Amelia shifted slightly in her chair as she flipped over the page in her book; she had been looking forward to her break all day just for this moment. Her eyes quickly raced across the pages, eager to find out just what exactly the main character Lorie was going to do next. Her friend had brought her this book entitled 'Peachy' a few weeks ago and she had only just managed to get round to reading it yesterday, and she could safely say that she was hooked. She read as Lorie walked down a dark and eerie corridor, her breath catching slightly in her throat as she eagerly flipped over the page. But before she could read anymore she was interrupted by one of her colleagues.

"Amelia," came the sharp voice of Jayne Harper, a short, dark haired receptionist.

Amelia jumped around wildly her hand flying to her chest as she looked up at Jayne. Her book had fallen to the floor and she had lost her page.

"You scared me," Amelia told her as she bent down and picked up her book, pushing it back into her handbag, she would have to read it after her shift now.

A smirk filled Jayne's face. "I'm sorry. But someone is here to see you; they said that it was urgent."

Amelia grumbled slightly as she stood up, leaving her bag on the floor by the chair she had just occupied. Wishing that for once she could have a full break without getting interrupted but alas that was very rare where she worked.

Amelia dusted down her Healer robes and followed Jayne out of the office and into the main part of the burns ward, she carried on walking until she could see the reception desk, her eyes narrowed into a glare as she spotted a man leaning against the counter and flirting with the other receptionist.

She slowed down her walk not wanting to get closer to him, she could recognise him anywhere.

"James Potter," she growled, clenching her fist in annoyance.

James turned around and a smile filled his face as he took her in. She wanted to smack him in the face.

"Amelia Potter," he said back, as he shoved his hand through his messed up hair.

Oh now she knew she was going to smack him, she hoped it would hurt him.

"You know for a fact that I'm not going by that name anymore."

James raised an eyebrow at her as his hand dropped back down to his side.

"Ok I'm sorry Amelia Campbell-Price," he mocked her. Amelia glared at him again.

"So are you going to introduce us?" came Jayne's voice from behind the reception desk.

James turned to face them and smiled in a way he thought was dashing, Amelia thought it looked like he had wind.

"I'm James, Amelia's husband," he introduced himself with a wink at each of them. They blushed slightly.

"I think you're forgetting that you are my ex husband," Amelia quipped at him.

"I think you'll find that we are still married," he said turning back around to face her.

She glared at him again and crossed her arms.

"Is there anything that you actually want? Because I have a lot of work to do and you and your butterbeer belly are getting in my way."

James looked down at his stomach and frowned as he glanced back up at her, "Are you referring to my rock hard abs?"

She could have sworn that she heard Jayne swoon slightly. She resisted the urge to roll her eyes.

"I have a favour to ask you," James admitted honestly.

"The answer is no," Amelia said. "Now I have to get back to work," she turned around and tried to walk away but James had grabbed her arm stopping her.


Amelia ripped her arm away from him, "and why should I do anything for you?"

"Oh come on now sweetie give him a chance," Jayne said to Amelia as both she and the other receptionist stared openly at them both.

James grabbed hold of Amelia's arm and steered her further down the corridor out of eye and ear shot of the women.

"Please Amelia you know I wouldn't ask for a favour unless I really had to," James admitted to her dropping his hand from her arm.

"I don't care James," she said angrily.

"Please, it's really important."

"And what is it that is so important that you need my help with?"

"There's this party..."

"And you couldn't find a date so you thought you would ask me?"

"Something like that yeah."

"The answers no. Goodbye James." She quickly walked into a side room, and over to the nearest bed, smiling at the patient wrapped entirely in bandages.

James followed her quickly in, rushing over to the patient's bed. He smiled down at the patient.

"Hey how are you?" he asked.

The person seemed to shrug in an 'I'm feeling ok' way. James nodded at him in an understanding way.

"Yeah I know how you feel, I had to stay in this ward too. I burnt myself really badly at work and Amelia here was my Healer. She's a great woman isn't she?" James asked nodding over at Amelia; the patient nodded and mumbled something behind his bandages.

