Harry, Tonks and his five children were settling into their new life at Hogwarts. All his children said they wanted to stay in the dormitories and not in with their parents, even during the holidays. Harry reluctantly agreed, knowing he had a way to watch his children.

Harry was sitting in his living room behind the Headmasters office. 'Tonks, love, you got a minute?' Harry called his wife.

Tonks sat down next to her husband. 'What's up Harry?' she leaned over and kissed him fiercely.

'There's something I want to show you. Now I'm sorry I never told you about it before, but until Ron mentioned it a few weeks ago, I actually forgot about it.'

'What do you want to show me?'

Harry looked at his wife, then took out a very old piece of parchment and placed in on the coffee table. He saw Tonks was puzzled, so he pulled his wand, which he hasn't had to do in years and he tapped the parchment.

'I solemnly swear that I am up to no good.' Harry said then smirked at his wife and saw the amazed look on her face.

'It's Hogwarts,' she said and leaned closer. 'That's us.'

'Yeah it is. Look,' Harry pointed at five other names, 'their all down near the lake.'

'So this is why you weren't worried that they wanted to stay in the dormitories. You can keep an eye on them from anywhere.'

'Yeah, like I said, I forgot about it until Ron mentioned it. He asked if I was going to use the map to keep an eye on the kids.'

'Well, if I have to be honest, I can't say this doesn't make me feel better, but we will have to give them some privacy Harry.'

'I know love and I won't use it all the time. So you're not mad that I never showed you this before?'

'Course not Harry. Like you said, you forgot about it. But where did you get it?'

'Fred and George Weasley, when Sirius escaped from Azkaban I wasn't able to go into Hogsmeade with Ron and Hermione. I had to stay at Hogwarts, so they gave it to me so I could sneak out one of the secret passages. They nicked it from Filch one time they were in trouble with him.'

'Do you think George has mentioned this to Fred? He might know you've got it.'

'I don't think he's thought about it. We haven't used it since the battle. Oh, look, the kids are making their way inside. I better put this away.' Harry tapped the map again. 'Mischief managed.'

'Do you know where it came from Harry, because I remember Remus telling me that you're father and Sirius called him Moony.'

'Moony, Remus, Wormtail, Pettigrew, Padfoot, Sirius, and Prongs, dad. Did Remus tell you that Sirius, dad and Pettigrew became animagus to keep him company on the days he was a wolf?'

'No, he never told me that. So your dad is Prongs, what was his animagus form?' Tonks asked looking at Harry. Harry waved his hand and Prongs leapt forward. 'A stag, is that why you're patronus is a stag because of your dad?'

'That's what Remus told me. I used to think of mum and dad when Remus first taught me how to conjure one.'

'There's still a lot I don't know about you, isn't there Harry?'

'Yeah, there is. And I've decided to tell you and show you all if it. Might take a while, but I want you to know everything. I'll show you memories of others and my own. But the first thing I want to tell you is something that could be very dangerous if word gets out. I know you won't say anything love, that's not why I never told you, it was for your safety. If someone found out you knew where it was, you could be in danger.'

'What are you talking about Harry?'

Harry took a deep breath. 'Have you ever heard of the elder wand?' Harry asked and Tonks shook her head. 'What about the wand of destiny or death stick?'

'I've heard of the wand of destiny, it's a myth about a very powerful wand.'

'It's not a myth. That wand is known as the elder wand. It used to belong to Albus Dumbledore, but now.' Harry looked at his wife. 'It's mine, it gave me it's allegiance. That was the wand Voldemort had on him the night he died. But the wand wouldn't kill its owner, me.'

'How did he get the wand?'

'He broke open Albus' tomb. He thought it was going to be powerful enough to kill me, but like I said, it wouldn't kill its owner. The day I found out you were alive, I went with Minerva and put the wand back. Then she sealed the tomb. You're not mad, are you love?'

'No, I can understand why you never told me. Does anyone else know about the wand, that you own it?'

'Ron and Hermione, but they know how dangerous it is. After I killed Voldemort, we came here and talked to Albus. I told him I wasn't keeping the wand and was putting it back. But they have never asked me if I did, or if I still have it. Look, there's more to this that I need to tell you but the kids could be here anytime and I really don't want them to know. Let's talk about it more tonight.'

'Alright Harry. I need to see how long lunch will be anyway.' Tonks pushed Harry back onto the couch, straddled him and started kissing him fiercely. 'With the kids staying in the dormitories, we'll have more privacy to do this.' Tonks smirked.

