"HP: Bloodties" AU
'Chaos of the Phoenix'
Chapter One
- Assault -

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THIS IS AN EXPERIMENT. If this is taken favourably, I'll proceed with it. I would appreciate honest feedback by those that are more familiar with the Potter books than I am. If this is taken well, it will move forward.

This story begins in the summer before the Order of the Phoenix. It involves a H/Hr/L triangle, Manipulative!Dumbledore, Independent!Harry, Basilisk/Phoenix Altered!Harry and is completely AU from the start.

Ideas for this have come from many sources. Several involve Luna, others are about the structure of the Wizengamot and Harry's lineage. Hermione's going to have one hell of a surprise on her hands.

Sources: Many… and just bits and pieces. I solemnly swear that I shall never plagiarize a plot, just a device or concept. In many ways, it's simply me nabbing everything I've ever liked about certain stories and putting them together for my own sake. Technically, I'm writing it for myself. However, I will appreciate feedback. I'll also appreciate a kind boot to the tookus whenever I get something completely and blatantly wrong.

Among the varied stories that I've borrowed certain things from:

Luna - Help of a Seer by Aealket
(Her family retreat and Druidic Magick. Partial seer abilities, but nothing world breaking. It'll make sense later. And, they're not really seer abilities...)

Harry - The Consequences of Honest Dialog by jacee2u, A New Order by Edmond O'Donald
(Mostly on how Dumbles is a twisted do-gooder that believes he has a mandate from God to do whatever the hell he thinks is right for the greater good. Also, some biology issues.)

Hermione – Me! Ahahahahahaha
(did get another biology issue from A New Order, and it will be funny, but that's it.)

As stated, this will have a trinary relationship between Harry, Hermione and Luna. All three will become Animagi with some help from a Godfather.

Lastly: As an American, I may botch some British colloquialisms. Research does help, but prod me if I get something rather blatantly wrong. With spelling, I use a British spell checker and I hope I wont mess that up too much.

Initial internal prompt that I thought was funny, and ran with it:

"What? I'm Welsh? How in the hell is Potter a Welsh name?" ~ Harry

"The base name is Crochenydd, actually. They converted to English a few hundred years ago." ~ Neville

"Gesundheit. Merlin, I'm Welsh. Guess I have to be depressed and complain about how no one cares if I fall into the sea or not." ~ Harry

"Par for the course, innit?" ~ Seamus

"Stuff it, Finnigan. So, the four Lords are Welsh, English, Scottish and Irish?" ~ Harry

"No, no, no. Wales, Southern England, Northern England and Scotland. The Irish don't count." ~ Neville gets hit with a flying pillow.

"Fuck off, Longbottom!" ~ Seamus

"You have your own bloody country!" ~ Neville

"Harry's a Lord?" ~ Ron

"Keep up, Weasley!" ~ Dean

Chapter One
- Assault -

Too many things have happened in Harry's life to make him think that he had any sort of control over it. The Dursleys, Dumbledore, Voldemort, all of them had power over him. It was a bitter pill to swallow, not having a say in anything concerning himself, but he had done his best to weather the storm.

Now, Tom Riddle had a reformed body of some sort. Didn't look altogether human either. That Harry was used to make it happen was another notch in the things that were out of his hands. Cedric's death was a cyanide filled cherry on top of a rather crap cake of pants, and he hated himself over it.

It went without saying that he felt guilty. Not that any of it was his fault, but the fact that nearly everything that happened to others involved him in one way or another? Well, it simply sucked. Now that he was back in the horrid home of the Dursleys, everything was back to normal: All Fucked Up.

It was only a week, but he'd hoped to hear from the others. Maybe they were giving him time, or something. Not that Ron ever wrote that much anyway, but he really wanted to hear from Hermione. He did get an interesting, if cryptic, letter on his pillow from Luna that talked about crumple-horned snorkacks something or other. He never saw an owl, and the window was shut. If Hedwig knew anything, she wasn't saying.

Luna had rather nice penmanship, though.

Now it was back to early morning cooking, cleaning everything, and tending the lacklustre garden while trying not to get beaten on a daily basis. Oh right, lets not forget eating next to nothing. Gluttonous pigs.

In the wee hours of Saturday morning, long before the sun was to arrive, Harry was tossing in his bed – lost in the throes of his latest mare of the night.

Vaporous images reminiscent of viewing a pensieve flicked all over, circling him in the grey expanse: Cedric's death by Wormtail; being stabbed in the arm; whippings and beatings from Uncle Vernon and Dudley; Quirrel disintegrating from his own hands; that odd bit when his and Voldemort's wands connected; seeing his parents in that miasma; the sight of Hermione completely frozen from that damned overgrown snake; talking to her while she was petrified for months; the pain of the venom as it coursed through his veins; the somewhat pleasant and painful war in his blood between the venom and Fawks' tears; All of them were memories of his most horrid moments.

