Chapter twenty one

Harry stepped out of the fireplace into his living room and saw his wife, son and mother-in-law. 'So, are we ready to go then?' Harry said cheerfully.

'Daddy,' Teddy said trying to get to Harry as quick as possible then Harry picked him up.

'Hey Teddy, you want to go to the beach and play in the sand?'

'Yep,' Teddy smiled.

'Okay, are you both ready?' Harry asked his wife and mother-in-law and got nods and smiles from both. 'Kreacher, we're ready to go. So if you want to go now, we'll be there in a few minutes.'

'Of course Master Harry,' the elf bowed, snapped his fingers and was gone.

'Let's go then, Andromeda, do you want me to send your bag to the house?'

'If you could Harry,' she smiled and Harry waved his hand at her bag and theirs and they vanished.

'Now let's go outside.' they walked outside and Andromeda put a hand on Harry's arm and Tonks put her arms around Harry, then they all turned on the spot. They arrived a few seconds later in the living room of the beach house.

'Oh, it's beautiful Harry.' Andromeda said looking around.

'Let's have some lunch, then we'll go down to the beach, how's that.' Harry said.

They sat at the table and Kreacher brought them over some sandwiches and pumpkin juice. Tonks got Teddy's ready and he started eating. The three adults watched him as they ate as well. When they finished, Harry turned to Teddy.

'Let's go down to the beach.' Harry said smiling and Teddy nodded and the three adults got up, Tonks holding her son and they walked outside and down to the sand. Harry conjured some toys for Teddy to play with. He knew he had to be careful as this was a Muggle area. But right now, he just wanted Teddy happy and not think of anything that happened and hopefully he'll settle back down.

'It's nice here Harry, when did you buy the house?' Andromeda asked.

'A month ago, I wanted to surprise Tonks.' Harry smiled at his wife and she took his hand. 'Mum, can you stay with him, I just want to talk to Tonks, we'll be right over there. I don't want to be too far away from him.'

'Of course Harry,' she smiled at her son-in-law.

Harry and Tonks walked a small distance away, but turned so they were facing Teddy and Andromeda. 'What did you want to talk to me about?'

'When I was at the ministry, I was in the room with Molly and Ginny. Molly asked Ginny why she did it. Apart from saying she was hurt, she also said it was because of what happened to her. I think it affected her Tonks and she just lost it. So I came up with an idea, but I'll do it only if you agree.'

'What's that love?' Tonks caressed his face.

'If I can convince the Wizengamot that because of what happened to her, that's why she did it, I want to see if they will let her serve her sentence at Hogwarts, under guard of course. She can't apparate from inside the Hogwarts grounds. She could serve by helping Poppy, Hagrid, or even Filch. Then, once the year is finished, she could go back to the Burrow, under guard again and wards placed around it, like what Hogwarts has. She'd be limited to just the Burrow or Hogwarts until her sentenced is served.' Harry kissed Tonks tenderly. 'What do you think about that?'

'Won't that mean a lot of work for the Aurors Harry?'

'Yes, but it's not like there doing much anyway. I can have them take different shifts, along with us of course. But one more thing, when term begins, what do you say about just me going back, at least for a little while. Teddy needs one of us with him at the moment and since it's me the parents want there, I thought you could stay with Teddy until we know he's okay.'

Tonks looked from Harry to Teddy, thinking. She turned back to harry. 'You have such a kind heart Harry. Alright, see if the Wizengamot can do that and of course I want to stay with Teddy. It should only be for a couple of weeks, until he's settled back down.'

'Thanks love. You can take as long as you want. But are you sure about Ginny?'

'Yes, of course I'm sure. I've known her for a while now Harry and normally I don't think she would have done something like that, so I do agree with you. She's didn't handle hearing what happened to her, even if she doesn't remember it.'

'And you say I've got a kind heart. After everything she's done, you still look for the good in people.' Harry pulled Tonks into his arms, kissed her passionately. 'Let's get back to Teddy.'

Tonks nodded and they kept their arms around each other and walked back, then sat down with their son.

