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Booth strolled through the lab of the Jeffersonian looking for his partner, and the love of his life. He had been having a crappy day, and all he wanted was to see his Bones. Just look at her, her beautiful smile, her small hands, her thin, but curvy, figure, and listen to her honey-like voice telling him it was alright while holding his hand.

As he stopped at her office he breathed in her scent reveling in it for a moment as he stepped in. When he realized that her office was empty he frowned. She was almost always in her office, and he wondered where she was. He stepped up to the platform and his frowned deepened when he realized she wasn't there either. Suddenly he heard his name and felt a tap on his shoulder. "Hi Ange" he said as he turned to see the artist.

"Hey Booth. Bren wanted me to tell you she's gone home. She left Christine with me, so don't worry about that. She was feeling kind of rough, Booth. I'd go check on her." Booth had been worried about Brennan the past couple days. She was constantly tired, and her appetite had been steadily decreasing. In fact, he couldn't even remember if she had eaten anything in the past two or three days. Before she had met him this was normal, but due to his constant prodding and dragging her out of the lab to relax or get food, her food intake had increased. The past few days, he noticed she wouldn't even have a bowl of cereal or a bagel. His thoughts continued as he thought about her symptoms. The coughing, nausea, tiredness, slight shakiness, achiness, weakness, and loss of appetite, they all added up to a serious illness. He had tried to no avail to get her to go to the hospital and get checked out, or at least to refrain from work. All that had gotten him was a quick, "I'm fine, Booth. Don't worry", a kiss on the cheek and a stern look in her eyes that told him not to press her further. He had the feeling she must be terribly sick if she had finally agreed to go home. He was interrupted from his worrying thoughts by Angela's gentle clearing of her throat.

"Will do Ange. Thanks." And with that Booth set off to the house that he and his love shared.

"BONES!" Booth shouted as he entered their house. Walking up the stairs he repeatedly called her name. He stopped at the doorway of their bedroom, noticing a lump in the bed. He frowned at the distinct smell of vomit, sweat and tears coming from the room.

"Bones" he said softer than before. He leant down to the lump on the bed, and pulled the covers off her flawless face, revealing his Bones, pain written all over her gorgeous features. He stroked her hair and then her cheek, and kissed her from her forehead to her nose to her cheek to her lips. "Oh Bones" he whispered.

It was then that he noticed that she was wheezing on each inhale, struggling to breathe. She was pale and her feet, hands, and lips were freezing while her forehead and cheeks were burning up. "Jeez Bones!" he exclaimed as he felt her forehead. She didn't stir.

"Bones!" He said a little louder. "Bones wake up! Wake up Bones!"

Slowly her eyelids began to flutter as she looked up to him, and whispered on an exhale, "Booth…". He took the thermometer that lay on their bedside table and placed it gently in her ear. When it beeped he felt his face pale. It read "104.5". "Bones?" he whispered as he knelt down besides her and stroked her hair and cheeks again. "Bones we're going to the hospital. Okay?"

In a shaky exhale, Brennan whispered "Booth…no"

But Booth knew she needed to go to the hospital, so he wasted no time in gathering her up blanket and all, scooping her up, and heading out the door of their bedroom down the stairs, out the door of their house and into his car for the hospital. She was weakly holding onto his neck with her arms, still wheezing, her legs and feet dangling and her chest flush against his.

She whispered, "Tired…just want sleep, Booth…" This worried him further as he put her in a declined passenger seat. He rushed to the drivers seat and put on the siren as he sped to the hospital.

She continually whispered "Booth" and on her third "Booth" tried to grasp his hand, but missed. When he noticed, he took her hand and gripped it tightly with his. Although she tried to hold his hand just as tight, she found she was lacking the strength and energy to do so and just gave up, luxuriating in having his grip hers. When Booth saw her lack of strength he sped up even more and let out a sigh of relief when he saw the hospital come into view.

He pulled over, went to her side and gathered her up as he had previously in their bedroom and carried her to the emergency room.

"Hi I'm Special Agent Seeley Booth of the FBI and this is my partner Dr. Temperance Brennan." He said making sure to emphasize special agent, FBI, partner, and Doctor.

"Yes. What seems to be the problem?" A young nurse asked from the desk, barely looking up from her computer.