The circling images around him changed to reveal something worse. Two points of view in different locations. In one was a stark white, long haired man on the floor of some sort of strange stone hovel style home. The sight of him kept zooming in and backing off in rapid succession. He actually felt his teeth sinking into the man's skin.

The other point of view was of an upper crust suburban muggle neighbourhood. It was as if he were walking down the pavement, simply admiring the different homes at night. He felt himself smile as he read the name on the box beside the door of one home, and felt a cold chill go completely through him:


He saw his hand, pale and slightly misshapen, raise an oddly shaped wand to the door. The light leapt from the tip and battered the door into kindling with a large boom.

"Shut up!" Uncle Vernon's voice pierced the dream as pain lanced the side of his face. "Stop this wailing! You'll wake the entire neighbourhood with your freak ways!" Pain lanced through the other side of his head from his Uncle's knuckles, and something deep inside of him snapped.

Unthinking, his right hand came up in an open handed flare of light, and his Uncle suddenly wasn't there any more. The sound of him hitting the far wall, along with a lot of swearing, was very satisfying.

Up from the bed faster than he could think, his wand flew from its hiding place to his outstretched hand. Instincts in charge of him now, his wand flicked a silent unlocking charm to Hedwig's cage, then another to open the window. The bars that were over it were blown apart by an equally silent bludgeoning charm. Sirius' name flew out of his mouth while he was looking at Hedwig, then a bright warmth filled him from head to foot.

Suddenly, he was in another bedroom filled with screams. Kneeling as he spun, a head of bushy brown hair hit his shoulder and the bright warmth filled him again.

Now he was in a strange hovel, with the bushy haired one clinging to him. The shrieking from the second bedroom started again when a rather large snake became visible. Harry barely registered the bushy haired one's legs wrapping around him, as he knelt again and grabbed a wide eyed blond.

Sirius Black and Remus Lupin sat bolt upright in their rooms when the sound of a ward alarm blared. Grabbing their wands, one from under a pillow, the other from a night stand, they met in the hall and stared at each other.

"What's-" Remus started.

Sirius held his hand up and whispered, "Kreacher."

A small pop heralded an elderly house elf who was so old, his nose was almost fully bent down. His beady eyes glared at Sirius. "Two intruders in the entrance hallway with the Lost Daughter, Master. Shall Kreacher get rid of the unknowns?"

Sirius shook his head when he heard loud female sobbing. "Just hide away and be ready, Kreacher."

"As you wish, Master," the old house elf nodded petulantly as he disillusioned himself.

A quick look between them, Sirius and Remus headed for the main entrance. What they saw stopped them in their tracks. "Harry?" they both said.

Not three feet from the door, Harry was kneeling on the floor with whom could only be Hermione from the state of the hair, sobbing like mad in his right arm. A wide eyed, staring blond was wrapped in his left. He was rocking them both and whispering the word 'safe' over and over.

All of them were in various forms of bedclothes; muggle tees and pyjama bottoms for Hermione and Harry, and a nice yellow sleeping gown for the blond. While Harry's glasses were nowhere to be seen, all three of them had their wands out.

Remus and Sirius went quickly and knelt to check them over. Harry's face was similar to the blond's, only his eyes were half lidded. The blond didn't seem to be harmed, but Hermione had numerous scrapes and scratches on her arms.

"He's bleeding," Remus said, drawing attention to Harry's infamous scar. It looked to be fresh now, open and oozing thick blood down his face.

Sirius nodded. "Right, lets get them upstairs." He attempted to pull Hermione away, only for her to shriek in terror and clamp herself tighter to Harry.

"Hermione is in shock," the blond said in a far away voice. "You will not be able to separate her from him, nor should you. I am unsure if I can get loose from Harry, myself. His grip is quite tight, but it is not painful."

Remus leaned down to look her in the eye. "Do you know what happened… Miss?"

"Lovegood, sir, but you may call me Luna," her lilting voice was in stark contrast to the other two, who seemed to be somewhat catatonic. Luna appeared to be in focus, however. And if they knew her, that would've been quite disturbing. "I am unsure as to what happened to her or to Harry, but my father was killed in front of me tonight. Harry saved me from a rather large snake, and I suspect he saved Hermione as well. From what, I cannot say."

The men glanced at each other fearfully, then Sirius looked towards the rest of the house. "Kreacher."