'Tonks, the kids will be here in a moment and you kept doing that, I'll have to cover myself.' Harry said as Tonks laughed, kissed him again and got off just as the five Potter children walked into the sitting room.

That night Harry and Tonks were lying in bed, 'Tonks there's something else I need to tell you about the wand.' Harry said sitting up.

Tonks sat up and looked at Harry. 'Okay.'

'First, do you know the story of the three brothers?' Harry said looking at his wife.

'Yes, of course. I remember dad reading me the story as a child.'

'Okay, the three brothers in the story are thought to have been the Peverell brothers, my ancestors. But what a lot of people don't know is that in the story when they met death and the first brother asked for a wand, the second brother asked for something that would bring people back from death and the third brother asked for something that would let him leave so death gave him his own cloak of invisibility.'

'You're cloak Harry. Are you saying that you're cloak is the one from the story, from Death?'

'Don't know if it came from death, but it is the one from the story. The wand, the one I put back is the same wand and the stone to bring people back from death is called the resurrection stone. I had that on me the night I killed Voldemort. Together, there called the Deathly Hallows.'

'I remember dad saying something about the Deathly Hallows. That people have been trying to find them for years. So you're saying you are the owner of all three of the Deathly Hallows?'

'Yes, I am. But I don't have the stone anymore and as I've told you I put the wand back, but I kept the cloak as it belonged to my father. But there's something else I need to tell you.' Harry said and he took a deep breath. 'On the night I killed Voldemort, when I realised I had to die, I used the stone. Dumbledore left it for me in his Will, hidden in the first ever snitch I caught. That's what Scrimgeour turned up at the Burrow to do, give me, Ron and Hermione what Dumbledore left us. You and Remus left really quickly after Arthur sent his patronus saying the Minister was coming with him. Anyway, when I touched it to my lips, words appeared. I open at the close, so I said to the snitch, I am about to die and the snitch broke open and the stone was inside. I turned it over three times and…' Harry could feel himself choke up and tears started to fall down his face. Tonks wiped them away, then caressed his face. He gave her a small smile, 'After I turned it over three times, four people appeared, four dead people. Mum, dad, Sirius and…' Harry looked at Tonks, 'and Remus.'

'Oh Harry,' Tonks said as she now knew what he would have went through that night. 'You saw your parents.'

'Yeah, my parents, Sirius and Remus gave me the strength to walk past the dementors until I came to where Voldemort was hiding. I remember telling Remus how sorry I was that he died and because he just had his son. He said he wanted to do what he could so his son would have a good life and he didn't mind dying as long as his son was safe. I'm sorry I never told you Tonks, but that night, I was so scared and I've tried not to think about it if I could help it. I want to show you the memory one day that is if you want to see it?'

'Will…will I see them Harry, see Remus?' Tonks asked with tears falling down her face.

'Yes you will see and hear him. I know this is a lot to take at the moment love, so think about it. If you want to see it, then I'll show you. One other thing, I know the kids have been hearing things that happened to me since they came to Hogwarts. But when their older and I mean a lot older, I want to share some memories with them as well. What do you think, I'm talking about after there've all left Hogwarts and are adults.'

'Yes, I think you should tell and show them Harry. They know some things, and have heard rumours of other. And yes, it should be when they are older, as for me. I think I would like to see it, but not yet. Let's settled into Hogwarts and our new jobs, then I will.'

'Just let me know when you're ready love. Why don't we get some sleep, we've got a long few days ahead of us.'

'That's a good idea Harry,' Tonks leaned over and kissed Harry tenderly, but then couldn't help herself so she deepened the kiss and straddled her husband, letting him know exactly what she wanted.

The morning of the first of September Harry had kissed his wife and children as she was taking them to Kings Cross station so they could take the Hogwarts Express. Harry was sitting at his desk when he heard a voice.

'Harry, you need to come quick.' Poppy's voice said from the fireplace.

Harry bolted from the room, running all the way until he got to the hospital wing. He entered the room at the end and saw all the staff, along with Poppy, all standing around the bed. Harry made his way over and sat down taking Minerva's hand.

'Harry, today…you take over…Hogwarts…make me proud.' Minerva said very slowly and quietly.

'I will Minerva, you know I will.' Harry said feeling himself choke up as he looked at the woman who has meant so much to him for so long. Harry leaned down and kissed her cheek and touched her face. She gave him a small smile, then closed her eyes and took her last breath. 'Goodbye Minerva.' Harry said as his voice broke. He could hear cries from the people around him as he tried to get himself under control. 'I'll need to let Kingsley know and make an announcement tonight at dinner.' Harry touched Minerva's face again, then stood up and faced his staff. 'We won't start classes until Thursday. The service can be Tuesday and that will give the students one day to get themselves together and tomorrow to get over the shock.' Harry turned to Poppy. 'Look after her Poppy.'

