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Chapter Two

"Why aren't you coming?" the dark figure questioned, motioning for him to make his way towards him. Axel shook his head and shrugged. "It just doesn't feel right. I feel like I'm missing something. Something important." The figure gave him a questioning look before nodding.

"Fine, go, but you must hurry." Axel nodded but stood there for a little while longer. "So what exactly happens? You know, once I finally meet you." he asked, his voice getting a bit shakier. "You must figure out for yourself," the figure said, backing up so he couldn't be seen. Axel tried to step forward to stop him but quickly stepped back, realizing what he was doing. "Wait! Where are we meeting?" The figure chuckled. "Where else would we meet?" He waited until he could no longer see the figure and he turned, making his way back to civilization.

As stupid as it sounded, he felt like he was missing something. He sounded like he was some sappy character out of a romance novel or a Disney movie or something. But he had to find it, no matter what. He had to find the piece of him that was missing, somewhere in this world.


For some reason, Roxas couldn't get that red head out of his head. Why exactly was he in his house anyways? Couldn't he have gone into some other innocent person's house? Of all places, his house, really?

Even though Roxas was pissed that some guy just walked into his house, he couldn't help but think of how attractive Axel was. Yeah, he's gay, so what? The red head looked about his age and he was pretty muscular. Thin as a stick but still muscular. His red hair was stunning and it made Roxas wonder if it was actually real. His emerald eyes were bright and full of life. There was nothing boring about them. There was one other thing that the blonde had noticed. Axel had two upside down tear drops under his eyes. Why exactly did he have them?

All weekend and in class, he couldn't seem to focus on his work (not that he ever did anyway). He ended up failing a test and missing two assignments because of this guy. It was a guy he just met and for a brief moment too. How can this guy possibly be affecting him after such a short time?

Roxas waited anxiously for the bell to ring. He watched the clock as the hands moved. Only one more minute. Just as Roxas thought, the bell rang and he was the first out of class. He hoped desperately that maybe Axel would barge into his house again. As weird as it sounds, it was what he was thinking.

He jogged home and threw his bag on the couch. "Roxas?" The blonde heard his name being called and went to the source. His mom was in the kitchen cooking dinner for tonight. Roxas inhaled the scent and sighed. His moms' cooking was the best.

"Yes mom?" the blonde asked. She looked up from the pan she was currently working with and smiled at her son. "Nothing honey, I was just wondering if it was you who walked in. Earlier today, this boy, about your age, walked straight into the house asking for you. Well, not for you by name but I knew who he was talking about. You know, you should tell your friends that they can't just walk into our house like that. It nearly scared me to death."

So he was here today. Roxas sat down on one of the bar stools and watched his mom as she continued to cook. "Well didn't you have the door locked?" Roxas asked. His mom laughed and shook her head. "No, I was working on the garden and came inside for a quick break. That's when he came in." Roxas sighed, glad that Axel hadn't broke into the house or anything.

"Say mom, what did he look like?" She chuckled softly. "Oh I don't know, I think red hair, green eyes, maybe blue. He also had these weird tattoos under his eyes. Sometimes I wonder what kind of people you hang out with Roxy."

Roxas didn't respond and just sat there. Great. Now I have some kind of stalker person. He asked for me, in a way, and he actually remembered where I live. Perfect, things can't get much better. Roxas sighed and stood up, and walked to the door. "I'm gonna go to my room. Homework and stuff." He didn't even wait for a response and headed upstairs to his room.

He opened the door to his room and stopped where he stood. Sitting on the foot of his bed was Axel, who was currently looking through a random magazine that he probably found on the floor. Axel didn't even look at the blonde teen that was standing in the doorway.

Once Roxas unfroze, he finally found his voice. "What the hell are you doing in my room?" Axel smiled but didn't look up. "Tried to find you earlier but you were at school. Forgot about that." Roxas raised an eyebrow and walked slowly across the room before stopping in front of the red head. "And how did you get into my room?" Axel shrugged and pointed to an open window. "Left your window open." Had he really?

Roxas sighed and looked at the red head. "Why did you want to find me?" Axel chuckled and finally looked up from the article he was reading. "What is this, twenty questions?" Roxas' expression didn't change and Axel sighed. "Fine, I just wanted to get to know you is all. No harm intended." He placed his arms behind him and leaned against them. "So, tell me about yourself."

Roxas blinked. "What?" Axel smiled and shook his head. "Damn, I thought I was clear enough. Tell me things about you. For starters, how about your name?" Roxas thought back to a few days ago and remembered that he really hadn't told Axel his name. "Uh, it's Roxas." Damn, can't you say more? I'm such an idiot!

