"HP: Bloodties" AU
'Chaos of the Phoenix'
Chapter Twelve
- Quiet Riot -

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Questions have been asked as to why this story name is prefaced with "Bloodties AU". Simply put, this alternate universe has Hermione Granger being Belatrix LeStrange's daughter – hence the blood ties reference. Sorry for any confusion.

My word, it's been a while since I've updated. SO sorry. Between being ill and the pain involved, I've been doing more reading than plot developing. This chapter is more filler than anything else, and I apologise for that. Still, there's a bit of foreshadowing going on that will be completely relevant in the near future.

In the Sanctuary Home, Tonks was looking over the various copies of the hereditary blood test parchments, while the others were nibbling on a somewhat light midnight snack. Her bite of muffin paused in her mouth as she spied something, and swallowed before speaking. "Harry? This says you're a minor metamorph. Have you ever had something change in your appearance? Hair? Skin? Anything like that? I mean, aside from that bit when you put Merlin's ring on, of course."

Looking upward, Harry swallowed his bits of his ham sandwich, thinking about it. "Well, when I was five or six, Aunt Petunia took me to get my hair cut. The next morning it was back to the mess you see before you," he said with a pensive grin. "Got beat for 'wasting money'."

Ignoring the growling from Remus and Sirius, and the looks of anger from the girls, Tonks looked him in the eye. "Okay. I want you to do something for me." At Harry's nod, she continued. "Close your eyes, and imagine your hair touching your shoulders. If it helps, think of Sirius' hair."

Harry tilted his head slightly, thinking about it. Straightening up, he closed his eyes and lifted his head a bit – imagining having Sirius' hair. There was that rather odd sensation all along his scalp again, and there were slight intakes of breath from the others.

Tonks was grinning wide at him when he opened his eyes, then conjured a mirror for him. Instead of just lengthening, Harry's hair mimicked the lazy wave of his godfather's hair perfectly.

"Damn, pup, you look good!" Sirius grinned.

While Remus and Tonks looked at Sirius with raised brows, Hermione and Luna leaned forward to get a better look at Harry from either side. Both of their brows were furrowed, and they glanced at each other before shaking their heads. "Nah."

Harry shook his head, and his hair fell straight. That got a grin out of the girls, and he stared at himself in the mirror. "Doesn't stick up this way. Might keep it like this."

"I won't mind," Hermione whispered.

"I agree," Luna said with a slight nod. "Just not quite as long. Shoulder length, maybe?"

Glancing at Tonks to picture the length, Harry shook his head again. This time there were amused looks and some snickers. "What?"

"Uhm, Harry?" Hermione said quietly. "The colour is a bit… off."

Looking down at the mirror, he blanched when he saw the shocking bubblegum pink hair. Tonks, still grinning, snickered. "I have a little brother!" she exclaimed gleefully.

"Uhm, no," Hermione said flatly. "If he's your brother, then that means he's also my first cousin. Let's not go there shall we? Ick."

"Spoil my fun," Tonks pouted, before looking at Harry again. "Can I adopt you? I promise to embarrass you at every turn, like a proper older sister should." Her hopeful smile was playful, with her eyes a touch larger than normal.

"You'd do that anyway," Harry said with a smirk. He closed his eyes, and his hair returned to its normal length and colour. Nodding at the mirror, he looked up again a bit sheepish. "I think I'll work on that later. By the way, what does minor mean anyway?"

"Colour mostly," Tonks said. "Length of hair and nails. I'm about the middle of the road with it, myself. There haven't been masters of it in generations, and they could change their height as well as features. Read once about Mordant Glasgow, who lived in the 1600's, that could make himself look like a goblin."

"Useful, that," Remus said, "if he wanted to get his head chopped off in Gringotts."

Tonks looked at him and smirked. "Oh, you read that book?"

