"Where are we going for our honeymoon?" Amelia asked, looking at her husband and smiling.

He gave her a coy smile in return as he passed her her glass of water, before sitting back in the seat, looking at her.

James had been the one who wanted to plan their honeymoon, not letting Amelia know any details about it until they were on their way there. The only thing he had told her was that they would be going on their honeymoon straight after the reception of their wedding.

It seemed that James wasn't the only one of them that was able to keep a secret.

"Can't I know a little bit about it?" Amelia asked, pouting at him and batting her eyelashes at him.

"You can know that I was planning on us drinking champagne,"James told her, nodding down at the glass in his hand which held champagne and a strawberry floating in it. "But your little secret has stopped that from happening."

Amelia smiled as she placed her hand on her stomach, a grin creeping across her face before she looked up at James, who was looking at her lovingly.

"I wasn't keeping it a secret for as long as you've been keeping yours," Amelia told him, sipping at her glass of water. "Besides, I only found out yesterday."

"It does explain why you were feeling sick, I thought it was all down to nerves." James admitted, wrapping his arm around his wife and pulling her towards him so that she could lean against him.

"What would I have to be nervous about? I'd already married you once."

"Yes, but this time we actually remember it happening, our first one was just a spur of the moment kind of thing." James told her, taking another drink of his Champagne.

"If you keep downing those drinks, you won't." Amelia laughed, looking at the glass in James' hand before turning to look out of the car window and at the scenery that passed her. They were driving through London and Amelia had no idea where they were heading, she was quite excited.

They passed a sign that said that they were heading in the direction of an airport and Amelia turned to look at James. "Are we flying somewhere?"

"Maybe," James stated slowly.

"I hope for your sake that you packed my passport," she told him. "Although I know that you're an expert at packing things without me knowing."

James laughed at her words, getting the meaning behind them. She was referring to James's packing back when she was pretending to still be happily married to him all that time ago, so that they could fool his family. They weren't faking it anymore, she had never been happier than she was with James, in fact, she had been downright miserable without him and vowed to never lose him again.

"Don't worry, I have our passports in my bag." James stated, nodding down at the bag in front of them.

Amelia turned back to look out of the car window, still cuddled up to James. "So why did you decide on us being driven there instead of using other transport?" Amelia asked James, glancing quickly towards where she could see the driver. She didn't want to mention magic because the driver was a Muggle.

James gave a small shrug, "I just always wanted to travel this way, and I knew that we would have time to. Our plane doesn't leave until eleven tonight, so what's the rush?"

"So, where is it that we're going?" Amelia asked quickly, hoping that James would slip up and tell her.

"You're very impatient," James told her, "It won't be long until you find out."

James had managed to keep it a secret from Amelia for another hour, she had found out the moment that they were checking in their bags and having their passports verified. The lady that was checking them in, and the other passengers around them, had chuckled at Amelia's reaction, which was a small yell of excitement. To which Amelia had apologised profusely, "I'm sorry, we're going on our honeymoon and he kept it a surprise."

She could barely contain her excitement as they waited in the airport lounge for their flight to begin boarding, she and James waited at the bar, James drinking a beer whilst Amelia had a Mocktail - a non-alcoholic Cocktail, which had a lot of strawberries in it, which Amelia thought was absolutely delicious, - She was becoming impatient again and couldn't keep the happiness off of her face.

"I can't believe that we're going back to Las Vegas," She told him, leaning across the table and kissing James. She felt like she couldn't stop kissing him, not even for a moment.

"There was nowhere else that seemed the right place for us to go," James admitted, moving to take hold of her hand to hold it tenderly. "And I know that you've wanted to go back."

"You are the best husband in the world."

"Tell me something I don't know," James replied cheekily, Amelia rolled her eyes at his response but smiled anyway.

The flight had lasted ten hours, Amelia had fallen asleep a few hours into it whilst she and James were watching the in-flight movie and had woken up, waking up about an hour before they landed.

Amelia wondered vaguely what hotel they were going to be staying at, as the taxi that was bringing them from the airport drove through the heart of Las Vegas. Although she couldn't help the grin that crossed her face, it seemed to be a permanent fixture now, she wasn't sure if she would ever stop feeling so happy and ecstatic.

James checked them both in after levitating their bags in from the taxi, he was able to use magic as the hotel they were staying in was part of a Wizarding chain.

Amelia looked around the hotel, remembering when she and James had come here all those years ago, it didn't seem to have changed at all, it was still as magical as the last time.

As James and Amelia walked to their room, their bags floating behind them, a sense of Deja vu hit Amelia as she neared the room that she and James had been in before.

"Have you managed to get the same room that we stayed in?" Amelia asked, turning to look at him, grabbing for his hand as they walked along the corridor.

James grinned at her and pulled her to him for a kiss, "I have."

Amelia squealed in happiness before she could stop herself, walking into the room quicker than before, pulling James behind her in her hurry.

James chuckled as he opened the door with a key card, holding a hand out to stop Amelia when she tried to walk into it. She turned to look at him in confusion, but she didn't get a chance to ask him why he had stopped her, because he had picked her up bridal style and carried her over the threshold.

He placed her down gently, grabbing her for a kiss and 'dipping' her backwards, he stood them back up as Amelia let out a laugh at his behaviour. James walked back out of the room and charmed their bags to come into the room so that he could close the door. Amelia looked around the room, thinking back to the last time they were here.

Amelia smiled as her eyes caught sight of a balloon that was floating in their hotel room, it was attached to a bunch of roses that were sitting on a table in front of the large window in their room. She turned to look at James, who grinned at her, before rushing over to the balloon and pulling it towards her so that she could read the words written on it.

Happy 50th Declan

It was exactly like the balloon that they had stolen the last time that they were here, the time that they had gotten married.

"Where did you get this from?" Amelia asked him, turning back to the balloon.

"I called ahead and planned it, I felt like it was needed. It was here the morning after our first wedding and it's here the morning of our second."

"I love it," Amelia told him. She honestly did, she wondered what else they could do which would have been like the last time they were here, aside from the drinking and marriage.

James seemed to have read her mind.

"I have reservations booked at the restaurant which started this all," James told her, referring to the restaurant that he and Amelia had gone to with Brent and his wife, the one where they had gotten so drunk that the decided a good idea was to get married.

"When is it for?" Amelia asked, looking out of the window at the illuminated skyline of Las Vegas, it looked just as beautiful as she remembered.

James wrapped his arms around her and held her to him, leaning down to kiss the side of her neck. Amelia felt her body turn to jelly at his touch as she seemed to melt against him.

"Tomorrow night," he told her, moving one hand under her top and skimming it across her skin, causing goose bumps to appear on her skin at his touch.

"That's good, because I don't plan on leaving this room until the morning," Amelia stated,moving so that she could turn around, facing James and wrapping her arms around the back of his neck to pull him closer to her and into a kiss.

"Thank you for this, James." Amelia said, resting her forehead against James's head. "You really are amazing."

"Just think, we can make this a tradition," James suggested, "we could bring the baby here one day, how great would that be? Just the three of us, our own little family."

"I think that's a great idea."Amelia smiled, "Just us three."