'I will Harry.' Poppy put her hand on Harry's shoulder and he left the hospital wing, walking slowly back to his office.

He stepped into his living room, then went straight into his bathroom and broke down completely. He sat down on the floor with his head in his hands when he felt Tonks sit beside him and pulled him into her arms.

'She's gone Tonks.' Harry said looking up at his wife.

'I know Harry, Charlie told me when I got back. We're going to need to notify everyone.'

'I know, I just trying to get myself together.' Harry put his head on her shoulders and took a few deep breathes. 'If I notify Kingsley, can you let Hermione and Ron know. Then I have to organise the service and work out how to tell the students at dinner tonight.'

'I'll do anything you want love.' Tonks said and they both stood up. Harry washed his face, went over to the cabinet and had a drink, then left his rooms to go back into his office. He still hasn't been able to sit in the chair yet, but now he knew he would have to. But first he went to his fireplace, threw some powder in. 'Harry Potter, for Minister Shacklebolt,' in a few seconds Harry's head appeared in Kingsley's office. 'Kingsley.'

'Harry, what can I do for you?'

'She's gone Kingsley, so I need you to make the arrangements for Tuesday.'

'I'm sorry Harry, I'll take care of everything.'

Harry told Kingsley what Minerva asked him to do at the service and Kingsley looked surprise at first.

'Well, you have always surprised me Harry, so I shouldn't be surprised that you can do that. I'll make sure to take care of it.'

'Thanks Kingsley, I better go. Have to get everything ready for the students to arrive.' Harry moved his head out of the fire and walked behind his desk. He stood there staring at the chair.

'You're going to need to sit there eventually Harry.'

'I know, it just didn't feel right before. But now she's gone, I have no choice.' Harry took a deep breath and sat down, running his hands over the arms of the chair and the desk before looking up at his wife. 'So, does it suit me?' Harry asked sadly.

'Yes Harry it does. I'll leave you to do what you have to do. I'll be downstairs getting everything ready.' Tonks walked behind the desk and kissed him fiercely, 'I love you Harry.'

'I love you too Tonks. I'll be alright, you go do what you need to.' Harry squeezed her hand, then let it go. Harry worked in the office for the rest of the day until it was time to go downstairs, ready for his students to arrive. He put on his new robes and made his way down until he came to the doors of the Great Hall. Mr. Filch nodded and opened the doors for him and left them open as Harry walked up to the staff table. He knew Tonks wasn't going to be here until she brought the first years in, so he put his hand on his chair, looking at it.

'You okay Harry?' Charlie asked.

'Yeah Charlie, I'm fine. Just haven't sat here yet,' Harry kept looking at the seat, then shook his head and sat down. Harry sat there in silence, thinking about Minerva McGonagall and Albus Dumbledore. He didn't realise how long he sat there until he heard the first lot of voices from the students. He looked up and saw the first lot making their way to their table. Some glanced at him sitting there, then started whispering amongst themselves. He saw Teddy, Lily and James walk in with some of their friends and saw that their friends looked from Harry to his children. He realised his children must not have told their friends about their parents. When the last of the students arrived, Harry gave them all a look and silence filled the room. Tonks walked in with the new first years and he watched as his two youngest children got sorted into Gryffindor. Once the sorting finished Harry stood up.

'Welcome back to Hogwarts, now I will have a few announcements to make but as usual that will be after you all enjoy a wonderful feast.' Harry waved his hand, 'so enjoy.' Harry said and the food appeared on the tables and Harry sat back down.

'You okay love?' Tonks as she sat down next to him.

'I'm fine, just going to be hard on some of the students once they hear the news.'

'Yeah, it will be.' Harry gripped her hand under the table, then they both started eating, Harry hardly touching anything. 'Didn't Teddy, James or Lily tell their friends about us?'

'No, I noticed the shocked looks when they saw me with the first years. I could just imagine the looks you got once they saw you sitting here.'

'Yeah, some actually looked a little scared, others just stared. I'm not scary, am I love?'

'No, it's not you Harry, it's what you've done. They have been learning about it all, well, what you allowed anyone to know.'