"What do you think?!" Booth snapped. Realizing how his impatience might hurt the quality of care his partner might receive, he softened his tone. "She has a really high fever, is having trouble breathing, is coughing a lot, is extremely tired and weak, probably has thrown up, and is lacking energy and strength." He gave his partner a squeeze in his arms, hoping that his gesture reassured her, and when he felt her grasp on his neck become firmer he relaxed a bit.

"Of course. Come with me, sir." The nurse replied, leading him to a hospital room with a simple bed, chair, nightstand, and bathroom. She gestured to the bed, and Booth took this as his cue to put Brennan down.

He went over to the bed and placed her down, but her arms around his neck tightened as he tried to let her go. He looked into her eyes seeing apprehension, worry, fright, and weakness in them, and whispered, "I'm not going anywhere Bones" With this her grasp loosened, but he shifted her over, and laid down next to her, putting her head on his chest and rubbing her back with one hand as he held on to her hand with his other.

She let out a little whimper in the midst of her wheezing and his heart broke at the simple sound, which represented all the pain he knew she was feeling.

"Shhh…I'm right here. You're going to be okay. I love you. You are okay. You are okay." He whispered into her hair, the last statement more for him than for her. He could have sworn his heart skipped a beat when he heard her whisper a shaky, "I love you too, Booth." She tried to give his hand a squeeze, but was too exhausted, and fell into a deep sleep as her partner rocked her in his arms.

While Brennan slept, nurses and doctors were in and out of her room taking blood samples, and doing various tests, most of which Booth was not familiar with. He knew Brennan would be able to tell him if she was awake, but he wouldn't dare wake her from her finally peaceful sleep. As he was lost in his daydream, he noticed that Brennan's doctor was finally looking at him.

"Agent Booth?"

"Yes." Booth responded, thinking how it should be obvious who he was.

"You are Ms. Brennan's medical proxy, correct?"

"Yes." Booth said again, starting to become impatient. Sensing his impatience the doctor quickly continued.

"Ms. Brennan.." the doctor started.

"Doctor Brennan" Booth interrupted feeling that it was his responsibility to correct the doctor for his partner.

"Right, yes, Dr. Brennan has an acute case of scarlet fever, mixed with the flu and a chest infection." The doctor saw the young man in front of him wiggle, his eyes betraying his worry. "We would like to start her on strong antibiotics immediately, and she will need an oxygen tank, and should rest, and not work, for a long time. I must warn you that there is a strong chance that she may permanently lose some eyesight, hearing, and/or strength in her muscles. Please come in immediately if you start to notice some of these losses. I am very worried about these losses, and she needs your undivided attention. I think it is appropriate for you to take her home now." The doctor gave the young man a sad smile, which was not reciprocated.

"Scarlet fever? How is that possible? And are you sure she can go home? Is she going to be okay?" Booth asked worriedly. The doctor put his hand up trying to stop the flow of questions coming from the young agent.

"It is possible when she was younger she was never vaccinated. You are supposed to get vaccinated once as a baby, once as a child, and once as a teenager. It is possible she just missed a vaccination. She most definitely can go home." He took in the worried eyes of the agent once again. "well what are you waiting for! Take her home." He smiled again at the young man, who had started to gather his love once again and head home.

On the way home Booth began thinking. He wondered if she had the scarlet fever vaccination. He figured probably not the teen vaccination since that was when she was in foster care. His heart broke at this thought as he remembered her tragic story of being locked in a trunk for days after breaking a dish, and all the scars he had learned of, both emotional and physical, after they had gotten together. He had spent days helping her cope as she spill out all her secrets to him. He had realized many things about his "partner". She was the most caring, resilient, selfless, big-hearted, smart, and beautiful person he had ever met, and it would kill him if anything happened to her. "Nothing will happen to her now. I'll make sure of it. I'll take care of her if it's the last thing I do…" he muttered, looking at his fragile love lying in the passenger seat next to him. "I'm so sorry, Bones" he whispered gently taking her hands and brushing soft kisses along each knuckle.

His heart skipped a beat when he heard her whisper "not your fault, Booth." He nearly broke into tears right there and then, but her wheezing pulled him back to reality as he knew he had to stay strong in order to help her.

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