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Chapter 12 - Together

Harry apparated into the hospital wing causing Madame Pomfrey to let out a yelp. He stared in silence at the empty bed for a moment as images flew through his head. He had hoped that the terrified looks from his friends had been because the baby was coming and his friends were scared, but deep down he knew the true reason.

'Harry.' Dumbledore murmured softly, and Harry turned stiffly to see the Headmaster and the Medi-witch watching him in concern.


Harry ground out the single word just as the other teenagers piled into the wing, panting harshly. The word came out like glass being crushed and Poppy wrung her hands nervously. 'I left him sleeping to collect some potions from Severus and he was gone when I returned.'

Harry sucked in a heavy breath as his eyes closed. He was too late and every one of his nightmares was coming true before his very eyes. He could feel the Draconian warring within him, desperately wanting to go after his Paladin as Harry himself wanted to just pretend the entire thing wasn't happening.

'Harry!' The bark of his father's voice startled him and Harry's eyes shot open to see that during his mental debate the potions master had arrived and was staring at him, his face a mask of calm.

'You know where he is.' Snape said sternly, completely confusing all of those around them.

Harry went to shake his head but the suddenly realized he did, as did Snape who had seen his nightmares. It was then Harry realized they hadn't been nightmares. They had been premonitions.

'Go!' Snape all but shouted and Harry realized he'd been standing there like a pillock while his Paladin was probably being tortured.

'Thank you, Father.' Harry said softly before he apparated away without a sound.


To say that Riddle was stunned when Harry suddenly apparated directly in front of him would have been an understatement, but before the Dark Lord could even pull his wand off Draco, Harry has seen the blood pooling on the ground beneath the Slytherin and, as per the week previous, suddenly everything stopped. Not a sound was heard except for Harry's harsh breathing as the Draconian walked forward and knelt down, carefully lifting Draco out of the line of the curse he was in and into his arms.

'I'm so sorry, Dray.' He whispered, wishing he could take the pained expression off Draco's face. Instead he gave a final unseen glare at the Dark Lord and apparated back to the hospital wing once again.

Those in the wing had barely moved since he'd been gone but moments and Hermione let out a small scream at their appearance.

Harry ignored her and stepped towards his father, who immediately took the unconscious Draco from him even as he stared into the green eyes of his son.

'I have to go back.' Harry whispered and Snape nodded.

'I know. Be careful.'

This time it was Harry's turn to nod before he stepped back. 'Tell him I love him.' Harry added before he apparated away yet again.


Riddle and most of the Death Eaters had apparated away in the scant minute Harry had been gone, but one in particular hadn't and Harry quickly wrapped them both within a tight circle of his magic.

'You will repay me the debt you own me, Wormtail.' Harry hissed.

The rat animagus cowered at the sight of the livid Draconian. 'Please don't hurt me, Harry. Your parents wouldn't want you to hurt me.'

The Draconian glared and Pettigrew actually wet himself. 'Take me to him.' He ordered and the animagus had no choice but to obey.


Harry stared at the landscape around him. Gaping holes cut through the earth, trees were uprooted and in pieces, and the remains of Riddle Manor was barely more the a few piles of blackened rubble surrounded by scorch marks. Ministry Aurors began arriving around him after the complete annihilation of the wards they had previously hidden the property had alerted the Ministry to the huge amount of magic being used in the area. There were no muggles for them to Obliviate though. There was just Harry, looking decidedly worse for wear but still standing, at least for the moment. Most of the Aurors were looking between Harry and the landscape in awe and no small amount of fear.


Harry jumped as Kingsley Shacklebolt gently touched his elbow. And he turned to look at him, the Auror still marveling at the incredible sight the young man made.

'Are you alright?'

Harry nodded and swallowed. 'It's done.' He rasped out and Kingsley raised an eyebrow.

'He's gone?

Harry swallowed and nodded again, his eyes moving to a smoking pile of what used to be robes lying nearby. 'He's gone.' Harry confirmed turning completely away and walking slowly over to the pile. The thirty odd Aurors around them watched as he bent down and picked up what they at first thought was a stick that was caught under the robes before snapping it in half. The red of the phoenix feather poking out the end though gave it away as the Dark Lord's wand and moments later it burst into flame and burnt to completely to ash, leaving Harry's hand somehow unmarked.