'Yeah, I suppose.' Harry said and he glanced around at the students. He was still getting looked at, but he just kept looking around. He saw Lily give him a smile and he smiled back. Once the deserts had finished, Harry stood back and silence instantly filled the hall. 'I am Professor Potter and as you have probably worked out, I am the new Headmaster of Hogwarts. Let me say this, that when Professor McGonagall approached me about this job, at first I wasn't sure if I wanted to come back here full time. But I knew how much I loved this school, so I really couldn't say no. I will get to know all of you over the year and if any of you wish to talk, my office door will always be open. Now, first, No students are allowed to walk the castle or grounds after dark, unless they have permission from a teacher. No students are permitted to go into the Forbidden Forest, well, unless they have detention with Professor Hagrid. Which I myself had to do as a student here,' a lot of students laughed, then Harry continued. 'Anyone that wishes to join their house quidditch team, let your head of house know. Professor Flitwick retired at the end of last term so you're new charms Professor will be my wife, Professor Potter,' Harry glanced at Tonks and she stood to acknowledge the applause the students gave her. Harry looked around at the students. 'Now, I sorry to have to tell you this, but I have some sad news for you all. Professor McGonagall passed away this morning. She has been sick for a long time, but wanted to hold on until today. She went peacefully, thanks to the care Madame Pomfrey gave her. All of the staff were with her at the end. She told me that she had lived a long and fulfilling life and she was happy to have spent most of it here at Hogwarts. So we will not be starting classes until Thursday. Tuesday will be her service, so you will have tomorrow and Wednesday to try and get yourselves together. If any student finds themselves having a hard time with hearing this news, you can come to me or any of the other staff and we will listen to what you have to say. I urge all of you to talk about Minerva McGonagall. Talk about anything, like if you ever got detention from her or had to go to her office, anything at all, it will make you feel better. So I think that's it, prefects please lead your first years to your houses and the rest of you, why don't you all head to bed. The next couple of days are going to be very emotional on all of us.' Harry gave the students a small smile and sat back down.

Harry and Tonks saw their five children make their way to the staff table and hesitated. Harry gave them a nod and Lily ran into her father's arms and hugged him tight. The other four all stood between their parents.

'I'm sorry dad, I know how close you were to Professor McGonagall.' Teddy said putting hand on his father's shoulder.

'Thanks Teddy. I know this has been a shock for you all, so why don't you all head to the Gryffindor common room. Go spend some time with your friends.' They all nodded and gave their parents hugs and kisses, normally they wouldn't have done this in front of other students, but Harry knew they were all feeling sad for their parents. Lily gave Harry another hug, then walked off with her siblings. 'Let's head up stairs love. Just like for the kids, it's going to be just as hard on all the adults,' Harry stood and looked at Charlie. 'See you in the morning Charlie.' Harry shook his hand and put his arm around his wife and they walked out of the Great Hall.

'I don't think the students are used to seeing the headmaster with his arm around someone. We're getting a few looks.' Tonks whispered to her husband.

'Yeah I know, but right now, I need to feel you close to me.' Harry looked at his wife and she nodded. They got to the gargoyle. 'Well, I should give this thing a password, any suggestions?' Harry asked Tonks.

Tonks thought for a moment then smiled. 'How about Hungarian Horntail,' she said and saw Harry smiled and nod.

'Hungarian horntail,' Harry said and waved his hand, then they stepped on and spiralled up to the office and went straight into their rooms. 'I'm just going to have a shower.' Harry said and walked into the bathroom, he stripped off and stepped into the shower and just let the water run down his body. He felt Tonks arms wrap around him and he looked down at her and kissed her fiercely, running his hands all over her body.

Tonks and Harry made love in the shower until they were both satisfied, then washed and got out, dried and got into bed. They put their arms around each other and Tonks felt Harry's tears, so she held him tighter. They stayed that way until they feel asleep.

Harry woke early on the morning of the service and he just lay there in bed, knowing that today was going to be hard on everyone that cared about Minerva McGonagall. He explained to his children the night before what she had asked Harry to do and they were supportive, but all asked the same thing, how did she know? All Harry could tell them is what she said, that she used to watch him when he was a student here and she noticed Harry doing it. He leaned over and kissed his wife's naked back and went into the bathroom to shower. When he came out Tonks was awake, waiting for him.

'Hi love.' Harry said sitting on the bed beside her and pulled her into his arms. 'I hope I can hold it together today.'

'You will Harry. When the time comes, you'll find the strength you need.' Tonks kissed him tenderly, then she went and had her own shower. Harry went down to the office, to go over the last details. When Tonks walked out she took his hand, 'Let's get down to breakfast.'

'Yeah, let's get down there.' Harry sighed and they left the office, but kept hold of each other's hands. They arrived in the Great Hall and saw there were already a few students sitting there, mostly older ones. When they sat down, three of their children gave them a wave and sat down with their friends, then the other two sat down not long after. Harry never ate anything, just looked around at all the students. He saw some were crying, some were just sitting quietly and some were acting normally. He knew later on it would be a different story.