They enjoyed a wonderful few days at the beach house. Most of the day the spent outside on the sand with Harry building sandcastles the muggle way for Teddy, while Tonks and Andromeda mostly sat and watched as every time Harry would finish, Teddy would smash the castles, laughing loudly, then wanting Harry to build them again. Harry couldn't stop laughing himself, every time Teddy would stomp or smash his castle, but he was just having too much fun with his family.

Harry, Tonks, Teddy and Andromeda all arrived home a couple of days later. Andromeda went straight back to her place to unpack, but was coming back to spend more time with her daughter and grandson.

'Now, if you sure you're okay, I need to get to the Ministry and work out those details regarding Ginny.'

'We're fine Harry, then we can spend a few more days together before you head back to Hogwarts.' Tonks kissed him fiercely. 'But I think the trip to the beach was just what Teddy needed.'

'Yeah, he seems fine now, back to his old self and he never had one nightmare while we were away. I better go get my Robes on.' Harry kissed Tonks again and walked into the bedroom. A few minutes later, he walked out in his Auror robes and picked Teddy up. 'Daddy has to go to work, but I'll be back later. I love you Teddy.' Harry hugged him tight, then kissed his forehead.

'Love Daddy,' Teddy said, then Harry put him back down before turning to Tonks.

'I love you Mrs. Potter.' Harry said gazing into his wife's eyes and caressing her face.

'I love you to Mr. Potter. I'll see you when you get home.' Tonks kissed him tenderly, then watched as he stepped into the fireplace and vanished.

Harry stepped out into the atrium at the Ministry. He was still being stared at but not as much as he used to be. He entered the lifts and saw Arthur in there.

'Hello Harry, how's Teddy?'

'He's better. I think the beach trip did him good. How's Molly?'

'She's still having a hard time, but doing better. We all do understand Harry and all the boys now know that Ginny did lie to them. So there not mad at you anymore. We all still care about you Harry, you've been just like a son to Molly and me.'

'I know Arthur and I know this is hard on you both and the rest of the family.' Harry said and wishing he could tell Arthur what he was hoping to do, but knew he couldn't.

Arthur gave Harry a hug, 'I'll see you later Harry and because of what happened, we never got a chance to tell you how happy we were to hear about you and Tonks, congratulations.'

'Thanks Arthur, I was planning on telling everyone after we got back, before it got announced in the Daily Prophet. Anyway, I'll let you get to your office.' Harry gave him a smile and watched as he stepped out of the lift. Then Harry waited until the lift arrived on his floor, then stepped out and went straight into the Auror offices.

'Martin, can you come to my office please.' Harry said to his most senior Auror. Martin nodded and followed Harry into his office. 'I want you to take over the training today, I have a few things I need to do.'

'You want me to do that Sir?' Martin asked looking a little surprised.

'You are the most senior Auror here Martin and you've got more experience than the rest. Now of course Tonks won't be in for a while after what happened. Teddy needs one of us at home, so it will be just the six of you. Oh one more thing, I've gotten a lot on enquiries from some of the seventh year students about joining the Aurors, so can you get Dean to put together an information pack that I can take with me. I'm going to sit down with them and talk about what being an Auror is all about.'

'How many do you think will want to join Sir?'

'At the moment, I can see at least ten, but there could be a few more. The ten I'm talking about are from the DA.' Harry said and saw Martin looked a little puzzled. 'That's the rebel group I taught in my fifth year at Hogwarts. We called ourselves the DA or Dumbledore's Army. Umbridge wouldn't teach us any defence, so my friend Hermione talked me into teaching. Almost all the DA stayed and fought in the battle and all but two survived.'

'I can understand that Sir. After having you teach us, I can see how much training we really needed. I know our training was rushed due to the war and I know none of us were happy with you at first. But we've all come to realise that if we had been at The Battle of Hogwarts, we wouldn't have survived. Now, thanks to you, we've got a good chance of staying alive if something happens.' Martin smiled at his boss.

'Thanks, that's nice of you to say. Why don't you get started on the training and let Dean know about the pack. I'll come in probably after lunch.' Harry shook Martin's hand and watched as he left the office then Harry got stuck into everything he needed before his meeting with the Wizengamot tomorrow. He knew Minerva was turning up soon and he wanted to make sure he had everything ready to explain to her what he wanted and just hoped she would agree.