There wasn't any noise as the elderly house elf reappeared, removing the disillusionment. "Yes, Master Sirius. What may Kreacher do for you?" he asked with a sneer.

"You said that the lost daughter was here," Sirius stated. "Were you referring to Miss Lovegood?"

The diminutive thing shook his head, and actually appeared to perk up with a smile. It was disturbing. "No, Master. Kreacher was referring to…"

"IT'S NOT TRUE!" Hermione screamed at the top of her lungs. "IT'S NOT! IT'S NOT! SHUT UP! SHUT UP! SHUT UP!"

Kreacher then surprised both Remus and Sirius when he took two steps and reached up to lightly pat Hermione's back. "There, there, Miss Meissa. It will be all right."

"SHUT UP!" Hermione screamed again. "IT'S A LIE!" And with that, she started bawling again, curling tighter around Harry and burying her eyes into his neck.

Sirius' mouth dropped open as he gasped, connecting the dots to a very large constellation. Remus, on the other hand, was placidly calm and turned to Luna. "Where is your home, my dear?"

"Not far from The Burrow, sir," Luna said quietly. "The Weasleys are our… my neighbours. Have you ever read the Quibbler? I think I will have to take up the quill for it now. I hope I can be as successful."

Remus didn't hear anything past 'neighbours', as he had run back up the stair to the main floo. He grabbed some powder and flung it into the embers. "Molly Weasley!" he shouted in a panic.

Meanwhile, Sirius shook his head rapidly to clear it. "Kreacher, please take these three to the main room and place them on the couch, then get some healing salve and bandages for their wounds." Kreacher nodded and popped them and himself out of the main hallway.

A face appeared in the green flames. "Fred? George? Are you all right?" Remus asked.

"It's George, sir. Aurors are here. It's a bloody nightmare!" His face turned away for a moment, and he looked back. "Tonks wants to speak to you."

He pulled back and Tonks face appeared. "Remus? We can't talk right now, sweetie. There's a full squad here." She looked away for a second, then whispered. "Death Eaters attacked The Burrow tonight."

"Who was hurt?" Remus demanded.

Her face twisted in pain. "The youngest two and Fred have been taken to Saint Mungos. It doesn't look good. We had to stun Molly. Arthur arrived just before you flooed. He was guarding you-know-what tonight."

Remus sighed. "Anyone else?"

"That's it. The place is a wreck. I think the ghoul is dead," she paused, then looked confused. "How did you know to call?"

"The Lovegood home was also attacked," Remus said, "along with the Granger house. Harry rescued Hermione and Luna and came straight here."

"How did he know the place?" she asked, quite shocked.

Remus shook his head. "I have no idea. It should be impossible, but it's Harry, so there's no telling."

"Are they all right?"

"Luna said her father is dead, and I think something similar happened to Hermione's parents from her state. Harry's scar is bleeding like mad." He paused as the three and Kreacher appeared a bit away from him. The diminutive elf immediately set to cleaning Hermione's wounds. "Is Mad Eye there?" Tonks nodded. "When he's done with everything, please tell him to come here."

"What about Dumbledore?"

He shook his head. "Let's wait till everything's settled before we wake him up. You know how he is at this hour. If you need to bring the Weasleys here, that should be all right."

Sirius interrupted him as he entered the room. "They can stay here."

"Did you hear that?" Tonks nodded again. "Talk to you soon, love." He blew her a kiss, and she reciprocated before ending the floo.

Sirius patted Remus on the shoulder when he stood up again. "Thanks for not mentioning the other."

"Didn't think it was prudent over the floo," Remus said.

"We should not be here when the Weasleys arrive," Luna's voice drifted in from the sitting room.

The men went to the other side of the room with confusion on their faces. "Why not?" Sirius asked.

She turned her head to look at them for the first time. "Scheming Whiskers must not know where we are."

"I beg your pardon?" Remus said, a bit shocked. "Do you mean Dumbledore?"

Luna nodded. "He will want to send Harry back to those horrid, abusive relatives of his, and use Hermione to win favour with the Ministry. This must not happen."

"How can you know that?" Remus asked.

Sirius glared. "Did you say abusive?"

Luna nodded to both questions. "I see many things, and can see much more now that papa is gone from this world. We must leave before the manipulative headmaster is made aware of our presence."

Remus knelt in front of her place at the couch. "Are you a Seer, my dear?"

Luna shook her head. "Not as you mean, but I can see many things. Whiskers sent young Harry to that abusive house on purpose. The Rat placed Hermione with rich muggles after her…" she paused to look at Hermione briefly and changed the sentence, "after Rudolphus and Bellatrix were sentenced to Azkaban. There is dark and black magick marring Harry's soul. I am unsure what it is, but it must be removed if he is to beat Tom Riddle."