Once all the students had arrived and finished eating, Harry stood up knowing that all the invited guests were already sitting outside.

'Can I have everyone's attention please,' Harry said and waited a few minutes until the hall was silent. 'I want all of you on your best behaviour today, no exceptions. Now if you will follow your heads of house and make your way outside please,' Harry said and he watched as some of the professors walked over to each table. The students followed them out, then Harry, Tonks with Gryffindor following her and the rest of the staff made their way outside. Harry saw Kingsley sitting on a small raised platform. Harry, Tonks and all the staff sat around him. Once Harry nodded to Kingsley he got up and stood in front of everyone.

'Minerva McGonagall asked that no speeches be made here today. All she asked for was for her long-time friend and the man she thought of as a son to say a few words and she also asked for one more thing from him. So I won't say anymore and ask Harry Potter to please step forward.'

Harry stood up and stepped to the front facing all his students and friends. He glanced around at people he knew and some he didn't know. He nodded to the Weasley family, Hermione and Ron in particular.

'Minerva McGonagall was wonderful friend, mentor, teacher and yes, like a mother to me for many years. I've known her almost my whole life. From the time I started here as an eleven year old. She was strict, but kind and never had a cruel word to say against anyone. She loved this school and spent her whole adult life here doing what she loved to do, teaching. I just hope that I live up to her standard in regards to running this great school. Most of the adults sitting here today have all been taught by her and you all know how good and caring she was. She will be remembered for lots of things, but one thing I remember about Minerva McGonagall, was my first day in her transfiguration class. Ron and I got lost on the way to our first class with her. When we arrived, she wasn't there, or so we thought. Until the cat sitting on her desk changed and she stood before us, telling us we needed a map so we wouldn't get lost. I'm sure you all have some great memories of this wonderful woman and will probably mention them from time to time. Just know, she cared for every one of her students, no matter which house they came from. So I would like everyone to take a minutes silence to remember Minerva McGonagall.'

Harry lowered his head for the full minute, then walked behind him and picked up a guitar and started playing. Then he sang a beautiful Scottish song as Minerva McGonagall's last request of Harry. All the people that knew Harry stared in shock at his beautiful voice. When Harry finished, he put his guitar down and looked over at the crowd.

'If everyone will please raise their wands in a salute to a wonderful woman and a wonderful headmistress?' Harry and all the staff raised their wands, then they stood behind Harry. When students and adults all raised their wands Harry moved his in intricate patterns and Minerva McGonagall's body was in-cased in a beautiful white tomb that stood right next to her long-time friend, Albus Dumbledore. Harry lowered his wand and looked back at the crowd. 'I wish to thank everyone who came today, I'm sure she would have appreciated it.' Harry said as his voice choked a bit. He nodded to everyone and stepped down of the platform and walked over to the tomb. He stood between both of them, a hand on each one until his daughters both put their arms around their father. He looked down then knelt in front of them, holding them tight as his sons and wife stood around him. 'I'm okay, I'm just going to miss her, just like I still miss Albus Dumbledore.' Harry kissed each of his children, then his wife. He turned and saw all the Weasley's, the Aurors and staff all looking at him.

'You never told us you could sing Harry.' Hermione said as she put her arms around him.

'It's just something I like to do for myself. Minerva found out somehow and asked if I would do that song for her today and of course, she knew I couldn't refuse her.'

'Well you shocked a lot of people Harry, just like you've always done.' Ron said putting a hand on his shoulder.

'That's what I told her, people would be shocked, then start staring at me again. But she said I'd deal with it, just like I used to deal with it. So Ron, how's the Auror office, still in one piece?' Harry grinned at his friend.

'Yes, still in one piece and running smoothly. Everyone misses you though, but it's getting easier.'

'Harry, that was a beautiful service and song.' Molly said as she pulled him into one of her rib cracking hugs.

'Thanks Molly. She didn't want a big fuss. That was the only thing she ask, was for me to sing.'

'Well, it was wonderful Harry.' Arthur said shaking his hand.

Harry and his family sat around talking with the Weasley and their extended family. Harry had overheard one of James' friends ask him if there was anything his father couldn't do. Harry had to laugh at the look on his son's face and knew Minerva probably planned it so the students of Hogwarts got to see a different side of him to the one they read about in their books. They knew of Harry Potter, the one who defeated the dark lord, they knew he was Head Auror from the age of eighteen. Now they will know him as a kind and caring Headmaster of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

The End: