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~~~~~~Story Time~~~~~~

Alyx's PoV

Slin and I make it to Nasuada's in 15 minutes and I knock. Ajihad opens the door.

"Hiya Mr. 'Jihad! Thanks for lettin' us over! And for the ride, too!" I wave and grin before walking in. He chuckles and I hear Aislin chatting with him. I shout.

"Nassy! Kat! I have arrived! … So has Aislin!" I grin as they walk out laughing.

"Hey Lyx. Glad you made it. Love your outfit." Kat tugs the chain on my belt with a grin. I smirk.

"I know; I'm just that sexy." I feel Aislin slap my head and I pout. Guess she's upset still.

"Meanie!" Kat and Nassy smile and laugh as Aislin smirks.

"Not mean, I'm just getting even; you shouldn't have touched my clothes." She flips her hair and grins before hugging Kat. Katrina hugs her before pushing her to arms length; they study each other's outfits then squeal and hug. They match almost perfectly in un-matching ways.

Aislin has on her black petticoat skirt, red corset top, black fishnet off the shoulder half top and black knee high shit kickers Man I love those boots while Kat has on a blue fishnet top under a black corset with blue skinny jeans, black combat boots and a black and blue studded belt. I look at Nassy to study her outfit.

Nasuada is wearing a gold knee length corset style dress Girls and their corsets, jeesh with black fishnet stockings, her black leather half sleeved jacket, golden bangles and black ankle boots that have gold accents. I can see that she noticed me looking and wink.

"Lookin' good Nassy, totally snazzy." I grin at my lame word play as she laughs. Hell Yeah, I'm awesome. She nods.

"Thanks Alyx, you don't look half bad yourself." I look down at my black and green knee high shit kickers Fuck Yeah, skin tight black jeans, green and black studded and chained belts, and green sleeveless collared silk button up.

"Thank you, Thank you very much." She laughs and nods as she hugs Slin and Kat hugs me. Kat speaks.

"So what happened? I thought you guys had guests?" Nassy nods and Aislin looks at me; I grin.

"Oh My Gawd! So those 'guests' were, well are, the Morzansson Brothers! Dangling Fate is staying at our house! Apparently Daddio knows them some how." Katrina and Nasuada look between me and Aislin. Aislin grins.

"Dad hasn't explained yet but he seemed to know them, especially Eragon, really well." Eragon…yum. I smirk.

"And they saw Aislin here in a towel!" I wink and grin lewdly. Slin glares at me while blushing.

"They did indeed because my stupid brother here decided he was gonna kidnap my clothes; since I didn't know we had guests I was screaming like usual, and there they are with my dad when he opens the door." Katrina giggles. Nassy is the one to speak.

"So how does it feel Ais, to have your celebrity crush see you almost naked?" Slin blushes more. She has a serious thing for Murtagh.

"Bit undermining really. Like, what if I looked ridiculous or something?" Nasuada hugs her and Kat speaks.

"No way. You're really good looking; damp and in a towel? Can you say hello mini Murtagh?" We all laugh, even Aislin who is blushing. She gasps.

"That reminds me! He gave me these." She pulls out whatever it was he gave her when we were leaving. They are backstage passes. SQUEE. Kat and Nassy squeal.

"BACKSTAGE PASSES!" Before any more celebration can happen Ajihad walks in.

"It is time to go if you don't want to be late." We all pile out the door and into his car excitedly. The girls keep chattering during the ride even as I think about the sexy male singer that will be staying at my house.

~~~~~~End Chappie~~~~~~

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