A/N These were just a bunch of oneshots I found in a folder, one was a story I wrote before Terra showed up. I'm updating as i go, real busy lately so no telling when I'll have time. Not my best but these are kinda goofy and I'm told that I'm bad at funny so this is practice too.

I could not believe it. Out of everyone in the tower, how did HE beat me. I take my eyes off of the board and pieces long enough to look at his smug grin. My look of astonishment quickly changed to irritation. "Beginners luck. No way you could get that good that fast."

That smug, fanged grin of his just got bigger. "Raven Raven Raven, you said there was no way I could beat you, so I actually tried to. It's a move I learned from Mento. You get good trying to beat a man who can read your mind."

I stared at that smug green face. "One more time. If it was not beginners luck, you can beat me again Beast Boy."

He shrugged his with to much confidence than necessary. "I told you last time. I'm good, I just don't care." He leaned over the chess board, smiling like he already won. "But I don't back down from a challenge. Want to make it interesting?"

I was going to kill him. No, send him to multiple hell dimensions, stuff meat down his throat, and than kill him just to bring him back and do it again.

"That was crazy BB, how did you do it?" Robin stood there, confused and bewildered.

"Marvelous friend. Raven has been defeated lost twice in the row. How did you accomplish such a feat." Starfire twirled in the air ecstatic. Rubbing salt in my wound.

Poor Cyborg, I think he overloaded at the prospect of Beast Boy winning a game of strategy.

Everyone was there to see my humiliation. Losing the game was not the worst of it, the bet was. "Kay Raven, pay up." That smug green smiling twit was dead.

I glared at him. That smug little. "Now?" The irritation filled my voice.

Beast Boy smiled as he put the pieces up. "You can do the other thing if you want."

I paled, even more than normal. Wearing pink and a tutu for three days was out of the question. "Fine, I have first player though."

He jumped up as he put my chess board back in its box. "Sweet! I know the perfect game to!" He ran over to the gamestation, picked up one of the games and held it high. "Super Monkey Ninja Three the Alien Invasion. It's got ninja monkeys that do magic, and you can even be the aliens fight the monkeys. Look, you can even customize the characters to look like you." He had turned on the game and showed me five monkeys that were made. One for each of us that looked a lot like us. "I went ahead and made you a monkey for you, just in case you ever wanted to play." There was a furry blue monkey with a black gi top and hood.

"Why am I blue?"

He shrugged. "It's your favorite color and I couldn't get a cloak the right color. So let's play."

I sat down and grabbed the controller when I felt the annoying, irritating, despicable, green bug tap my shoulder. "What?" Annoyance apparent to everyone listening.

He smiled nervously as he scratched the back of his neck. "Uh Raven. I was wondering if you would want to-"

"You beat me twice at my game than force me to play yours. Really bad time." He nodded and smiled.

"You're going down!"

The rest of the team had left after getting over their shock. Me, I preceded destroy Beast Boy and his high scores. If he was not so mad than he would have seen my smile and might have asked me again. I just might have said yes.