She paused to breathe, and continued when they didn't say anything. "I have a place of refuge for them to stay and heal. I hope they will be there for me when I have time to cry, but we must go there before the choice is made."

"What choice?" Sirius asked.

She looked him in the eyes, and he saw pale blue light surrounding her iris. "The choice that places Harry in front of Voldemort's wand to die."

Sirius growled while Remus shook his head. "That can't be right."

She nodded again. "Whiskers' intention is clear. I have seen the prophecy. Harry can only be killed by Voldemort, while he can only be killed by Harry. This is Whiskers' way of ensuring that the dark magick that is in Harry will be permanently destroyed. While ingenious, it will most likely be fatal for Harry, and I will not allow that."

Sirius half grinned at the last bit. "And why is that, dear?"

She blinked and gave him a look of fire. "He saved my life. I owe him a life debt, and that is the last of that discussion. Will you allow us to leave? The dog must come with us, but the wolf should stay here."

The men looked at each other and had a small silent conversation. When they looked back, they both nodded. "Harry's my godson," Sirius said. "I am oathbound to protect him, so you'll have little choice in taking me with you."

"Very well. Thank you both. Is there a large tree on the property? I need one for travel."

"Treewalking?" Remus said with a touch of awe. "That explains so much about your father."

Sirius bent down to place his hand on Harry's head. "I'll be right back." Standing straight, he glanced at Remus. "Getting dressed." As he was leaving the room, he ordered Kreacher to gather supplies and clothing. The elf's grumblings began to echo, as he moved around the place in repetitive pops to follow the command.

Sirius came back into the room to see Luna failing to remove herself from Harry's grasp. The boy just held her tighter around the waist and shook his head. Conceding defeat for now, Luna had an idea. Gently placing her left hand on the side of his face, she pulled them together to whisper in his ear.

After a moment, Harry spoke. "Dobby," he whispered under his breath.

There was a pop, and the overly hyper free house elf was in front of them. Bouncing on his toes, which were wearing mismatched socks of argyle and blue and yellow stripes, he was extremely happy. "Harry Potter Sir! What can Dobby be doing for Harry Potter Sir?" His happy face then fell, along with his ears, as he saw Harry's state. "Is Harry Potter sir well?"

"Kind Dobby sir," Luna said, getting the elf's attention. "Harry and Hermione are recovering from attacks by he who must not be named. Will you help me move them to a safe place?"

Dobby's large eyes became even wider, and he bobbed his head rapidly. "Dobby beings happy to help Harry Potter and his my-knee and moon."

Luna smiled. "Thank you. Please set them to sleep so that I may show you where to take them."

As Dobby reached up to place his fingertips on Hermione's temple, Kreacher snarled. "Not his business! Do not touch Mistress Meissa!"

"Kreacher!" Sirius snapped. "Dobby will not harm her. Back off!"

Instead of acquiescing, Kreacher glared at Dobby and quickly reached up to Hermione's temple himself. Only after she sighed and relaxed into sleep, did he step back. "Kreacher is House Black Elf, not the Disgraced."

Blinking owlishly, Dobby reached up to set Harry to sleep. "Dobby is Harry Potter's servant. Free Elf, yes. Harry Potter freed Dobby from bad masters. Will aide Harry Potter and bonds with Harry Potter when he wants."

The three were bemused at the Elf politics happening in front of them. To break the tension, Luna rubbed Dobby's ear. "You do well, sir." Removing Harry's now limp arm from around her, she stood and looked at Dobby. "I need to go to the sanctuary. Since you have not been there, will you come when I call? After, you can bring Sirius, Harry and Hermione."

Turning her head from the rapid nodding, she looked at Sirius. "Can you show me where the tree is now? Time is precious and unfortunately short."

Leaving Remus to watch the others, and Kreacher to watch Dobby, which was all sorts of amusing, Sirius led Luna to the atrium of Grimmauld. More of a courtyard than a back garden, it had several targets for spell casting as well as a small reflective pond. In the centre was a rather old English Oak tree.

"This will do nicely," Luna said with a smile. Stepping up to the tree, she got acquainted with it by running her hands over the bark. "Ooh, they've hurt you," she commented with a frown. Kneeling, she placed a hand on what she considered a wound. It was actually a small carving that Arcturus placed many years ago. "Healed now, but that was rude."

Standing, she turned to face Sirius while leaning her back against the tree. "It should not be too long." And with that, she seemed to melt into the tree. The bark appeared to flow over her as she slipped backwards.

Sirius stood there blinking. "Damndest thing I've ever seen." Shaking his head, he headed back inside.

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