"My darling, what ever is the matter?" Glinda was forceful on the green girl, though there was no loathing. Glinda had denied these feelings, ruining many friendships. When she was angry at others, she was more furious with herself. The green girl, acccepted her like one of her own. Which was different, because she was the only green one. What had her mother done? Had she gotten so lonely that an elf was the only comfort? Rumors were sailing around the school, from one pink bag to another. She had been taught to never speak ill of the dead, but who can resist a good rumor. Her school mates were like vicious wolves, tearing apart in a juicy rumor. Giving only drops of lies to the others. If they found out, she would never poke her pointy nose out the dorm again. The green girl, who she hadn't remembered the name of, had interested her since the first day of school. Only a week into the first year at Shiz. She rarely ever talked to her, the first few months. Whenever she did, instead of saying whatever Glikinese comment about her dress, or the green girl's book, she would rather have said, 'Kiss me, you annoying green girl!' She had to learn her name, and maybe get this relationship on it's way. She was deep in thought, in her annoying homework, which she failed to understand, all of her thoughts on how great the green girl looked with that blue bed, undertoning the nice way of her skin's.
"Hey, um-"
"YEs, Ephaba. Can you help me, this math, it's so hard to get!" Elphaba crouched next to her little desk. HOw did she work at this? She was nicely helping. Having Elphaba's head right next to her's was great.
"Just move this, and-"
"Oh, just kiss me already!" She jumped on Elphaba's lips, her returning. It could have lasted all night, if Boq didn't knock on the door. What did he want?
Elphaba answered, a little jumpy. "Boq?"
"May I speak to Galinda?" She nodded, and lead the dumbfounded girl to the door.
"All, I ever think about is you, I'm in love, Galinda!"
"Get away, you pervert. I am sick of these games, back off." She closed the door. Elphaba was right in her bead, as she had never left. "So, now you're not going to talk?" She asked bitterly.
"If I do, that's less time I could read. BUt I would love to grab a tea, with you." "Let it be, hat just happened. Our secret." They walked out, to the tea parlor. Elphaba, never keeping promises, sat down and began to talk.
"HOw long have these feelings been going on?"
"Since the day I layed eyes. On you. A meer crush."
"We will meet every day, and you will act like you hate me, but as soon as we getback to our room, we are one."
"Is that a proposal, or a demand?"
"It's an agreement. Agreed?"
"Yes. Agreed." A Goat looked at her, though he was glancing everywhere, nervous thing. The Animals were constantly under the line of Ozians. Though, they did adult things in bathrooms, and still had their fair share of beer on Lulinmas. Elphaba had ony tasted the fresh taste of beer once. Her father, the preacher Frex, had gotten some. After he had a little too much, and a pregnant mother, her pregnant mother had also had her share. They burped and laughed, singing along to crude songs. Frex grabbed the young Elphaba, promising that his drink was a sweet nectar. She had taken a sip. She vomited up, and fell asleep with Nessarose sprawling in her little arms. Her new young teeth, that had been nicer than the younger They were sharp and almost deadly. Nessarose was her saint, the only reason Galinda could recieve her kiss. She snapped back into the sad reality. She was green, and hidden away. She felt like an Animal herself. Galinda was staring into her eyes, she looked down. "Now, let's take this home, where this isn't a secret." And that was the night she felt love. They ran home, and dropped their bags. Elphaba her cloak and large aount of over clothes, now they were in loafers. ELphaba, herself earned never to take to much the blanket over herself, expecting nothing more. Only minutes after she had heard the zipper of atleast three jackets being undone. "My bed is to cold." Galinda cooed in her ear. Elphaba had to turn around. Galinda's lips, so tempting in the awkward lighting. She was massaging her shoulders. "You're so tense, relax."
"I can't relax. No rest for the wicked."
"You are not wicked, you are green. Green and pink go together." She smiled. Elphaba, if possible, turned pink. Her being taller than Galinda, was being uncomfortable, as her feet fell of the bed and soon the rest of her. ELphaba felt tears.
"I-I'm new." She tried to laugh, but the tears fell.
"Do not cry. I can't believe that you are so embarresed. We are in a relationship, anything that happens, it goes. That's how it works."
"But, it's secret. A lie, a rumor."
"Does it matter if anybody else knows, it's our secret, but it's true. Fact is fact."
"Goodnight, I will hold you, for no one will ever be like you. You are one, you are not a lie."
"Are you? Is this a fake?"
"I won't lie. I am not a lie. We are something real." They both were greeted by a nice obvlion. Galinda's head, swirling around with thoughts and thoughts, was finally empty. Peace. She awoke, with Elphaba holding on to something, her hand. Like a lifeline. This was a start of something. Something absolutley wonderful.

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