The night shift guard change was unannounced. Richard Ploughshare, the squib boatman that ferried Aurors, Prisoners and Guards back and forth to the Prison, gave a bit of a fuss when his shack door was knocked on. He opened the door to find a wand in his face. A muttered imperio blew all thoughts of bed out of his mind.

Anticipation was at an all time high in several cells of Azkaban. Most were looking out their cell windows or doors, but a few were actually pacing their six by eight cells like caged animals, irony notwithstanding. Two however, were simply staring out their small windows, doing their best not to twitch.

Not many of them were sane, save for these two, (and one other, but no one knew about that.) As for them, they were kicking themselves for not trying to escape like Black did. It was only after the guards placed anti-animagus wards that they realized their mistake. It wasn't like they could've fit between the bars, but it was the principle of the thing, you see.

As it was, Rudolphus and Rabastan Lestrange were the ones to notice the boat coming up to the dock. "Twenty Minutes!" Rabastan shouted.

Four people were watching what looked to be a rather strange staring contest. Tonks had Harry simply attempt to follow her through different hairstyles and colours. Only two colours were seemingly impossible for him: Orange and Purple. Purple was odd since he could do blue and red so easily. However, he had trouble when she switched it up with different shades and hues.

It seemed that he could do the primary colours in a somewhat muted fashion. Even going back to that mistake of the bright bubblegum pink didn't happen. The natural colours were simple in comparison. However, his natural ginger was more like his mother's, according to Moony and Padfoot at any rate.

Pausing, Tonks tilted her head. "Harry, are you doing that on purpose?"

"Doing what?" he asked with a wide eyed innocent expression. The pair of nodding heads on either side of him completely ruined the attempt, though.

"Leave off," Sirius said. "I don't think he likes trying for girly pastel colours. I know I wouldn't. Anyway, we've only been up for about eight hours, but I think we still need to stick to a day schedule. Lets head off to the land of Nod, shall we?"

Padfoot thought he'd have to coerce them just a bit. As soon as he suggested bed however, the lower room became vacant so quickly that he thought they'd apperated. "I really need a girl," he lamented.

All in all, it was a rather quiet breakout … all things considered. Of the six guards, only two weren't either branded Death Eaters or sympathizers. The two that hadn't been marked took them readily, after they crucio'd the other two guards until their minds snapped. One AK'd his, but the other got a approving nod from the entrails expulsion curse.

After retrieving the runestone key for the cells, the Death Eaters went throughout the prison. Prisoners that didn't accept Voldemort were summarily killed. Others, and mostly the lifers, took their mark with a touch of sadistic glee. Only one prisoner escaped without a mark or death, and that was solely due to her being an animagus.

The repatriated Death Eaters were given several nutrient potions to help them walk. Only Bellatrix was given an impromptu round of cleaning charms. It wasn't as good as a bath, but it sufficed enough to ward away the stench of over a decade.

After Voldemort finished scorgifying Bellatrix clean, and charming her mouth, the two embraced with a snog that caused the pair to darken as their auras meshed. Once that was settled, she ran her fingers over her face where his nose used to be. "What happened?"

"Potter's blood was contaminated," Voldemort replied with a scowl.

Bella tilted her head as she studied him. "It doesn't matter if you're alive. That's all I care about, Master."

Smiling indulgently, Lord Voldemort turned his head and barked out an order. "We're done! Take our brethren home."

At the Fae Mound, Tonks finally got her way with Remus. It might have been more fair to say 'aggressively got her way', but Remus was hardly complaining.

Two rooms down, Luna and Hermione silently agreed to the order of their deflowering by virtue of who met Harry first.

Oblivious to all the intimate moments going on in the house, mainly due to an overcharged silencing ward around the couch, Sirius slept rather fitfully. He never noticed a certain snowy owl staring at him in confusion for most of the night.

Not once during the breakout did Harry's scar put up a fuss. Even if it did, he most likely would never have noticed. All of his attention was on two lovely witches, and how they had insisted he be on his back while they made a go for their first time.

Like Remus, Harry wasn't complaining either.