The Final Frontier
By Wickedclowns101

Authors Notes – Just a little idea that popped into my head. Actually, I do own most characters mentioned in this story, so take that, KA!


The year is 2015.
The earth has been cast into a dark shadow, now that the icy hand of the Yeerk Empire grips the planet. Mankind has been eradicated. Every living human is now just a shell the Yeerks use, like a car a human might drive. Save for three.
Yes, three free humans remain deep in space. They were the only ones saved in the final battle between the Animorphs, and the Yeerks.
The Animorphs were no more. Only one of them was salvaged after that gruesome battle. An Andalite reconnaissance scouter found the lone Animorph rummaging amongst the corpses, searching for life.
The Yeerks, under Visser three, finally launched an all out attack on the surrounding cities. Human resistance was annihilated. Soon after, the Animorphs launched a direct attack on the Yeerk Pool itself, and nearly destroyed it.
But in the battle, the Animorphs themselves began to drop. Tobias was first, blown out of the sky by a stray dracon blast. He never even had a chance.
Cassie was next, killed by three Hork-bajir warriors while trying to help some already doomed humans waiting on the infestation pier.
Then came Rachel. By her end, she must have taken down at least thirty Hork-bajir warriors. But not even the mighty grizzly bear is immortal.
Ax was badly injured by a dracon blast that cost him his right arm and stalk eye. He tried to morph to fix the damage, but in the end, he wasn't fast enough.
The fate that awaited Marco was worse than any of the others. His gorilla body had been damaged after a fight with several large Hork-bajir. He had no choice but to demorph and remorph right there on the battle field. A human controller scooped him up while he was half morphed, and rushed him to the infestation pier. It was Marco's Yeerk that led the Empire in the invasion of the Andalite homeworld.
Only Jake survived. Andalite forces landed shortly after the battle. They rescued Jake, along with another few hundred humans, just enough to preserve the species, and flew them back to the Andalite homeworld.
After Jake's recovery, he picked out two humans at random, and took command of one of the new Lightning class dome ships. He jumped into Z-space, and reemerged within a thousand miles of Earth, to find… nothing.
The yeerks had scarred the planet. Every major city: Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, Tokyo, all of them lay in ruin.
Jake immediately returned to Z-space. To him and the other two humans on board, this was no longer Earth. It was Yeerk Territory.
But this wasn't the end of the terror. Z-space had reconfigured itself. Instead of taking a few days to get back to the Andalite homeworld, it took six long years.
They arrived back in normal space, just in time to watch the Andalite homeworld explode. Intercepted Yeerk transmissions stated that the Yeerks had grown tired of the war, so had just decided to destroy the planet entirely.
Now, there were three humans, and less than one hundred Andalites in the galaxy. They moved through space slowly, on the last great dome ship, the Morning Sun.
And now, our heroes are making their way through Z-space. Approaching the milky way star system. Our story begins here.