Goheta VS Super Buu

Disclaimer I do not own Dragon Ball Z or any of its games, Episodes or anything connected with it. I write this story for pleasure and excitement.

This is an AU were Gohan and Vegeta fuse while fighting Majin Buu who has Absorbed Goku, Piccolo and Gotenks.

Many thanks to my lovely Beta, Coin of Light and Darkness.

Chapter 1: Goheta Is Born

(This takes place while Goku has the Porta earrings and he and Gohan are fighting Buu.)

Gohan was searching through all the rocks; he couldn't find the earring his father had thrown to him. He heard his father say that it could make them fuse despite the difference in power. He loved his father to the bone. But there was one problem for he be one with him for life? How would his mother react to her Husband/Son or Goten react to having a Dad/Brother for his life?

Then Gohan shook his head. He knew that when desperate times like this, it called for desperate measures and this was one of those times for him to do that.

Meanwhile Goku who had entered his Super Sayain 3 form was fighting Majin Buu, who was wearing Gotenks' blue Fusion jacket due to him absorbing him. The fight was not going smoothly.

Goku shot his son a look, "Gohan find the earring quickly. We have to fuse or we're all doomed." Then he had to guard his hands to block one of Buu's attacks.

While Gohan was looking for the other Porta earring, a little annoyed at Old Kai for not telling him that the Porta earrings were used for fusion. He would have asked Kibito to let him keep the earrings before the Gi change.

Then after lifting up one last rock he had finally found the earring. "Dad, I found it" Gohan shouted to his father.

Then Buu realized he was in trouble. He knew that Gotenks' fusion wouldn't last long due to the time limit and that Piccolo's power wouldn't be enough. Then he saw his chopped off legs in the distance on top of a rock.

"Goku, sorry but I won't let you have your miracle fusion." Then Buu's chopped off legs turned pink and covered Goku. Through all the slime Goku's earring fell down. Gohan flew up and caught it.

Then he was shocked to see Buu wearing his father's Gi top and giving a smile of evil of pleasure "I've done it, I have now the full power of a Super Sayain 3. Kid, if your father can hear me I want him to know thanks for the energy ha-ha."

Gohan clenched his fits together, "How could you? He was the only family member I have left and you took him. You took Dad, Mom, Goten and Grandpa, all of my family and not just them, my friends, the people who I grew up with. What the hell is wrong with you?"

Then Buu smiled, "I like your attitude kid really. I guess it's your Sayain side, because of that I will give you a chance. I will count to twenty and you need to find someone to fuse with and fight me with. If you fail to reach these requirements then I will kill you all."

Then Buu put his arms together in a folding position, "I'm waiting Sayain, one, two, three, four..."

Then Gohan was looking at all his options. He looked at Tien, thinking a fusion with him could be powerful. They would make Goen, he imagined himself with a third eye and his orange Gi in Tien's style.

If he fused with Tien they would probably have a chance but he couldn't. Tien was knocked out; he knew he could simply put the earring on him. But Tien wouldn't have had a say in it and he would have been denied his free will of separation.

Then Gohan looked at the only beings that were awake. Unfortunately if he chooses either of them he would make a weak fusion.

It was Hercule and Dende. He imagined a fusion between him and Hercule. They would probably be called Herchan he saw himself wearing Hercule cloths mixed with his Gi and his hair and beard apart of his body.

He shook his head then he imagined a fusion between him and Dende. They would be called Gohde. He then imagined himself as a Namek with green skin and his Gi would be in the style of Dende's cloths.

Then Buu spoke, "Gohan, I've reached ten, you have another ten seconds."

Gohan realized that time was running out. Hercule did have some fighting experience but in a way he would be taking away Videl's father. So the choice would be him and Dende. He would be useful due to his healing abilities and that could help him have an advantage over Buu.

Then Gohan shouted, "Buu I've made my decision on who I want to fuse with."

Then Buu smiled evilly knowing he would have to fuse with Hercule or Dende. "Of course I know the match with your fusion will be very quick so do it already, I have a world to destroy."

Then Gohan was able to catch Dende's eye, "Dende I'm going to throw you the earring. You heard what my dad said, that we will be fused together for life. So please do this for me and the world."

Then Dende nodded, "Okay Gohan throws me the earring. I'm ready to accept my fate for this battle."

Then Gohan nodded he felt sorry that this had to happen to him and Dende. But in the end if you want to save lives you would have to give up lives, he learned that from Cell.

But before he threw the earring he heard a loud cry of an attack, "FINAL FLASH!" Then in that instant Buu was blasted miles away from the battle field.

Gohan knew who that attack belonged to. Then he saw Vegeta fly right next to him. He still wore the same clothes he had at the tournament.

Then Gohan got a great idea, "Hey Vegeta put on the earring."

Then Vegeta gave Gohan a stern yet confused look, "Why, why would I need to put on some stupid jewelry? You should give that to Bulma with the piece on your ear. Why do you even have that on? That makes that Sayaman costume even weirder."

Then Vegeta was looking around,"Where's Kakarrot? I thought he would be here."

Then Gohan sighed, "Buu absorbed Dad. He was losing Gotenks' Super Sayain 3 power so he absorbed Dad to maintain the power. Listen, Vegeta, I need you to put this on so that I and you can fuse."

Then Vegeta looked bewildered, "Give me one good reason why I should fuse with you boy."

Then Gohan gave him a stern look "They're gone Vegeta, all of them our friends, my family, even Bulma and Trunks. They have been taken by that thing." He then pointed to Buu, "If you or I ever want to see any of our family's again then merge with me, we're this world's last hope."

The fact that Bulma and Trunks were gone shook Vegeta very hard. In the end he knew Gohan was right. "Okay, give me the earring. I will fuse with you Gohan."

Then Gohan threw it to Vegeta. "So where do I put it?"

"You put it at the opposite ear where my one is."

Then Vegeta did it and like a bullet being shot out of a gun they were shoved towards each other like a magnet. Then a new warrior was standing where Gohan and Vegeta once stood.

He was wearing Vegeta's style of clothes only the top half was orange and the bottom was blue and his boots were like Vegeta's, only done with the Turtle hermit style, his hair was Gohan's only mixed with Vegeta's spiked part at the back.

Then he opened his eyes his voice was half Vegeta's and half Gohan's.

"So I am the Porta fusion of Vegeta and Gohan. I wonder what to call myself, Gohan plus Vegeta. I know, Goheta sounds cool. Alright, where's Buu? It's time to settle this."