseph took them and pushed them up his nose with a gratefull smile.

"I-I-I should shower." Joseph blushed. I licked my lips and nodded. I'd never liked a boy before, and now after one day I liked him; stuttering, blushing, glasses wearing, allergic to most of breakfast Joseph, and I liked him.

"I should go." I gestured over my shoulder, still not able to look away. "See you tomorrow?"

"Y-yeah." Joseph nodded, his eyes wide and bright. "T-t-tomorrow." With that I turned and fled, my cheeks still bright red.


June 20th

"Let's see what we're workin' with this year." Brown, the camp leader and creator, and also the vocal instructor. "Eeenie, meenie, miney... You." He waved his finger around, ending on Joseph. "Come on up, Shane, let's hear those vocals." He beckoned, I didn't even notice Joseph was in this class. He looked nervous and looked down at his hands as he got up, walking to the front of the room. I smiled shyly at Joseph when he looked up and he smiled back. "Let's hear it, Shane." Brown prompted and I frowned, why did everyone call him Shane? His name is Joseph. Did he prefer Joseph?.. No, the first night he was upset when Brown called him Shane.

"My-my knees go w-weak-" Joseph started to mumble, scuffing his shoes.

"No, no, no, Shane!" Brown cut in, scandalised. "You gotta sing, not talk to your shoes. I'm gonna stand all the way in the back there-" he pointed and started walking to the back of the room. "-and I want to hear you loud and clear." I could just be me, but he seemed a little mean to Joseph. "Now, let's go again." Joseph looked up from him shoes, clearly nervous and scared. I smiled again and he took a deep breath.

"W-well I die, one day at a time, 'c-'cause I just can't seem to get y-you off my mind." Joseph started, louder, slightly more confident. "N-no matter how I try, t-try to kill the time." Joseph blushed, looking at me and I blushed too. "'C-'cause I think that I'm-"

"Very good, Shane." Brown spoke up from the back of the room and Joseph frowned. as he sat back down. "We gotta work on it, but that is a good start for the start of camp. By Final Jam you're gonna be clear, consise, loud, and quite the little lyricist." That song already sounded good in my opinion. And I'd heard a lot of crappy songs. "All, right, who do we have next?" I sat back and frowned as hands shot up, ready to prove themselves better than Joseph.

"H-h-hi, M-Miley." Joseph blushed, looking at the ground. Vocal class had just finished and there wasn't another class I had to go to for another hour so I was sitting by the lake.

"Hi." I couldn't help the redness rising on my face too. "What's up?"

"Y-you didn't sing?" Joseph sat down next to me, his legs hanging over the edge of the dock as well. I shrugged, truth was I didn't want to sing, I didn't want to be here. So far, the only good thing about this was Joseph.

"I liked your song." I smiled at him shyly.

"I-I wrote it my-myself y-yesterday." Joseph said, placing his hands on the wooden deck, his pinky finger almost touching mine. "U-Uncle Brown says it-it's not good e-enough."

"Trust me, it's better than a lot of songs I've heard. I'd like to hear you play it sometime." I inched my hand a little closer to his until three of our fingers were laced together on the wood.

"I-I'd like that." Joseph blushed. We sat there like that for a while.

"So, Brown is your Uncle?" I asked curriously.

"My Moms b-brother." Joseph explained with a shy shrug. "Tha-that's why I got in-in here." He looked up at me with big brown eyes that almost looked a little gold through his glasses. He was looking at me like a gift from Heavens, like the best thing he'd ever see. The idea made me blush and look back out at the sparkling water. "Would-would you sing f-for me one t-t-time?" He asked, moving his eyes out to the lake.

"Okay." I agreed thoughtlessly, I didn't sing in front of other people, but now I'd agreed to sing for a boy I'd met two days ago.

Okay, so the idea is that in Camp Rock Brown keeps saying that SHane is his nephew, Shane mentions that he couldn't even touch breakfast because of his allergies, and this is the first years Shane spent at Camp Rock. Each year will be its own story, starting with the first, and each story will be 10 chapters to cover the Summer.
This series will chronicle a sweet innocent boy to the troubled, dark, moody Shane Gray we all fell in love with in Camp Rock, to the pussy-whipped loser in Camp Rock 2, and maybe even beyond.

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