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To have to experience the two most terrible things in the world in the space of a minute was a cruel twist of fate.

The first was the bloodbending itself. Sokka lost autonomy of his body all at once and it was like every organ in him was protesting through immense pain. He was twisting up unnaturally and could barely breathe.

The second was seeing Toph in an identical situation. Her feet were curling up, trying to the reach the floor, as the bloodbender forced the police chief to hand over the key to his cuffs. Her face was contorted with both pain and fury as she tried to resist his forbidden tactics.

Being knocked out the next moment was almost a relief.

When he came to, feeling as though he'd just been mauled by a platypus bear, it was all he could do to turn his head from his position on the floor, searching for Toph amidst all the other stirring bodies. He staggered to his feet and made his way to her, ignoring his aching muscles. He dropped down beside her and shook her shoulder gently. "Toph. Toph?" Panic colored his voice as his eyes swept over her body, lingering on her stomach. Finally, she groaned and sat up.

"Yakone!" she gasped and made to run after the villain, despite having no idea just where he'd gone, but Sokka held her back.

"It looks like Aang's already taken care of that," Sokka said, noticing the Avatar's distinct absence. "More importantly, are you okay?"

"Of course I'm okay, do you think they let the first wimp who walks through the academy's doors be chief of police?" She pushed his comforting arms away.

Ignoring the stubborn attitude that was Toph's natural state-of-mind, Sokka asked, "Is she okay?" He tentatively placed a hand on her belly.

The way the color left Toph's face told him she hadn't yet thought about the baby within her. "She's fine," Toph muttered, but there was no certainty in her voice.

"Let me take you to a healer," Sokka begged and she grudgingly relented, though she didn't lean on him for support like he offered as they made their way outside the courtroom, where mostly everyone had awoken.

There was a clinic just a couple of streets over and a healer was able to see them immediately. She was shocked to hear what had happened with Yakone but was more concerned with checking on the unborn baby's health. For a long minute, she moved her water-covered hands over Toph's bare stomach, eyes closed in concentration. She smiled and announced, "The baby is fine." Sokka let out a relieved sigh.

"So, you're the father, Councilman Sokka?" the healer asked as Toph pulled her shirt down and her armor back on.

Sokka cringed and looked away. "Ah, no."

"Sorry for prying," the healer hastily added as Toph and Sokka took their leave.

They walked back to city hall to check on the situation with Yakone. When they were almost to the door, Toph said, "Thanks, Sokka. For worrying about me. Even if it wasn't necessary," she was sure to add.

He said it was no problem and they split off to their respective destinations. When Sokka reached the council room, the smile on his face faded and he leaned against the wall, glad no other members were around.

He didn't know who the father of Toph's baby was. She had refused to tell him or any of their friends and seemed upset whenever it was brought up, so eventually they let it go and just supported Toph as the weeks passed. Sokka really was worried about Toph. But when the time came and her baby was born, Sokka would be there for both Bei Fongs. This was his silent vow.