James nodded at the patient. "Yeah I know exactly what you mean."

Amelia grabbed James and pulled him away. "Can you please leave and stop disrupting my patients? They are here to get better and rest and you being around is not helping them."

"I'm cheering them up."

"Why won't you just go away? I said no to going to this party and I am not going to change my mind." She snapped at him.

"Please it's really important, it's for uncle Ron's birthday and he really wants you there."

"But we've broken up."

"You don't have to keep reminding me Amelia," James muttered. "I know we are."

"I can't do it James."

"Please, I will beg all day if I have to. I will follow you around until you say yes. I just really need you there I'm desperate."

"You can do what you want but the answer is still no."

Amelia grumbled as she let out a frustrated sigh, it had only been an hour but James had already made her want to tear her hair out. He had been true to his word of following her around everywhere she had gone begging for her to go with him, not only that but he was charming everyone they met along the way and it was really starting to drive Amelia crazy.

She didn't know what the big deal was with this party but she would be damned if she was going to go to it. Not only would it be awkward being around her ex in laws again but to be near James for a whole day with alcohol involved she wasn't sure if she would be able to stop herself from throwing something at his big inflated egotistical head. He had been stopping her from doing her job properly and was stopping others and it was really beginning to annoy her.

"You know just because your last name is Potter doesn't mean that you do what you want," Amelia snapped at James as he once again followed her over to another patient. The elderly woman sitting in the bed with a large gauze on her leg looked up with a wide smile on her face.

"I thought you looked familiar!" She suddenly squealed, looking eagerly into James's face, "You look so much like your father, you must be proud to be Harry Potter's son."

"That I am ma'am." James said, sitting on the chair next to the woman's bed, Amelia rolled her eyes as she tried to stop herself from screaming out loud.

"So what's it like to be Harry Potter's son?" She asked, Amelia walked away from James and over to another patient to make sure that they were ok, with James distracted she was able to tend to the other patients in the ward. When she came back twenty minutes later James was still talking to the elderly lady.

"You know I always believed in your father!" The woman said proudly patting James on the hand. "I never doubted him once."

"I'm sure he will be so pleased to hear that."

"Oh will you tell him?" She blushed. "I don't know how I would be able to cope with having such a famous father, what say you Healer Campbell-Price?"

"I dare to guess that it's pretty hard to live up to him." Amelia told them, as she changed the gauze on the ladies leg. Waving her wand at the wound so some ointment went on it.

"Oh well you know what dad's like don't you Amelia?" James stated. "You got on really well with him."

"You met Harry Potter?" the lady asked excitedly as Amelia finished bandaging up the wound and looked up, waving her wand so the old gauze disintegrated.

"Yes she has, didn't you know that Amelia here is my wife?"

Amelia wanted to punch him in the face, she glared at him, and James could only smile.

"You never mentioned that!" The excitement on the ladies face now was almost unbearable. "You need to tell me everything!"

"I'm afraid that that story will have to wait for another time, James here needs to leave." Amelia said making James stand up and pushing him out of the ward.

"Come back soon dear, and tell your father I said hi!" The lady called waving wildly at James's retreating figure. James waved back and said that he would pass on the messages to his father.

As soon as they were out of the ward Amelia slapped James on the arm angrily, he held his arm and let out a loud 'ow!'

"You need to leave! You are beginning to stop me from doing my job and you are overexciting the patients," she snapped poking him in the chest.

"I will leave once you say you will go or until you will talk about this." James told her.

"Fine! Fine! I will talk about it, just as long as you leave now! Meet me at mine tonight, I finish work in three hours, you can come over anytime after that." she told him.

James grinned madly as he went forward to hug Amelia, who quickly backed off.

"You dare!" She threatened him, he backed away and held his hands up in defence.

"I'll see you later on tonight then." and with one final smile he walked down the corridor and out of the doors. Amelia felt relief flood through her as she watched him leave. Now she could finally do some work, the only problem was getting him to take the hint that she wasn't going to go to this stupid party. It was going to be a very long day.