'Mother of Merlin.' One of the nearby Aurors whispered and Harry's eyes flicked to them before they rolled back in his head and he collapsed to the ground.


'Push, Mr Malfoy. You have to push.' Poppy insisted firmly.

'I'm not bloody pushing.' Draco screamed back at her, his face red and eyes full of tears. 'I'm not having this baby until Harry is with me.'

Poppy let out a huff. 'He's only a couple of beds away, Mr Malfoy.' She scolded, casting a sad glance at the bed containing the still comatose Boy-Who-Lived who had been bought back by Kingsley Shacklebolt three days before.

Draco shrieked and tried to turn on his side as another contraction tore through him. 'No!' He cried out. 'Make it stop. I can't do this without Harry. I can't. I just can't.' He sobbed

'Draco, it's okay.' Millicent murmured soothingly, casting the medi-witch a withering look before gently, sponging Draco's forehead. 'You can do this.'

'Millie's right, Draco.' Blaise added taking one of Draco's hands in his and squeezing it. 'You can do this. You're strong enough in your own right to do this.'

'No.' Draco sobbed again, it turning into wail as another contraction arrived with the force of a tornado.

'We don't have time for this.' Snape muttered, sitting down on the edge of the bed after glaring sufficiently at Blaise to make him get out of the way. He reached out and grasped Draco's shoulders, dragging him to lying face up again and grasping his chin. 'Draco, listen to me.' He snapped. 'Your son is ready to be born. Harry's son. If you continue in this manner you will be too exhausted and the baby will die. Is that what you want?'

Draco shook his head, tears from his cheek dropping rapidly away as he gave Severus a horrified look.

'Then be strong. Be strong enough to do this on your own. Be the reason Harry loves you so much. Give Harry another reason to wake.'

Draco cast a longing glance at where the Draconian lay so still before nodding. That nod turning onto another wail as another contraction came.

'Push, Draco.' Severus urged and Draco clenched his teeth and did what was asked of him. He could feel nothing below his waist, the numbing charm cast by both the potions master and the medi-witch quickly doing its work.

'That's it.' Poppy murmured encouragingly as she quickly adjusted the sheet back over him. Pansy continued mopping his brow as Draco kept his eyes locked on Snape.

The Slytherin let out a whimper as he pushed as hard as he could once again. 'Harry.' He breathed as Snape grasped his hand tightly.

'I know.' Snape murmured in reply. 'He's here with you. You can feel him.'

Draco nodded and clenched his jaw tightly again as a sharp pain far bigger than any before ripped through him. 'Please, Harry.' Draco sobbed and panted, new tears falling non-stop down his cheeks. 'Please help me.'

'You're doing great, Draco.' Millicent said softly as she gently passed a damp cloth over his face again. 'Harry would be so proud of you.'

'Severus.' The medi-witch's tone of voice had all of them instantly concerned.

'What is it?' Draco gasped out.

Poppy exchanged a glance with Snape before giving Draco a smile. 'Nothing dear, I just need him to have some potions ready. Just relax while you can before the next contraction.'

Draco was too exhausted to argue with her and closed his eyes, counting down the minute of near painlessness he was blessed with as Snape changed places with Blaise and moved to the end of the bed.

'What is it?' He murmured too softly for all but Poppy to hear.

'The Draconian Magic. It's tied the baby to him. I'm not sure he can have it without it tearing him apart inside. I believe it already is.'

'I feel sick.' Draco said suddenly, his face deathly pale.

Severus immediately summoned a bowl that Blaise held in front of him as Pansy held the cold compress to his forehead.

They all watched as Draco's face screwed up into a grimace. 'Don't push.' Poppy said suddenly and Draco's eyes shot open.

'What the hell do you mean don't push?' He screeched and it was very obvious to all the amount of pain he was in suddenly as if the pain spell had stopped working.

'You have to try not to push, Mr Malfoy. The Draconian magic is tying the baby to you. To be honest I don't know what to do. I need to speak with Albus and St Mungos.'

Draco gasped and cried out and suddenly the lower part of the bed was red. Millicent let out a scream and almost fell off the chair she was perched in as she tried to move away.

