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~~~~~~Story Time~~~~~~

Eragon's PoV

I didn't expect my life to change so much when I found the shiny blue rock in the Spine at age 15; didn't expect a dragon to be born then change into a fully fledged teen; I didn't expect to find out I had a brother 3 years older than me; didn't expect to find out that my father was the hated king's most loyal advisor, or had been until he was killed; and I most certainly did not expect to become a part of the most famous band in Alagaesia.

Now here I was five years later with my (Dragon turned Human) best friend Saphira, who was fixing her blue fringe, and one of my other best friends Arya, who was filing her nails, as we waited for my brother Murtagh and his (Dragon turned Human) best friend Thorn as well as Tag and I's cousin Roran to finish gathering their things. The six of us were supposed to be on the road in 10 minutes or we would be late getting to Teirm. You see after being thrust into the topsy-turvy world of our young adult lives we formed a band called Dangling Fate, the best term to describe our lives. And now, three hours driving time from Teirm, we needed to get going so we had time to handle Rider business before our gig at 6.

You see, Murtagh Morzansson (my brother) and I (Eragon Morzansson), we're sort of special, special like the first Riders since the King went loony and murdered any Dragon and Rider not sworn to him kind of special. Our father Morzan, may his soul forever rot in the deepest pits of Hell, was the first and last of those Riders and by the time of his death there had been 3 Dragon eggs left. One was magically transported to the Spine, the deep forest near my hometown of Carvahall, and had hatched for me. A second had hatched for Tag when he accidently touched it while following Father. The third had yet to hatch and was currently held in a well-padded bag at my side; this egg was to be touched by anyone who Saphira and Thorn felt would make a good Rider.

Murtagh is Dangling Fate's lead guitarist and takes the singing for any heavier song we do. He stands tall at 6'7 with chin length black hair and piercing hazel eyes.

Thorn, well you can tell Thorn is a dragon by nature. He towers as tall as Murtagh in human form and is built like a beast. His eyes are red as his scales and his hair almost matches only enough brown in it to keep it from shining like fire unless under bright lights. He is the bass player for Dangling Fate and has been Saphira's boyfriend from nearly the moment they met.

I am the male lead vocalist and play guitar for Tag during his songs. I'm short compared to him, only 6'2 and have dirty blond hair down to my ears with "deep", as Saphira says, blue eyes.

Saphira is the lead female vocalist of Dangling Fate and often has a tambourine in hand. She's just barely the shortest of the group at 6'1 although her bright yet fierce attitude can make you forget that quickly. Her blonde hair just brushes her shoulder blades as her fringe covers her eyes, both of which are the same blue color as her scales as a dragon.

Roran Garrowsson, while not a Rider, is very much a special type of person. He is Tag and I's cousin on our mother's side although he and I were raised basically as brothers by his parents. He is fully Human but with the way he speaks and thinks you could almost think him an Elf. He can convince just about anyone to do just about anything. Being only a year younger, he is only shorter than Tag by two inches and has brown eyes almost hidden by his brown hair. He is our drummer, earning himself the name Stronghammer from the nearly vicious way he plays.

Arya Drottingu, well she is really something else. Her mother is Queen of the Elves and she herself an Ambassador of sorts where it concerns the egg. She's a great keyboardist and really loyal friend though, if a bit of a gossip. At 21 she's also very beautiful with waist length black hair and shocking green eyes, as well as being a stunning 6'4 from her Elf blood.

Finally Murtagh, Thorn and Roran came out of the house and put their bags in the trunk. As we load up I call Jeod, an old friend of my men Brom. Brom had been my mother's friend, my father's worst enemy, and an acquaintance of my uncle. He was also the one who had taught me about Dragons and looked after me when my uncle passed and Roran had been out of town for work. Jeod has offered to let us, the band that is, stay at his house while we are in Teirm; the only conflict he had mentioned was that his daughter, a child I hadn't known he had, and her brother would most likely have friends over at some point. Once Jeod answers I tell him we are on the road and that we would 'hopefully' be there at 4:30 as planned. As soon as the call finishes I lay my head back to relax and possibly sleep for the next 3 hours.

~~~~~~End Chappie~~~~~~

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