Harry was going through everything he needed, when there was a knock on his door. 'Come in.' Harry called and looked up at Minerva McGonagall walked in. 'Hi Minerva, why don't you have a seat.' Harry said and came around the desk and they both sat on one of the couches.

'How are you Harry?'

'I'm fine Minerva and before you ask, Teddy and Tonks are good as well. I took them to the beach house for a few days, only got back this morning.'

'That's good Harry. Will you and Tonks be coming back when term begins next week?'

'Just me for now, we both thought one of us should stay with Teddy for a while. So Tonks is going to stay, probably be only for a couple of weeks just to make sure he's fine.'

'That's a good idea. Now, why don't you tell me why you wanted me to meet you here?'

'Okay, I let Molly have a visit with Ginny and I was standing guard in the room. I think that Ginny did what she did because of what happened to her and she wasn't handling that very well. So that, on top of being hurt about me and Tonks was just too much for her to handle. So I've come up with an idea I want to present to the Wizengamot before Ginny's trial, but first I need you to agree to it first.'

'Alright, I'm listening Harry.'

'What I want is for Ginny not to serve her sentence in Azkaban. I thought if she could serve it somewhere else under guard, it would be better for her and for the Weasley's. Now I'm only doing this because of how she was affected from hearing what had happened to her. If that didn't happen, I wouldn't be suggesting this at all.'

'Keep going Harry.'

'Okay, if you will agree and because we know she's not dark or violent, I thought she could serve her sentence at Hogwarts. She could work with Poppy, Filch, even Hagrid. Anyone you would want her to help with, that way she could also finish her education at the same time. There will be an Auror with her at all times and of course she can't apparate from inside Hogwarts. When term finishes, she could go back to the Burrow and again have an Auror there with her at all times and wards placed around it so she can't leave until her sentence is served. Then back to Hogwarts once the new term commences and so forth until her sentence has been served.'

Minerva looked at Harry not believing what he had come up with. She always knew Harry had a kind heart and would do anything for the people he cared about. But after what Ginny did to him, he was still willing to help her. Minerva thought Harry was one of the best people she'd ever met and finally understood why Albus had been fond of him.

'Harry, that is remarkable. Yes, of course I will agree to that.' Minerva said and couldn't help herself as she gave Harry a tight hug. 'Albus said you were a remarkable person Harry, now I understand why he thought so.'

'Thank you Minerva. Now I just have to hope the Wizengamot agrees to my plan.'

'When do you see them about this Harry?'

'Tomorrow, I needed to get all the information together first, plus talk to you of course before I could put this before them.'

'Does any of the Weasley's know you are doing this Harry?'

'No, I didn't want to get their hopes up and I wasn't sure about it until I spoke to Tonks while we were away. She agreed because she realised that Ginny wouldn't have done this if she wasn't affected by what had happened to her.'

'Yes, I think you are right about it affecting her. After she was told, I watched her quite a lot to see how she was handling it. She acted normally, not upset at all, I never saw her cry or sit quietly, which is what I was expecting. Some of the other girls that decided to stay at Hogwarts, they all use to cry a lot and I found them sitting by themselves quite a bit and they never said much in class.'

'Yeah, when I listened to Ginny talking to her mother that's when I realised she wasn't coping and came up with this idea.'

'Like I just said Harry, you are a remarkable man. So I'll let you get back to work, let me know what the Wizengamot has to say and if they agree, I'll set everything up at Hogwarts.'

'Thanks Minerva, one more thing. If they agree, we'll still have to have the trial. That will be held next week, so on that day, I'll have Martin and Forest at Hogwarts.'

'That's fine Harry.' Minerva stood up and so did Harry. She hugged him again and left the office.

Harry went back to his desk, finished off what he needed, then went into the training rooms. He stood and watched, not wanting to disturb them. He knew they still needed a lot more training but they were coming on really well. None of them were being hit with the Cruciatus anymore, but they still go hit with stunners occasionally. He wanted them to keep going until they never got hit before he started on the next phase of the training.