'Draco, just relax.' Snape snapped out as he quickly began pulling out vials of potions from the loops on his belt and moved back towards Draco's head.


Harry's raspy voice startled them all as he suddenly dropped to his knees beside the bed and reached out towards the other boy.

Draco just gaped numbly at him as Harry placed a hand on Draco's stomach and leant his head down to rest on the small cloth covered shoulder; his other hand bracing him heavily on the edge of the bed in what seemed to be the only thing holding him up. Snape knelt beside him and wrapped and arm around his waist as he felt the Draconian's magic fill the air around them.

'What is he doing?' Poppy questioned.

This earned her another withering look, this time form Snape. 'Healing him, what do you think.' He snapped caustically.

Draco's hands had come up to cradle Harry's head, running his fingers through the still dirty black hair as he just stared dumbly at the Draconian. Any pain he'd had had vanished as soon as he'd been surrounded by Harry's magic. The weight of it was breathtaking and Draco could feel as it searched through him. He could feel it first remove the magic that cocooned the baby, finally allowing it the move from his body easily before it moved to heal those parts of him that had been damaged. He'd never felt Harry so closely before and he knew without a doubt what the Draconian felt for him.

As if knowing his thoughts, Harry finally lifted his head just as their son let out his first cry. 'I love you.' He whispered and more tears spilled down Draco's cheeks as he gently stroked the scales down Harry's.

'I know. I can feel it. I love you too.'

Harry's eyes closed and he swallowed, not even noticing as Snape all but lifted him bodily, no mean feat considering the Draconian's size, onto end of the bed, leaning him up against the headboard as Millicent used her wand to enlarge the bed enough for them both to fit. Draco, with Blaise' help pulled himself far enough up the bed that he could rest his head on Harry's shoulder.

'Congratulations Mr Malfoy, Mr Potter. You have a beautiful baby boy.' Poppy said cheerfully, lifting the baby from the table behind her that she had been using to clean and check him over and turning back around. She stopped and frowned, the infant held gently in her arms. 'You should be lying down, both of you.'

'Please,' Harry whispered. 'Just give us our son.'

'Mr Potter.' Poppy started but Millicent quickly crossed the few steps between them and deftly plucked the baby from her arms with the experience born of having three younger siblings and carried it carefully over to Harry who gave her a grateful look and almost apprehensively took the swaddled infant in his arms. He looked at the small tufts of dark hair, the smooth, soft pale skin and he counted ten fingers and, gently unwrapping the bottom of the bundle, the ten toes before lifting the baby higher to kiss his forehead. He watched as the eyes cracked open and dazed silver orbs gazed back at him. He couldn't stop the single tear that ran down his cheek as he looked up to see Draco staring at their son in awe. A moment later the blonde glanced up and met his eyes. 'Thank you.' He breathed and Draco gave him a tired but brilliant smile.

The young family seemed oblivious to the others around them as they just continued stare down at the child between them. Finally after much staring and soft whispers they looked up seeing the rest of their friends and Dumbledore around them, having been let into the room by Snape. Harry carefully passed Nathaniel off to Draco before lifting his arms up towards Hermione who looked as if she would burst into tears at any moment, and promptly did.

'It's okay, Mione. It really is.' Harry murmured into her bushy brown hair as the young woman knelt beside the bed and hugged him tightly.

'We were so scared for you, Harry. For both of you.' Hermione cried into his shoulder.

Harry glanced up at Ron who was watching them both, his brown eyes suspiciously bright. 'I know. But it's over now. We're safe. All of us.' Harry loosened one hand from around Hermione's shoulders and reached out towards Ron who clasped the hand in his own and squeezed tightly. 'Thank you.' Harry mouthed and Ron nodded, knowing what Harry was thanking him for.

Eventually Hermione finally pulled away and joined Ron and the Slytherins all cooing over little baby in Draco's arms as Dumbledore stood nearby with Poppy his eyes twinkling madly and a fond smile on his face. Harry watched on, his expression weary but full of love and happiness as he saw Draco pass the baby to Snape. The potions master stared in awe at the tiny infant before he looked up and locked eyes with Harry who smiled back at him. He knew exactly what his father was feeling as it showed deeply in the dark eyes, and he was sure it was the same thing showing in his own. They were safe and they were together. And in the end, that was all that mattered.


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