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Star Labs, Phoenix, Arizona
16 July 2013, 0345 hours UTC-7

Jack didn't really hate his job. It was a simple 12-hour shift at night, checking the security footage and patrolling the corridors. He only came on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, with an occasional Sunday night shift for extras. No, he didn't hate it.

What he did hate was that stupid Malcolm snoring on the job. Constantly.

Jack gritted his teeth, cursing under his breath. He was stuck with patrols for the fifth week in a row. Malcolm probably had his feet up on the desk, hands locked and over his chest and mouth hanging wide with a fine string of drool. Not a pretty sight.

He opened up one of the lab doors and peeked inside, flashlight sweeping around the room. All clear, he thought as he closed the door. He continued down the corridor, stopping by another lab door. He flashed his flashlight once then moved on. Supposedly, like any other night, this job was easy. At best, the only break-in that could have occurred would be done by cockroaches.

Jack recalled the news that happened about a month ago. The STAR Labs at Boston had been broken into by an unknown, taking data files with him. The job was done clean and fast, to the point when even the security cameras couldn't get him. However, there were sightings of others involved, the tell-tale signs of shadows, blurs of movement and the fact that the whole thing happened under a total of 5 minutes.

Nothing happened after that. The police had came in to investigate the unsolved crime but were unable to track down or discover the thief. Even when the FBI got involved, nothing came up. Jack wouldn't be surprised if the Bats himself was on the case, doing whatever crime invstigation he does. Even though someone went around snoopping for some simple files, the fact he did it under such short amount of time-

Jack saw the shadow move from his peripheral vision. Jack held his flashlight up in his right hand while his left rested on his baton. Quietly, he crept into the corridor on his right. Movement! The shadow had went into one of the labs. He opened up the door and, inhaling, baton ready, stepped inside.

No one. He looked towards the computers, the tabletops, anywhere...no one. Maybe the late nights were getting to him, he decided, yawning. He'll ask for a sick leave in the morning. Turning around, he clipped his baton back into place when he felt something hard hitting his head. Before he went out, he saw a blurry picture of young man with a domino mask on, his black suit bearing a red symbol in the shape of what looked like bird.

His last thought surprised him.


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