"Roxas huh? Cute name." The blondes' eyes widened and Axel chuckled softly. "I'm coming off pretty stalkerish huh?" Roxas nodded and Axel smiled. "Well trust me, I'm not. Just a guy trying to make some friends." Roxas raised an eyebrow and folded his arms. "You know Axel, sneaking into a house belonging to someone you hardly know isn't the best way to make friends." The red head shrugged. "Don't know what else to do about it. It's already been done. So how about being friends?"

Roxas shifted his weight uncomfortably and sighed. "Maybe," he muttered. Axel still heard him and smiled, standing up. "Good," he said. "Well, I think I'll leave now. But hey, leave your window unlocked and I'll come again, alright?" Roxas nodded though he thought that the red head was still coming off a bit stalkerish.

The red head exited out the way he came and Roxas watched him. Even when he left, he still watched the window for a minute or so. What a weird kid. Roxas took out his phone and scrolled through his contacts before finding the number he was looking for. Zexion, the one guy who stuck through all hell with him. And of course, Zexion's friends but Roxas didn't know them well. Or at all really.

To: Zexion

Hey, you won't believe what's been happening to me the last few days.

From Zexion:

I never believe anything you say anyway.

To Zexion:

For a best friend you sure are mean! Anyways, I have a new stalker! Says he wants to be friends but he's just so weird.

From Zexion:

Aww, now isn't that cute? Anyways Roxas, as interesting as it is to listen to your life issues, I have something to do. Talk to you later.

To Zexion:

Your mean! And you know, there is an abbreviation for that. TTYL FYI. Duh.

From Zexion: Goodbye Roxas

Roxas sighed and threw his phone to the side once he read the last text. Now who was he gonna talk to? No one. No one else talked to him. Damn, he was running out of ideas. Maybe he just wasn't going to talk to anybody. Yeah, he'll just sleep instead.

Roxas rolled onto his side and pulled the covers over his body and closed his eyes. Hopefully he would sleep through the rest of the day and wake up in the morning. Boy, do I hate Monday's.


So he forgot to close the window again? Axel chuckled as he opened the window as quietly as possible. He slipped inside and walked into the room a few steps. His eyes fell on the bed where the blonde was currently sleeping.

Axel sighed and watched as he moonlight hit the blondes' face, illuminating it. Pretty cute. Axel smiled to himself as he watched Roxas' stomach rise and fall as he breathed. Axel immediately became cold at the sight. He knew why but there was no way in hell he would tell anyone. Not that anyone would really listen anyway.

He turned his head away from the sleeping boy and he scanned the room. It looked like a normal teenager's room. Posters on the wall, clothes on the floor, everything disorganized. He even saw a microphone in the corner of the room. So he sings, huh?

He heard the blonde moan slightly in his sleep and he immediately started backing towards the window. He didn't want the blonde to know that he was in his room. There was no way he could avoid the truth. The truth was that he wanted to see the blonde for some odd reason. Just felt a bit of a pull towards him.

He climbed out of the window and didn't shut the window behind him. Let's leave him wondering. Axel smiled and stood on the small balcony. His eyes widened and he clutched at his chest when he felt a searing pain coursing through his body. He collapsed to his knees and watched as the ground started to move below him.

This can't be happening now! Not now! Later of course but not now! He kept repeating these words into his head until the pain subsided. He coughed into his hand and looked at the blood that was now covering it. Shit, I'm running out of time. And after such a short time too! That fucking liar! Axel wobbled to his feet and climbed carefully down the ladder he had found.

I'll be back Roxas. Promise.

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Chapter Three

"Aw Dem," the blonde teens mother said as she pulled the thermometer out of his mouth. "You have a fever." She smiled down sadly at the boy who, in fact, was looking miserable. "Well," she sighed. "Guess you can't go to school today. Just rest sweety, okay?" Demyx nodded and watched his mother leave the room.

The blonde sighed and rested his head on his pillow while he pulled the blanket up to his nose. It was so cold in his room, even though the house was always set at 72 degrees. Blue eyes surveyed his room and fell upon his open window. Why was it open, actually how did it open? He went through his memory, which was hard because he hardly remembered anything, and thought of a certain redhead.

Maybe it was him who opened the window. Well, he got the blonde sick which didn't allow Demyx to go to school. Demyx made a mental note to thank him next time he saw him. That is, if he saw him. Yeah, he was hot but that doesn't mean the blonde wanted a stalker. Sometimes they could be dangerous. The last thing the blonde wanted was someone to find his body in an alley. He shuttered at the thought and closed his eyes, hoping to fall asleep.


The next few weeks past and Demyx saw no sign of the mysterious redhead. That was until the said boy showed up in his lunch period.

Demyx stared in shock as Axel walked through the double doors. Zexion, Riku,