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Saturday and Sunday went by quickly, and I soon found myself in bed at Sunday night, feeling much better than I had two days ago.

The door to my room creaked open, and Mum entered, bringing with her a purple scarf, perfectly folded.

"Misaki," she said. A small smile crept up to her face when she saw me reading through my math textbook in bed, all tucked in. "Here's the scarf that you borrowed. Say thank you to your friend, would you?"

I folded the page I left off and closed the book. "Of course I will, Mum. And thank you, for washing it."

"Why, I won't allow my sick daughter to do laundry, now, will I?" Laughing, she set the scarf on my bedside table and went out.

"Mum?" I called out to her just as she was about to close the door. "Do you remember how I came home on Thursday?" I asked when she asked what the matter was.

"How you came home on Thursday?" she echoed. "What do you mean by that?"

"Like, the condition I was in. Was I drenched, or – I don't know."

Mum considered this for a while, before saying, "I'm not sure… I had a night shift on Thursdays, remember? But you were already sleeping when I came home at 4, and your uniform was dry and folded on your table, so I placed them inside your cupboard. Why?"

"Uh, nothing. Just… curious," I said. "Was Suzuna out, too? On Thursday?"

"Yes, she was staying at her friend's house."

"Ah, okay. Thanks," I muttered, adding to it a nervous laugh.

Mum, being the carefree person that she was, just said goodnight and closed the door, not even questioning my inconceivably odd inquiry.

Alone in my room, I set aside my book (had enough of polynomial remainder theorem for the night) and opened up my window, letting in a gush of cold night wind.

It was a beautiful night. The sky was a perfect shade of navy blue, and the stars were bright and shining. The moon was nowhere to be seen, but that was fine: the sky was already bright without it, anyway.

I thought about the events that happened in the previous week:

a) My secret part-time job had been discovered by the school's alleged 'prince' and three delinquents. The 'prince' hadn't told anyone about it (probably because he thought it amusing to watch me overwork and worry about stuff, like a little puzzled ant), but now that the three delinquents knew about it… I wasn't quite sure if they'd stay as silent as Usui Takumi. And

b) I'd collapse on more than one occasion, one of which I had no idea who'd helped me get home. (And I chose to believe that I changed into my pajamas myself that night)

I sighed.

I truly hoped that the following week wouldn't be so eventful.


Usui Takumi was lying down on the floor of the roof of the school when I went up there.

He turned to look at the visitor who had disturbed his peace and said, "Pres? It's odd to see you up here."

I scratched my head awkwardly, being the social pariah that I was. "Uh, I…"

A few seconds after my voice trailed off, he broke the silence and said, "You know, they haven't told anyone about your job."

"Is that so?" I asked, sighing in relief. "I was actually prepared for it."

He provided no answer.

Feeling odd, I asked, "D-did you do anything to them to, you know, shut them up?"

"Not really," answered the blond. "I asked them to not spread it around, since it's a secret entertainment for me, watching you like this." Much to my dismay, he provided no signs that he was joking.

I sighed in surrender. "So you are having fun with this."

He turned around to face me, a mischievous grin plastered on his face. "I mean, you'd get mad if I said I was worried, wouldn't you?" he asked.

I clenched my fists tight, using all my strength to hold them down by my sides, and stomped towards him.

"Not to go against your decision to keep your job a secret or anything, I actually feel that it'd be okay if the school knows about it," he said, effectively catching my attention. "I mean, it's not like it's against the rules to have a part-time job, right? I'm sure they wouldn't have anything against you if you did tell everyone.

"Besides, your job doesn't determine who you are. You're a strong, confident woman who fights for what she believes in, and wearing a maid's uniform won't change any of that. You'd still be you, in your school uniform or your maid outfit. Don't you agree?"

Usually, I'd hate getting into talks like this, but I actually found myself paying attention to each and every word coming out of Usui Takumi's mouth. He was this close to convincing me to tell every single person in the whole planet about my mortifying job. So close, yet – thankfully – so far.

"You know," I found myself muttering, "I spent 28 of my 48-hour weekend thinking about why you piss me off so much, Usui Takumi."

I was hesitant about continuing what I'd just unconsciously said, but seeing the surprised look on his face, I decided to proceed.

"It's like… I'm running with all my might, trying to be the best in everything… and there you are, jogging a few steps in front of me, laughing. You'd turn back and shout out completely useless things to me, irritating me incredibly, before proceeding with your jog. And no matter how much I try to pass you, I can't. You're always there, while I'm always… here.

"And last week, you've helped me by being a few steps in front of me, and… I thank you for that. But just you wait, Usui Takumi. I swear I'll catch up to you, and next time, I'll be the one worrying over you."

By the time I was done, his eyes were the size of oranges. And that was when I realized how big of a fool I'd made out of myself.

I mean, really? Who says that after getting praised by a guy?

No one.

But much to my astonishment, Usui Takumi threw his head back and laughed. Not that cold and mean laugh, but the good-hearted chuckle I'd never heard from him before.

"I take that as a challenge to not let you bypass me," he said, still lightly chuckling.

I was just about to make my leave when I remembered the main reason I came here.

"Ah," I murmured while fumbling inside my bag, taking out a paper bag. "Here's your scarf." I handed it to him. "I washed it. Thanks for lending it to me."

"You sure you want to give it back?" he asked, the corner of his lips perking up.

"Huh?" I uttered, not quite getting what he meant.

"There are people who would kill to get my scarf. So I'm asking you, are you sure you want to give it back?"

"W-what?" I felt my cheeks heat up. "W-why would I want to keep your scarf? You're so full of yourself!"

He shrugged. "Well, just don't regret it later."

"I won't," I spat out.

He sat up to take the bag containing his scarf, before lying back down again.

"Err," I carried on. "I don't want to be indebted to anyone, but I can't think of how I should reciprocate… So, I was wondering if you have anything in mind…"

His brows shot up when I was finished.

He turned towards me, an amused look on his face, and – all while stifling a chuckle – recommended, "Well, why don't you be my personal maid for a day, then?"

My reaction to his remark, however, was not seen, as right at that moment, the sun decided to peek out from the cloud it had been hiding behind, causing Usui Takumi to block his eyes using his hands. I was grateful for this, of course, since if he had paid attention to how I'd reacted, he'd be looking at a gaping tomato.

"I'm out of here," I muttered, before storming towards the staircase.

Behind me, I could hear the blond chuckle.

God, was he annoying or what?


"W-w-what," I stuttered, gaping at the view in front of me. "What are you guys doing here?"

Usui Takumi, sitting in his usual spot, grinned.

"They said they wanted to come and see you," he explained, somewhat teasingly. "Looks like you've got yourself some fans, huh?"

I gaped at the blond, before gaping at the three customers sitting in the table beside his.

Shirokawa Naoya.

Sarashina Ikuto.

Ryuunosuke Kurosaki.

My jaw fell farther down when they started smiling dreamily to the walls of the café.

"Maid Latte," they murmured. "Maid Latte..."

Usui Takumi chuckled.

I should really get a new job, I thought to myself while making my way to the kitchen. I really should get a new job.

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