Chapter 11 – Love and Truth

The bandit's knife stabbed into Lu Xun's shoulder. Lu Xun lost his balanced and fell into Cao Pi. Cao Pi held Cao Pi's body with both of his arms, " Swallow… Why you…"

The bandit used the opportunity as Cao Pi focus on Lu Xun's condition. He took his dagger from his clothes and wielded his dagger into Cao Pi. Suddenly, a strong figure with long white hair appeared in front of him and beat the bandit with his blade.

" Here he goes again… causing me so much trouble, as always…" Gan Ning said as he beat another bandit.

General Zhang He ran into Cao Pi and helped him as well, " Sorry to leave your side for a while, young lord! The bandits' fighting ability are not very good, but their number are endless… It seems that their camp was near this place, so that they can send the reinforcement easily!"

" So you admitted that you are growing older, huh?" Gan Ning teased Zhang He.

" Of course no! Age can't beat my beauty!" Zhang He jumped and beat the bandit behind Cao Pi beautifully.

" Then bring it!" Gan Ning smirked as he brought Lu Xun's body into the house. Xiao Hua was really surprised when she saw Lu Xun's body was covered by blood. Gan Ning put Lu Xun's body on the bed.

" Gan Ning… please help General Zhang He..."

" Lu Xun…" Gan Ning stared at Lu Xun, " Master Lu Meng will get angry to me if he found out your condition… Let's get home now, from the back door…"

Lu Xun smiled, "Please… help Zhang He… I already have a strategy to win this fight… but I need your help…"

" Egoist as always… Well, I guess I have no choice…" Gan Ning nodded.

" Why are Wu's people like you protect me…?" Cao Pi asked.

" What are you talking about? Lu Xun has sacrifice himself to protect you…" Gan Ning pulled Cao Pi's collar.

" Calm down Gan Ning… Let me talk to him…" Lu Xun stared at Cao Pi as he hold his wound, "We are only generals who serve our lord. The lord of Wu haven't forbid us to protect Wei's people, so why do we have to kill you?" Lu Xun smiled at Cao Pi, " And as I said before… I don't see you as my enemy. You are my precious friend and I don't want to lose you… Winter…"

" Swallow…" Cao Pi took Lu Xun's hand, " I'm sorry…"

Lu Xun smiled as he put his hand on Cao Pi's face.

Gan Ning turned his body and walked into the door, " I think I have to help that Lotus Dancer now. Hey, Wei's boy, if Lu Xun die because of you, I will kill you!"

" You have my word…" Cao Pi nodded. Gan Ning left both of them and entered the battlefield again.

Xiao Hua sat beside Cao Pi, " Big brother… Please let me help you, too…"

" Xiao Hua, I need a bucket hot water and a bunch of clothes that has been soaked in the boiling water. After that, just leave them in front of the room and never look inside, okay?" Cao Pi said. He thought it would be better for Xiao Hua to not see Lu Xun's condition.

Xiao Hua nodded and she left into the kitchen.

" Winter … Can I ask you a favor? " Lu Xun said.

" What is it?"

Lu Xun stood and looked outside the window, " The bandits are too many, and our generals begin to feel tired to handle them… We have to use strategy to beat them" Lu Xun grabbed Cao Pi's hands, " You said before that you have a friend on the palace that can speak to the animal right? Write a letter to send his troops here to help us. Then let my swallow pet sends him the letter…"

" Can this bird really reach the palace? "

" This swallow is smart. I will explain the strategy to her as you wrote the letter." Lu Xun said as he opened the cage and let the swallow out.

Cao Pi nodded and did what Lu Xun asked. He tied the letter on the swallow's leg and let it flew through the window.

" Mmm… Swallow… About your wound…" As Cao Pi turned his head, he was surprised. Lu Xun was crouched on the floor.

Cao Pi ran to Lu Xun," Swallow!"

" I'm okay… Maybe I'm just feeling… a little dizzy… "

" You're lying… Your face is very pale. Your body trembled, and your body temperature… It's hot… And your wound…" Cao Pi tore apart Lu Xun's clothes and realized that his skin around his wound has turned into blue. " How could it be…? Your skin turned into blue…"

" I see… so the knife seems contained some poison… You have to pull the knife fast, or else the poison will spread into my whole body… " Lu Xun explained with a very low voice." After you pulled the knife, you have to wash the wound and give them the miracle medicine I gave you before. The medicine is in the blue bottle with the star symbol on its cover… The medicine can at least neutralized the poison…"

" So the first thing I have to do is to pull this knife from your body… "

" And I think… you better tie my hands into the bed post. I don't think I can control myself because of the pain it cause…"

" But… will this really be okay…? The procedure seems rather scary for me, because… it will make you suffer…"

Lu Xun smiled, " It's okay, because I believe in you… "

" If you ask for… I will do it… I'm really sorry, Swallow…" Cao Pi tied both of Lu Xun's hands on the bed's post with his belt, one on the left, and one on the right.

Lu Xun closed his eyes as Cao Pi put his hand on the knife. He hissed when the blades leave his wound. The pain was hurt more than he expected. Blood began to pour more than before. Cao Pi stopped the bleeding with his clothes, then he washed Lu Xun's wound with white clothes that has been soaked in warm water. After washing them, he scrubbed Lu Xun's wound with the miracle medicine. Lu Xun cried out when the medicine touched his wound. Tears began to roll on his face. He bit his lips hard until it started to bleed.

" No! Swallow!"

" It's painful, Winter… It really is painful… " Lu Xun sobbed.

Cao Pi hugged Lu Xun " I'm sorry, Swallow… Because of me, you have to bear this pain… It's only a bit more… please bear with it a little longer… I don't want you to die…"

As Lu Xun began to calm, Cao Pi continued his work by wrapping the wound with the white clothes that has been sterilized by the boiling water. There is no word between the two of them until Cao Pi finished his work.

" It's finished…" Cao Pi stared at Lu Xun as he released Lu Xun's hands. Cao Pi wiped Lu Xun's sweat and tears from the face. " I'm really sorry to what happened to you… If only I believed in you from the beginning… And also… I should tell you the truth from the start… I'm really sorry…"

Lu Xun smiled at Cao Pi. He didn't have any more energy to speak. He pulled Cao Pi's hand and kissed it.

Cao Pi cupped Lu Xun's face with his hand and kissed him. " Actually, I really want to make you mine… I really love you… Swallow, I mean… Lu Xun…"

Lu Xun glad that Cao Pi called him by his own name. He hugged him more tightly.

Suddenly they heard the noise from the outside. They could hear the Horse's step voice from the outside. It looked like the reinforcement has arrived. Cao Pi was glad as he saw Xiahou Dun was riding his horse with a lot of troops behind him. The troops caught all the bandits, among with the bandit's leader who was hiding on the forest. The swallow really did its work well.

" Your strategy really works! You really are a brilliant strategist!" As Cao Pi turned his head, he just realized that Lu Xun has closed his eyes. " No… LU XUN! WAKE UP! LU XUUUN!"